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Exercise No.1

This thin and lean boy grew up as a great personality in history.His name was Muhammad ali Jinnah.This
boy who studied till late at night was called "Quaid-e-Azam".He gave a new life to the nation through his
ability, hard work and intelligence. He freed the Muslims from slavery and gave them an independent
country. That country is our Pakistan.

Exercise No.2

Quaid-e-Azam had atrue love with Islam.He wanted to make Pakistan a modle Islamic state.He united the
scattered power of the Muslims through his efforts.He taught them Faith,Unity and Discipline .

Exercise NO.3

The progress of nations depends on the progress of knowledge. And the progress of knowledge depends on the
respect of the teacher. The greater the respect and rank of the teache the higher is the rank of knowledge.
Knowledge will progress and the country will develope. The nation that does not know the respect of the
teacher can never make progress.

Exercise NO.4

Nations make progress on the basis of their thoughts. There has been no nation mentioned in history that got
high rank without its thoughts. The Muslims guided such a world as worshiped the phenomena of Nature.
And Man was devoid of every kind of confidence. He was not accustomed to understand life. The Muslims
gave such Man a new determination. And made him understand the secrets of the Universe.

Written and composed by:

Abdulrehman Somroo.
Rehman Academy of Sciences and Literature Khangarh. Phone:910063

Exercise No.5

Fortunately ,he got a taxi on the road.Today, it was the last paper of his BSc. examination.He had been
studying late at night.He had forgot to set alarm of the clock.His mother knocked at his door in the morning
and awaked him.He had no time to take breakfast.He rushed and came on the road.

Exercise No.6

Electricity has made many eases in our life. The most common use of it is to get light in the homes.Before it
people lit oil lamps.They produced less light and more smoke. The smoke affected eyes and gave smell .

Exercise No.7

No surprising event happens in the major part of life. If you donot enjoy getting up in the morning,having a
walk,doing your job in time,having meal with the members of family or friends it is most probable that you
can never be happy.If a person associates these pleasures with a bigger event such as a good and new
job,abundance of wealth, a flawless marriage or an excursion trip to Paris can also not be happy any longer.
But,if we learn to enjoy good breakfast,flowers of the lawn,a good drink or sleep it is possible that we can live
happy enough.

Exercise NO.8

When doctor Livingstone was working in Afriqa, a group of his friends wrote to him"We want to send our
men to you.Is there any good road to your region?"A member of his family says that doctor Livingstone
wrote in reply"If your men can come here only for there is a good road there,I donot need them.I need such
men as are ready to come here even there is no road at all".

Written and composed by:

Abdulrehman Somroo.
Rehman Academy of Sciences and Literature Khangarh.Ph.910063

Exercise No.9

Washerman is a useful member of society.He washes our dirty clothes and keeps us neat and clean.And we
are grateful to him for it.He gets up early in the morning, goes to his customers' houses, gathers dirty clothes
and marks them. Then, he brings them to a canal,lake or the bank of a river and washes them.Every member
of his family lends him a helping hand in this hard work.

Exercise No.10

Previously,common people went to gardens and grounds to enjoy open atmosphere.Mostly, they were fond of
exercise and walk.Now there may be a few people who go out of city streets and roads to open atmosphere for
a walk or jogging.People are becoming idle.Many people like to stay at cinema and coffee house till late at
night.Infact, simple life with enough exercise is better than that with being seated all the time.We should
attend properly to our health.

Exercise No.11

Whenever I sit in my room and start readingI feel as if somebody,wearing a red dress, is watching me
through the window. When I look towards the window he disappears. A strange type of fear develops in my
heart.I have been searching for the man who watches me stealthly through the window for the last two
months . But, this problem was solved today at last. No sooner did I looked at the window when I saw a
branch, covered with red flowers, swaying out side the window

Exercise No.12

I say,"Go away from here;run away;get off from my eyes.I shall kill you,murder you, destroy you".When I
heard such a dangerous words in the prevailing silence of evening I was very surprised.I walked towards the
voice.I had gone a little forward that I caught sight of a terrace.A girl was standing on it.She was about eight
or nine years old and she had a doll in her hand.She had got offended with that doll and was saying
to that doll.

all this

Exercise No.13

Education is not an objective in itself but a means of achieving an objective.In other words we donot educate
our children only for the purpose of education.Our objective is to prepare them for life.As soon as we realise
this fact we shall understand that it is very important that we should select such a systom for
education as prepare our children for constructive role in national life.

Exercise NO.14

Education is being emphasized these days.It is being proved by arguments that gettin education is a great
objective in itself.But we forget that training is essential with the education also.Education is incomplete
without training.A man cannot be called educated without training.Training helps him in being a true man
that is why education and training are inseparable.

