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Marys Catholic Church

May 17, 2015


P.O. Box 70
Malta, MT 59538
Email: office@saintmarysMalta.org

Fr. Cory Sticha-Pastor

(406) 654-1446
RE Center : (406) 654-1311
(406) 654-1467

Mass Schedule:
M. May 18: Malta - 8:30 AM: For repose of the soul of Madeline Itcaina r/b The Maynard LaFonds
T. May 19: Malta8:30 AM: For Gaylor d LaFond r /b The Lar r y Matthews
W. May 20: Malta 8:30 AM: For the r epose of the soul of Jim Br own r /b The Howells
Th. May 21: Hi-Line- 10:00 AM: For the r epose of the soul of Don Putnam r /b The Maynar d
F. May 22: Malta7:00 AM: For r epose of the soul of Don Cur ley r /b Delor es J udge
S. May 23: Malta 5:30 PM: For r epose of the soul of Wm. Mor r ow r /b The Howells
Su. May 24: Dodson- 8:30 AM: For the r epose of the soul of Celia Wilke r /b Celia Wilke family
Malta- 10:00 AM: For all par ishioner s
Saco 12:15 PM: For the r epose of the soul of Lor etta Patr ick r /b Helen Depuydt
Lay Ministers please come early for greeters. Hospitality Ministers please hand out bulletins after mass.

Saturday, May 23- 5:30 PM

Sunday May 2410:00 AM

Lector: J ulie Howell

Mary Brady
Music: Volunteer s
Volunteer s
Altar Servers: Don Nevr ivy
Ben Anderson & Camry Mears
EHMCS: Ken & Lana Ulr ich
Becky Anderson, Jim Brady &Cyra Mears
Sacristant: Lana Ulr ich
Jerry Depute
Hospitality: Volunteer s
Mears Family
Gift Bearers: Volunteer s
Mears Family

Sacred Heart Ministries

Lector: Iris
EHMCS: Leona & Don
Gift Bearers: Wes Kill Eagles
Church Cleaning: Myr na Williamson

Lay Ministers, please come early and greet.

Email Addresses at St. Marys

(just like the parish website):
Parish office: office@SaintMar ysMalta.or g
Fr. Cory: fr cor y@SaintMar ysMalta.or g
Lana: lana@SaintMar ysMalta.or g
Brenda: br enda@SaintMar ysMalta.or g

Thank you
Pattys Greenhouse for the nice assortment of plants
for Mothers Day.

Collection Totals For Last Week




1, 967.00

$ 2, 721.58


249. 00





Care and Share - 2015


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

7:30 AM to 4 PM
Join us on 1st Friday, June 5, 2015

Can you not spend one hour with me?

(Mt 26:40)

Stewardship Thoughts
May 17, 2015 - Ascension of Our Lord
"Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God,
God abides in him, and he in God." - 1 John 4:15
How strong is your faith? When you have an opportunity to defend your faith or clarify a question
about your faith, do you do it? Or, do you remain
silent? Pray for the courage to be strong in your
faith and share your witness with others.



$ 21,529.00


Dodson: $ 3, 773.00

$ 3,773.00


$ 2,275.00

$ 2,275.00

Thank you for your support of Care & Share

Care & Share 2015

May 16 & 17
We are now well into the 2015 Care and Share Annual Catholic Appeal. Have you taken the opportunity yet to make your pledge or gift? Your support is surely needed and appreciated! Giving
online is very convenient and easy at
www.catholicfoundationmt.org or simply place
your donation envelope in our offertory basket.
Your gift will stay right here in our diocese to benefit our entire Catholic Church, including our parish.
Thank you!

Knights of ColumbusCouncil # 2124

KC Business MeetingTuesday May 26, 2015 @
Knight will be raffling a 4 wheeler this season.

St. Mary's Parish

Council of Catholic Women
Sunday May 17, 2015
invites the entire parish to a celebration of accomplishment for our graduating high school seniors.


PCCW Update:
Thank you to everyone who assisted with and supported the Spring Fling. Proceeds in the amount of
$4700 was approved to be paid to the Church towards our Care and Share commitment. Colleen
Murray reported while there was only a small crowd,
it was very nice, kid friendly and fun for all. Special
thanks to Julie Snellman, Bridgette Ereaux, Kathy
King and the April/October band members for organizing.
Easter Cleaning went well, thanks were extended to
chairperson Becky Anderson and all the band members who assisted. The flooring project for the kitchen, meeting room and serving area in the basement
have been put on hold until all funds are raised. CoChair Mary Lundstrom reported the KCs are willing
to assist and we hope to have a bakeless bake sale
in June to raise the additional $1400.

Our seniors will be her e in cap and gown on

Sunday, May 17th. Following Mass we will have a

parish-wide brunch for the graduates and their
families in the church basement.
Please join us in celebrating this milestone in our
young peoples lives.

Catholic Communication Campaign

May 17, 2015
Our lives are constantly shaped by communication
through the internet, radio and print. Pope Francis
reminds us that communication is ultimately a human rather than technological achievement.
Through the Catholic Communication Campaign, we
can encounter others in the light of the
Gospel (Message for the 48th World

Communications day)

The May/November band will host a special brunch

reception for all high school graduates on May 17th
following Mass. Everyone was encouraged to join in
this fellowship honor our students and their families.
PCCW will not hold regular meetings during the
summer and encourage band members and others to
contact CoChairs Toni Ziegler and Mary Lundstrom
if they have questions or concerns regarding monthly
duties and special events.

