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IN: NE Power Systm Imprvm
Substation Package MAN­SS­01 for Manipur  including Transformerfor i) 132/33kV Gamphajol(New)
s/s ii) 132/33kV Thoubal(New) s/s iii) 132kV Imphal (PG) s/s (Extn) iv) 132/33kV Ningthoukhong s/s
(Extn) v) 132kV Kakching s/s (Extn) vi) 132kVYaingangpokpi s/s (Extn) vii) 132/33kV Kongba s/s (Extn)
viii) 132kV Churachandpur s/s (Extn) ix) 132/33kV Rengpang s/s (Augm) x)132/33kV Jiribam s/s (Augm)
under NER Power System Improvement Project

DATE OFISSUANCE OF IFB       :           20.03.2015
SPECIFICATION NOs.:                :          CC­CS/84­NER/SS­2632/1/G5

FUNDING                                         :          The World Bank and Govt. of India
LOAN NO.                                        :           Tobe assigned
1.0            This invitation for bids follows the Generalprocurement notice for this project that appeared
2.0       The aforesaid project is to be funded from proposedloan of the World Bank and funds from Govt. of
India and part of the proceeds of the loan is intended to use for eligible paymentsunder the Contract
for Substation Package MAN­SS­01 in Manipur   associatedwith NER Power System Improvement
Project. POWERGRID has been appointed as "Implementing Agency" (IA) for the above project.


    132/33 kV Gamphajol (New) Substation withthe following bays:          2 nos.     132kV Imphal (PG) (Extension) Substationwith the following bays:                   2  nos.                   1  no. 132kV bay for termination of   Kakching­Kongba 132kV Transmission line (2ndCircuit).  LILO  of  this  circuit  shall  be  done  at  Thoubal  s/s  under  the scheme. 132kV bay for 1x20MVA 132/33kV PowerTransformer          1 no.5  MVA  transformer  by 1x20MVA 132/33kV Transformer   E.          1 no.1. 132kV bay for termination of  Yaingangpokpi ­Kongba 132kV Transmission line(2nd Circuit)          1 no. 132kV transformer bays forinstallation of 2 Nos.1       Thescope of work covered under the SubstationPackage­ MAN­SS­01 is given below:   3.      132kV Kakching (Extension) Substation withthe following bays:          1 no.org/projects/procurement/noticeoverview?id=OP00032040&lang=en&print=Y 2/5 . 132kV bay for termination of   Kakching­Kongba 132kV Transmission line (2ndCircuit). 20MVA.1                                               Substation Package­MAN­SS­01   Under this package.  132kV  bays  for  termination  of    Imphal­Ningthoukhong  132kV  D/C Transmissionline                   1  no. from eligible bidders for Substation Package MAN­SS­01 in the Manipur  associated with NER Power System Improvement Project.  132kV  bay  for  termination  of    Kakching­Churachandpur  132kV Transmission line(2nd Circuit)   F. 132 kV bay for transfer buscoupler          33kV indoor switchgear   B. work at following new &existing substations is envisaged:   A. 3 Phase Power Transformers.      132/33kV Thoubal (Extension) Substationwith the following bays:          2 nos. 132kV bay for termination of  Yaingangpokpi ­Kongba 132kV Transmission line(2nd Circuit)   G.    132kV Ningthoukhong (Extension) Substationwith the following bays:                   2  nos.          1 no.  132kV  bays  for  termination  of    Imphal­Ningthoukhong  132kV  D/C Transmission line   D.      132kV Yaingangpokpi (Extension) Substationwith the following bays:          1 no.  LILO  of  this  circuit  shall  be  done  at  Thoubal  s/s  under  the scheme.worldbank.     132/33kV Kongba (Extension) Substationwith the following bays:          1 no.4/13/2015 Procurement Notices ­ IN: NE Power Systm Imprvm  |  The World Bank   3. 132kV bays for termination of  LILO of Yurembam (Imphal State)­ Karong 132kV S/Ctransmission line at Gamphajol          2 nos. 132kV bays for termination of LILOof 2nd circuit of Kongba­Kakching 132kV D/C Transmission line at Thoubal.0       POWERGRID now invites sealed bids on behalf ofManipur State Power Company Ltd.  132kV  bay  augmentation  forreplacement  of  1x12.   3. 33kV bay for above PowerTransformer http://www.   C. 132/33 kV.