Exercise NO.15

The distance between Pakistan and Banglah Desh is one thousand miles.But thier inhabitants are very close to
oneanother.Its reason is logical.A short time before all these people were called Pakistani and were proud of
being called Pakistani.They struggled together to get a country.But,soon the enemies developed
misunderstandings and the circumstances changed.And the eastern part of Pakistan became Banglah Desh.

Exercise No.16

It is certainly true that muscles of a common woman are weaker than that of a common man.Thousands of
years before when men lived in caves and hunted animals for their food,physical strength was very important.
But,now mind is important.Physical power is still needed but its wages are not good.Now,intelligence is very

Written and composed by:

Abdulrehman Somroo, Rehman Academy of Sciences and Literature,Khangarh.Phone:910063.

Exercise NO.17

Sports are very important for development of character.Boys and girls learn courage,discipline and love for
the country in the school.But academic learning has no greater effect than does learning from experience.So
what students do in leisure prepares them for the future life.

Exercise NO.18

Travelling by bus is very difficult these days.The number of buses is lesser than that of passengers.Also,these
buses donot run in time.There has been a long qeue at every stop.Sometimes the passengers quarrel with one
another.Often, the bus becomes out of order on the way and the poor passengers have to seek another bus.The
need is to increase the number of buses.

Exercise NO.19

Many people in the western countries are such as are tired of material progress.They are tired of fast life
there.They donot like swift cars, buses and aeroplanes by heart.They want to go away from such life.Some go
to eastern countries in search of peace.Such European and Americans you will find in many countries of Asia
and Africa.

Exercise NO.20

Once, a soldier died fighting for his country.His dead body was brought home from the battlefield.This scene
was very troublesome for his young wife.She was much worried that she became lifeless like a stone.Neither
she shed tears nor she cried aloud.Her maid servant was afraid of it.They thought that she would die if she
did not cry.They thought of many ways of making her cry.


Exercise NO.21

Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed the matriculation examination at the age of sixteen years.His father had no
intention of giving him higher education any more.He wanted to attach him with business.But,an English
friend of the family suggested to send Muhammad Ali to England for business education.This education
would make the boy able to run the business better.So, he was sent to England for this purpose.But,there he
left business education after a few months and made himself ready for the education of law.He got admission
in Lincoln's Inn.

Exercise NO.22

Columbus was a poor weaver's son.He was born in the famous city of Geneva in Italy.He was still a boy when
he became fond of becoming a sailor.He worked hard and was successful.He became a wise sailor at the age
of fifteen years.While his friends were taking interest in games.once upon a time the ship in which he was
travelling caught fire.The ship could not be saved and it staarted sinking.columbus jumped into the sea.He
reached ashore after swimming with the help of a board upto six miles.

Exercise NO.23

After a day's celebration,when Trojan people lay down to take rest,the Greeks who had been hidding in a big
wooden horse sneaked out and advanced to the city gates.They attacked the sentinles suddenly and killed
them.They opened the city gates and let the Greek forces in who had been satanding out with the city walls
according to the plan.The Trojans were defeated.Whole the city was destroyed and Helen was brought back
home in Sparta.

Exercise NO.24

There lived a farmer in a village.He was notorious for meanness and miserliness.He paid his workers with
heavy heart.For this they were not satisfied.One day he pasted an announcement that he would give three
times meal and ten shillings to the man who would work for him the whole day.Nobody among the villagers
was ready for this.The farmer's fame was a hinderance for him.

Exercise NO.25

Formerly,the aeroplanes were a recreation for the rich people.But in the twentieth century they started
playing an important role in our life.Now,people and mail cover the distance in two or three hours which they
covered in weeks.In war days the aeroplanes were proved powerful for attack and were used for spying plans
of the enemy and dropping bombs successfuly.The stories of the brave pilots are popular.

Exercise NO.26

Allama Iqbal was our national poet.He believed that islamic principles can cure all evils of the world.So,he
decided to put forward these principles before all people of the world.He was much worried to see that the
Muslims of the world were poor and backward.Once,the Muslims were successful in every field of life.They
got knowledge and spread it.They were respected.They were the rulers and were obeyed.Allama wanted the
Muslims to act upon islamic principles again.Only through this way, they can get their former nobility.

Exercise NO.27

The lady was in rage at this insult.She asked if he had been accusing her of theft.The manager apologised once
again"No,Madamme, it is for the lapse of memory on your part".But the lady denied that she was forgetting
anything.So,the manager called for the police.

Exercise NO.28

Last days I had to go Lahore.I was late for some reason and when I reached the station the train had
left.There was rush at the ticket window as usual.But the ticket vendor happened to be a friend of mine.I
knocked at the door of his room.The door opened.I said at once,"Please,give me a ticket for Lahore.The train
is about to leave".I was very surprised when the friend said,"Please,stand in the qeue.The ticket will be issued
on the turn".I was very angry at first,but soon I felt my selfishness.

