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Rev. Albertson

The foot washing will be symbolic. Feel free to participate as you feel comfortable.
If you wish, hands may be washed instead of feet.
Participants will be invited to hold one foot at a time over a basin. Another person
will pour a small amount of water over the foot and dry it with a towel. This will
then be repeated with the other foot. After your feet have been "washed," you are
invited to wash the feet of the next participant.
Foot Washing
Liebster Jesu



J.S. Bach

Matthew 26:17-30
In Remembrance of Me

In remembrance of me, eat this bread. In remembrance of me, drink this wine.
In remembrance of me, pray for the time, When Gods own will is done.
In remembrance of me, heal the sick. In remembrance of me, feed the poor.
In remembrance of me, open the door, And let your neighbors in, let them in.
Take, eat, and be comforted; drink and remember too.
That this is my body and precious blood shed for you, shed for you.
In remembrance of me, search for truth. In remembrance of me, always love.
In remembrance of me, dont look above, But in your heart look for God.
Do this in remembrance of me.
Invitation and Instructions

O Welt Ich Muss Dich Lassen

How Deep the Fathers Love For Us


Rev. TevisTownes
Johannes Brahms
Stuart Townend
arr. by Mark Hayes
Rev. Albertson

The congregation departs the sanctuary in silence.

Maundy Thursday
Church of the Good Shepherd
United Church of Christ

April 02, 2015 7:00 PM


What Wondrous Love is This

"Draw Me Nearer"


W. Walker/Thomas Keesecker

by William H. Doane, arr. by Lloyd Larson


Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love (verses 1, 4 & 5)


PRAYER (in unison)

One: Please pray with me.
All: Our gracious, loving God,
We gather here to remember Jesus on his last night with his followers.
Help us to hear these stories with new ears, and to remember them
in new ways. Teach us the ways of faith and dedication that Jesus
exemplified. Open our eyes to all resistance, closed-mindedness
and denial, both among Jesus disciples of old, and within ourselves.
Inspire us to live and serve the way Christ, lived and served,
that in our individual lives and in our life together as a church,
we might be worthy of the name Christian and can truly
be called the Church of the Good Shepherd. This we ask in the name
of all that is Holy. Amen.

One: On the night before Jesus was killed by people who were afraid of him,
He gathered in an upper room with his friends.
Two: On the night Jesus was betrayed by one of his own people,
He showed his disciples how it should be among them.
Many: Humbly, He knelt before his followers as a servant to all, tenderly washing
their feet.
One: It was peculiar for a Teacher to wash the feet of his own followers.
Two: It was uncomfortable for the disciples. Peter even protested for Jesus to stop.
Many: Jesus said, I must wash your feet. You also ought to wash one anothers
feet. Servants are not greater than their master, and messengers are not
greater than the one who sent them.
One: Afterward, Jesus shared the Passover with them,
A tradition they all knew by heart and had observed their whole lives.
Two: Yet Jesus gave this traditional meal a new meaning for them, and for us.
The bread and cup became reminders of him and his presence among them.
Men: Tonight we will share that holy meal together, and we will remember Jesus.
Women: We will remember his words, his life, his faith, and his dedication to God.
All: We gather here in Christs name. When comfortable, we will wash one
anothers feet.
We will share bread and cup. And we will remember Jesus.

Taize Hymn

Ubi Caritas

(continued on reverse)