Greater Kailash ?1.com as well as on portal https://www. 33kV bay for above Transformer                    The above scope of work is indicative and the detailed scope of work is given in Part­2: Employer's Requirementof the Bidding Documents. 33kV bay for abovetransformer. 6thFloor.0       The complete Bidding Documentsincluding tender drawings are available at POWERGRID's website http://www. which are available for inspection and downloading as stated herein. all bidders will be required to obtain valid DSC ofClass 3 (Signing + Encryption) issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) licensed by Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) [referhttp://www.  132kV  bay  for  termination  of    Kakching­Churachandpur  132kV Transmission line(2nd Circuit)   I.0              Interested bidders have to necessarily register themselveson the portalhttps://www.    132kV Churachandpur (Extension) Substationwith the following bays:                   1  no.0       Bidding will be conducted through the internationalcompetitive bidding procedures specified in the World Bank's Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits.1 below) to participate in the bidding under this invitation for bids.com. It shall be the soleresponsibility of the interested bidders to get themselves registered at the aforesaid portal for which they are required tocontact M/s Telecommunications Consultants India Limited.powergridindia.(132/3)/(333)kV.com through M/s Telecommunications Consultants India Limited.   5.        132/33kV Rengpang (Augmentation) Substation with the following bays: 1  no.               The completion period for Substation Package­ MAN­SS­01 is 36 Months from theeffective date of the Contract.gov.tcil­india­ electronictender.tcil­india­electronictender.cca.                             132/33kV Jiribam (Augmentation) Substationwith the following bays:          1 no.in]. and is open to allbidders from eligible source countries as defined inthe Guidelines.   6. 132kV bay for 1x20MVA.                Digital SignatureCertificates (DSCs): To carry out e­Procurement using e­Procurement portals.worldbank. 132/33kV. TCIL Bhawan. Bidders shalltake due care to safe keep the e­Procurement system and DSC token passwords. along with a spareunit of 5MVA.  The detailed Qualifying Requirements (QR) aregiven in the Bidding Document of the subject package. NewDelhi (as explained in Para 6. Email­ID: ets_support@tcil­india.    4.4/13/2015 Procurement Notices ­ IN: NE Power Systm Imprvm  |  The World Bank   H.com    The said registration shall be free of cost.  132kV  transformer  bay  for  4x5MVA.          1 no. :  011 26202699 (Multiple Telephone Lines); 98683 93717/75/92.3­Ph Transformer (2nd Unit)          1 no.   The  e­mail  address  specified  in  the  Digital  SignatureCertificate  shall  match with the e­mail address specified in the user profile created during supplier registration. 1­phase Transformers to make one bank of 3x5 MVA. Bidders are solely responsible for purchase ofvalid Digital Signature Certificate fromauthorized Certification Authorities and safekeeping of the certificates. New Delhi  at following address to complete the registration formalities:    M/s Telecommunications Consultants IndiaLimited. New Delhi ? 110 048 Contact No.org/projects/procurement/noticeoverview?id=OP00032040&lang=en&print=Y 3/5 . TheEmployer shall not be responsible http://www.

