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“Ask Bob Doyle” Teleseminar Transcript

Bob Doyle: Okay, I have 7:00 o'clock and so I would like to begin. I first of all, I just really
want to, to thank you on several levels for being here. Um, first of all, for your enthusiasm and
the great questions I got, we just got a tremendous of so many more questions I could have
possibly imagined came my way with regard to Law of Attraction. Clearly things like The
Secret and just other movement that seems to be going on out there has generated a tremendous
amount of interest in the Law of Attraction, learning more about it, learning how to implement
it, and also I think a lot of people have from what I can gather from reading the, the emails and
the questions, a lot of people have been learning about the Law of Attraction some times for
decades and just not been able to break through to determine these results. And that is definitely
something I want to help you with tonight because it is being able to implement the Law of
Attraction is such a wonderful and powerful thing to do and there's just a few key things that I
think are left out of most of the teachings and that's one of the things that Wealth Beyond Reason
program, we focus on. We certainly talk about the basics and the science, the Law of Attraction.
But then, we want to get right into how you implement it. You know, what are the stopping
points, and that's really what my work in this field is really focused and what it's really all about.
That's where my passion lies. And so, before we really get started I'd like to if you do have
access to the internet, I'd like to invite you to go to a page for me or you can just write this down
and go to it at your leisure. Like I said, I will send it out a little bit later, later on tonight after the
call or tomorrow some time. But it's www.wealthbeyondreason.com/askbobcall.html. So again
that's wealthbeyondreason.com\askbobcall.html, no spaces or dashes or anything like that. And,
that will bring you to a page that has links to some of the resources that we are going to be
talking about during this call that'll help you kind of get deeper into things that I can touch on
without really going into full detail. Uh, so I think, I think you'll find that very helpful and if you
could, you could go there now or go there later, that'd be terrific.

Now, I want to say upfront, I want to try and be as transparent with you as possible and let you
know what my intentions are for this call. I asked you to ask me the tough questions and I
committed to you to answer them as fully and completely as possible and that is what I'm going
to do. I cannot be in integrity with myself if I'm giving you half answers or if I'm trying to make
this call into some sort of a tease for my program. That is not my intention. However, it would
also be dishonest of me to say I would, that I don't want you to be a part of our program. If you
have come this far and you're on this call or listening to this recording or if you have asked me
these questions and shared with me things that are of interest to you, I would like to invite you to
join us in the Wealth Beyond Reason program if you feel led to do so after this call.

Um, but I think one of the things I'd really like to do here is to let you know a little bit more
about sort of my story and how I communicate the Law of Attraction because I know a lot of
you have maybe heard a couple of audios from me or you've heard me interview people or
you've just read my email. And so, it's really hard to get a feel for a person like that. Um, which,
which leads me something else I just want to extend a thanks to. This doesn't apply to everyone
on the call but I have got, since The Secret has really started to explode out there, um, I've gotten
some wonderful emails from some people who've said some extremely nice things about our
contribution to that film and I just want to thank you for taking the time some times just to call to
say that or just to write to say that, because this, this is a passion of mine and, and I can only
wish for every single person on this call that if they know what their passion is and they're out
there living their passion but they can get the kind of appreciation that I am blessed enough to be
getting for just doing what I do and just being who I am. You know, I don't, I really don't
consider myself to be, I, I, some times when I go to speak somewhere, someone will introduce
me as a, a star of The Secret or a movie star and to me, to me that's just bizarre cause that's just
not how I fell. Um, I do, I'm very passionate about the Law of Attraction and I love to talk about
it because I love to see it make a difference for people and that is just really what drives me. It's
why you know we, we have the tremendous amount of information in a program that normally
you know, people would spend if you, if you bought programs big huge curriculums online with
the amount of content that are, had you know, you can spend a couple of thousands dollars and
I'm really trying to make it as accessible as possible for you so I'd like to get you to know a little
bit more about me. But I also want to prove myself to you by delivering on my promise of
answering as many of these questions as I can. Now, with 1,200 plus questions, obviously many
of them are very, very similar and so I'm able to sort of group them together by category or type
of questions so while I'm not going to be reading individual questions that I'm getting, you will
no doubt hear your question in what I'm doing, how I sort of group them together.

Oh, the other thing I'd like you to do is to get, if you have it, the manifestation guide, the daily
manifestation guide because we're going to be going through that at the end of the call. Um,
actually it's funny because I was looking at it today, I printed it out for myself and I thought oh,
actually I've got a lot of instruction in those, there's not really that much explaining to do except I
did get a lot of questions about what is EFP because of course, I've made this assumption that,
because I talk about it so much in some of the emails that I send that everyone would know what
I was talking about which isn't the case. But we will be talking a lot about it today because it
deals with one of the most common issues and that's blocks and limiting beliefs and various
forms of resistance and we'll get to that.

So, I think obviously the, the first thing that it makes sense to talk about is probably one of the
biggest questions I got and that is really what is the Law of Attraction and how does it work.
And if any of you have ever heard me on interviews or whatever, some of what I say here will be
familiar. I'd like to try and go a little bit deeper because we have the time. And by the way, I
want to go, I'd like to try and do this for about 90 minutes but if we're on a roll, if I'm just not
addressing, if I haven't gotten to what I want to cover, I'll keep it going for up to two hours. If
you can't stay on that long, that's totally fine, I understand but again, my commitment is to
answer these questions and to be as thorough as possible.

The Law of Attraction is something that is a lot of times, in this conversation in the personal
development category, we're, we only think about it in terms of well you attract well or you
attract relationships, but it's really something that binds, at, at the risk of sounding like
obie1kenobie here, it really binds the universe together. By, it's how everything exists, how
everything works in the universe. I mean it's all, the universe is all energy and I think that we
know that enough these days. Hopefully, we're all open minded enough to understand that when
you break things down to their, their smallest part that what we all are and what everything in the
universe is, is energy. And, energy vibrates. Okay? And energy in and of itself, when at that
form, doesn't have any form, it's just this wave length, it's just this vibrating wave length out

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there. And there are certain, this Law of Attraction which states that, "Energy that is vibrating
particular frequency will attract other energy that is in resonance with it." Now, the problem that
a lot of people have with learning love attraction is that it's been oversimplified in its explanation
as light attracts light. Or what you focus on, you get more of and while that is some times how
the Law of Attraction occurs, it's just a subset of what the Law of Attraction is all about.
Because you can point to things in life and I like to use this example because it's a very common
question I get. In relationships, for example, a spouse who is attracted to somebody or who
marries somebody who's their complete opposite from all indication, one person is very quiet
and, and sort of meek and the other person is really out there, and yet it really works. And then
people say well, opposites attract like magnets and all of that's true, okay. So, it's not about light
attracts light and it's not that this, it has to be the same frequency to attract. Because I always say
well if that was the case, then all of the frequencies that are chairs would be slamming together,
all the time and that is not how it works. The actual, the actual way that it works is, is more
complicated probably than we could even explain at a, at a quantum method you know. We
don't need to know the minutia. All we have to know is that if two vibrations if you will are in
resonance with one another and that, what that means is that if it is appropriate for them to
attract, then they will.

When we talk about resonance, I think one way that I can sort of explain is, let's think about
music, the kinds of music you like. Have you ever listened to music and you just enjoy it. The
type of music you like, you resonate with and very often you can feel it when you listen to music
and if it's emotional to you or has some other sort of trigger, you can feel it in your body. You're
having an energetic response. You are resonating with that music and you continue to listen to it
because you like it. When you are with a person that you resonate with, you like to be with that
person whether or not their personalities are similar to you or anything. There's something going
on at an energetic level where your vibrations, your energy is in resonance with this person.
Now, it's not just people. It's every single thing in your life including money, your car, your
homes, your careers, everything about your experience that you can look around and see right
now. You are resonating with it. Now to try and figure out how, I mean, if, if just you know,
you can look around at dust on the floor. You're with resonance with dust on the floor. That
does not mean that you are making lists trying to attract it. You know, if you don't have dust on
your vision board. It just simply means that who you are right now and all the things that you've
learned and what you believe and everything that you know about being a human being has put
you in a particular vibrational state which has attracted everything around you. It doesn't mean
you like it. It just means that you have allowed it at a level of vibration, okay. Your, your
frequencies resonate with those frequencies and so they are there. And because it, it happened so
effortlessly, you don't take credit for doing it. In other words, you don't understand what, how,
how much in control you are of what is there. Now once it, you see, when most of us are
attracting by default. We have, we were born into this world and we're just pretty much fresh
clay and we've been taught all sorts of things about what's possible, what's good and what's bad,
what's hard and what's easy and so on. And all of us have learned a little bit differently and
based on what we've learned, it has shifted our feelings, our beliefs, and those are what have the,
the direct impact on our vibration, on what we as this cluster of energy that we call ourselves,
okay. Our emotions are what control that frequency.

