A modern alchemy of form
based on ancient wisdom,
for creating harmony and balance

with Kris Attard
Certified BioGeometry Instructor from Malta

A 6 day training of theory and practical
comprising Levels 1, 2,3

etc to introduce natural balance on all levels of being. number layout and more. quality of life. h e l p i n g to neutralizing the effects of electromagnetic radiation and other negative factors. HOW DID BIOGEOMETRY COME ABOUT? BioGeometry was founded in 1984 by Dr.Ibrahim Karim in Cairo .b e i n g . exchanging energy effects on all levels. harmonizing living / working spaces. The result is a powerful.Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan demonstrated BioGeometry’s harmonising effect on water crystals BioGeometry was founded by Dr. a holistic worldview and the founder’s own discoveries. colour. health and spirituality. Dr. .Hepatitis C Project at University of Cairo with startling results when compared to major pharmaceuticals . BioGeometry brings together ancient wisdom from the once secret temple sciences of Egypt with the research of the 20th century radiesthesiasts on shape-caused waves. HOW DOES IT WORK? We are all dynamic living energy systems.agricultural research which demonstrates maximum results with minimum investment . All this thanks to its highly effective methods. our vital energies are in constant interaction with each other and with our environment. philosopher and author of Back To A New Future for Mankind. mystical study and many other fields of life and work. from physical to spiritual. In today’s increasingly stressful environments. These energy effects are crucial as they affect our health. The result of decades of research. BioGeometry uses the subtle energy effects of geometric form. The methods are simple to do. and made into a practical discipline through modern scientific insight. angle. Canada and the Middle East . This is achieved through the special use of shape. It enables us to understand life’s phenomena in terms of subtle energy interactions. With BioGeometry. architect.the same as those found in sacred ‘power spots’ and use them to restore balance and harmonise at all levels. the awareness and skills of BioGeometry offer proven effective solutions. existing in the sea of vibrations that is our world. angle. and so on.Karim has succeeded in de-mystifying metaphysical concepts and creating from them a practical science that promises major inroads not only for the individual who uses it. interactive way of creating harmony in living things and spaces. THE RESEARCH? BioGeometry’s effectiveness has been well proven in a number of research projects in different fields.architectural projects in USA. but also globally. including: . colour.Ibrahim Karim of Cairo. to architecture and design.What is BIOGEOMETRY? BioGeometry is a fascinating holistic science of energy. The benefits that BioGeometry gives include health a n d w e l l . use this awareness and certain skills to create balance and harmony in all aspects of our life. that can have significant impact on your life and well-being on all levels. yet highly potent in the results they achieve! The aim in BioGeometry is to generate beneficial frequencies and qualities . state of mind and level of consciousness. and more importantly. commissioned by the Swiss government and the results independently proven .successfully harmonising the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation in Switzerland. agriculture. BioGeometry has far-reaching applications ranging from personal growth. On invisible levels.

