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932 Cascade Crossing . Atlanta . GA . 30331
Phone: 404-552-3676
eMail: taylorandjohns@aol.com
SAP Architect/Tester/Instructional Designer


SAP vR/3 – ERP, CRM, MM, FI/CO, CA, BI, BW, OnDemand,
ORACLE v10i, 11i – ERP, CRM, FICO, HR, E-Business Suites, InfoPak. UPK
PEOPLESOFT v7, 8, 9 – ERP, CRM, Finance, HR
SOFTWARE TOOLS – InfoPak, UPK, E-Business Suites, RoboHelp, Visio, Captivate, Articulate, Flash/MX, On Demand, Adobe
Connect/Macromedia, Breeze/Adobe Connect, SharePoint

Lockheed Martin: Location, Orlando, FL
Aeronautics/Space Systems Products Corporation
SAP Project Manager/Instructional Designer/Tester Nov 07 – Present

 SAP Project Manager – responsible for heavy lifecycle testing, Analizing, training and documentation of SAP LMP2P ERP, MM, FI, CO,
CA, PP Financial Management Reporting (FMR) and instructional design documentation, project plans/tracking and reporting progress on
projects per project for Lockheed Martin.
 Oversee multi projects for SAP lifecycle and project assignments for the following: LMP2P, MM, FI, CO, CA, PP Financial Management
Reporting (FMR).
 Instructional/Technical Developer – created work-roles, training curriculums, storyboard/curriculum flow, user procedures/work step
documents, evaluations exercises/assessments, and load data to training environment. Incorporated all developed blended learning
solutions documents from project team in to SharePoint.
 Created various methodologies and theories, analysis all ares needed per project/project scope used to create instructional formats:
Gagne, Kirkpatrick, Clark, Mager. Software used to create documentation and WBT’s – UPK, OnDemand for simulations, Robohelp X5,
Visio, Captivate 3, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel Visio, Project, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Word.
 Interviewed and worked with subject matter experts in the testing environment, development of procedures and training.
 Able to conduct stakeholder interviews, audience analysis workshop, design and development workshop, technical walkthroughs and pilot.
 Design and develop SAP training content for small to large sized SAP implementations or training-specific projects with in Lockheed Martin.
 Tester – tested SAP LMP2P, MM, FI, CO, CA, PP Financial Management Reporting (FMR)
 Training Developer Specialist - developed and conducted education curriculum for Lockheed Martins LMP2P, MM, FI, CO, CA, PP,
Financial Management Reporting (FMR) lifecycle. Evaluation/Assessment
 Responsible for training authoring tools and software, including web and e-learning tools.
 Experience in planning for, providing, and evaluating transfer of knowledge and information to a client’s education organization for long-
term and on-going programs.
 Strong interpersonal and analytical skills, written, and verbal communication skills, including the ability to work independently with minimal

Technologies: SAP, UPK, ERP, OnDemand, MM, FICO, CRM, SD, HR, MS Word, Paint Shop Pro, Visio, MS Excel, Access, excellent
verbal and writing communication skill, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, Addie, Information Mapping

Colonial Pipeline Corporation: Location, Atlanta, GA

Fuel and Refined Petroleum products Corporation
Oracle Project Manager/ Instructional Designer Feb 06 – Nov 07

