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Document Version 1.

0 11/22/07

Updating TREX in a Hosted SAP Business ByDesign



Patching/updating TREX means installing a new version in an existing one with a TREX Revision file
from the SAP Service Marketplace.
Note that the following description is for updating/patching TREX in a SAP Business ByDesign double
stack environment with a common SAPSID for all SAP Business ByDesign components including
TREX. That means that TREX does not have a separate SAPSID of its own any longer.

1. Preparation
1. Download the TREX patchfile/executables from the SAP Service Marketplace

https:/service.sap.com/swdc: Navigate to SAP Software Distribution Center Download

Support Packages and Patches Entry by Application Group SAP NetWeaver SAP
NetWeaver SAP NetWeaver 2007 Entry by Component Search and Classif. (TREX)
TREX 7.10 Linux_on_X86_64_64bit TREX71_<Revision>.SAR and transfer the file to
the A1S host.

2. Logon to the A1S server with:

Password: [..]
Note: [SIDadm] is the user with which the SAP Business ByDesign system is administrated.

Execute the following command to set the needed settings for TREX:
C shell csh/tcsh
source trexenv.csh
3. Create a directory /tmp/TREX_UPDATE for the TREX update package.
4. Use SAPCAR to extract the downloaded TREX software archive TREX71_<REVISION>.SAR into
the directory.
SAPCAR is installed with each SAP Web AS in the kernel directory. In case you do
not have access to the currently installed SAPCAR tool, you can download the
unpackaged version of the SAPCAR tool at https://service.sap.com/patches Entry
by Application Group Additional Components SAPCAR.
5. Unpack the archive into that directory by means of SAPCAR:
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 60>cd /tmp/TREX_UPDATE
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 60>SAPCAR xvf

2. Updating TREX
Before starting the update procedure you can check the TREX version of the system to be updated by
excecuting the following command:
/usr/sap/SAPSID/TRX02/TREX version
You will get an output similar to the following:

Document Version 1.0 11/22/07

Update Procedure
1. Log on to the host on which you want to apply the TREX Revision:
Password: [..]

2. Change to the directory /tmp/TREX_UPDATE/tx_trex_content/TX_LINUX_X86_64 and
start the install script install.sh:
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 60>cd
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 60>install.sh -action=update -sid=[SID]
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 60>stopsap TRX<instance> <virtualhostname>
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 60>startsap TRX<instance> <virtualhostname>
3. .
Note : Before starting the update, you have to close the TREX Admintool.
You can ignore warnings like this:
Action: updating sap configuration
warning: >>>ERROR:copy of waitfortrex failed - Failed to update sap

An update OK should be displayed after the run is completed.
You will get an output similar to the following:

After the update you should check the TREX version again by executing:
/usr/sap/SAPSID/TRX02/TREX version

3. Troubleshooting
Check that TREX is running by executing the following command:
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 85> /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/TRX02/TREX info
You will see processes like the following:
[SIDadm] 25781 25762 1 10:37
[SIDadm] 25786 25762 1 10:37
[SIDadm] 25795 25762 1 10:37
[SIDadm] 25806 25762 14 10:37
[SIDadm] 25807 25762 1 10:37



TREXPreprocessor.x -port 30202

TREXIndexServer.x -port 30203
TREXQueueServer.x -port 30204
python alertserver.py

It is also possible to restart and check the TREX by means of with the TREX Admin Tools (also
available as transaction /nTREXADMIN),.

Document Version 1.0 11/22/07

You start the TREX admin tool (Standalone) in the following way (be sure to be able to display X11
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 87> cd /usr/sap/TRX/TRX02
vatrg00:[SIDadm] 87> ./TREXAdmin.sh

Check Trex version

Check TREX version by executing:
/usr/sap/SAPSID/TRX02/TREX version
Or in the TREX admin tool:

Build number or change list shows the right TREX version.

Do not mix it up with version, this is only the version of the TREX Admin tool itself.