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Now let me, let me back up a minute and do another little quantum perspective thing here. The,
the energy, the universe as I said is simply a big, huge ocean of invisible energy. We, as human
beings, we have this illusion that we're separate from the rest of the universe which we are not
but it is the gift of being human that we have that illusion and that we can have these experiences
and that are blessed with imagination and that the most that we can experience, the magic of the
universe in this "physical form", okay. But what we really are again is just energy, okay. We're
just energy and we are interpreting, we have been, our energy is clustered in such a way that we
have these senses. You know, some things like sight and sound and feel and touch and taste and
all that. Um, and also senses that we, that aren't so tactile our intuition and so on. And through
these senses, through these clusters of energy which are our senses, we are interpreting the rest of
the energy all around us. Okay, the rest of the universe, we're interpreting. We're making
decisions. We're just interpreting this invisible energy and so much of our interpretation happens
because of how we think about things and what we believe about things, okay. So if, and
because we have the ability to change our thoughts and change our feelings which some of us
don't acknowledge that we do but we're going to talk about that. Because we have that, we have
the ability to change our perception of reality in every moment.

Now, for some of us though, it, it's a lot harder to shift in a dramatic way our perception of
reality in any way that's going to cause something to change in front of our eyes and there's a
reason for that and that's resistance and we're going to talking about that a great deal. But I just
wanted to be clear that the Law of Attraction is at work all the time. It is not something that you
turn on and off. It's not even something that you activate, okay. Whether or not you learn about
the Law of Attraction, whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, or any of that, you
are constantly in a state of attraction because your energy is always there, it's always vibrating,
it's always putting something out there and thus, it is always attracting something. And like I
said, most of us are, have been attracting by default most of our lives and attracted a tremendous
amount of evidence for our belief system however limiting it may or may not be. But we've
done it, not on purpose, and so that when we start to change the way that we are vibrating if you
will, the energy that we're putting out there, our experience of reality shifts in some ways that
can cause us to freak out some times. I mean, it, it, an example is people start to play around
with the Law of Attraction because they don't really realize how powerful it is. And they don't
realize how exactly the universe responds to your vibrations. And they say okay, well I'm in this
career that I hate. Uh, I want a new career. You know, I want to be out of this job is what
they'll, what they'll most likely do or whatever. And then the next thing you know, they're laid
off because they don't understand how powerful their attractive, that attractive force is. It's the
power of their intention, the power of their emotions and the power of their feelings. So, a very
important part of attracting properly and attracting in a way that makes you happy and this ties
into a lot of questions that people have asked is to be very, very clear on what it is that you want.

Okay, let me, let me jump now to the, um, to that question about how to start attracting what you
want. Even people who, the people who are asking that question, they will very often say to me,
"I've been working with the Law of Attraction for a long time and I still can't attract what I want,
it's not working," all of this. In these emails that I get from people, it's very obvious that all of
their attention is still on what they don't want. They're staring at what they don't want and want
it to go away and that will not work because they're in vibrational resonance with it still being
there. That is a very, very key point and it happens at a very subtle level. You may say well, for

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example, if you don't like this house and you want another house, if you're not very clear on the
emotional state, the feeling place that that new house is going to give you, you are most likely
going to put most of your energy, most of your thought, most of your emotion into all the things
that are wrong with your current house. And this applies to your financial situation as well. I
want to get out of debt. I want to get out of debt. That doesn't work because you're looking at
the debt. Now this is something we talked about in The Secret. Couple of people talk about that
and I know this from my own experience because when I started all this, I had a tremendous
amount of debt. You cannot focus on how in debt you are and wrack your brain on ways to try
and figure out how to get out of that situation and hope for something to be dramatically
different because you are in a vibration of how much debt you have. I know this is contrary to
what a lot of people think. They think well I've got to take some action, I've got to do something
to get out of debt. And I agree that things need to change but your focus needs to change first.

To be in vibrational resonance with being debt free, you have to know what debt free is going to
feel like and this, this dovetails into another question that's commonly asked. How can I know
what that feels like if I've never had it? And this, again if you, if you ask me a question about
how can you know how to feel something, it doesn't have to relate to debt. It can be anything.
How do I know how to feel something that I want when I've never had it before? If you've asked
me that question, then I need you to listen very carefully to this.

You want out of the emotional state that you're in, whether it's being in debt or whatever, in a
bad relationship. For some reason, you want to feel a different way. You don't have to know all
the details of how great it's going to feel when you get the, when you get out of debt. You don't
have to know how great it's going to feel exactly when you find that perfect career or that perfect
spouse, but you do at least need to use that feeling of, that you don't like, as a launching pad to
give you some idea of how you would like to feel. If you could just think in increments, how
would I feel? Just pretend for a moment that you had no debt, if this is your situation, or you
were in that wonderful relationship. Let it, you don't have to figure it all out. It'll just come to
you. If you can spend time imagining what your day, a debt free day would look like and feel
like, how would you move differently? How would you talk differently? Where would you go
differently? And again, apply this to all things you know, whether it's a career or even a car you
want or a bigger house or whatever. Don't, don't spend time wracking your brain trying to figure
out how exactly would I feel. Just imagine it and whatever feeling comes to you, you're on the
right track. They key is to spend more time in that feeling than, than the, the feeling that's
associated with what's wrong or that the house is too small, or that you're in debt, or whatever.
You just, you can pretend that you know how it feels. That's the great thing. You don't have to
know. You can work in increments. How could you feel just a little better? What would just a
little better feel like? And, if you're not a good visualizer, if you're not a good meditator or
whatever, you can sit down and write. You can write about your first debt free day. Write a
letter to, a friend or a relative or something, or write a story. These are all common Law of
Attraction "techniques." You know, these are little things that people do to help them get into
vibrational resonance with what they want. Especially if they're not really clear on it. So this is
another thing that you can do to, to start attracting what you want and that's just to do some
writing. Writing as if it's already happened.

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Again look, this, I know this sounds like okay, I've heard all this stuff before, I've tried all this
stuff, and I'm just telling you. You've got to, and for the benefit of those who have never tried
this exercise, the key is to make it as realistic and as now-oriented as possible. You write it
down as if it's already happened. And you're not just writing down details. You're getting,
you're writing down enough to inspire that emotion within you. To get that emotion flowing so
that you know what it's going to feel like when this is true. And to pay attention to what that
feels like, because the longer you can hold that emotion, the longer, the more powerful that
attractive state becomes.

Now, I'm going to start right now to talk about resistance, because this is key and we're going to
talk about it a lot and we're going to kind of, bounce around and come back to resistance a lot.
When you start to do these exercises, visualization exercises, meditations, writing lists, whatever,
you're going to start feeling that little voice saying you'll never get this. I mean, I'm just saying
this if this is your issue. You might start feeling this, you'll never get this, this is too big, you
don't deserve this, how could you ever do this. You know, if you had this, you'd be like one of
them. Okay. All of these things are limiting beliefs that you were taught by probably well-
meaning people throughout your life or just through your experience, you saw, you were in
vibrational resonance or were surrounded by people who were with people who had these
beliefs and because you were young and you were impressionable, you believed them. Because
why wouldn't you? Let's say they were your parents or a teacher or whatever, why wouldn't you
believe these people and because they were in vibrational resonance with those thoughts and
feelings, they attracted all the evidence to show you that yeah, okay money's hard to come by.
Or, rich people are evil or whatever. So you could see with your own eyes what the outcome of
what they had attracted because you were surrounded by that. And because they were older or
had more authority than you or whatever, you just bought into it. And you say, yeah, that's true
but to be somewhere in another part of the world, people who are not exposed to that. People
who didn't have, weren't surrounded by those limiting beliefs who were, in fact, surrounded by
people for whom money and relationships came easily, they never learned anything about stuff
was hard. They had no reason to believe that they couldn't have whatever they wanted or a good
relationship or whatever. And so, it comes to them easily. Why? Because they are in
vibrational resonance with it being effortlessly. Okay? They don't have resistance in those
areas. So it is not a fact that money is hard to come by. It is not a fact that you have work in a
job that you hate for the rest of your life just to make ends meet because that's the responsible
thing to do. Those aren't facts but they can occur to you as being very, very true if you're in
vibrational resonance with those beliefs because you will attract all the situations and the
circumstances and the evidence you need to prove it to yourself each and every day. Further,
you will most likely attract people into your life who share similar beliefs because you're in
resonance with this belief. You are in resonance with them. They will have similar experiences
and you can just point at each other all day long and go boy we're so right, it is hard out there, it's
impossible. Meanwhile, there's another whole group of people somewhere else living it up
where it's easy for them. And it doesn't mean that they were born into it. Okay? It doesn't mean
that they were the luck of the draw and all of this stuff, and they were just born into money,
because you can look all around and find stories of people who started with absolutely nothing.
Who's environment was suggested to them that they stood no chance whatsoever of becoming
wealthy or prosperous or even happy. And yet something somewhere inside them allowed them
to attract a little piece of hope, an idea that they acted upon. You know, they might have seen

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something on TV that gave them an idea for a business for example and instead of sitting there,
oh that could never happen. Maybe they weren't, maybe somewhere somebody gave them the
belief that they could do it if they just took action. So this is another thing that you need to
understand about how the Law of Attraction works.