           Soft Copy parts of bids  shall  be  uploaded  upto  1100 Hrs. Bidders have to be registered in the e­Procurement portal to be able to participate in tenders published on the site.2(b).   8. PermanentOID shall be issued by TCIL to bidders on their registered email ID providedduring generation of OID within 04 working days afterthe necessary consent received from POWERGRID. and follow further instructions. this person will be referred to as the 'Super User' (SU) of that organization. system generates TemporaryOrganization ID (OID: ETS­XX­TS0000XXX).  Bidders  shall  take  due care  to  ensure  purchase  of  Digital  Signature  Certificate  requisite  fortender  submission  in  the  e­Procurement portal. availability of internet connectivity and requisite client software.  The  Techno  Commercial  part  shall  be  opened online[whereas  the  hard  copy  part  shall  be  opened  physically  at  POWERGRID  office]  on  13/05/2015  at http://www. please visit the website/portal.            A Pre­Bid conference will be held on13/04/2015 at 1130 Hrs.comfrom2000 Hrs. on 26/03/2015 to 1055 Hrs. The instructions relating to 'Essential ComputerSecurity Settings for Use of ETS' and 'Important Functionality Checks' should be especially taken into cognizance. New Delhi directly.0 below.  The  Employer  in  no  caseshall  be responsible for any issues related to timely or properly uploading/submission of the bid in accordance with the relevantprovisions of Section II ? ITB of the Bidding Documents.  The  Employershall  not  be  responsible  forfailures  or  breakdowns  of  systems. at Bidders end. etc.   Please note that even after acceptance of your registration by the Service Provider.  other  than those.  strictly  within  the  control  of  Employer  and  itse­Procurement  service  provider..  on  13/05/2015. to respondto a tender Bidders require time to complete mandatory activities related to their organization.0below.                     For proper uploading of the bids on the portal namely https://www.Registration of each organization is to be done by one of its senior persons who will be the main person coordinating for thee­tendering activities. creation of users.                         6. such as Assigning of TSC (TenderSearch Code) to MA (Marketing Authority). as and when  required.   To minimize teething problems during the use of e­Procurement portal (including theRegistration process).2       They may obtain furtherinformation regarding this IFB from the office of DGM (CS­G5). After successful submission of Registration details. POWERGRID at theaddress given at para 11.tcil­india­ electronictender.    7.org/projects/procurement/noticeoverview?id=OP00032040&lang=en&print=Y 4/5 . including instructions for timely registration on ETS.0 below from 1500 hours to 1700 hours on all working days till the deadline for as per para 8.  it  shall  be  the  sole  responsibility  of  the  bidders  to  apprise themselves adequately regardingall the relevant procedures and provisions as detailed at the portal as well as by contacting M/s Telecommunications ConsultantsIndia Limited. Bidders would berequired to note the Temporary Organization ID properly and submit thesame to POWERGRID through the Registration Form on their company's letterhead at the address given under para 10.Hard  Copy  parts  of  bids shallbe  received  upto  1100  Hrs. In portal terminology. and click on the 'Supplier Organization' link under 'Registration' (on the HomePage). Forfurther details.000/­ as demand draft infavour of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. it is recommended that the bidders should peruse the instructions given under 'ETS User­ Guidance Center'located on ETS Home Page. on 11/05/2015.tcil­india­electronictender.0       Tender Document fee of US$ 500 or in Indian Rupees 25.  for  which  contact  details  are  mentionedabove.worldbank. on 11/05/2015. assigning roles to them.com (hereinafterreferred  to  as  the  'portal'). payable at New Delhi / Gurgaon shall be paid with the submission of Hard copy of the Bid in line with ITB Clause6.            Registration on e­Procurement portal: As statedabove.4/13/2015 Procurement Notices ­ IN: NE Power Systm Imprvm  |  The World Bank for inability ofbidder to participate in a tender due to loss of password by bidder or inability of the bidder to retrieve  password.0    Bidding  Documents  are  availablefor  inspection  &  downloading  on  portal  https://www.

com              For more information on POWERGRID. Sector­29. prevalent as on 30 days prior to the date set for BidOpening. From: Date: 11/05/2015 Time: 1100 hrs. The starting time and closure time for submission of passphrase are mentioned below. Saudamini'.worldbank.57.000  or  USD        1. To: Date: 13/05/2015 Time: 1130 hrs.700or EURO        1. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited.visit our site at             http://www. 3rd Floor.com   http://www.)Selling Market Rate ofExchange (MRE) of US$ as established by State Bank of India.            Bidders are also required to submit key­in the pass­phrasefor encryption of the documents.­2. Telephone Nos.0     All correspondencewith regard to the above shall be made to the following address: (By Post/InPerson) DGM (CS­G5).com ; hsk@powergridindia.   8. the Employer shall not be liable for any information not received by the bidder.powergridindia.2       The  Employer  shall  not  beheld  liable  for  any  delays  due  to  system  failure  beyond  its  control.   10.:­ 0091­(0)124­2571831 E­mail: bsuribabu@powergridindia.   9. Gurgaon (Haryana) ­ 122001.org/projects/procurement/noticeoverview?id=OP00032040&lang=en&print=Y 5/5 .: 0091­(0)124­2822372/2384 Mobile Nos: 00 91 9910378029/9599291535 Fax No.4/13/2015 Procurement Notices ­ IN: NE Power Systm Imprvm  |  The World Bank 1130 Hrs. [Indian Standard Time (IST)].81.C.0       POWERGRID reserves the right to cancel/withdraw this invitation for bids withoutassigning any reason and shall bear no liability whatsoever consequent upon such a decision. [Indian Standard Time (IST)].1       All bids must beaccompanied by a bid security as per following details:   Package MAN­SS­01 Bid Security  INR     1. based on the Bills Clearing (B.  Even though the system will attempt to notify the bidders ofany bid updates.900   or in equivalentamount in the currency of the bidarrived  at  by  converting  the  bid  security  amount specified in US$.   8. It is the bidders' responsibilityto verify the website for the latest information related to the tender.93.22. Plot No.