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To assign several sales offices to a sales group you should use enhanced backed
integration, but on drawback is that you cannot assign distribution channel and
division to this sale group of sales offices

CRMC_R3_ORG_GENERATE to replicate sales structure from ecc to sap crm

CRMC_SGRP_R3GRP - Assign SAP CRM Sales Groups to SAP ECC Sales

In this activity you assign the SAP CRM sales groups to the associated SAP ECC sales groups so that when a data
transfer takes place, the sales groups are appropriately reassigned.
This is necessary for a smooth exchange of master data (for example, business partner data) and transaction data
(for example, sales documents) between SAP CRM and SAP ECC (or SAP R/3).

Before Coying the org units from the following path

CRM->Master Data->Organizational management->Data transfer-->Copy SAP ECC Sales Structure.
You need to do some settings which are as follows.
Go to SPROCustomer Relationship ManagementMaster DataBusiness PartnerIntegration Business PartnerOrganization Management--Set Up Integration with Organizational Management
Here choose the groups

Please select the following parameters when downloading the HR Org from CRM:
You can do this in the program RHALEINI (or in the transaction PFAL, which has the same function)

Tx: SM30--> This scenario is activated in T77S0: ALE REPLI


1. Plan Version: 01
2. Object Type: *
3. Object Id: Copy the Object Ids which you want to transfer from HR System
4. Object Status: *

Reproting Period: All

Structure Parmaters: Blank

Transfer Mode:
Insert: Complete distribution, this will delete the exisiting and recreate it in Target System
Update: this will update the change records in CRM system

Message Types: HRMD_ABA

Also check SAP Note: 119780

Enhanced back-end integration version

ROGBILLS - Synchronize billing plans SUBST_MERGE_LIST - merge external lists to one complete list with #if...
logic for R3up
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

Organizational Management (CRM-MD-ORG)

Enhanced version of the SAP CRM organizational model.
The conversion from the standard version to the enhanced version is performed using the report
CRMC_ORGMAN_SWITCH_TO_ENH_MODEL. Multiple assignments in the SAP ECC sales structure can be
represented in the enhanced version of the organizational model. This means a SAP ECC sales unit (sales
organization, sales office, or sales group) can be assigned to more than one SAP ECC sales unit higher up in the
ECC sales structure. This can be displayed in the SAP CRM organizational model alongside the HR reporting
hierarchy. Divisions and distribution channels can only be assigned to sales units.

CRMC_SORG_R3ORG - sales orgs

CRMC_SORG_R3OFF - sales offices

CRMC_SORG_R3GRP - sales groups

CRMC_SEORG_R3MNP - service orgs / maintenance plant


gunhas replied Oct 11, 2011

Hi JD,
And if you really need to see the table I think it is stored in hrv1222a.

CRMD_ORGMAN crm sales area group office table