It is not necessarily about trying to attract something and then, sitting back and waiting for it to
materialize, okay. But it's also not a lot about doing a lot of hard work. When you have a vision
for something that you want in your life and you're crystal clear on that vision and you can get
into the emotion of it and you can get in the feeling of it and you can eliminate resistance along
the way and we're going to talk about how, how we do that. When you can do that, then you will
start to attract the people and the circumstances and the ideas for inspired action to take, okay.
And if you act on those things, you will get closer to your goal. However, if you don't, if
resistance keeps you from taking action because you feel like oh well, this'll never work or
whatever, whatever it is, then, then you will, you'll basically be, you're placing an order to the
universe and then saying no thank you at the exact same time. So, you have to be aware that the
universe delivers your, your desire some times in increments. And what it does, it'll give you,
it'll lead you down a path and that is exactly how the Wealth Beyond Reason started.

You know, I had just, just briefly my story so you all know that I started very similarly to many
of you out there. You know, I went through years and years of very unhappy careers. Little taste
of doing what, of doing what I liked but nothing that really left me feeling fulfilled, nothing that
allowed me to, to fully express myself creatively and nothing that I had any passion for, and I
just got to a point when I was around what 35 or so, that I couldn't do it any more. You know,
and I think that a lot of people can relate to this. They have been taken down a career path based
on other people's ideas of what they should do with their lives. Not that they were necessarily
told that they had to do this but they were given the idea that this was a responsible career path
for a person of your background or whatever so they just took that career path thinking that they
were, that they had enough interest in it that maybe they could be successful or whatever. If
you're not following your true purpose and your true sense of passion, that's going to catch up
with you. And so what happens is you're late 20s, early 30s, whenever, and you look around you
and you go okay, I may be making good money or I may not or whatever, but I do not feel
fulfilled. I do not feel a purpose and I have no sense of passion and, and that's what life is about.
It is not about just staying alive by making money and paying the bills and buying stuff. That's
why in the Wealth Beyond Reason program we, the very first thing that we do is to have you
define what is wealth to you because if you don't understand what wealth is to you, if you don't
know what you truly want, it's very, very, very, very hard to attract it. And that is why a lot of
people spin their wheels with the Law of Attraction because they don't take the time to figure out
what it is they truly want in their life. They're just, as I said before, fixated on what they don't
want and they figure anything's better than this if I can just get rid of this, then I'll be happy. If I
could just get rid of this debt, I'll be happy or if I could get a million dollars, I'd be happy, and
neither one of those is necessarily true whatsoever.

The Law of Attraction is not about money. Your happiness is not about money. It is about
tapping into who you are as a person and being that person as fully and completely as possible.
Because that is again, one of the other ways to make this whole process effortlessly is to be just
who you are and share it with the rest of the world. There's a lot of times, there's a lot of people

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who are what they are but they don't share it. You know, there's, there's creative types for
example who you know, they're sort of closet musicians or closet artists or whatever, and they
just have this belief that they could never make any money doing these types of things and so
they don't share it boldly enough with the rest of the world. Or they think small and they share it
with this little group over here or this little group over here but they've got a belief that it's hard
to hit the big time. And this applies to any idea. It doesn't matter whether it's a musical career or
whatever. People have ideas, they have a dream, they have a vision, but they also have a very
limiting belief that it can actually turn into something big for them and because of that belief,
because of those feelings, they are in resonance with attracting the evidence that says yeah, it's
probably not going to happen. But if you can just change the way you feel, which is something
that you can do. You can change the way you feel in any moment, in any situation, then you
regain your power.

Now I want to talk about this whole thing about, about changing the way you feel and again
while I know I'm not saying, here's Question A and here's Question B, I'm hoping that in this
time that we're talking that your question will be answered so I definitely want you to listen to
this whole thing. Because as I look at these, as I look at these topics and I look at these
questions, it's very hard to just answer one straight out without talking about some of the others
and again, that's one of the challenges of Law of Attraction, of learning the Law of Attraction,
because people try to give really short simple answers for something that we're talking about
works at a quantum level, there's all sorts of things that are going on you know, at a
subconscious level, at a level of energy that need to be dealt with before any of these little simple
answers are going to work. And so my commitment, my goal here is that you understand or at
least begin to understand how these things work together. I'd like you to be listening to me and
say yes, I see that at work in my own life. You know, I've gotten this far and then I get stopped.
Or, I have attracted this kind of situation over and over and over again. Or yes I do, if I'm honest
with myself, feel that although I like to do this or I'm good at it, I still have been playing small
and there's probably something more I can do.

People often ask me how I ended up in The Secret. The story of The Secret is a, the film The
Secret, they interviewed 55 teachers or so. So out of those they chose the handful that was in
there so people asked me well how did you get chosen? And my simple answer is, it's the Law
of Attraction. My vision is the exact same vision as Rhonda Byrne who produced the film and
that is to get this, this message into as many minds as possible. So all I had to do, I mean, I
didn't ever have to think about how am I going to get into The Secret, I didn't even know it was
going on. All I ever had to do in my career and spend my day is do what I passionately believed
in, in my own way, as, as often as I wanted to and as big as I wanted to and try to get it out as
much, to as many people as possible. And it was through doing that that I just naturally ended
up in front of Rhonda Byrne who was a Wealth Beyond Reason student and she knew, she saw
my passion. So, it's just one of those things that you never know, you never know when the big
and exciting things is going to come and where it's going to come from. Your job is just to keep
being who you are and have the vision of what you want in your life and what you want your life
to be. You know, my, part of my vision was to get my message, my method of teaching, in front
of as many people as possible and, and The Secret has helped me to do that and of course, in an
unprecedented way. You know, it was a tremendous opportunity, I'm so thankful for it all the
time. But I didn't have to do anything special for it other than just be Bob Doyle. And that's

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what I'm trying to tell each one of you is if, because I always say that none of us should have to
be teaching the Law of Attraction at all, because if we were all just who we were, if we all just
didn't have any limiting beliefs about our abilities and our value and all of that and we were just
out there doing what we wanted to in the world without judging it as being well, this'll make a lot
of money, or people won't approve of this or whatever. We're all just doing that. Living our
passions and our bliss, then we would naturally be attracting the situations and the people and the
circumstances, whatever we need and the resources, the money if necessary, to help us to
perpetuate doing that. We wouldn't have to be sitting here learning about the Law of Attraction,
vibration or frequencies or any of that stuff it's not, we shouldn't have to know any of that. But,
but now that we do know a little bit more about the science of being a human being and the
science of the universe, then we can see how we have attracted what we do have in our lives and
how we can change it.

And then, what I hope every single one of you can do is to become your own expert at attraction.
To just stop, you'll get to the point where you don't have to think about it any more. You don't
have to do the list and you don't have to cut out the pictures and you don't even have to do the
medications if you don't want to because you'll kind of be in a constant state of meditation.
You'll just be in a place of this is who I am and this is what my day is going to look like because
this is why I'm here on this planet and it will just happen. And that is completely possible and
that is my goal for everybody. You know, so the programs on the Law of Attraction aren't
necessary any more and we can all just be doing other things that we love to do. So, but to do
that, you first have to deal with the resistance and, and that is there and that is because of the
years and years of the limiting beliefs that have piled up and the evidence that I talked about

So let's talk about resistance for a second. Resistance is just like everything else in the universe.
It is energy, and it is vibrating particular frequencies. Now, it shows up in our lives as the
feelings that come up when we are trying to manifest something or to attract something that
we're not a hundred percent, we can't seem to get in resonance with it. Because of our beliefs,
we get this feeling whether it's that I don't deserve that or I don't, that's going to be hard. There's
a big emotion associated with that and it's generally not a good one. That's how we know that
resistance is there. When we sabotage ourselves and then we beat ourselves up for it. That's
resistance and we know what that feels like, it's a familiar feeling. But it is an emotion, it is
energy in motion and we can feel it. So, it is at work in this energy system that is us. And it is
not in resonance with what we're trying to attract. So, if we sit there and we do all the little
exercises and we're filling out our lists and we're doing all those things. We start the attraction
process. We absolutely do. Whenever we have that feeling, the attraction process has begun. At
some point in there, though, that resistance picks up and then you have this vibration going that
is not in resonance with the other one and so it literally pushes it away like if you try to put the
wrong end of the magnets together. That same sort of pushing, it acts like a force field. So I
want you to be able to, to envision what resistance is and how it really repels, it literally repels.
You know, if you got a vision of a particular car that you would like to attract and you get into
the feeling of doing that by going out and test driving that vehicle, and cutting out pictures of it
and really knowing what it feels like to be in there and then when you start thinking about the
how, how am I going to get this, you start to get that feeling. I don't know and it's going to take a
lot of work and your vibration changes in that moment. It, it changes to a frequency that is not in

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resonance with having that car any more and then it literally just pushes it away like a force field
would. So what do you do? You have to get, you have to do something to neutralize that energy
system that is the resistance. You have to actively get in there and change that vibration or just
neutralize it or eliminate it all, all across the board and then when you do that, it literally knocks
down that force field and it allows whatever it is that you're trying to attract to reach you, okay.