Banker Citibank “Excellent and enriching is an understatment. Natural Therapist “It created outstanding perspectives and great opportunities for me! Amazing scope for my work! Thank you!” S. detecting and affecting earth energy lines.J.Karim’s work and thousands of years of ancient knowledge and tools to us!” S.N. Thank you for bringing Dr. using Biosignatures to promote health. spiritual and energy work at new levels S O M E PA R T I C I PA N T S ’ COMMENTS FROM KRIS ATTARD’ S BIOGEOMETRY TRAINING.. geopathic stress and the other negative factors which assail us . measuring energy frequencies.practise holistic. Its concepts shed a new light on life and the interactions of energy and qualities. BioGeometry pendulums will be available for use during the training. metaphysical students. knowledge and wisdom.C. including: . mind-blowing experience. farmers . balancing rooms and spaces. Solutions Analyst “What an incredible. M. and participants will have the option of buying their own tools at the seminar. WHO IS IT FOR? The training can be done by anybody. L.. G. indeed anyone interested in understanding and affecting the invisible levels of life. Architect and Interior Designer “I thoroughly enjoyed Kris's enthusiasm. L. for their well-being and those around them! THE BENEFITS? A first benefit of learning BioGeometry will be the expanded world view it gives. S. architects. including hundreds of exclusive Biosignature patterns in Level 3.balance the energies in your home or office. Besides theory and slides. crops or animals . eye-opening experience!” J..F.create favourable conditions for plants.. Business Broker “The applications are astounding” R. garden and treatment room. passion.” J. C. Farmer . for your benefit and those around you . Animal Communicator “The knowledge.discern if something is suitable for you (or others) or not .help promote health and well-being with Biosignature patterns which assist the body’s systems .my business work will be enriched!” T. The 6 days went too fast – I loved it!!!” Dr.L... Feng Shui practitioner “I really enjoyed the course and look forward to balancing my home.BIOGEOMETRY FOUNDATION TRAINING This training consists of 3 levels taught together over six days in a training experience that is highly immersive and enjoyable. including the physical method of radiasthesia. BioGeometry has changed my life forever!” A. the use of BioGeometry tools and pendulums.understand the nature of energy and Qualities . healers.. “A truly life-changing. thanks to the fascination of the subject as well as the instructor’s renowned teaching style.minimize effects of electromagnetic radiation. Feng Shui consultants. BodyTalk System Practitioner “This course was wow. landscapers. went past my expectations and I can see it taking me a long way!” M. there is hands-on training in the techniques. Detailed manuals are provided. artists. designers. sense of humour was uplifting. It will particularly appeal to holistic practitioners. and so on. at both at the tangible and the hidden subtle energy levels. There are many practical applications..

BioGeometry’s holistic world view . beneficial / detrimental energies. BioGeometry alchemy . the role of the skull in filtering energy -Dr Karim’s work in evolving BioGeometry as a modern science. etc.biogeometry. Enel. .Pythagoras. from healing processes to spiritual techniques. How BioGeometry continues these traditions . angles. the link to spirituality.SOME OF WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN EACH LEVEL.. numbers etc used in BioGeometry to harmonize and transmute energy. Topics include:.ENERGY QUALITY MEASURING AND BALANCING METHODS (RADIESTHESIA) In this Level we will learn hands-on techniques of physical radiesthesia. and protective jewellery . domes in spiritual traditions. We will also address some powerful BioGeometry solutions for everyday life.BG16/ IKUP /Djed-Wadj emitters. which describes the concepts in detail. shape-caused waves. Higher Harmonic of Ultra-violet. harmonics and ancient secret temple science . author of MESSAGES FROM WATER. patterns. from patterns to pendulums . ..INTRODUCTION TO BIOGEOMETRY We begin with the fundamentals that enable us to work with BioGeometry as well as understand the subtle energy interactions around us.The 12 Energy Spectrum Qualities. Turenne. at www. .Ancient wisdom & modern science. the use of the L resonator forms -Qualities of the Pyramid and its form.awarenessworshops. the 3 components of the harmonizing spiritual energy: Higher Harmonic of Gold.How to detect. .com We highly recommend BACK TO A FUTURE FOR MANKIND: BIOGEOMETRY (Amazon print or Kindle). Belizal.generating BG3 through use of number and forms. the first book on BioGeometry by the founder Dr Ibrahim Karim. detecting BG3 with pendulums. 1 More information on BioGeometry.The Pi initiation ray.From Neolithic dowsing to radiesthesia .Fixed polarity emitters. the consciousness shift.Shapes.Distance methods of harmonization .Tools of Details on Kris Attard’s trainings www. the Spiritual Carrier Wave.The Physics of Quality: nature of transcendental Quality .From ancient Radiesthesia to the European research in the early 1900s. important adjustments to filter the energy . the BG16 as an emitter to help healing. work of Chaumery. Some topics:. using the VCP pendulum to detect beneficial as well as detrimental qualities 2 . . various uses and research projects of BioGeometry. BioGeometry treated water crystals from a recent study in Cairo by Dr Masaru Emoto. Practicals include:.Detecting and measuring energy frequencies and utilising them in different ways. which enable you to detect and work with energies. generate and use the BG3 qualities.