Exercise NO.29

As soon as I got up from my seat the air hostess stopped me and said ,"We are just taking off in a while.Please
sit back in your seat and fasten this belt".She looked at my cigarette and smiled,"I am afraid,you will have to
put off your cigarette in fiture for a moment".

Exercise NO.30

Books are the essence of thousand years experience of Man.They encourage us and teach us to come over
adversity.It is true thatsome books are not good.Some are more dangerous than snake.To avoid them is

Exercise NO.31

Television is causing many problems in our country.The children have left studying.The time of television is
same as that of study.The curse of V.C.R is in addition to it.Television has become an unsocial recreation.

Exercise NO.32

In the tenth century,when Spain was a muslim country,it was considered among the richest and the most
populous countries of Europe.All crafts and arts flourished on this land.Tanning of hides and embossed
printing on it was on its full swing.From Spain it was exported to Morocco and then to England.Woolen and
silk cloth was produced in many parts of Spain.

Exercise NO.33

His interest in brewing was naturally the result of his patriotism.He wished France to be able to produce wine
as good as produced in Germany.He published his informations on brewing in 1876.He discovered that
fementation is caused by bacteria.Later ,he also proved that inflamation is a form of fermentation.

Exercise NO.34

We are the youth of Pakistan.We should work hard and do our work honestly.We should do such work fo our
country and country-fellows as people praise us.We must prove before the world that we are a living nation.

Exercise NO.35

Life in big cities is very comfortable.There are fine houses to live in cities.There are fast running motor cars to
travel.Villages are deprived of these facilities.Educational institutions and hospitals are available in city life.

Exercise NO.36

Formerly,lands and cattle were considered symbols of wealth.Getting them by inheritance the land occupied
by every person became so much as the exteremities of land of other people joined with one another.Now
increase in land occupation meant deprivation of the other.Those ,who became poor for weakness or idleness
were forced to beg earning from the rich.It developed in them love to rule.

Exercise NO.37

If the lift boy, in the office,throws a passenger out of the lift on a certain morning and he is fined on this
crime,it is clear that he was at fault.This problem resulted ,infact, on not asking"please".The
complainer,entering the lift, said "Go up" only . As the passenger did not sense it,the lift boy not only refused
to obey but also threw him out of the lift.

Exercise NO.38

Pakistan is basically an agricultural country.But, prospecting the needs of the age,there has been much
concentration on industry.As industry and agriculture are dependent on one another,the government is busy
with revolutionary efforts in both fields.With this firstly;standard of life of individuals will rise and
secondly;Pakistan will inshaallah succeede in winning a respectable position in the commity of nations.

Exercise NO.39

Haelth is wealth.A healthy mind can only develop in a healthy body.That is why it is very necessary that we
should take care of our physical health.If we develop punctuality in our habits it will certainly produce a good
effect on health.Without balanced diet and exercise good health is unimaginable.Inshort,life is enjoyable if
health is good.A diseased body removes all sweetness from life.

Exercise NO.40

Process of election is a common thing in democratic societies.People elect their rulers through it.In addition
to national elections many societies and organisations get elections held.It is a way to know collective opinion
of the individuals of society.It works on the principle that some people may be wrong but majority
cannot.Elections ensure healthy democratic society.In war the most democratic country is always victorious.

Exercise NO.41

Last Sunday ,I went to hospital to see my friend.He had been suffering from severe fever for two weeks.When
I went to him he smiled and felt pleasure.I asked him about his health.He told that his condition was
better.There were many other patients in the hospital.The condition of some of them was very bad.I felt much
pity for them and I prayed for their health.I stayed with my friend for half an hour.

Exercise NO.42

Cultural remains of a country are the real basis of development in its communal life.Pakistan is very lucky in
this respect.This land has always been the cradle of human efforts.The shapeless and rough tools ,discovered
through land erosion caused by surging waves of the river Swat near Rawalpindi, show a clear picture of
human ingenuity fifty thousand years before.

Exercise No.43

Pakistan is an Islamic state.Seeing the rate of its progress it can be said that it will be cosidered among the
most powerful empires in the world after a few years..Pakistan is a fertile country.Nature has given it
countless mineral resources.If these resources are fully used,the country can become prosper.


Exercise No.44

Fire is very useful for us.It cooks food for us,boils eggs.It is used to make steam in steam engines.Fire keeps
people warm in cold countries.Fire is useful for us but it can be dangerous.If fire becomes out of control,it can
burn our books,clothes and destroy our home.Some people die because of burning by fire..Whenever we light
fire we should be careful.Make it sure that there are no inflamable things nearby.

Exercise No.45

The greatest advantage of early rising is that it provides agood start to day's work.An early riser gets many
works completed before another man gets up.Mind is fresh early in the morning and there is little noise and
sounds.So at that time one can complete one's work well.Often,the early risers can have time to take exercise
in fresh air.

