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Coming To 100G Era With ZTE Together

100G Era Arrived

With the emergence of HD video, 3D television,

system supports 80 wavelengths at band C, standard

multimedia, interactive games, cloud computing, IOT

PM-QPSK modulation pattern and coherent detection,

and other new services, existing 10G/40G WDM

and adopts the most advanced SD-FEC technology,

systems cannot meet increasing demands, and the

so it has the industry's strongest 100G transport

100G has gradually moved from research &


development to commercial application.

Currently, ZTE has participated in the100G tests of

The 100G is commercially deployed around the world.

China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China

Ovum data shows that since the 100G deployment

Education Network, India TATA Telecom, DT

started in 2012, the global 100G market has

Austrian subsidiary TMA and other major carriers and

increased by five times than 2011. Frost & Sullivan

the results reach the industry-leading level.

forecasts that the 100G market will reach $4.8 billion

in 2016.

In addition, ZTE also actively develops 100G

standards, including "Research on 100Gbs optical

To meet the demand for large-scale commercial

transceiver module development" and "Technical

deployment of 100G, ZTE gets ready in solutions,

requirements of N100G (WDM) system".

products and services. ZTE 100G DWDM/OTN

Third-party Evaluation on ZTE Optical Network Products

The latest OVUM report shows that in 2Q12-1Q13 ZTEs global
ON market share continued to grow. The market share is 12%,
ranking second in the world. In global OTN market ZTE also
ranked second.

Award-Winning ZTE Optical Networking Products

In recent years, ZTE 100G products got the awards from international authoritative forum and media, such as "Best
Optical Product 100G ", "Backbone Optical Network Innovation" and "Core & Metro Network Innovation &

Best Optical Product 100G

The 15th Annual WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking forum was held in
Monaco on June 18th, 2013. In the forum, ZTE 100G product stood out from ADVA,
Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco and Huawei products and received the award for Best
Optical Product 100G.

Backbone Optical Network Innovation

The international telecommunications industry authoritative media "Global Telecom
Business" (GTB) held the annual Innovation Awards ceremony on June 12th, 2012.
The WASON national backbone network, which is commercially deployed by the
DT Austrian subsidiary TMA (T-Mobile Austria) and adopts the ZTEs WASON
(WDM Automatic Switch Optical Network) Intelligent OTN Network Solution, won
the award for Backbone Optical Network Innovation from GTB.

Core & Metro Network Innovation & Advances

In 2011, ZTEs "End-to-End OTN Solution" won the InfoVision award for "Core &
Metro Network Innovation & Advances at European Broadband Forum BBWF.

Beyond-100G Technology Stays Ahead

Besides 100G solution, ZTE also makes

In Sept. 2012, with the innovative coherent

breakthrough based on its accumulated strength in

algorithm, ZTE realizes 100GHz bandwidth

high-speed optical transmission technologies such as

containing 512Gb/s, 4b/s/Hz frequency spectrum,

400G/1T. In March 2011, ZTE was the first to release

2400km transmission, and establishes its

11.2T single wave-length OFDM 640km transmission

technical leading position in 100G field.


In June 2013, ZTE employed the patented

In July 2011, it successfully completed C+L

technology of spectral compression algorithm to

wave band 241T ultra-large capacity

transmit 400Gb/s signals over 5000 km via the

transmission system experiment.

WDM system at 100GHz channel spacing for the

first time in the industry..

In Feb. 2012, it worked with Deutsche Telekom,

the global mainstream operator to accomplish

In Oct. 2013, ZTE and China Telecom

2450km ultra-long-distance without-electric-relay

completed real-time data transmission over a

transmission of 100G/400G/1T and made the

distance of 3,200 kilometers on G.652 optical

new record.

fiber without Raman amplification that was error-

In June 2012, it formally released 400G/1T

prototype, which was a step forward towards
beyond-100G practice.

free for 24 hours, achieving a world record.

Why Choose ZTE?