 Sr. Technical Writer/Developer– responsible for Colonial Pipeline’s Oracle 11i, Maximus, ERP implementation life cycle design
documentation, project plans/tracking and reporting progress. Developed Oracle Financials, eBusiness Suites, Procurement, CRM, ERP,
Supplier Relationship Management (Procurement) and full system development life cycle implementation using MS Project to develop and
maintain project plans.
 All manuals, job aids, storyboards, course ware development, curriculum, storyboards, quizzes, etc. were created by using the
theories Gagne, Kirkpatrick, Clark, Mager and software: heavy Robohelp X5, (intense Captivate, 2 and 3), Visio, Microsoft Word,
PowerPoint and Excel.
 Instructional Designer and Tester – tested and developed Oracle computer based tutorials/eLearning for Colonial Pipeline Corporation
for Financials iProcurement, internet Procurement. Uploaded all documents to SharePoint database.
 Managed training teams and demonstrated ability to build and mentor training organizations, deploy training programs and tools.
 Trainer - developed and conducted education curriculum for an ERP package (Oracle Financials & SAP) for accounting, general ledger,
fixed assets, purchasing and contract management.
 Developed and delivered training and development eLearning/CBT’s for enterprise-class application software and Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) implementations.
 Prepared methods and best practices for planning and conducting user training on application software for software supporting financial
management, budget, and procurement systems.
 Responsible for training authoring tools and software, including web and e-learning tools.
 Experience conducting quality reviews of vendor prepared training products and course delivery.
 Experience in planning for, providing, and evaluating transfer of knowledge and information to a client’s education organization for long-
term and on-going programs.
 Strong interpersonal and analytical skills, written, and verbal communication skills, including the ability to work independently with minimal
Technologies: Oracle, ERP, InfoPak, Storyboard Design, Captivate, RoboHelp, Content Management, MS Word, Paint Shop Pro,
Visio, MS Excel, Access, excellent verbal and writing communication skills PowerPoint, Addie, Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop,
Information Mapping, Video Production

SIEMENS VDO Automotive Corporation/Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Vehicle Communications and Infotainment
Technical Writer/SAP/Tester/Contractor Jan 04 – Jan 06

• Instructional Designer – developed and maintained SAP Financials and Human Resources e-Learning tutorials and online help
such as: Personnel Management, Compensation Management, Time and Attendance, COBRA Administration, Applicant
Management and Position Management for Siemen VDO/Infotainment. All manuals, job aids, Storyboards, course ware
development, curriculum, quizzes and etc. were created in InfoPack, (intense Macromedia Captivate), Flash, Robohelp X5, Visio,
Microsoft Word, Macromedia Breeze, PowerPoint and Excel.
• Ability to write clear and concise training materials and an in-depth knowledge of application and how it relates to the business
using Six Sigma. The ability to organize thoughts when presenting and writing is required. Understand what is important about
an application and what is crucial for users to learn.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, pay close attention to detail and ability to lead training sessions, which
includes comfort in standing in front of a room of people to present, the ability to answer questions from users, and good
listening skills.
• Business Analysis – develop detailed business requirements for new and existing SAP application functions and features for the
business and technology teams. Work closely with the technology teams to ensure business requirements are met.
• Trainer – trained Siemens end user on update Financials and Human Resources/SAP technologies such as: ERP, MM, FICO, ERM,
CRM, SD and HR.
• Build over 40 courses to enhanced Siemens SAP skills through intensive hands-on exercise with the assistance of Siemens subject matter
experts: Directors, Project Managers, high-level Staff, Business Analysis, Technical Contractors involved, End-Users, Corporate Services,
and Information Technology Department. Also, developed RoboHelp X5 training materials and CBT for RoboHelp X5 training.

Technologies: SAP ERP, MM, FICO, CRM, SD and HR Architectural Design, Strategic Planning/Business Intelligence and Analytics
Solutions: SAS Business Intelligence, SAP, Macromedia Breeze, Storyboard Design, Captivate, RoboHelp-all versions, Content
Management, MS Word, Paint Shop Pro, Visio, MS Excel, Access, excellent verbal and writing communication skills PowerPoint,
Information Mapping, Training

NASCO CORPORATION/Location: Atlanta, GA Jan 04 – Dec 04

National Accounts Service Company, LLC/Corporate Communications Department
Trainer/ Sr. Technical Writer/Contractor

