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Question Bank

Indian History and Culture

1. Discuss the traditional methods of water harvesting systems in India. Do they hold relevance in
modern times?

2. Do you find Gandhis approach towards environment relevant in the contemporary times?
3. Discuss the importance of Nature in various Indian traditions.
4. More water is wasted than preserved. Suggest methods of Water Harvesting and preservation.
5. How far do you think the principles of Mahatma Gandhi have motivated the environmental
movements in India?

Urbanization and Urbanism

1. According to you, what is a city? What are its sustaining factors?
2. Is growing urbanization a menace or a boon? Comment with everyday examples.
3. Do you agree that Urban is complex and rural is bliss?
4. Write a note on any modern city of India by your choice.
5. Trace the process of urbanization in any city of your choice through time.
6. Compare Urbanism as a way of life with a rural way of life.
7. Compare/ contrast the ways in which any pre-modern and a modern city address the issue of
water supply.
8. Do you agree that cities require some critical physical and social factors for their sustenance?
Explain with reference to any city familiar to you in history or in the contemporary period.
9. Is urbanization a symbol of developed society? Discuss.

Question Bank
Indian History and Culture
1. What are the challenges faced by modern day women students in universities?
2. Discuss the representation of women in Bollywood movies.
3. Does the depiction of women in advertisements, T.V. serials, cinema affect their situation in day
to day life?
4. Womens work in the domestic sphere is unproductive. Comment.
5. Describe how women experience gender inequality in family and the work space. How do
women contest this disparity?
6. Identify and discuss the ways by which religious traditions and social norms try to control
7. Write short notes on any two of the following:

Sex and Gender

Womens agency
Womens Movement

Cultural Heritage

1. How do art and architecture throw light on the society, polity and economy of the past? Explain
with reference to any example that you are familiar with.
2. What is the importance of cultural heritage for a nation? Discuss with reference to any cultural
site/monument that you have visited.
3. Cultural heritage is a reflection of our past. Comment.

Question Bank
Indian History and Culture
4. Discuss architecture as the symbol of power with reference to any two monuments from
5. What is cultural heritage? Citing any example, bring out the difference between the original
intent with which a structure was created, and its relevance to us in the present times.

Cultural forms and Expressions

1. Write short notes on any two of the following
a) Classical dance forms in India.
b) Pushkar mela/Baisakhi/Goa carnival.
c) Impact of social media on society (e.g. Internet, SMS, etc.)
2. Is Indian culture singular, plural or composite? Discuss, citing examples.
3. What is the impact of films on our society? Discuss any one film that has had a profound impact
on you.