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Youth and Young Adults are the future of our
Church in this diocese! The Catholic Foundation of
Eastern Montana is currently raising funds to launch
a new, dedicated diocesan-wide ministry for Youth
and Young Adults. This is a deeply-felt void in our
diocese and one that many people are asking to see
filled. Because of the charitable gifts received to
date, our diocese is currently interviewing candidates
to fill the role of a dynamic, new director. None of
this would be possible without the generosity of
anonymous donors who offered a challenge to match
up to $100,000 from gifts given by people throughout our diocese. Will you help us meet this challenge?
All gifts help! Currently, we have raised $52,000 toward our $100,000 goal. To make a gift that will be
matched, simply send to the Catholic Foundation of
Eastern Montana, PO Box 1399, Great Falls, MT
59403-1399 and note that it is for Youth and Young
Adult Ministry. You will receive a tax receipt for
your contribution. You may also designate your gift
to the new Youth and Young Adult Ministry Endowment, if you prefer.
Questions? Please call the Foundation at 800-3329998, ext. 120. God bless you for helping us build a
strong future for God's Church in our diocese!

Confessions: Satur days 4 - 5 p.m., 1/2 hour before

daily Mass (Mon.- Fri.) or by appointment
Anointing of the Sick: Please contact Fr . Cor y as
soon as possible for anointing.

A Daily Prayer for Priests

Dear Saint Gabriel, your very name recalls your particular devotion to Christ, the Man of Sorrows, and to
Mary, his Afflicted Mother. You died young as a Passionist religious but left to us all an example of a life
of Christ like sacrifice. Intercede for our seminarians
and young religious, who are in desperate need of
your patronage amid today's sensual and selfish
world. Amen.

Parental sessions are required.

Marriages: Six month couple pr epar ation per iod
required. Please contact Fr. Cory before scheduling
marriage date.

Baptism: Normally celebrated at Sunday Mass.

To reserve the Parish Basement or other St. Marys

facility, please contact Fr. Cory or Lana at the Parish
Office (email office@SaintMarysMalta.org).

Any announcements for next Sundays bulletin need

to be in by 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday

Safe and Sacred

Child Protection Program
Called, Transformed, and

Information For All Volunteers

As of Feb.1st, Safe & Sacred Program replaces Virtus.

This education must be completed

by June 29, 2015.

Sent To Serve
10th Northwest Regional Stewardship Conference
June 26-27, 2015 Kennewick, Washington
St. Joseph Catholic Church

Flyers are in the back of the church with full directionsall facets may be done online in about 1

Registration for both days is $75.00

Friday only$50.00
Saturday only$30.00


To register please visit:


Register Online for Saint Thomas

Camp - Summer 2015
Is Now Available
See Camp Photos & Information, Register & Pay all
at the same place @diocesegfb.org and click on the
logo. Or call 800-332-9998

New to the Parish?

Welcome! Were glad youll be joining us! If you
would like to register with the parish, please fill out
this form and drop it in the collection basket. You
can also bring it by the parish office or send it to us.

Pope Francis Prayer Intentions

Universal: Car e for the suffer ing


That, rejecting the culture of indifference, we may

care for our neighbors who suffer, especially the sick
and the poor.

Phone number:

Evangelization: Openness to mission


Email address:
Current parishioners: you can use this form to notify
us of any change of address or phone number.

That Marys intercession may help Christians in

secularized cultures be ready to proclaim Jesus.

Scripture Readings

Please keep in your prayers:


Jim Brown & Family, Allie Ereaux, Evelyn Starkey,

Barbara Viktora, Jerry Depute, Sandy Lett, Corky
LaBrie, Gloria Coombs, Karen Boos, Bud & Wilma
Mavencamp & Family, Eli Murray, Doug
Goodheart, Linda Berg, Terry McKeon, those from
our local area serving in the military, and the Poor
Souls in Purgatory.

May 18 Acts 19 1-8, Ps 68: 2-5d, 6-7b, Jn 16: 2933

May 19Acts 20: 17-27, Ps 68:10-11, 20-21, Jn
17: 1-11a
May 20Acts 20: 28-38, Ps 68: 29-30, 33-36b, Jn
17: 11b-19
May 21Acts 22: 30; 23: 6-11, Ps 16: 1-2a, 5, 711, Jn 17:20-26
May 22Acts 25 : 13b-21, Ps 103: 1-2, 11-12, 1920b, Jn 21: 15 19
May 23Acts 28: 16-20, 30-31, Ps 11: 4-5, 7, Jn
21: 20-25
May 24Acts 2: 1-11, Ps 104: 1, 24, 29-30, 34,
1 Cor: 3b-7, 12-13, Jn 20:19-23

201516 Lay Ministry

Anyone who needs to have prayers said for someone

can call: Brenda Rummel at 301-0936; Jean Niebur
at 654-2822. Names will be listed in the bulletin for
one month unless specified.

Year of Consecrated Life 2015

St. Paul says we should put on Virtue; we should
wear compassion, kindness, patience, gentlenesscolorful and obvious outfits. Paul want us to wear
our allegiance to Christ- on our sleeves if you willnot as a boast like a Gucci or Prada logo, but as a
simple, humble sign that this woman, this man, this
youngster belongs to Christ and youll know it because you can see that she or he is dressed in love.
Take Five for Faith: Daily renewal for Busy

Grant Program


Programs dates must fall between: July 1, 2015 &

June 30, 2016
Deadline fro applicationsApril 28, 2015

For more information: please contact

Lana Ulrich, office @ St. Marys 654-1446

Mass Intentions
As Catholics, we have a long tradition of having Masses celebrated for those we wish to offer up in prayer.
The Mass is the ultimate form of prayer, and each Mass is celebrated for an intention. We ask $10.00 per
mass intention.
Please consider having Masses celebrated for family and friends on special occasions and anniversaries, as
well as those who are in need of prayers. Masses are also encouraged in memory of those loved ones who
have died, especially on the anniversaries of their deaths. Contact Fr. Cory for more information!
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Twitter: @SaintMarysMalta