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EC145 T2

The EC145 T2 Mercedes-Benz Style is the newest addition of Airbus Helicopters EC145 T2 family. Its excellent
performance levels coupled with the sleek design of Mercedes-Benz Style sets the standard for high-end business
and private operations. The quietest helicopter of its class, it features a convenient modular interior, a choice of
renderings, an automatically controlled air-conditioning system, an active vibration control system reducing the
vibration level as well as a soundproofing kit for maximum comfort in the cabin.

For those who dont simply travel but travel in style!

Created from the know-how of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy, the exquisite interior of the
EC145 T2 Mercedes-Benz Style reflects the quality and exclusivity of high-end vehicles. The tasteful cabin features
luxurious materials, elegant woods and ambient lighting, along with cabinets such as cooling boxes, storage and
infotainment, offering unparalleled passenger comfort, refinement and functionality.

No compromise made between safety and style!

The excellent performance levels of the EC145 T2 combined with Airbus helicopters cutting-edge developments in
cockpit design and state-of-the-art Helionix avionics as well as the Fenestron shrouded tail rotor offers passengers
the safest flight possible in all circumstances.

Designed to keep your seating options open



8 passengers

6 passengers + 2 cabinets



6 passengers + large rear storage compartment

4 passengers + 3 cabinets

Four possible color and trim choices

A modular approach - seats mounted on rails allowing maximum flexibility - quickly removable
Floor and wall attachment points offer multi-purpose storage
Wall separation cockpit/cabin for additional passenger privacy



Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW)

8.047 lb

3,650 kg

One engine inoperative (OEI) 2 min power

1038 shp

775 kW

Useful load

3.816 lb

1,731 kg

One engine inoperative (OEI) 30 sec power

1.072 shp

800 kW

Length (rotor turning)

42.72 ft

13,63 m


Fuselage length

38.35 ft

11,69 m

Fast cruising speed

132 kts

244 km/h


13.12 ft


Maximum range with 4 PAX (SL / ISA / MTOW / no reserve) 350 NM

649 km

Maximum range with 6 PAX (SL / ISA / MTOW / no reserve) 300 NM

556 km

Maximum range with 8 PAX (SL / ISA / MTOW / no reserve) 220 NM

408 km

Cat A, VTOL, ISA +20C

1800 ft

549 m

Hover ceiling OGE (TOP) ISA +20C @ MTOW

8.050 ft

2,454 m

Printed on PEFC certified paper originating from sustainable forests.

Versatile unobstructed spacious interior

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Photos: AIRBUS HELICOPTERS / Charles Abarr - Concept design by Airbus Helicopters - Print in France by SPI - EC145 T2 Mercedes-Benz Style - MP-05 14E