Exercise No.46

A man living in a desert or a jungle is free from others,but not completely.His freedom is limited in many
ways.First of all,because of other things around him such as wild animals or the rocks which are
unclimbable.Second;his nature being a man.Disease can attack him and sooner or later he will face
death.when men live together,it is easy to be safe from wild animals.And they can work together to collect
food and make shelter.

Exercise No.47

Journey by train is very comfortable.But it becomes troublesome if you have more luggage.Always travel
light.If you have more luggage,get it booked.This luggage is kept in a separate compatment and it is safe. It is
received at the destination.Once I kept much luggage with me and faced a lot of trouble.After that I gave it
up for good.

Exercise No.48

Pakistan is an islamic democracy.It is the homeland of the Muslims.The Muslims live in many countries and
are inhabitant of different continents.But they belong to one nation.They believe in One God and His last
Prophet(PBUH).They donot believe in distinction of colour and race.In Islam, neither a white man is
superior to a black man nor the rich is superior to the poor.Piety is the criterion of superiority in Islam.

Exercise No.49

Nothing can be achieved in life without hardwork.Life becomes drab if there are no hardships.If there is no
real competition or the result is already known,the game becomes joyless.If the competition holds till the end,
both the winner and the loser enjoy the game.If the opponent is not of the same level victory is not the real
one.Life is a competitive examination either we like it or not.

Exercise No.50

Attaining success is not an easy job.The way to success for Lincoln was very hard.Whatever he learnt,learnt
himself.He was as unsuccessful in reaching the parliament as in earning his bread.But he was not
disappointed.The other people had reached the high position.He had also made his mind to get a high
position.He believed in one thing that the highest point is always vacant and that he must reach the highest
point.There is always room for the man who has a purpose in life,who is honest and has a faculty to think for

Exercise No.51

There is no lack of beggers in our society.Wherever you go a begger is following you with his hand
stretched.Perhaps there is no place without this creature.The style of begging is unique also.That is, they
refuse to take a little money.Some times they neglect you with such a hatred as if not they but you are a

Exercise No.52

Human eye is one of the most wonderful and complex machinery of Nature.Whenever I ponder over human
eye I am very surprised at its complexity.Although it looks simple appearently but internally its complexity is
wonderful.Eye is composed of many parts.But inspite of it,it is so small as man cannot help wondering
whenever he thinks about it.It is really miraculous for its complexity.

Exercise No.53

The organ pealed forth and the young voices of the choir sounded so soft and pure.The bright warm sunshine
streamed in through the church-window to the place where Karen was sitting.Her heart was so full of
sunshine and peace and joy that at last it broke,and her soul flew on the sun-beams to heaven,where there was
no one to ask about the red shoes.

Exercise No.54

It is not good to supress the public opinion.Public opinion can be supressed temporarily but not for
good.Sooner or later it bursts out like lava of a volcanoe and spreads destruction all around.A wise ruler and
good press try to train public opinion properly.Because a trained public opinion is the most precious asset of
the country.

Exercise No.55

Life is a great blessing of Allah Almighty.We should live a good and pure life.Hard work is the most
necessary and important thing to make life successful.There is no alternative of hard work.Intelligence is also
a great virtue but it goes waste without hardwork.Because we donot use it properly.But it is not difficult.If we
work hard continuously for a few days it becomes a habit and we succeed.

Exercise No.56

Youth is the time when seeds of character are sown.That is why one should be very careful in youth.Parents,
who are responsible for training of children,should give special attention to their children and should guide
them to virtue and goodness.If we have a good young generation we shall have a good name in the
world.Everybody will praise us.There will be clam and peace in the country and we shall be able to live a
peaceful life.

Exercise No.57

Our national ideology has a right towards us and that is we should protect it heart and soul.This can be done
by introducing our ideology to our young generation.The students should be told about its importance and
value.It should be protected against foreign influences.If we have to accept foreign aid,we should not accept
foreign thoughts and ideas with it.Political influence must not come with the aid.Above all,we should be
sincere with our national ideology and try to exalt it.

Exercise No.58

The Spring has set in.There looks flowers all around.Plants have put on green dress.It is very pleasant.Neither
it is very hot nor very cold.There is not much difference between day and night temperature.and now there is
no need of heavy winter dress.Now everybody looks in shalwar and shirt.There are signs of happiness on faces
and the temprament is also pleasant.

Exercise No.59

The Quaid-e-Azam is our national hero.He worked hard for the nation and Pakistan came into existance.He
died after about one year of the birth of Pakistan.This tragedy proved to be a great loss for Pakistan.His
untimely death produced such disorder in the nation as we are still feeling its effects.We must give a special
attention to the ideology of pakistan and act upon it strictly.

Exercise No.60

I am very surprised to hear you.You have always accepted the right of the others to oppose.You have been
the torchbearer of individual liberty.Today,you were offended when I opposed you.Are your all ideas mere a
lip service or do you want to apply these principles on all the others except yourself.Think over your
behaviour yourself.I leave you to decide yourself.

