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Labour Market Research Assistant

Job Description

Reporting to the Labour Market Research Analyst (LMRA), the Labour Market Research
Assistant (LMR Assistant) will contribute towards ensuring that Aboriginal people and
communities are able to respond and participate in economic and employment
development opportunities in the province. The LMR Assistant will also contribute to
ensuring that employers are aware of the untapped workforce potential among
Aboriginal peoples in New Brunswick. The LMR Assistant will do this by assisting with
the collection, compilation, analysis and reporting of labour market data as directed by
the LMRA. The LMRA is also available to assist with the dissemination of labour market
information through assisting the LMRA and Communications Section with
administrative and support duties as required.

Major Responsibilities:

Assist with labour market research involving the 15 First Nations in the Province
of New Brunswick through data collection, data entry, data compilation and
Maintain a database system to collect and maintain an inventory of skilled
Aboriginal workers within New Brunswick; identify potential improvements to the
Maintain a valid and up-to-date database of labour market information and other
statistical information relevant to stakeholders.
Assist with the development of templates that facilitate information sharing and
reporting related to the Aboriginal labour market in New Brunswick.
Work in collaboration with the LMRA and the JEDI Communications team to
disseminate labour market information.

Organizational Effectiveness

Contribute to the short and long term organizational planning and strategy as a
member of the JEDI team.
Prepare an annual workplan and regular reporting to track progress towards
JEDIs strategic objectives.
Submit timely reports and participate in performance reviews.
Perform related duties to support the JEDI team and participate in work related
events, activities and functions as required.
Collaborate with JEDI staff on evaluation activities.
Other duties as required.


A post-secondary diploma in office administration, business administration,

human resources or social sciences.
A minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar role involving responsibilities
with databases and research related activities.
A working knowledge of First Nation communities, culture, social concerns and
Knowledge and networking experience with First Nation communities, federal
and provincial governments, private and industry sectors.
Familiarity with the Right to Information and Protection Privacy Act, Personal
Information Privacy and Access Act, Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical
Conduct for Research involving Humans and other relevant standards, protocols
and policies.
Able to be innovative, analytical, detail oriented, resourceful and use independent
judgment to manage confidential information.
Work well as a team member with excellent interpersonal, verbal and listening
communication skills.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
Ability to travel throughout the Province of New Brunswick and occasionally work
A valid drivers license.