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Week 9 Homework Discussion and Quiz
Question 1
Explain how the applications of Integer programming differ from those of linear
programming. Give specific instances in which you would use an integer programming
model rather than an LP model. Provide real-world examples.
Basically, linear programming deals with either minimization or maximization of linear
functions on the basis of linear constraints. Some areas where liner programming has been
applied include blending problems, products mix and diet problems. Chemical industries, oil
refineries, food processing industries and steel industries are some examples of industries which
have registered considerable success in using linear programming. Liner programming issues
that involve only two variables can be successfully resolved through the use of a graphical
method which offers a pictorial representation of the solution (Karlof 73). Linear programming
can be applied only to problems in which the objective and constraints function are linear in
nature i.e. where they can be expressed in the form of equations which symbolize straight lines.
In actual situations, when objective or constraint functions are non-linear, linear programming
can never be used.
There are times when we must consider the optimization problem, especially in cases
where fractional solutions are not realistic. Such an optimization problem sis referred to as
integer-programming problems. There are two basic categories of integer programs namely

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mixed integer program and pure integer program. A problem is said to be a mixed integer
program when some of the variables involved are restricted to be integers and is pure integer
program if when all decision variables need be integers. In cases where the constraints have a
network nature, then an integer solution can be attained through overlooking the integrality limits
and solving the resultant linear program (Karlof 84). Generally, though, variables are fractional
in a linear programming solution, and extra measures must be taken to define the integer
programming resolution. It is also worth noting that integer specifically looks for solutions based
on integers to optimization of problems (Williams 74). On the other hand, linear programming
mainly searches for best values to enhance a set of conditions. However, this is impossible
mainly when dealing with discrete values.
Problem 6
Part a, Integer programming model for this problem
Let X represent the sales people to be assigned to the southern region, Z to the Midwestern
region and Y to the Eastern region.
The LP model is maximize P=600x+540y+375z, subject to the constraints.
180x+70y+50z <750
x,y,z < 0 and integers

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This means that no sales persons will be assigned to the southern region. However, 5 people will
be assigned to the Midwestern region and 7 to the Eastern region.

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