Exercise No.61

The roads in our country are not very wide.A bus driver on the road wants to advance.He speeds up.The
other driver doesn't want he may overtake.In this way a race starts. Neither of the two is ready to be a
loser.Now,if a car or a bus is coming from the opposite side an accident will surely happen.

Exercise No.62

Not a single young man can think that he may die.It is possible that he thinks the other will die or he may
accept this fact that all the human beings are mortal.But, to his ownself ,he can not think about it.Youth
dislikes old age and death alike.The best solution to fear of death is man must keep in mind the fact that life
has an end as it has a begining.

Exercise No.63

Rose is a beautiful flower.There are some other flowers in the world that smell as sweet as rose but they are
not very beautiful.Some flowers are more beautiful but their perfume is not as sweet as of rose.That is why
rose is called the queen of the flowers.There are hundreds of varieties of rose.

Exercise No.64

Some birds are seasonal.They spend a season in one and the other in another region.For example,with the
oncoming of rainy season in Pakistan mangoes start ripening and cooing of the cuckoo is heard.The cuckoo
disappears with the end of the rains.The scientists put metal ring in claws of the birds and leave them.And
then find in ceratin season where these birds go.

Exercise No.65

There is a rule for doing every work.The rules and regulations are fixed for the sports also.It is the duty of
every member of the team to act upon them honestly.This the thing which makes man a human being.If a
dispute happens in games there is a man appointed for decision.His decision is the law.

Exercise No.66

Children!Do you know what is called an ocean.Ocean is a wast range of water.It is like a very large and
endless river.Ocean is larger than the earth in its area.But there are islands in the ocean where trees grow
and people live and watch the sea everyday.Watching the ocean is fearful.But man has removed this fear by
sailing.The Pacific ocean is the largest ocean and its depth is eight miles down.

Exercise No.67

A king was going for hunting.All of a sudden he caught sight of a holy man.A dog was tied nearby him and
he himself was sitting cheerly.The king went near him and asked him jokingly,"O ,the old man!Either you or
your dog are better before Allah?"The holy man replied respectfully ,"If we obey our Lord we are better than
the dog otherwise;the worst."The holy man's reply had a deep effect on the king.It is said that this incident
revolutionised the king's life.

Exercise No.68

Askimos think polar bear a very precious thing because of its costly skin and flesh.A fine coat can be made by
its skin that is not only warm but water proof also.Askimos use hounds for bear hunting.As soon as the
hounds see the bear they make a circle around it.And start barking and growling.Sometimes they advance
and attack on it.A single blow of the bear can divide the dog into two pieces.

Written and composed by:

Abdulrehman Somroo
Rehman Academy of sciences and Literature .Khangarh.Phone:910063

Exercise No.69

Our real home is the earth but we have learnt to travel in sea and air also.to travel in sea was not very
difficultbecause wood,that is found at many places near the sea,can float on water very easily.But traveling in
air was a different thing because man did not know any thing that could stay in air and lift man's weight.That
is why travel in air remained a dream for centuries.In modern age this great dream came true.Man invented
such big machines,in a short time of fifty years,as can thousand of travellers from one place to the other.

Exercise No.70

In the European country,Spain,there is a place called Gibralter.It was named on the name of a Muslim
general Tariq.When Tariq landed with his army on the shoreof Spain he got burnt all the boats by which his
army had come.He had got these boats burnt so that his army might not think of retreat.Tariq's army was
twenty thousand.And the king Roderick of Spain had one lac.Tariq's army defeated Rodrick's badly in this

Exercise No.71

Man has passed through various stages of civilization.In the begining ,it was Stone age when he had stone
tools.Then came Iron age that lasted for a long time.Discovery of atom has given man an extraordinary
power.Atom is a horrible tool of destruction and ruin.Atom bomb can destroy a big city in a
moment.Hydrogen bomb is more dangerous than it.It can erase a whole province from face of the earth.

Exercise 72

Once upon a time there lived a wise old man in a little village.Although he was very rich yet he was very
unhappy.Because he had three sons who always quarrled with one another.He had advised them many times
but it had no effect on them.Once he fell very ill and he felt that he was near death.So he called for his sons
and said them to bring some sticks.He tied them into a bundle and asked his sons to break it.But they could
not break it.Then,he untied the bundle and gave them the sticks which they broke easily.In this way the old
man taught them to unite.

Exercise No.73

Every inventer invents scientific inventions for the service of humanity.That is why science is basically for the
service of humanity and if a person or a country makes abuse of these scientific inventions,there is no fault of
science or the scientist.To explain it we can take example that fire is a useful thing.We can entertain a friend
by cooking food with it and we can also burn his house by it.There is no fault of fire in it.In this way scientific
inventions have revolutionised our life.And it is admirable.The blame of abuse of these inventions is on that
person or the nation who harms humanity with these inventions.