Now, we do this with several different techniques and they're all called releasing techniques.
They might be called other things too, but, what you're doing is actually releasing that negative
emotion or releasing that resistance, whatever you want to call it, but we call it resistance, or
releasing techniques. And that's where EFT comes in. A lot of people ask what is EFT. EFT
stands for emotional freedom technique and it is the process by which you can literally interact
with the energy that's running through your body and neutralize that resistance, neutralize those
energy systems that are, that are not in resonance with what you want. So, we're going to talk
about how to do that although this is not an EFT course. Um, I'm going to just kind of step you
through what the idea of the process is and then there are on that page that I told you about
before, the wealthbeyondreason.com\askbobcall.html. I've got a couple of different things where
you can get some free information and actually experience what the EFT process, the emotional
freedom technique, if you haven't already.

Now if you have had, there, there's two other categories of people who are going to be on this
call. There's the people, well three in total. One who has no idea what EFT is, two who, another
one who has used EFT for years and knows exactly what I'm talking about, or three, the people
who have tried EFT and not gotten results with it, okay. And I want to talk to all of you at this
point. EFT is, it was, it was created by a guy named Gary Craig. It is based on work, on the
work of a guy from, named Roger Callahan, I won't get into the whole history of it, but, and that
is all based on literally centuries old knowledge that the, the, the Chinese have used in
acupuncture and that is that, that there are meridians, energy meridians that run through our
bodies. And there are certain points within these meridians that, if you are, if you activate them
for example with with needles, with acupuncture okay, or in, in the case of EFT, just tapping
them with your fingertips, okay, does something to, it does something to that energy, okay. And
if you can, the basic premise of EFT is that you first will tune into this emotion that is bothering
you, this, this, this resistance and you'll know it when it comes up. You'll know it when it comes
up as soon as you start to feel a negative emotion, you'll realize that there is an imbalance in
your, a disruption in your energy system. You can go through this EFT process which is just
again, a series of tapping points on your body while you are tuned into this emotion and sort of
giving yourself what they call reminder phrases to keep you tuned into that emotion. And as you
tap on these things, it balances out the disruption and the emotional charge goes away. Now that
is something of an oversimplification of the process but it is not a difficult process at all. And,
and I will also say that I resisted that process for over a year. I was first told about EFT right
almost, when the Wealth Beyond Reason program started. And it just didn't, I didn't, it didn't
make sense to me, it wasn't the right time or whatever and I just kind of resisted it for you know,
and then when I found a little bit about it, I thought okay, tapping whatever. I just wasn't, I just
wasn't ready. But then about a year and a half into the program, I was contacted by Brad Yates,
an EFT practitioner and you can hear some of his work on, on the links that um, I provided there
and just something about his personality, I mean, we just used to goof around a lot and we just
got along. So I resonated with Brad and his personality and so he was, he had me take another

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look at it and as a result, um, I was blown away. I just tried it. You don't, it's one of those
things, you don't even have to believe it, you don't have to believe in it. But I will say this, you
do need to know enough about what you're doing to make sure that you're tapping on the correct
issues. In other words, if you are in a situation and you have an emotional charge that you don't
like, you have a negative emotion and you start tapping on that emotion, chances are going into
this process, you're going to feel better. You know, it, it eliminates the charge or at least greatly
reduces it. But some times it doesn't just always go away completely or it keeps coming back
and some times that's because there are various aspects to that issue that you're not necessarily
tapping on. In other words, you're not fully tuned in to all of that, that energy pattern for lack of
a better word. And, and some times if you don't, if you haven't educated yourself enough on how
to sort of determine what those energy patterns are or you know, those areas of resistance that
you might be missing, then you know you might think well I'm not getting any results. Or you
might be even tapping physically in the wrong place and that's like some times it's good to at
least consult with a practitioner because or even just somebody else who knows EFT. Because
you know, I'm sure you've experienced in your life times when other people can see your stuff
that you don't see or that you won't want to look at. And, another, another thing that comes up
for people that are trying to deal with resistance areas is some times they just don't even know
that the, the limiting beliefs are there because they don't consider the beliefs, beliefs. They
consider it, this is just how it is. This is not like some decision I've made, it really is hard to
make money because look, and then they point to the rest of their lives, and they show you how
hard it is to make money. So to them it's not like a "belief," that's just how it is, but is a belief.
All of our stuff is a beliefs, it's all beliefs. It's all the decisions we made to, and we embrace
them and then over the course of time, it's just, we've just run this program, we've run these
beliefs so many times that it becomes just how it is. And as a result of that, we become very
powerfully in resonance with that as a reality and that's why we keep attracting it over and over
and over again.

You know, it's interesting because some people just who resist the whole idea of the Law of
Attraction and yet they don't see it at work in their lives. They're the people who get in the same
kind of relationships over and over and over again when there are other people who don't. The,
the people who sabotage themselves at the same point in goal setting or whatever over and over
and over again. They don't see that that is the Law of Attraction in action and specifically, how
resistance is at play in that. So, if they, but if they could just open their mind just enough to say
okay, I'm just going to try this EFT thing or this releasing technique thing to see what happens as
a result of doing it. All I can tell you is this guys, because I did resist it for a long, long time and
then I was playing, I just was playing around with it and you know, emotions that it had were
very familiar to me and negative emotions or negative responses triggers that would occur, I
would just try this and you could just feel the upset melt away. When I introduced EFT into the
Wealth Beyond Reason program, the emails that I got from people talking about the results they
were getting um, so much more powerful and so much more immediate and so on than when
they first you know, were working with the material. Because although we talked a lot about
you know, resistance and how we needed to eliminate it somehow, they, they didn't have a
really strong technique. You know, they had meditation, they had visualization, they had
repetition and so on, but it just wasn't happening. But once I gave them a, a very strong
technique to, to actually interact with that energy then they were able to see results where they
had not been able to see them before. And so because of that, I really started infusing the

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program with EFT. Um, and we've done, there are many, many hours of teleseminars not only
with Brad Yates but another woman named Carol Look who's truly a master EFT practitioner.
We're doing a seminar here in Atlanta in a couple of weeks. Just because without eliminating
resistance, you can only get so far in your Wealth Be -, in our Law of Attraction work because
resistance is truly, when you look at it from a scientific and energetic standpoint, it is the only
thing that is standing between you and what you're trying to attract.

I'm going to take a, a just a 15, 20 second break here just because I've been talking non-stop for
however long I've been talking, 45 minutes, just to sip a glass of water and I will be right back
with you.

Okay, so I have addressed, a, a lot of my questions were about negative thoughts and how do you
let go of those negative thoughts and all of those things can be dealt with, with resistance, or
EFT or some other releasing technique. So, let's just think about how this shows up. When, and
this, I want to kind of go over some very common areas where using EFT can be helpful, okay.
One is the if you, if you've got negative thoughts that constantly crop up and these can be things
like you know, like I said, I don't deserve it, what will they think, so on, you've got a limiting
belief that you know, this is too big, I've never done anything like this before or if you have been
taught that, if you think that, I, we've dealt with so many people who felt like if they became
successful, then their family would ostracize them or whatever. And you know, this, this,
apparently this happens all the time and it might be something that, that is going on for you as
well. If you feel like you keep getting blocked and you don't know why, keep getting stopped
think a little bit about you know what your beliefs, and it's not so much your beliefs because
some times your conscious beliefs are hey I deserve this, I can do this but maybe subconsciously
you still have something running that you learned earlier. So think about, maybe the beliefs that
you historically had in your family situation or growing up and, and then you might get some
clue as to why something might be happening or coming up for you. Okay, it's not just always
an issue of deserving or the bad people, or you know, that rich people are bad or whatever it is,
or that relationships are hard or you know, it'll never work. But if you, if you don't, if it's
occurring for you like that and you really don't feel like you believe it consciously, look back at
the rest of your life and the people who you have been surrounded with and maybe they thought
it was true and maybe there's something going on inside of you that you're not aware of and that's
where EFT can really help. A lot of people have told me that, there, in the Wealth Beyond
Reason program, like I said we have a lot of teleseminars where we tap on a very variety of
issues. And, I, I will tell people, always tap on every issue even if you don't think it's yours.
Because a lot of people will say oh well, I don't have an issue with deserving, I mean I know I
deserve to be wealthy. And I'll say go ahead and tap on it anyway. You know, because it can't
hurt, let's see what happens. And then they do the process and I can't tell you how many times
I've heard people just say, and I just burst into tears, I had no idea I had this issue or I had no idea
how angry I was and all of that.

Now, the key at that point is to sit there and go oh I've got an issue, oh I've really got it. It's to
keep going with the EFT or whatever you're using and complete the process and get that
emotional charge down in intensity and free yourself from it. You've got a very powerful
technique and a tool there to do that. It's not about discovering you know, how sad you are or

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how angry you are and then leaving it at that. It's about taking that and doing whatever you can
to completely eliminate it.

