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This is just all out wrong.

Hate to say it but synthesis is much easier and cost

-effective means for obtaining LARGE yeilds of PURE mescaline HCl.
In fact, if you want PURE mesc you have to synthesize, as mentioned earlier when
extracting from cacti you do, in fact get more than just mesc.
If you find a source for 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzaldehyde then theres a 2-step, very
safe, reaction to the corresponding beta-nitrostyrene.
Then you have to set up and know how to operate a hydrogenation apparatus that c
an withstand 80psi and hydrogenat over Pd/C. If any meth cook can do this I thin
k some of the fartsmell.....er smart fellers on here can figure it out.
It goes like so;
1. 1000g of 3,4,5TMB is mixed with 280ml Nitromethane and 2100ml EtOH in one co
2. In another container 420g KOH is mixed with 420ml d-H20 and 840ml MeOH
3. These are mixed together in an Ice bath to keep the temperature down and, upo
n full addition, is removed from the ice bath and left to sit at room temp for 3
4. In another 5 gallon glass carboy, make 3gallons of 10%HCl.
5. After the full half-hour of reacting, the reaction mixture is poured into the
carboy and submerged in an Ice bath.
6. A yellow precipitate will settle/crystallize out and after it all settles the
liquids can be siphoned off throug a funnel and filter to catch and nytrostyren
e that may be sucked through.
7. Dissolve all yellow precipitates in boiling MeOH, Filter and cool to form yel
low crystal, vaccuum filter off, recrystallize again if needed or desired and st
ore in an air tight "blacked-out" jar for future use.
This yeilds around 800-900g 3,4,5-Trimethoxy-beta-nitrostyrene.
To reduce to 345TMPEA via catalytic hydrogenation, I will quote erowid;
15g Pd/C 5%
175g 3,4,5TMBnitrostyrene
2.5L Anhydrous EtOH
100ml 31.45% HCl
Add reagents to the keg, begin vigorous stirring
Remove atmosphere and pressurize to 75psi with H2
React for 8-10 hours or until H2 uptake has completely ceased
Evacuate H2 outside, vacuum out interior of vessel, allow H2 to clear, THEN
open the vessel
Vacuum filter off Pd/C
Re-filter through celite for maximum Pd/C recovery/removal
Distill the mixture down until the Ethanol fraction begins to cease
Cool and take up what is left in 2L 3N HCl
Your remainder may look somewhat black/brown here, but don't worry, this
will all be cleared up. If the hydrogenation did not go to completion some unre
acted nitrostyrene will remain, this should be filtered from the solution.
Wash with 2x125ml DCM
Basify to pH>11 dropwise and with stirring with saturated NaOH solution

Extract 3x125ml DCM

Dry over NaSO4 (250g) for 15 minutes
Filter off NaSO4 and bubble DCM with HCl(g) anhydrous. After crystalization
ceases it can be advantageous to filter and redry the DCM with another 100g NaSO
4, then bubble some more.
Collect HCl salt crystals by filtration
Final mass yield = 168.74g Mescaline HCl
Scale up if you can find a big enough reaction pressure vessel or do it in batch
As you can see, though, if you can find the right sources this is a much less ex
pensive way to get around 5-600g pure mescaline HCl than buying 60+ kilos of dry
cactus chips. I actually added up the cost of doing all of this once not too lo
ng ago and its less that $1500 including the 345TMB and the Pd/C, which will be
the only thing that's actually hard to get a hold of, everything else is availab
le all over, but you can find anything in China