Exercise No.74

Socrates was not good by shape and form.He was of short stature and his head was very big.He often said
that the difference between him and a common man was that a lay man could not get knowledge.And in this
way he is ignorant of his aim in life.Having got knowledge man can be the cause of welfare of his ownself,his
society and nation.

Exercise No.75

A strange type of dejection is found in voice of the cuckoo.The people whose days are passed in woe and
dejection find a specific sweetness in its voice.They think perhaps its voice interprets their woes.This year its
voice was so full of sadness as no one could bear it.Very few people have seen the cuckoo.But if some one had
seen it this year,he would have find its wings wet with tears.

Exercise No.76

When the school closed Tanwir went to a garden with his friends.All the friends started playing foot ball
there.But before playing Tanwir put off his coat and hang it up on a tree.They played foot ball there for a
long time.As soon as the game was over Tanwir slapped Akber.Both of them quarrelled there for a long
time.During quarrel Tanwir forgot his coat there on the tree.When he reached home,his elder sister asked
him,"Tanwir,where is your coat?"Tanwir replied,"I had gone out without wearing my coat on."

Exercise No.77

All of a sudden,a parrot fell down in my courtyard.I rushed towards it.I picked it up.It was bleeding out of its
head.When I cleaned blood from its haed with my fingers,I felt three pins in its head.I pulled out one of the
pin and the parrot turned into a pigeon.I pulled the other pin and the pigeon turned into a peacock.When I
pulled the third pin,the peacock turned into a beautiful fairy.The fairy said,"Order me sir."

Exercise No.78

Village life is similar in many countries of the world.There is no hustle bustle there.There is silence and peace
all around every time.The things produced locally fulfill their needs.That is why they have no ambition in life
and they donot struggle practically for high standard of life.

Exercise No.79

Hazrat Bilal(God be pleased with him.) was the closest friend and the most sincere devotee of the Holy
Prophet(PBUH). He was a slave and he had to bear many troubles from his master. He made him lay on hot
sand, placed heated stones on his chest and ordered him to abandon the new religion. At last, Hazrat Abu
Bakar(God be pleased with him.) paid his master a large amount and got Hazrat Bilal(God be pleased with
him.) free.

Exercise No.80

The examination method is the greatest draw back of the present education system.Many people say that
ability can be judged by the success in the examination.If we think over it, we can see many draw backs in
it.If we look at an examination paper, we see that there are a few questions out of a score of pages of a
book.If a lucky one prepares them, he is surely successful.

Exercise No.81

When I was a child, a boy named Raja lived in a house next to mine.One day , he got some match sticks
which he started playing with. The fire, he started, burnt many houses of which his own house was one.One
day, his father commited a crime and was caught.So, Raja was left alone because his mother had already died
when he was just a child.Later on, Raja became very rich but he was always worried.

Exercise No.82

Culture of nations can be judged by their architecture.Minarets have a special importance among the
buildings that the Muslims built in their rising age.Minarets are of many types. Some Minarets in Spain are
rectangular.But, the minarets in Iran and Central Asia take a conical shape.The buildings of the Muslims are
a fine example of beauty, grandeur and uniformity.

Exercise No.83

When the little girl saw the bird flying, she was very surprised.She asked her mother if she could fly.The
mother shook her head.The girl saw dreams all the night--the dreams of flying with the birds--and smiled in
the dream.When she got up in the morning, she said to her mother, Mother, I can fly." The mother asked,
How?" The child replied, In dream."

Exercise No.84

The father brought his son to school.The son was five years of age. The teacher put his hand on the child's
head with affection and said,"Baby, have you come to read?"The father had brought sweets with him that
were distributed among the children.After that, the child was made to sit on earth so that he might start his
journey to knowledge.Neither there are such manners,now, nor sweets are distributed.

Exercise No.85

The Moon is the smallest of the celestial bodies which can be seen from the Earth.As it is nearer to the Earth,it
looks bigger than the others except the Sun.The Moon completes its round around the Earth in about one
month as the Earth completes its round around the Sun in one year.But, the Earth also completes its round
around its own axis in twenty-four hours; that results in creation of the Day and the Night.The Moon takes a
month to complete its round around its axis ,that is why, its only one side always remains before the Earth.

Exercise No.86

He had been in conflict with many people and this conflict lasted for a long time.But he always fought for
principles.He was firm in his beliefs and principles.If some one did wrong,he did criticise him no matter how
much he liked him.If some one did right,he did admire him even if he was his enemy.He did justice with every
one.He did not hate men but their foolies, lies and meanness.Such was the Quaid-e-Azam of ours .