Another way that resistance shows up is in this whole idea of letting go. And what I'm referring
to there is when you learn about the Law of Attraction, a lot of people say well here, there's three
steps or there's five steps or whatever, but if they can come down to knowing what you want and
visualizing it or they can put it a zillion different ways and then they say you know, allow it to
come or let go and allow. Okay. And people don't understand well, what does let go mean.
Does that mean I'm supposed to stop wanting it or what's the deal with that? How can I want
something or focus on it and then let go of it at the same time. From, from my sort of purist Law
of Attraction standpoint, letting go is about letting go of the resistance. Okay. If you are
wanting something and you want, and this ties into another question that I get all the time and,
and was asked several times about this whole idea of wanting as opposed to having or being or
whatever. If you're concentrating on how you want, generally speaking, we'll say don't use the
word want because when you're saying want you're in that feeling because I want it because why,
I don't have it. So you're in that vibrational space, that feeling space of not having it which of
course, doesn't serve you in terms of attraction. Now, let's, it's not across the board because
some people can use the word want and know exactly what they mean by that and still be in the
space of having it. Uh, it's just a word. You know, but some times the word wants has a very
definite charge to it. So, it's a matter of kind of just rephrasing it a little bit. So what would you,
what would you do if, if you want something, how do you let go. Well again, let's say that you
want to get out of debt. If you're thinking about that which we talked about quite a while ago for
quite a while, if you're thinking about how much you want to get out of debt, what you're really
doing is perpetuating that vibration of debt and the feeling that is associated with wanting debt
has a very distinct emotion or feeling to it and that is resistance. So if you are sitting there
feeling bad about your debt, that is a great time to do the EFT process. And the way the EFT
process works is you, you'll say something like they, they use something they call a set-up phrase
which begins the process of bringing that emotion to the forefront.

So let's talk about, let's use debt as an example. You would tap on the first point which happens
to be on the side of your hand. I'm not going to get into the specifics because you can look at a
chart, at these, at these, with the links that I've given you. You'll tap on your hand and you'll say
something like even though I have this tremendous amount of debt, I deeply and completely love
and accept myself. Now, that's just a very, very commonly used phrase. You can use others and
you'll hear practitioners use different things and you'll do that three times. And what that'll do is
a couple of things. It'll tune you in to the frustrating feeling of associating with that debt and
when you say that you love and accept yourself, that might also bring up some stuff about you
know, well related to, maybe I don't love and accept myself. Maybe I'm mad at myself that this
is happening and this is very common because this is very common and, and that's okay because
you're going through a process that's going to neutralize all of those emotions. And then you'll
continue the process around the various tapping points keying in on the feeling associated with
that debt and the very simple way that is often done if you go download the manual, the EFT
manual, you'll see it done this way, you'll just tap on these points and you'll say this tremendous
debt and you'll tap on the next point and you'll say this tremendous debt, you'll tap on the next
point and you'll say this tremendous debt. All the while, trying to really focus in on that, the
feelings brought up by this tremendous debt. Or it could be, let's use another example, let's say

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you want that big house you know, and you feel like you're really kind of attached to it, like if
you don't have it, something's wrong. You know, if I don't get that house, then oh I'm broke and
the Law of Attraction doesn't work whatever it is. If you're having those feelings, that means
you're attached to it and you could go through the same process, even though I'm really attached
to this house, or even though if I don't get this house, I'm a failure. I deeply and completely love
and accept myself, okay. And go around and do the process but not getting the, failing if I don't
get this big house and then the next point, failing if I don't get this big house. That type of
exercise will allow you to do the letting go that everybody's talking about. So I want you to
really get that. When you talk about letting go, because the only thing the uni- in terms of the
universe, the only thing you got to let go of is resistance. That's all you've got to let go of and
then you will be, then you can be in vibrational resonance with what you want. And so, EFT is
just one technique and it happens to be one of my favorites for doing that letting go of resistance.
Okay? But just be clear on that. When you hear about letting go, it's about letting go of

You'll hear other people describe it as, it's an absence of doubt, all that stuff though, doubt is a
resistance as well. You know, trust, faith, beliefs, and the lack thereof is all resistance and so it
still comes down to balancing out this energy system that is the resistance in your body so that
you become in vibrational resonance with what you want, okay.

So, here's another kind of a question that is common. I can manifest small things but not big
things. So, guess what I'm going to say. He's got resistance to the big things, because it's easy to
say, it's easy for some people to say they deserve or believe they have, believe they deserve to
attract a free cup of coffee that day or finding a quarter on the street. It's just a small thing, right,
to them. They don't have any resistance around that. But when it gets to the car or the house, it
gets big, but it's just for them. See a person who's in a different vibrational stage is attracted
differently but say, a, a million dollar home to them is nothing. But maybe a five million dollar
home, maybe they've got some resistance around that, but to the universe, it's nothing. It doesn't
matter. The universe doesn't care from big and small or hard and easy. That's all us. We are the
ones that define it. Because remember, we're just energy interpreting energy. That's all we're
doing, okay. And so, and it's our belief systems that stay small or hard and easy and all of that.
So we make it as true as we, as you know, as is natural for us to do based on our beliefs that this
thing is big and that it's going to take a lot of hard work. But I'm telling you again from
experience starting from less than nothing. I shouldn't say nothing. You know, when I, when I
started this, I was in tremendous debt okay, but I had a family, I had a home and all of that, I
wasn't, it wasn't nearly as bad as some people. Okay? But, still I had things that I thought were
big but as soon as I could really get to the universe, it's not big at all. And it's just me. You
know, it's, it's kind of like if you saw ****, I'm sorry I'm making a major reference because now
I seem like a total geek but you know, there's that whole famous scene in there where he's talking
to the little kid in that room and he's trying to bend the spoon with his mind and the, the kid says
don't try to bend the spoon, that's impossible. You know, you have to do this when you know
that there is no spoon. So everything out there is how we are constructing it as energetic beings.

Now that's a little deep. That really requires you to go wait a minute, okay do I really need to
know this. No, you don't. Okay, but I'm saying for some people, it might help, it might help to
know that. Again, all of this stuff, the whole teaching of this just really overcomplicates

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something that is so, so simple that you attract what your vibrational resonance is. That is what
the Law of Attraction is about. So, if you could just be in vibrational resonance with what you
want to attract, you'll get it and the reason that you don't attract something is because of
resistance. So that's why in the Wealth Beyond Reason program, it is so much about the
resistance because that's what causes all the slowdowns or the complete stoppages or the blocks
or the confusion or the frustration or the belief that, that the Law of Attraction doesn't work or
whatever because they just keep attracting the same lack of results over and over again because
they haven't dealt with the resistance and that's why I'm just beating this in to you here because it
is the core of our work. Because without it, everyone can understand the Law of Attraction, the
basics of the Law of Attraction. Okay, we'll use vibrational resonance sure, whatever you say
but how do I get there but without dealing with resistance, you won't, okay.

Another common question that comes up is you know, once we start to learn about the Law of
Attraction, we'll look around the, at the people in our lives and want better for them. And so I
get a question around you know, how can I attract differently for other people, or how can I
attract for other people or how can I help someone help the situation improve. And, when it
comes right down to it, you can't. I mean, and I do have a caveat to that but basically speaking,
you're not going to make a situation better or worse or whatever for another person unless they
want that because they're the ones that need to get in vibrational resonance with it. Now having
said that, you can definitely, it is entirely possible for you to shift your perception of the reality
of another person and here's a great example. If you're in a relationship and you've got an issue
with your spouse like they always look at you this way or oh, they'll always seem so mad or they
always whatever. You have to remember your attracting that. Okay, you're in vibrational
resonance with them being upset or looking at you in a funny way or whatever. You've got your
own triggers, you've got your own resistance but for whatever reason and we'll get into the
relationship thing in a minute. You've attracted that person **** and you just keep telling
yourself they're so upset, they're so mad, they always look at me that way, all of those things and
as a result, they keep doing it of course because you're in vibrational resonance with doing it,
with them doing that. If you can kind of do some work on yourself about how they are, you'd be
amazed at how they magically just change. If they're, now if, but now, that's just sort of you
know, from a day-to-day getting along with people and the relationship thing which like I said,
I'll talk to in a minute. But a lot of times, people want to manifest health as a great example for
other people who are ill. If the person who is ill that needs to get in vibrational resonance with
health, okay. Now you can help.

Now this is what my caveat was. If a person who is ill and this is a, a, an example that's used all
the time, if the person who is ill wants to be better, they conscious-, consciously they want to be
better but they're just not getting better. If, more often than not, it's because they've got
resistance towards getting better. Okay? So they attracted this disease. It's all energy okay,
disease all of these things that's energy. And somehow, they've attracted, it doesn't mean they
wanted it, okay. It doesn't mean they wanted it. It means that they have, that they have
somehow gotten into vibrational alignment with it and not knowing what to do with it. Not
knowing how to do anything different. Not knowing how to not allow it, okay. This is where
you can help them. You can do, you can teach them for example, how to do some releasing
techniques. So many illnesses are emotionally based and that's what we're dealing with in EFT
so much and that's why it's called emotional freedom technique. So many of these, so many of

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these situations are emotionally based that if you can help them change their vibrations by
eliminating the resistance they might have that is causing the illness or perpetuating it, or their
attachment to it, then you can have an effect on other people. And same thing with wealth
consciousness, their wealth consciousness. If you see somebody who's struggling with money
and really wants to get out of that hole, you can help them do that by helping them learn how to
release resistance.