Combining Polarization-Multiplexed Quadrature

large-capacity service scheduling platform, ZTE

Phase-Shift-Keying (PM-QPSK) technology together

100G products fully support various OTN scheduling

with the industry-leading Soft Decision Forward Error

granularities so can address the access requirements

Correction (SD-FEC) technology, the ZTE 100G

of various services. The multi-degree service

solution substantially improves 100G transmission

scheduling, protection and intelligent restoration

distance and quality, which can better facilitate

functions help improve network flexibility and security,

network planning and deployment. ZTE 100G

and reduce operators operations, administration and

products support 80x100G super-large-capacity

maintenance (OAM) costs.

transmission, fully satisfying operators everincreasing bandwidth requirements. The modular

upgrade mode ensures low investment at the early
stage of network construction and smooth capacity
expansion at the later stage to ease the cost
pressure. At the same time, combined with intelligent

As of Q3 2013, ZTE has completed over fifty trial

network projects and commercial networks projects
related to 100G with mainstream operators from
Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America,
Asia-Pacific and China .

Strong comprehensive strength in 100G OTN field---Awarded The Largest Share of China Mobile's
100G OTN Group Tender
The large-scale nationwide group

and network planning. ZTE, with a comprehensive

tender comprises China Mobile's

series of industry-leading 100G products and total

100G OTN networks in all provinces,

OTN solutions, including the ZXONE 8000, was

and each vendor was thoroughly assessed on

ranked No.1 and got more than 60% share in the

equipment technology, engineering implementation

group tender.

Excellent 10G/100G Non-spacing Hybrid Transmission Capability---Build Austria T-Mobile 100G

National Backbone Network
By its unique self-adapting

deployed and launched 100G link without influencing

optimization, ZTE self-

the original service operation. It realizes non-spacing

developed 100G coherent algorithm can effectively

hybrid transmission of 10G/100G signal, which offers

reduce 10G/100G hybrid transmission costs, and

the customer the maximal service bandwidth with

realize hybrid transmission of any adjacent wave

limited resources. Meanwhile it deployed intelligent

channel of 10G/100G signal.

control plane WASON and laid a solid foundation for

ZTE built Austria T-Mobile 10G OTN national

backbone network in 2010. By Oct. 2012, ZTE quickly

sustainable development of T-Mobile following-up


Large-scale 100G OTN Network Building Capability---Build CERNET 100G National Backbone

ZTE successfully built CERNET 100G

10,000 km. ZTE 100G OTN products were launched

national backbone network in 2012,

in Nov. 2012, ahead of the customers expectation,

covering the core cities of Beijing,

which shows 100G super-large project construction

Shenyang, Dalian, Shanghai, Hangzhou,

and launching capability as well as mature and stable

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian, Wuhan, Chongqing,

product performance.

and Chengdu with the total transmission distance over

The Leading 100G Ultra-long-haul Transmission Capability and Mature Commercial Product--Build the First 100G National Trunk Line of China Telecom
ZTE 100G OTN equipment

Telecom, and became the first to be selected to build

supports soft-decision FEC and

100G Wuhan-Hangzhou trial network of China

leading ultra-long-haul transmission technology. In

Telecom. The without-electrical-repeater-transmission

March 2012, ZTE ranked No.1 in 100G test of China

distance is over 1300km, with 24 spans crossed.

Serve the World's Leading E-commerce Company---Exclusively Won the Alibaba OTN 100G
In May 2013, ZTE

traffic of Alibaba in the future. The system adopts an

cooperates with Alibaba to

80 100G OTN solution that provides a lot of 100GE

deploy ZTE 100G OTN

interfaces to groom and connect mass data between

products in Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao and


other cities, and the network will carry most of the

ZTE 100G Product Highlights

Offer the industry's first commercial 100G OTN equipment (ZXONE 8000) which supports 80 wavelengths at
band C and standard PM-QPSK modulation pattern and coherent reception.

Use the most advanced SD-FEC technology and provide the industry's highest 100G transmission capability.

Adopt the industry's most advanced DSP processing technology and support the dispersion tolerance 70000
ps/nm and PMD tolerance 60ps.

Support more than 3,000km transmission without electrical regenerator, mixed convergence of STMN/GE/10G/40G and other services of any granules, and ODU0/1/2/2e/3/4/flex cross to meet operator
requirements in different application scenarios

Adopt the industry-leading 40nm ASIC chip so that 100G boards and equipment has high integration and low
power consumption.