Exercise No.87

After nine years of preaching of Islam, the Holy Prophet wished to go to Taif.It was a green hilly area in the
desert.The holy Prophet went there with the hope that the tribes of Taif would listen to him because they
were famous for their hospitality and civilized manners.But he had to face different situations there.They
jeered at him and made him leave the city. But there had been not a little change in his tolerance and

Exercise No.88

When I was a school boy, I hated two things:the school and the teachers.The primary school looked me a big
dungeon.when I entered the school ,the faces of the boys looked me terrified and the
teachers;grieved,careworn and pale.I hated both of them except me because I could not see my own face
which would be as much detestable as theirs.

Exercise No.89

The man who becomes poor tries to hide his poverty.He feighns that he is still wealthy.He buys cheap things
from shops and hides them in his pocket or a cloth bag.He shows such a ridiculous behaviour so that the
others may not laugh at him.It is true that people do not understand our troubles.They start comparing
people and do not think that every one has his own problems.

Exercise No.90

I have an old friend who is a good player of hockey.He often lives grieved.If we ask him the reason of his
grief,he says some verse.There is no reason of grief in his life.God has bestowed him with many blessings.He is
one of those who like to attract the other's attention by living grieved.do you like to live such a life?

Exercise No.91

After the martyrdom of Sultan Tipu ,there was no one, among the Muslims of the subcontinent, serious to
defend against the British Imperialism.Inspite of that, the Muslims never accepted slavery mentally.A time
came when Islamic movements among the Muslims started getting strength.With their result,at last, Pakistan
came into being and we were completely free to live our lives according to our cherished traditions.

Exercise No.92

Knowledge is a great power.Through knowledge, we not only get material wealth but spiritual peace also.In
our religion,every one is under obligation to get knowledge.It is such a wealth as no one can steal it.No body
can recognize his self without knowledge.

Exercise No.93

Man can do good deeds no matter he belongs to any field of life.A soldier in the barracks or in the battle field,
a simple house wife or a nurse working in the hospital, a merchant at a shop,a school boy or an inventor
working in the workshop--no one is exempted from it.Doing a good deed gives happiness not only to the doer
but also to one it is done for.Recalling the good deed develops emotions of love and benevolence .It restores
man's trust in humanity and develops,in the others, motivation to do the good.Goodness based on sacrifice.

Exercise No.94

Dr Iqbal was a very great man.Whole the world witnesses his greatness.He was the greatest Muslim poet of
this century.His poetry gives message of hope and success.His life was quite simple.He supposed lie and back
biting a deadly sin.He never sold his opinion at any cost.Although he liked solitude since begining yet he
welcomed every one.He talked to every visitor according to his ability.

Exercise No.95

In the age of ancient Romans and Greeks, beautiful buildings were built to use for public saloons.People not
only went there to have a bath but also to meet and chat with their friends.Some big saloons were divided
into different parts.some rooms were hot and some were cool.Some had steam and in some, there were
arrangements for swimming.The Romans surprisingly heated their rooms by the hot air pipes.These pipes
were installed under the floor and the walls.

Exercise No.96

Now a days, in big cities, water is used once and then, it is drained out by drainlines.From there,at last, it
reaches the sea again or goes to the under ground water resources.But, it is possible to send it to water
treatment plants.There it should be filtered or treated with chemicals so that it may be used again like fresh
spring water.

Exercise No.97

Socratese was a Greek.He was born two thousand and five hundred years ago.We know little about his
childhood and youth.He spent all his life in search of wisdom and truth.When he talked to people on different
problems, the listeners became confused.He asked them what they thought about happiness and good life.

Exercise No.98

Our curriculum needs change.But, changing the teacher's mind is more necessary.Even the best books can not
be useful unless the teachers teach them rightly.Some teacher have no knowledge.Some are able but they are
miser intellectually.Some teachers do teach but they do not prepare children for the examination.

Exercise No.99

Laws of Nature are unchangeable.Virtue is to virtue and evil; to evil. This reward and punishment is given in
life.If we break any law of Nature,we get its punishment in this life.He who did not serve his parents,his issue
treated him in the same way.Similarly, if nations leave intellect and hard work,they are ruined.

Exercise No.100

In the country,commodities of life are becomming dareday by day.Since last thirty-five years,every
government has been trying to reduce dareness.But, sorry to say,dareness has increased instead of getting
down.Some strict steps will have to be taken to reduce dareness.In this way dareness can be reduced to some
extent.It is the first and foremost duty of the government to analyse why the costs of commodities of life are
rising continuously.If the government use its all resources, the root causes of dareness can be known.After
that,proper steps can be taken to reduce these root causes.

Exercise No.101

The effect of science is ever increasing.It is working for our welfare and defence.It is helping us fully to enjoy
leisure.It is helping us in travelling from one place to the other.It is producing new jobs.It is producing new
things.It is helping us in predicting the weather.It is bettering the usables.In short, it has made our life
comfortable.It has so much deep relation with our life that every body must try to understand it;so that we
may be able to live a better life.