There's also something called surrogate EFT which is a little bit more advanced that a, that is
where you actually do the process for them even if they're not there. Now I know right now, a
lot of people are going oh my god, what are you talking about. But, and I'm not going to get into
it right now, we've got a whole seminar on it in the Wealth Beyond Reason program but
basically it's this. If you understand that we're all energy and the space between us is energy and
that whole, it almost sounds cliché but that whole idea that we are all connected, if you can
understand how true that is, then you can understand that you can, in fact, have some impact on
another person's energy if they're not resisting it. In other words, if they're not resisting your
help, then you can help them and there are many, many case studies on the EFT side about what
they call surrogate EFT and actually doing this process for other people.

Now I want to, I want to interject again because I don't really think I stated this upfront for those
of you who don't know me, I came into this work a very, and I continue to be, a very kind of left
brain analytical person, I definitely have my creative side but I'm also a show-me-how-this-
works type of person or at least prove to me in some way. I need experiential evidence that this
works. And that's why I'm saying, EFT, I think I resisted it for so long. But all I had to do was
try it and you know, be intentional. Again, I didn't have to believe it, I just had to you know, I
just had to try it and, and now with the understanding I do have about, kind of how the universe
works and that we are all connected and how all that works and it's not just some new-age
concept, then I can understand how you could have an effect over somebody if they aren't, if they
don't have resistance towards you helping them, okay. I hope that makes sense, but they can
basically set up sort of their own energetic resistance force field around anyone helping them.
There are some people who don't want to be helped and all of your effort and all of your desire to
help them, all of that, isn't going to help. So that just needs to be clear about dealing with other

Now let's talk about negative people, because this is a huge question that happens, I get, all the
time about especially if you're in a marriage relationship and one of the spouses decides that,
that they are going to be more intentional about how their life goes and they're going to utilize
these principles and they're going to embrace the Law of Attraction and, and, and be more
intentional. And the spouse, the other spouse says, what are you kidding me? And that can be
very difficult. And this doesn't, this happens in all sorts of, in transformative types of situations.
You know, I came from a, before I came into the Wealth Beyond Reason program, I was
involved with a website called Body Changes, which was a, which was about the V-
transformation. And that has a very powerful impact on a person on all levels. If a person goes
from being sort of unhealthy or out of shape or whatever and then suddenly they get into this
ultra shape, if one spouse does it and the other one doesn't, the V-transformation will change a
person on the inside out. So now you've got a conflict. So in terms of the Law of Attraction, in
claiming your life, if one spouse decides to claim their life and, and really live by design and,

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Page 16
and do what they want to do and follow their passion and the other one, it just throws them.
Well now what's happened? You are now no longer in vibrational resonance with that person
like you were. Now you have to realize that you were, you attracted that person into your life,
completely appropriately, because you were in vibrational resonance with who they were at the
time. And, and the same thing goes with all the other relationships in your life, your co-workers,
your friends and so on. You've attracted them because you're in resonance with them somehow.
Even the people that you don't like, okay. You've got to keep that in mind. Some times the, the
fear of dreading, dreading to meet, the dread of meeting a particular type of person will get you
in resonance with the feeling of oh what if I met them, and then you had it and there they are.
You're working in the next cube. So, excuse me, um, so now you have a decision to make.
What do you do when you're in that situation when suddenly you're different, you're going down
a different path and the other people don't want to follow you?

Well, there's two things, there's two ways to do it. One is, you just keep going down your path
and see what happens. A lot of times the people who, have a problem with it just don't believe in
the Law of Attraction. They don't believe it can work, but if you stay true to your vision and
eliminate resistance, you're going to prove to them by the very results that you have in your life
that there is something to this and then they may jump on board. The other thing that could
happen is that you are so affected by their emotional reaction to you doing this that you flip-
flop. Like when you're by yourself, you do your meditations or you do your little vision board or
you do whatever you got to do to get in vibrational resonance with the future that you want, but
then when they're around, they say something that make you feel silly for it or put you down for
it outright and your vibrations just flip-flop and you just stay stuck. And then what happens
there of course is they get to show you that see, it doesn't work. But you have chosen to change
your vibration based on what they say to you to save the relationship or whatever. This is where
it gets really tricky. This is not one of my favorite questions to answer. Because you have to
decide what is more important to you, changing the other person or going back to how they think
you should be or being who you are going to be. And the fact of the matter is, some times you
growing into who you are meant to be means you are going to leave some people behind. I'm
definitely not saying okay, to get in the Law of Attraction, you may as well get a divorce. That's
silly. I'm saying to be who you are, your vision for yourself has to be so strong that you will not
compromise who you, ultimately who you are. Now, in a marriage relationship, you may
compromise how you do certain things or how you handle certain things or whatever, but you're
still, you're still committed to getting to your ultimate goal and, and there are ways that you
could get about it that you think would probably ease your spouse or your friends or whatever
along with you. Instead of you saying look this is how it's going to be and that's it, if not I'm out
of here you know. So, it just some times it takes a little longer for you to, to to act in such a way
that it allows the people around you to allow themselves to shift their vibration. But the fact of
the matter is some times, relationships will fall away and it's appropriate because we, two people
that are in a relationship that they are not being who they are, they're not contributing their full
value, I in my opinion, is not nearly as important as at least one of them going out there and
contributing to the world who they are. Because ultimately if we going to find, if this world is
going to get into this, into the balance that we all want and find a peaceful place, it's going to be
because people are happy with who they are, doing what they're doing without it being at the
expense of other people or putting other people down or stopping them from being who they are.
And some relationships and not just marriages, but friendships and everything, are like that. It's

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Page 17
all about if I can't be this, then you can't be this either. If I don't know how to be this, then I'm
not going to let you be this. And stay with me or be my friend or work here or whatever. So
that's when it becomes you know, tricky and of course, what, what happens is that some times
people say well, I can't just leave this relationship especially if it's a marriage because I don't
have a way to support myself or whatever. While that may be, while that may seem completely
true, you have to understand that it is neither the universe's or the Law of Attraction's fault that
we are in these types of situations. And it's not really your fault either because you had been
attracting your experience and your whole life by default anyway. You didn't know what you
were doing. You didn't, maybe you weren't allowed to have this vision for yourself as you were
growing up. You weren't allowed to think that your hobbies, your interests, or your passion
could actually catapult you up, catapult you in to huge amounts of prosperity and happiness and
a lifelong mate who supports you in every aspect. You never learned that was even possible.
You didn't know how to feel that way. You didn't know how to envision it so as a result, you
just followed the path that was laid out before you reacting to everything that came your way,
trying to be as happy as possible, trying to do the best you could, with the information that you
had, and then you got, you ended up where you were. That's how I ended up in my career. You
know, my various career paths back in the back. I just thought this was the way I should do it, I
was doing the best I could, didn't have, didn't learn growing up that I could actually be whatever
I wanted or do whatever I wanted. Getting the job and it being responsible and hopefully
enjoying it, that was the most important thing because when I, when you grow up with, with you
know, hardly any money and always in debt, you just know gosh, I've got to have this job. And
again, you can apply that to every other situation as well. So it, it comes down to that point of
decision and I don't have your answer. It is up to you to decide, am I going to be me or am I
going to be who they want me to be. And I go back to how unfortunate it is that we're ever put
in this situation. With the way that we are set up as children leads us down this path. And I
could go off on another whole teleseminar about this one, but you should understand though that
the information system particularly here in the west is broken. You know. It's, they're all cute
and stuff in kindergarten and first and second grade, but when, when you know, when they really
start to try and figure out what they like to do, what they want to do, we say no, this is what you
need to do, you need to study this and learn this and understand all of the intricacies of this even
if they have no interest in it whatsoever. And you can argue with me all day about well what
does a child that age know about what's blah-blah-blah and I will tell you that we are all tapped
in to what we love to do. We give, give them enough information to, to open up their passions,
to, to allow them to be clear on some direction they want to go. And I will insist forever that if
you allow a person to follow their passions, they will eventually lead them where they need to
be, to be wildly successful and extraordinarily happy. Their passions may change, their interests
may change which will evolve with time, but I believe that teenagers for example become
rebellious and angry because we don't let them be who they need to be earlier. You know, we're
telling them that no, you're going to learn this and this and this in school and so on and they don't
like it, it's uninteresting to them, it doesn't motivate them, it doesn't inspire them, and eventually
they just have to rebel against something because they're trying to, they're being told that they've
got to be something that they are not. You know you find the rare teenager who is very happy
and lit up, they're probably involved in something that they really love to do. But for those who
are not there need to be alternatives. I mean, luckily there are various forms of schooling that
allow kids to do that to allow their passions and stuff but there needs to be much more. And I
say all this because this is why we as adults get into the situations that we do. And have attracted

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Page 18
so inappropriately. I mean, from a scientific standpoint we've attracted exactly appropriately, the
universe hasn't broken. But it's unfortunate that we are, that we become in vibrational resonance
with those things that we do end up attracting that make us unhappy. So, again, part of my
purpose, what, certainly the path I'm on right now, that I know that and feel like I at least have
some skill in communicating it is to help people see that, yes, the starting point may be bleak. It
may be harder for you now than it would've been if you never had to go down that road in the
first place to start attracting the things that you want to and to change your life in a significant
way. But just because it seems a little trickier at first or because there's so much resistance to
deal with it first that is no reason to not do it, to not get started. And again, every step of the way
that you feel that this is hard, this is hurting, this is whatever – these are all still choices that
we're making. It's very important to understand that every emotional reaction that we have is at
some level a choice. However it doesn't feel like that of course because we've learned that this,
if this happens you get mad, if this happens you get sad, if this happens you're going to feel heart
broken, if this happens you're to feel joyous. But the fact of the matter is you can be, you can
find joy or you can find the light side to just about everything, even though right now I know you
could name a thousand things to me right now that no one is going to argue with you that there's
no joy in that. But you still do at least have a choice to find a better feeling. Okay, that's
negative people.