• Technical Writer/Instructional Design – Developed functional user’s manuals, user guides, jog aids, shortcut keys, policies and
procedures for the following departments: Executive/Marketing, Membership/claims, Customer Service/claims and Blue Cross Blue
• Trainer/Instructor Led – trained 200 contractor(s) and permanent employee(s) on Nasco’s claims systems using curriculum computer
based tutorials which included voice over, video, quizzes, questions and answers, storyboards, graphics, web links, dropdown links, fill in
the blanks, true/false questions, password protection, data base for skills assessments, tests, templates, style sheets, reports, descriptions
and instructions, assessment measures, including knowledge checks, course evaluations, able to print documents from CD or server,
• Authoring/development experience - create online training, demos, and courses with animation using HTML, Flash MX, Director MX,
Swish, Dreamweaver, (heavy RoboHelp X5, RoboDemo, Captivate), Serious Magic, Breeze, Visio, PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker,
Adobe Photo Shop MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Project, etc. Addie methodology used.
• Video Production – filmed and developed scripts using Canon GL2, XL2, teleprompter and various microphones for voice over.
backdrops, various lighting techniques and prompts design for backgrounds.
• Graphic Design- to produce screen captures using Photoshop and Illustrator PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photo Shop.
• Ability to communicate at multiple levels and with employees in varied job categories across the organization. Also using the following for
communication: Adult learning principals, Marketing Demo’s, Instructional design methodologies and design of electronic performance
support solutions
• Developed eCommerce websites/applications for Nasco’s corporate departments to successfully driving information through via intranet
and extrant.
• Business Analyst – interviewed Vice Presidents, Directors, Subject Matter Experts, Lead Developers/DBAs,
• Problem Solving - the ability to look carefully at all aspects of a situation to identify and develop the most effective and efficient solution.
• Well experience with eLearning - course authoring, learning objects, and instructional design incorporating interactive activities and
• Oversee all learning needs assessments process and the development of learning plans, course and module objectives.
• Assess the knowledge levels of employees in order to determine the learning gaps that need to be filled.
• Implement strategies - including the methods of learning and specific tools needed to fill the gaps.
• Problem solves and communicates relevant changes to end-users and business partners.
• Work location – option to work from home office or at job location.
• Self starter, highly organized, some or no supervision

Technologies: Architectural Design, Strategic Planning, OnDemand, Macromedia Breeze, Storyboard Design, RoboDemo/Captivate,
RoboHelp-all versions, Content Management, MS Word, Paint Shop Pro, Visio, MS Excel, Access, excellent verbal and writing
communication skills PowerPoint, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Director MX, Information Mapping,
Video Production, Training

COX ENTERPRISES, INC./Location: Atlanta, GA Mar 00 – Dec 03

Communication Company/Documentation and Training Department
Sr. Instructional Design/Technical Writer/Trainer/ Contractor

• Instructional Design –development of instructional design materials for training documentation progress tracking & other reporting
• E-Learning developer – master in developing web applications, e-learning online help and web-interface systems using major databases
and tools: ERP, CRM, PeopleSoft, Maximus, Regis, Finance and Human Resource / Payroll System, released version7.5 and 8.0,
RoboHelp v8, v9, v2002,X3, & 5, RoboDemo, Captivate, Director MX, RoboHelp Enterprise, Flash, Serious Magic, Front Page, and
Dreamweaver MX and Swish, MS Word, Paint Shop Pro and Visio, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Frame Maker, SitePal, Adobe Acrobat
4.0, Scanner Plus, PhotoShop and Optical Character Reader.
• Responsible for adhering to writing standards and templates while developing system task documentation within timelines for various
departments such as Information Technology department, Customer Service department, Travel department, Human Resources
Recruitment: HRIS, Benefits Administration, Personnel Administration, Compensation and Engineering departments, etc. Using
RoboDemo, Captivate, Robohelp, Robohelp 3X, 4X, Swish, Flash, Photoshop, Voiceover and Video Taping.
• Communicates individual status (maintains training project plan and status report), acquires information as per the appropriate plan, and
makes edits as indicated.
• Develops all aspects of end user training material, develops documentation materials, constructs and test system development data,
populates client training database with classroom data and provides course instruction.
• Position is characterized by frequent deadlines and requires overtime during peak workloads.
• Documenting data centers and network communications equipment, developed storyboards – architectural design, flowcharts, Storyboard
ID’s, job aids, quizzes, and curriculums, tests, training documentation/solutions for technical and non-technical departments. Developed
instructor, end-user documentation, navigation dialog and screen shoots. Developed functional requirements from translating business
• Well versed in the use of MS Word and English language.
• Highly skilled with MS Visio, MS Project, MS Suite tools such as MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.
• Excellent customer service and communication skills.
• Experience working with large, complex departments and organizations with the assistance of the OnDemand Software.
• Developed and programmed new energizing and attention grabbing materials for existing and new tutorials, templates, attachments,
proprietary forms, reports, databases, etc. using: HTML, FrontPage, web development tools, Crystal Reports, Java, etc.
• Media Production – video tapped along with voiceover, embedded video and audio into each tutorial to enhance training communication for
e-Learning and web casting. Hardware and software tools: Serious Magic, Magic sound, media cameras - Cannon and Sony cameras.