Exercise No.102

Health is wealth.A healthy mind can only be in a healthy body.So, we must take care of our physical health.If
we develop regularity in our habits,certainly,there will be a pleasent effect on our health.Good health is
inconceivable without balanced diet and exercise.In short,life is enjoyable if health is good.An ailing body
depletes sweetness from life.

Exercise No.103

Some pirates are such as they get gold for the love of gold and kill people for joy of killing.Some make people
prisoner in order to get ransom in return;or they make them slave and sell them.Some leave their prisoner to
the shores of far off islands so that they die of hunger and thirst.Some are kind hearted;they loot their victims
and leave them without any harm.

Exercise No.104

These days,almost every city has an air port.In some places,if the city is very large,there are two.Like railway
station air port is also a busy place.There is always a rush of people there day and night.Many of them are
passengers who are either waiting for the out going flight or those comming there from somewhere.In this
age,people mostly travel from one country to the other by air.

Exercise No.105

Pakistan has made much progress since it came into being and it is considered among important countries of
the world.If we wish Pakistan make more progress , we will have to keep ideology of Pakistan in mind.Today,
this ideology has become more important because we can make Pakistan stronger and stately through it.

Exercise No.106

I saw grand and stately buildings around me.These buildings were much bigger than those of our age.But it

felt as if these were built with haze and clouds.There was greenery on the hill slopes all around .There were
no effects of winter on it.The earth looked beautiful even through this fancy.So, my mind decided to stop

Exercise No.107

We are the youths of Pakistan.We love our country.We must work hard and do our work with complete

honesty.God has blessed us with every thing in our country.His blessings are countless.We shall work day and
night for the progress of our country.It is the duty of every Pakistani to devote his every power for the
betterment of Pakistan.We should not depend on the others.We shall rely on ourselves and defend the

Exercise No.108

The building that looks from far away is our college.We read here.It is avery old building and a hundred
years have passed since it was built.In this building ,Molana Muhammad Hussain Azad taught and Allama
Muhammad Iqbal had also studied there.It is not only a building but also a history that continues with us.It
is said that there is perfume of knowledge in this building.And whosoever stays here is intoxicated by this
perfume.That is why, all of them respect it.

Exercise No.109

Our English teacher entered the class room with a stick in his hand.We showed him our home work.I also
took my torn note-book and went to his desk.He read my written sentences with furious eyes.He wrote down
with red pencil, ''Wrong Grammar".He oftenly wrote down such remarks in my note-book.I never forgot
it.Now, I have written down and completed a book on English Grammar.When it is published,I shall send a
copy of it to that teacher and thank him for his written remarks also.

Exercise No.110

Pakistan is proud of its youths and specially the students who are always at the fore front in the time of trial
and need.You are the future builder of the nation.So,develop discipline in your personality.Get proper
education and training.You must realize how much responsibilities you have.You must be alert and ready to
accomplish them.

Exercise No.111

Children seminars are held on the eve of World Children Day.In these seminars,children make speeches,say
poems and get awards .Sports competitions are also held on this occassion.An objective of the World Children
Day is also that all the children of the world spend this day together with pleasure.And pledge that they will
serve the whole world when they are grown up.

Exercise No.112

Whatever we do is called our deed.Our deeds can be good and bad.When we do any legal or proper thing,our
deed is called good and considered right and whenever we are involved in any illegal or improper thing,our
deed is called wrong and bad.If this deed is against any law,it will be called crime and it will be
accountable.God has blessed us with mind and awareness so that we may discriminate between right and
wrong.Our religious principles also guide us for the conduct in every field of life.Reward and punishment for
every deed is essential element of our life.Either our deed is good or bad, we will be accountable for it; in this
life and the after life.This is the essence of our belief.

Exercise No.113

It is the age of science.The invention of science has so much changed our life as if a man from the last
century happens to come in a city, he will take our world for wonder land.The work which people did with
their hand a few years before is now being accomplished eagerly by the big machines.Similarly , many
facilities have devleoped in the field of travelling.The journey that was commuted in years and months is now
covered within days and hours.Now, man has reached the Moon.And the day is not far when man will reach
the other planets.Who knows that some day regular transport between our world and the other planets may

Exercise No.114

Weary but triumphant the three Venetians came to the court of the Emperor and were honourably received
by him.Nicolo and Maffeo told the story of their journeys, and gave to the Emperor the holy oil.Then Kublai
Khan asked who the young man was,and Nicolo answered, " This is your servant, and my son." "He is
welcome", replied the Emperor,'and it pleases me much."

Exercise No.115

Last Friday, I was going to bazar.There was a great rush of people on the road.I came to know that a car and
a tonga had collided.The horse fell down and was injured.A few passengers were also injured.Glasses of the
car broke.The passengers had a narrow escape.The injured were sent to the hospital.A few police men
reached the spot.The coach man and the driver were challaned.


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