Here's an interesting one that comes up. Can you use the Law of Attraction to lose weight? And
there are a couple of levels that I would address this and I'll do it quickly. One is, absolutely –
well, first of all, the answer's yes. But there's a couple of ways to look at it. First of all you have
to look at why a person and I'm not even going to talk about things like thyroid and glandular
things and all that because it, that would open up a debate. Let's talk about this. A lot of people
are overweight because they have emotional issues. They're medicating with food, they don't
like themselves, whatever. There's all sorts of emotional issues there. And a lot of is just
resistance that can be dealt with. Carol Look for example has a whole ton of material on weight
loss using EFT. You can definitely eliminate those things, those addictive patterns, whatever,
that resistance so that you can envision a fit and healthy body and attract that. And what you will
attract – you will attract inspiration to do the things necessary to get that body. Okay. You will
attract the inspiration – if you've never wanted to exercise before you will attract the inspiration
to do it because you will have eliminated the resistance that's pushing away that inspiration,
okay. If you are medicating to, if you use food as medication to cover up a sense of you know, a
lack of self worth or whatever, if you can eliminate the resistance that is that lack of self worth
then you don't have to medicate with the food anymore and it just goes on and on and on like
that. Having said that I can't tell you how important I think that it is that people like the way
they look and feel to make the Law of Attraction work. Because you can be as positive in your
head as you want to be and you can do all these things and you can work on resistance and tap all
around this whole weight thing because you just don't want to deal with it or you like the food
too much or whatever, okay. But when you look in the mirror if you don't like what you see you
are going to experience a negative emotion that is probably not in resonance with the joy that
you're trying to attract. And so it will affect your ability to attract. Now, I'm not saying that if
you feel like you're overweight that you're not going to be able to attract what you want. I'm
saying though however if that is tied into a feeling of deserving that you know, if you look at
yourself and say, I don't deserve to get what I want because I can't control my weight then you
will not be able to attract those things you want as powerfully as if you liked yourself. If you felt

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Page 19
good about the way that you looked and felt. So, I just want to make that clear. So absolutely
you can do that.

I've said this a million different ways during this call but people who say I've been doing the
right things but I'm just not getting the results. I get the Law of Attraction but I'm just not getting
the results. I just want to say, if you haven't heard me already, that is just resistance okay.
You're doing the right things but there are still areas of resistance that you may not know about.
For abundance related issues we've got in the Wealth Beyond Reason program we have a whole
set of processes, Carol Look has a book that you can check out if you want to following the link
on that page that I've given you which again is wealthbeyondreason.com/askbobcall.html that
goes through like 42 different abundance related issues, common areas of resistance related to
abundance that she has come up against with her career and gives you the actual EFT sessions to
go through. In our program we basically brought that program to life by bringing her in and
doing teleseminars with people. And one of the great things about EFT is that you can listen to
somebody else being worked with, do the process on yourself while you're listening and
experience the results for yourself. It's called borrowing benefits. And so for the hours of EFT
sessions that we have on our program, you can borrow the benefits of the participant and so we
go through all these different abundance related issues so that you can, so that all those right
things you're doing will suddenly start to work. Okay?

How can you be positive when things seem negative. Okay, or how can you – because we talked
about, especially in our program, we talk about if you want to attract wealth, if you want to be a
wealthy person you have to be a wealthy person. You can't be trying to be a wealthy person
because then you're in a vibrational state of trying to be a wealthy person and so you'll just
continue to attract things that have you trying to be a wealthy person. Again I know this one
from experience. You know, it's a slow process. It is hard to go from having a tremendous
amount of debt and not feeling wealthy at all to just suddenly being wealthy. But there are
things that you can do to help you think like a wealthy person. And they're so simple. They're
so simple. To go shop for that house you know. Go look for a house that you would love to live
in. Even if you can't afford it, okay. Go look at it anyway. And I understand, oh, you're wasting
the realtor's time or whatever. Maybe not. Maybe not. You have to know what it's going to feel
like. And let me tell you this too. When you start doing those things, when you start hanging
out at the wealthy places and you start looking at those big houses and you start driving those
luxury cars, some resistance might come up, wow, I don't, I feel like I'm out of my skin, I just,
this is intimidating. It's a perfect opportunity to identify areas of resistance and work on them
through EFT or whatever. And you wouldn't feel them exactly the way that you're feeling them
if you don't go out there and try it on. So if you just think about the wealth, if you just think
about the big house, well, that's just one idea. You've got it in your head. Until you walk into
that house and know what it feels like to be in there, whatever resistance you have towards it, the
extent of it won't come up unless you just go do it. Same thing with test driving a car and if
you've got resistance about even test driving the car because I feel like I'm wasting the guy's time
or I don't deserve to do this I can never afford it. Wow! I mean, that's screaming resistance at
you. You have just as much of a right to go test drive a car as the guy who can pay for it in cash.
You got to know what you want. The guy's never going to sell you the car if you don't pick it out
first. Right? So you got to go do it. You got to go know what that feels like. And I'm telling
you that is the habitual thing. A common question is you know, I get it from parents all the time.

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Page 20
Well I want to do this and I want to teach my kids this way of thinking but if I don't have the
money in my pocketbook or my checkbook to afford something when they ask for it how can I
feel wealthy? How can I make them understand you know how this all works. If the universe is
so abundant why can't I buy this stuff for them? And I understand that predicament but you can
still in your mind see that you can afford it or that you can do it. And you're choosing not to. I'm
telling you sometimes it's just, you just have to pretend because you can be logical and
rationalize all this away and that's the way that the ego and resistance works. You're going to
have to first be wealthy. You can say, you can look around, oh that's easy, I can afford that, I
can afford that, I can afford that. Can I have it? Nope, you can't have it. I mean you can have
fun with it, it's okay. I certainly wouldn't want you to be glib with your kids like that but the
point is that there's nothing wrong with a parent saying no to a child for the things that they want
right now. You don't have to be the source of everything that a child wants. A child can learn
that they can attract these things too but that you don't always have to, the parent doesn't have to
be the source. Okay. That's a really really important distinction. Just because you're teaching
your child about the Law of Attraction doesn't mean that you're going to buy them everything.
You can teach them that they can attract it in other ways. And let me tell you how that might
show up. Let's say they want a bike. You don't have the money but you teach them about
attracting it. And you teach them, kind of like in the movie The Secret or whatever. I want, you
teach them how to get into that feeling space. A couple of things could happen. They could get
it from someone else. Someone else might show up and buy them the bike and it wasn't you.
Or, something suddenly comes into alignment as a result of them being in alignment with it that
allows you to suddenly be able to do it in a joyous way. But attaching yourself to I have to do it,
I have to write the check, you're in just as much resistance as they are about you feeling, or them
feeling that you have to be the one to do it. You have to open it up to infinite possibilities. You
have to open it up to divine, if you will, timing. And all I mean by that is the appropriate timing
based on everybody's vibrations involved. Okay? If you can't afford, if you can't buy a kid
something that they are demanding that they have. They're almost like they're testing you, well,
okay, if this stuff works then buy it for me. They're in resistance. They're not really in
vibrational resonance with having it. What they're doing is testing you. They're in vibrational
resonance with not having it. So it's no surprise that you don't have the money for it. Think
about that for a little bit, okay. It's one of those things you just have to think about.

Okay, we're coming up on 8:30 so what I want to do – okay, and that really does cover the
majority of the types of questions that I got and if you came in late or whatever you can listen to
the call again. But, really, out of the 1200 or so questions that pretty much hit – I mean, once
you get into the resistance area so many of the questions get answered. What I want to do now
for the last 10 or 15 minutes or so, however long it takes, is to go through the daily manifestation
plan like I promised.

