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COIT20248: Information Systems

Analysis and Design Term1, 2015

Assessment 1 - Systems Development

Lecturer: Akella, Gopi

Tutor: Kaur, Mandeep

Prepared by:
Rakeshrahul Mangilipally

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Approach to Systems Development
---------------------------------- 2
3. Systems Requirements
--------------------------------------------------- 3
4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis
------------------------------------------- 4
5. Project Schedule
----------------------------------------------------------- 6
6. System Information Requirement
Investigation Techniques 8
7. Reflections and Conclusions
-------------------------------------------- 9
--------------------------------------------------------------- 10

Pine Valley Furniture was started by the Alex Schuster. Because of
the artistry work, Pine Valley Furniture has got increased orders for
the customers. PVFs Want to update their manual entering details,
accounting, transactions etc., to automation system.
The main focus of this report is to computerize the specifications of
the Pine Valley Furnitures which involves the customers information
like contacts of customer, payments through online, online receipts,
online ordering of the raw materials and online database of the
company for easy Taxation.
The objectives of this project is to reduce the complaints from the
customers by solving the problems like finishing and delivering the
orders before the deadline, securing the customer details, online
tracking of the orders for the delivered items, maintaining database
of the company.

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2. Approach to Systems Development

Difference between SDLC and AGILE

An easy way to understand
for the inexperienced and
beginners for the start.
Planning and analysis of the
project at low risks.
documenting the project.
Designing the architecture
shows the all the internal
modules of the project details.
Source code is developed by
following the rules of the
Product test is done at all
stages where errors are fixed
whenever they occur.
Finial product is tested and

Adaptive developing software
methods are used in Agile.
In Agile model there is no
Project is tested frequently
for the better results reducing
the risks in future.
High involvement of the
In Knowledge management
Agile development is tacit.
Interactive input for the user
Its complex, proper training
and dedication is required for
the best results of the project.

Justification for the Chosen approach for the System Development:

SDLC Predictive approach has been chosen for the system development.
Because this approach can easily understood, inexperienced team can
also handle finished project. No risks in the finial project since product is
tested at every stage. Project scope is clearly identified and defined in
the project. Knowledge management in this model is explicit. User
requirements are
defined before implementation of the project.
Architecture is designed with the given requirements. Primary objectives
of the project are High safety.

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3. Systems Requirements
Some Functional requirements of the Pine Valley Furnitures are:
1. Details of customer. (name, contact details, address of the customer
who buys the furniture )
2. Details of Furniture available in warehouse.
3. Details of the customer requested Furniture. (Pine Valley Furnitures
are famous for the custom made furnitures, customers order for the
furniture according to their interest.)
4. Furniture price list.
5. Maintaining list of raw materials suppliers.
6. Tracking delivery persons.
7. Maintaining database.
8. Details of payments, invoice etc.(payment proof)
Some of Non Functional requirements of the Pine Valley Furnitures are:
1. Performance. (Effective performance of the staff is required)
2. Maintenance. (Staff, data etc. should be maintained)
3. Understanding
specifications are more important)
4. Correctness. (Making the work done more efficiently)
5. Security. (Securing the customers data)
6. Service. (Delivering the stock in time)
7. Availability.
These are some of the functional and non-functional requirements of the
Pine Valley Furnitures.

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4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis is used to calculate the cost and benefits of
the proposed project. In cost benefit analysis we identify the cost and
benefits of all the quantity associated to the project. Finally evaluating the
costs and benefits of the project. In this we compare the project total cost
and the project total benefits. If the total project costs are greater than
the project total benefits then the investment of resources and time on
the project are wasted. If the project total cost and the project total
benefits are almost equal, then the cost and benefits are re-evaluated to
correct the errors in the project. If the Project total benefits are higher
than the project cost, the resources and time on the project are worthy.
In Pine Valley Furnitures the total project benefits are greater than
the total project cost. The screen shot explains the estimated cost and the
benefits of the PVFs up to 5 years period.
The Worksheet shows the benefits from the project over five years
exceed its cost by $45,736.78

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Table 1: Worksheet reflect the present value calculations of all benefits and cost for the customer
tracking system at PVFs

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5. Project Schedule

FIGURE 1: Gantt chart of PVFs showing activities and schedule of the project.

Work Breakdown Structure is used to divide the work into group of

tasks like work packages and work units. Money, labour hours and other
resources are budget able in WBS. Work Breakdown Structure is a nonuniform structure. Levels in WBS can be Project, sub project, deliverables,
sub-deliverable, work packages, work units etc. In WBS all tasks are
Gantt charts are used for illustrate project schedule. Identifying
tasks, start and finish dates of the project, dependency relationship, task
duration, Lag relationship etc. Gantt chart is prepared according the
requirements of the project. In Gantt chart project schedule tasks are
connected to each other.
In Pine Valley Furnitures project all the tasks are identified, divided
and scheduled according to the process flow.
The different phases of the PVFs Project are:
1. Initiation. (4days)
a) Identify the needs of the project. (2days)
b) Get Approval. (2days)
2. Planning. (2days)
a) Develop a scope statement. (1day)
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b) Develop business baseline plan. (1day)

Feasibility study. (7days)
a) Economic feasibility. (2days)
b) Technical. (2days)
c) Operational. (2days)
d) Schedule. (1day)
Design. (20days)
a) Design GUI. (5days)
b) Design the items. (5days)
c) Design database. (5days)
d) Design test cases. (5days)
Testing. (3days)
a) Test project. (3days)
Implementation. (1day)
a) Documentation. (1day)
Pine Valley Furnitures Project Schedule is Reasonable because we
know the requirements of the project and all the requirements are
planned accordingly. Details in the Gantt chart are planned and work is
scheduled according to the tasks. We can reach the targets in time.
Use of resources, involving the right team to do task, financial budgets,
handling the risks etc. are well planned. We will provide the best
service to the client according to his requirements.

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6. System Information Requirement Investigation

Some stake holders involved in the group are:
1. Customer
2. Development team
3. Programmer
4. Project manager
5. System designer
6. Testing team
The mainly used investigation techniques are:
1. Interview(meeting) :
Face to face communication is done to gather the
requirements of the project. Knowing the exact needs of
the project and we will explain different types of
methods we can use for the project.
2. Questionaries:
By collecting the large amount of data from the
potential users. Here we will clarify the doubts of the
project and we can gather more information which will
help in avoiding the risks in the project.
3. Social Analysis:
Users not necessary able to explain to you about why
and how they do things, as the ways they carry out their
tasks can be dependent on their culture, social and
economic background.
These investigation are important in designing the project. Before
developing the project Interview, Questionaries, Social Analysis plays key
role. By interviewing we will get know exact client needs. Potential users
are important in collecting the large amount of the data. By analysing the
cultural, social and economic background will help in project.

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7. Reflections and Conclusions

Reflections of the Pine Valley Furnitures Project are gathered all the
required functional and non-functional requirements. Identified the
project cost. Divided the tasks using the work breakdown structure.
Designed the project schedule. Assigned the tasks. System goals, Scope
and requirements are gathered.
The Finial conclusion of the project has been done by knowing all the
clients required information about the project. Knowing the needs in the
project and getting the approval of the project is done. Planning of the
project is complete. Submitted the estimated cost of the project. Analysed
the system investigating techniques.

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