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CET101 Computer Aided

Engineering Drawing

Basics for working with AutoCAD 2015

Step 1: To run AutoCAD 2015

Click on Start
In the 'search
programs and files'
box type autocad
A list of programs will
Select 'AutoCAD
2015 English'

Step 2: To open a existing file or a

new drawing

To open a new
drawing click on 'start
To open an existing
file, click on 'open
file'. Browse through
the folders to locate
your drawing

Step 3: To open the required


Click on the red

autoCAD icon on the
top left corner
Click the right
direction arrow near
the 'open' command
Click 'Drawing'
The following
dialogue box will

Step 3: To open the required


'Select file' dialog box

Select 'acadiso'
template file and click
The same template
can be accessed from
the following

Step 4: To create your working area

Place your cursor in the

working area and type
'rec...'. Choose the
option 'REC (RECTANG)'
by clicking on it.
The cursor will prompt
you 'Specify the first
Enter '0', press the 'tab'
key and enter '0' again
and give enter

Step 4: To create your working area

The cursor will prompt

you 'Specify the other
Enter '297', press the
'tab' key, enter '210' and
give enter
Zoom in/out if required
using the scroll button in
the mouse or give 'zoom'
command and type 'all'

To draw a line

Select the line command

under the 'home' tab in
the 'ribbon' area
Or you can type 'line' in
the 'command bar' at the
bottom of the window, or
type 'line' in the working
area also
If the command bar is
missing, press 'ctrl + 9'

To draw a line

The program will prompt

you 'Specify first point'.
Enter the co-ordinates or
click any point from where
you want to draw the line.
Now, the program will
prompt you for the length
and angle of the line. Give
enter. If you know the
second point, click on it.
The required line will
Press enter to complete
the command

To insert text

Under the 'annotate' tab,

select 'Multiline Text'
Specify the region where
you want to enter the text
by selecting two points.

A text area appears

Enter the required text

Press the 'esc' key once


To change the text height

Select the text which

requires text height
formatting by double
clicking on it.
Press 'ctrl + A'
'Text editor' tab will get
activated in the ribbon
Give the required text
height in the space
provided on the left

To measure objects

Under the annotate

tab, the option to
measure objects
'Dimension' is


To measure lines at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees


To measure inclined lines


To measure angle between to lines

To measure objects

To measure an
horizontal line, select
dimension > linear
Now click the two end
points of the line.
Click somewhere
away from the line
The length will now

To save a file

Click on the red

autoCAD icon on the top
left corner

Click 'Save As'

Give a name to your file

In file type choose

'AutoCAD 2013 drawing'
Select the destination
where you want to save
the file
Click 'save'

To draw an arc

Select the 'Arc'

command from the
'home' tab
From the list choose
'start, center, end'
First select the point
from where the arc will
Next click the arc's
center, followed by
where the arc would end

To draw an arc
Eg: To draw arc AC with
centre at B

The start point of the arc

will be A

The centre will be B

The arc will end at C

Select the points in that

order to draw the arc
Use 'ctrl' key to shift the
position of the arc from
right to left or vice versa