Other BioGeometry items will also be available to buy including protective jewellery. Reconnection Healing Practitioner BIOGEOMETRY ITEMS Some of the techniques use unique tools. .. items to harmonise the home. designing a logo based on your name which emits the harmonizing energy..Other techniques for harmonising your home . BIOSIGNATURES You receive hundreds of patterns and charts to use for helping to balance yourself or others. Energizing objects through the Centering technique . affinity.Detecting earth energies and how to work with them safely .The Virtual Cone pendulum. You receive a Neutral pendulum free as part of your training package. etc 3 . 2. . People are becoming more aware of its immense benefits for this modern age in which EMFs and other detrimental factors have become part of our everyday life.Techniques to create BG3 within a design . compatibility. The 3 essential pendulums for the training are the BG16. etc .What BioSignatures are.Colour Energy Balancing technique to harmonize spaces . testing food.PRINCIPLES OF BIOGEOMETRY DESIGN AND BIOSIGNATURES NOW IS THE TIME FOR THIS POWERFUL AWARENESS! BioGeometry is rapidly growing around the world.Creating virtual centres and transcendental doorways.The BG16. Level 3 of the Foundation Training addresses two important practical applications in the study of BioGeometry: 1.. be it a logo.Quality work with emotions and thoughts Practicals include using the neutral pendulums to detect a person’s wavelength. and additional useful tools.Specific shapes / proportions used in sacred architecture Practicals include: drawing Biogeometry designs and measuring the energy. including special pendulums which resonate or emit specific qualities. a tool for detecting Qualities . etc. product. using Resonator forms . living temples . BIOGEOMETRY DESIGN PRINCIPLES One important aspect of BioGeometry is learning to generate harmonizing qualities within any design.Egyptian scepters and BioGeometery Emiter Pendulums. healing with polarity.Bionumerals. how they work and their role ..Counteracting electro-magnetic radiation . “Every minute was amazing. house layout.Protecting from detrimental energies by transmuting them .Finding the Biosignatures needed for an individual. Anyone can learn and use BioGeometry. healing with both form and number .I can honestly say this was the best training I have ever been on!” . TRAINING IN CAPETOWN We are pleased to present the first BioGeometry Foundation Training in Capetown.P.L. Topics include: . . garden. and the other two will be lent to the student to use. with the option to buy (which we strongly recommend as you will need them for using the techniques in your life after the training). and more! NOTE: No previous knowledge is required other than an open mind.The advanced Vertical & Horizontal pendulums .Ancient sacred geometry. working with the energy of dolmens and pyramids and filtering the energy as the ancients did. acupuncture points. use with chakras. .Using the emitting BioGeometry numbers in design. Virtual Cone and Neutral. distance methods of resonating them in the energy field.The Energy Wheel for harmonising constellation dynamics. BioGeometry offers easy yet powerful ways of harmonising yourself and your loved ones.

com . of which he also organises special tours. Egypt. and spiritual and esoteric philosophies. BodyTalk energy medicine. Training is open to anyone. Accommodation is not included. having trained and certified with the founder of BioGeometry. Kris’ training background has included Building Biology.biogeometry. Feng Shui. but options and suggestions will be provided. He is one of the few BioGeometry Instructors in the world and the first such teacher in Europe. Dr Ibrahim Karim in Cairo. sacred geometry and related subjects. His clients have ranged from public to specialised groups. BIOGEOMETRY FOUNDATION TRAINING. including therapists.27 February 2014 VENUE & LOCALITY: To be announced PRICE: ZAR 8600 for the entire training Price includes Levels KRIS ATTARD Certified BioGeometry Instructor Tel: +356 2137 2681 Mobile: +356 9944 4106 hermetic222@gmail. gestalt psychotherapy. consultants and top businesses. no www. He is the author of the MindScape Manual and is publishing exclusive research on sacred geometry and earth energies in the ancient Neolithic temples of the Maltese Islands. CAPETOWN 2014 DATES: 22 . Kris has been teaching since 1995 and has conducted workshops in 17 countries on intuition. He is also senior instructor of www.YOUR INSTRUCTOR Kris Attard is a personal development teacher from Malta who has been involved in the study of ancient wisdom and holistic science for many years. a form of intuition training. Please contact Lee-Ann Connolly on +27 79 399 3520 or lee@thriveza.awarenessworkshops.2 and 3 courses with manuals and handouts and a pendulum.

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