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Csar Camilo Oviedo Chvez

Ing. Ambiental

Argumentative Essay
Society requires an integral engineer. Therefore, it is better to have a mediocre
trained-engineer in a company but with high values and a neat behavior than
an outstanding and experience engineer who does not care people`s lives and
their conditions.

In today's world, the idea of forming increasingly people of integrity has taken
hold among institutions of higher education; this idea is in turn driven by the
same company that has had excellent experiences with professionals with high
values and orderly behavior show a better performance and interaction with
society. But despite all this, the quality of engineering education can not be
negotiated, i.e. can not sacrifice academic quality to try to incorporate values
into professional training for the following three aspects.
First, the fact that a person or professional has high ethical and moral values is
not synonymous with their knowledge and skills are mediocre. For if anything
characterizes engineers is their high academic quality to the world which they
operate, engineers are rightly perceived as benchmarks of quality in academic
and workplace. Then sacrificing academic quality would immediately miss the
early they are innovative, creators, developers, inventors and / or geniuses of
Second, the academic quality can go hand in hand with a comprehensive
education without any problem, because in the curricula of the races can
incorporate some comprehensive training courses and rapprochement with the
companies. Doing that during the time that the person passes the academy,
this is not only formed around knowledge, but also happen that the individual
incorporate social and ethical elements that will allow better interaction with
the society in which it operates professionally, which your work will be much
more complete and articulated.
On the other hand, another consideration to discredit the idea of preferring a
mediocre engineer training, but with high ethical and moral training; is
precisely the fact that no person or company wants someone unqualified or
poorly prepared for the work that you claim. If someone wants to hire an
engineer to work on a project, you might prefer to be prepared, because you

can not jeopardize the implementation. Besides having someone mediocre

training exposes not only the project but also exposes people that use or
interact with the project.
Finally, to summarize all the above ideas, we should say that an engineer with
high ethical and social values would not be very practical, as companies seek
qualified and suitable persons to carry out their projects none want to risk their
projects; not to mention the lack of ethics is something that can also work from
the company.