Technologies: PeopleSoft, Architectural Design, OnDemand, Web Casting, Strategic Planning, Storyboard Design,
RoboDemo/Captivate, RoboHelp-all versions, PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photo Shop Content Management, MS Word,
Paint Shop Pro, Visio, MS Excel, Access, excellent verbal and writing communication skills PowerPoint, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe
Acrobat, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Director MX, Information Mapping

AT&T CORPORATION/Location:, Atlanta, GA Jun 91 – Feb 00

Communication Company/Engineering Department
Project Manager/Trainer

• Managed (8) Service/Repair Technicians and (2) Documentation Specialist.

• Trained 300 national/international employees and customers on VSAT/HUB systems and parts and other proprietary systems
• Developed and Design 3D images 2D drafting services, convert 2D, 3D modeling and paper to 2D & 3D modeling for the Manufacturing
department within AT&T Corporation. Add aesthetic appeal to engineering blue prints, 2D drafting services, 3D modeling, or paper to
2D/3D modeling, our aim is to deliver high quality, cost-effective and customized solutions.
• Met and focused successfully on project deadlines.
• Maintained Engineering Department budget for training, supplies, contractors and temporaries employees.
• Oversee schedules and project reports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
• Trained employees on various software/hardware parts.
• Prepared Manufacturing, service and repair engineering manuals.
• Planned and scheduled inventory and shipments for corporate customers using MANMANX database, MS Scheduler+ and MS Project.
• Visited national and international customer sites.
• Involved in giving weekly, monthly and yearly presentations for the Manufacturing department.
• Ordered all software/hardware for national/international customers and on-site/off-site engineers.
• Acted Department Manager at time of absents of Department Manager.
• Ordered directly from national/international hardware and software manufacturer’s suppliers.
• Visited manufacturing customer sites to review new products.
• Responsible for replacing damaged systems at customer sites.
• Visited customer sites for damaged systems.
Aerospace Engineering Company Nov 83 – May 91
Software Engineer

• Served as a Software engineer liaison for AAI while working with McDonnell Douglas on the U. S. Navy’s F15 and F18 Jet Fighter, using
Basic and FORTRAN languages.
• Developed and designed high level engineering blue prints/specs.
• Designed database documents in Dbase III and CAD.
• Develop and maintained project schedules for 75 software and hardware engineers/programmers internal, external contractors and
• Developed and designed AV8B engineering manuals and schedules.
• Responsible for maintaining software configuration.
• Monitored and maintained the DEC VAX and Hewlett Packard mainframes while preparing tapes for weekly and monthly back-ups.

Bachelors Degree, Computer Science, 1984
Bryan Institute of Technology, St. Louis, MO

Associate Degree, Business Management, 1982

Meramec College, St. Louis, MO


Georgia State University – Power Writing Workshops 1, 2 and 3

Oracle HR
SAP Courses – CRM, MM, FI/CO, CA, BI, BW, HR,
SAP Solutions Manager Courses
Oracle Certification – Completion by 4/10
SAP Certification – Completion by 2/10