Now, now you know what EFT is a lot of this will make more sense to most of you. And I did
write down explanations here and I won't read it to you because that's silly. But I will at least
kind of just recap what you're going to do. As soon as you wake up in the morning, people start,
people say from the moment I wake up what's the first thing, what can I do to start this
manifestation process working? Well the first thing you want to do is get your head in the right
place right then and sometimes when you wake up in the morning it's before all the stuff of your
day starts leaking in so it's a prime time for you to kind of feel clear and get that vision of how

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either you want your day to be, you want your life to be, whatever you want to accomplish there
with that. But do some visualization there before you get going, before you even get out of bed.
Get into that, because you're all kind of sleepy, it's amazing, you're just in a totally different
state, you're half-dream, it's easy to visualize or get that feeling of what you want. And so do
that and as you get if any resistance as it comes up, how's that going to happen or gee, I still don't
have it or whatever, start doing that EFT or start doing some sort of releasing technique right
then. Releasing should be something that you learn to do throughout your day. And you're
going to learn eventually as you get into EFT more ways to do it without actually doing the
physical tapping that are just as effective once you learn how to do it. So you don't actually have
to be in a board room irritated with everybody and start tapping your face or whatever, you won't
have to do that. But learning to release throughout the course of your day is a key skill in
learning to become a very powerful attractor you know kind of effortlessly. And so getting up in
the morning and starting with some releasing is a great way to start you day especially if you
know, if you've got some while you're doing that morning visualization.

The second step is to surround yourself with your desire and that goes back to the whole if you
want to write a list, if you want to cut out pictures, if you want to do whatever to remind yourself
of how you want things to be. If writing a list is too burdensome for you don't do it. You can do
a meditation or just another visualization or whatever you want to do that includes going out
there and driving the cars you know or whatever you have to do to get yourself into the feeling of
whatever you want. And I know I'm talking about materialistic things and that's just because
that's a very common thing for people to start to go after because they think that that's going to
give them that ultimate feeling but you have to understand that really it's not the stuff that people
want. It's the feeling on the other side of the stuff. That's why it's so clear to understand why
you really want what it is that you're trying to attract and how you think it's going to make you
feel. Because otherwise, it's hard to get emotionally involved with just an inanimate object. But
if you feel like it's going to give you something like a sense of freedom or peace or love then it's
easier to get into that emotional state and use those things or the idea of those things as a
launching pad for you to get to that space. So if you can surround yourself with those things one
way or the other then that will help you stay in alignment, stay in that emotional space of that
you have it, that it is who you are.

No. 3 is to mind your feelings. And that doesn't mean that you have to guard every thought all
day long it just means that when a negative emotion comes into your experience realize, hey, this
is resistance of some kind. Normally we just take it for granted and go, oh, there's so and so
doing that again or oh, I just did this again or here's traffic again or whatever, this is just how it
is. Now you know better. Now you know if you've got a negative reaction to something it's
some area of resistance and you've got a tool to deal with it. If you dealt with every negative
emotion that came up to you during the course of a day and at first it will be like a zillion times a
day or whatever, it will seem like probably a lot of work, just do it as much as it's comfortable
for you. Your whole life will change as you start to eliminate resistance because the world will
occur to you differently because you will attract different situations and different circumstances.
So, keeping – mind your feelings just means to be aware that you're making a choice in how
you're feeling at all times. Take inspired action. I talked about it in the beginning. It's huge.
When you're in alignment with what it is that you want, when you're clear on your vision you've
got that space and you're dealing with resistance, you can be assured that most of the things that

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Page 22
are occurring to you are because you are attracting them and you will get these ideas. You'll get
ideas of I don't know, a business to go into or an article to write or a person to call or a place to
go or any of these things and you must act on those. You know if it feels completely
inappropriate to you and you don't do it fine. As long as you stay in alignment with what you
want you'll get another opportunity. But if you don't take action on them as they come up
eventually you're going to start feeling a sense of frustration because you're feeling like nothing's
happening because you're basically ignoring the path that's set out ahead of you and you keep
stepping off of it. So then you start saying this Law of Attraction isn't working, nothing's
happening, it's because you're not taking what the universe is handing you to get you where you
want to go. And so as soon as you get frustrated again once your vibration shifts again, then you
know, you change your order basically. You start attracting in accordance with that vibration.
Watch it happening, be aware. That's Step 5. Watch it happening. Be aware that every part of
your experience is a result of where your vibration is right now. So if you start to see something
change for the better acknowledge that and really get into the feeling. Even exaggerate the
feeling of how great it is that that thing is happening. Okay. Because that will amplify that
vibration and make it stronger. But if you're just ignoring it or you're taking everything for
granted it's just, it'll still happen you know as long as you stay in alignment with your vision or
whatever but if you can watch it happen and appreciate it as it's happening and see it you know.
And make corrections, for example if something happens that you don't like, make corrections –
if you're watching it happen and you say, wow, I don't like this and realize that it's just a simple
shift of emotion you can change the experience in a powerful way. You can do that.

And finally, and so importantly, is to feel genuine gratitude. And that means for everything you
can possibly feel gratitude for. This is probably the most powerful attracting exercise you can do
because when you think about it, when you're in a feeling of gratitude, what are you going to
attract? You're going to attract more things to be grateful for. Generally that's all good stuff.
You know. And if you've got a list of things that you want and you know you'll feel grateful if
you have them, then if you can feel grateful for the little things in your life that you already have.
You know, tap water, the ability to breathe in and out you know, the beauty of the grass,
whatever it is. I mean, I'm talking about the littlest things, if you can make a gratitude list on a
regular basis, whether it's every day or every week or every month and really just write down all
the things in your life. No matter how bad things are there are some things you can find to be
grateful for. The fact that you have something to write with you know, anything. Okay. If you
can get into that feeling of gratitude then you begin to attract other things for which you can be
grateful and it just tends to amplify. So the more feeling of gratitude you have the bigger and
better things you will attract to be grateful for and essentially you just end up with this
unbelievable experience of abundance and prosperity and joy and more gratitude and it just feeds
on itself. If you can do those things every day there's really nothing else you have to do. There's
nothing else you have to do. But that minding your feelings and dealing with the resistance as it
comes up is absolutely key and of course knowing what you want. That first step of morning
visualization and being clear. What do I want my life to look and feel like? You know. And if
you're not clear then you work on that you know. Sometimes people have resistance about just
even knowing what they want you know because they've been so forced down a road of this idea
that they can't have what they want anyway so why even think about it. You know so that's a
scenario of resistance you can work on and to eliminate so you can allow your passions and your
true desires to come through.

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Page 23
Okay, again, the page I'd like you to go if you haven't gotten there already is
www.wealthbeyondreason.com/askbobcall.html and that's mostly because you can get to some
EFT information there. You'll be able to listen to Carol Look and I talk when she did an
interview with me about the Law of Attraction and EFT, we'll go even more in depth than I was
able to here. You'll have a couple of different teleconferences with Brad Yates where you're
doing actual EFT work on eliminating abundance related issues and all sorts of other cool stuff
with regards to Law of Attraction specifically and resistance. And I know you're going to get, I
mean – I say I know this because I get comments on it all the time. And just know, and this is
the last I'll say about this in terms of an invitation, that there is so much more of this on the other
side of joining our program if you should decide to do so. We would love to have you in there
because there's such a great energy when we're sharing these ideas and when we're sharing
experiences and I get recommendations from students who attract other resources that excite me
and add to the content that we can bring to the table so that, for the benefit of everybody because
I'm constantly looking for new stuff to add to the program. I'm constantly adding interviews and
follow up seminars and things like that. So you know, if there's not already, yes, I think there is.
There's a link to a video that you can see kind of behind the scenes of what we have back there
so you can get an idea for the vastness of it for what, what we charge for tuition. If you've, if
you're brand new to the Internet, whatever, I don't know what you'll think of the tuition price but
if you've purchased classes and things and programs you'll know that you know, it's a
tremendous value and I just want you to know that this is something that I just absolutely want
for you. Not to necessarily join the program, but I want you to have success with these
principles. And if there's anything else I can do to help you do that, the intention of this call was
to answer as many of these questions as I possibly could and to give you what I think are the key
components of making the Law of Attraction work. You know I did not hold anything back and
I'm not suggesting you know, if you just buy the program then you'll have the real answers. I
gave them to you. Non-stop talking except for 15 seconds in an hour and a half, I tried to just
pour out everything I possibly could tell you about how to make the Law of Attraction work in a
very powerful way in your life and I hope that you have gained tremendous value from this and
you'll have a chance to perhaps you know, listen to it again obviously, the streaming or if you've
gotten the MP3 or the transcript, both of which there's a link to get those if you didn't do that the
first time and would like to at this point so that you can refer to them again. I would, whatever
you think would be helpful for you. I hope that you'll take that action because you deserve to
have the life of your dreams. You absolutely do and I'll just leave you with this little quote. I
love to end things with this because it just has always had an impact on me ever since I was a kid
and I think it just pertains to what we're talking about so fully. And it's Willy Wonka and The
Chocolate Factory, the first one, with Gene Wilder and it's the very end of the movie and they've
crashed through the roof in the great glass elevator and Willy Wonka looks at Charlie and says,
"Charlie, just remember what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever
wanted." Charlie says, "What's that?" "He lived happily ever after." And that's what I want for
you. Thank you so much for being on the call. Have a wonderful night and we'll talk again

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