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K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore

SSLC Model Question Paper-2 (2015)
Max Marks: 80

Time: 2 Hours 15 minutes

No. of Questions:

Code No. : 31E

General Instructions:
Attempt all questions
15 Minutes is allotted as cool off time.
You are not allowed to write during the cool off time.
Read the Instructions and Questions carefully.
Section A
Four alternatives are given for the each of the following questions/incomplete
statements. Write the correct or the most appropriate answer in the space

1 mark 3 = 3

1. 'Your best cannot be bettered' says Columbus. This statement implies that
(a) none is perfect at any time
(b) there is always scope for improvement
(c) once we reach the level of being best, we can never improve
(d) Columbus is not totally happy with Franscisco.
2. Satish Gujral is a _______________
(a) technician

(b) musician

(c) painter

(d) teacher

3. The writer says, 'I found myself in Geneva' It expresses, more than anything else,
the writer's __________________
(a) pleasure

(b) surprise

(c) anxiety

(d) annoyance

K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2

Answer the following questions in 2 or 3 sentences each.

2 marks 4 = 8

4. What is termed as his worst enemy by Columbus?

5. What did Don Anselmo do as he left the place with the money?
6. Roma said "I think it's astonishing". What was astonishing?
7. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:
The boy on the bed was not asleep. 'Pandit Ravi Shankar!' he said. 'Pandit Ravi
Shankar' the sitar maestro?' He raised himself up on his elbows for one second,
then fell back. But his eyes were shining. 'We mustn't miss the chance' he said,
'l've-I've always wanted to hear him and see him
8 Read the extracts and answer the questions that follow.
a) Where was the boy?
b) What chance did the boy not like to miss? Why?
9. The old folk used to say that happiness was a beautiful bird living on a snowy
mountain far away in the east. Wherever the bird flew, happiness went with it.
Every year people went to look for this bird, but not one of them did every return
a) What did the old folk say about happiness?
b) Was the bird of happiness imaginary or true? Justify.
10. Don Anselmo's coat was old, green and faded. I thought of Senator Catron, who
has been such a power with these people up there in the mountains. Perhaps it was
one of his old prince Alberts. He wore gloves. They are old and torn and his finger
tips showed through them. He carried a cane, but it was only the skeleton of a
worn out umbrella.
a) Why was the story teller reminded of Senator Catron?
b) How was the old man dressed?
11. Answer the following questions in about 6-8 sentences each.
Swami made a comment on the newspaper report. Was he right?
How did Swamis view differ from that of his father?

K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2

Baleswar had good memory. Do you agree with this? Give examples to support
your answer.
Four alternatives are given for the each of the following question/incomplete
statement. Write the correct or the most appropriate answer in the space

1 mark 2 = 1

12. The blind boy could feel __________ of the sun.

(a) brightness

(b) warmth

(c) blessings

(d) light

Answer the following questions in about a word a phrase or

a sentence each.

1 mark 2 =2

13. Who do you think is the speaker of the poem, in the poem 'I am the land'?
14. How has the Jazz musician held his instrument?
Answer the following in 2-3 sentences each.

2 marks 3 = 6

15. How do you interpret the speaker's interpretation of mercy as twice blessed?
16. 'Laughter not only makes us happy but will better the world also' says the poet
John masefield. What does this mean?
17. State the reasons for the poet saying 'Calendar and Clock' are useless in space.
Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow


18. 'I strongly recommend a quiet week in bed'.

(a) Why had the doctor recommended Grandma to take rest for a week?
(b) What do you mean by brief season in hell?

Answer the following questions in about 6-8 sentences each.


4 marks 1 = 4

19. Quote from memory.

We were ..
K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2

.. last
Is this a tone of weakness or self assertion? Explain.
Supplementary Reading
Answer the following in 2-3 sentences each (20-21)

1 mark 2 = 4

20. What was there in the mysterious parcel? What suspicion did the police have
about that?
Life for Hanif in the beginning was never a smooth sail. Why was it so?
21. What was the biggest problem that Dicky Dolma had to face when she was getting
ready for the finale frontier?
Nehru chose Dr. Ambedkar as the law minister in his cabinet. What might have
prompted Nehru to do so?
22. Combine the word in column 'A' with the collocative word in column 'B'



23. You can form opposite of the word 'advantage' by adding a prefix _________

K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2

24. The spelling of the word is jumbled. Write the correct form of the word.
25. Which one of these words has 3 syllables.
Apart, school, direction, economics
Section B
A dialogue is given below. Read it and answer the questions that follow:
Don Anselmo :

Sir, there is a complaint against the children of Rio-en-Medo



Yes, sir. The children run over the lawn everyday and destroy
trees in the American's garden.
If I had told them they would not have done it. Now, its not
too late. If I tell them they'll listen to me. I will ask them to
grow more trees.
If they grew trees they would be happy, too.

Don Anselmo :


26. What is the complaint against the children?

27. Write the synonym for the word 'run over'
28. What would make the American happy, according to Don Anselmo?
29. Where did the incident take place?
Look at the graph. It gives the information about the result of a school in various
subjects. Based on your observation answer the questions given below.

K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2


30. English has the highest result (True/False) tick the right one.
31. Which subjects have the same result?
32. Which subject was difficult for the students ?
33. What is the percentage of social science?
Below is a paragraph of Dicky Dolma who became the youngest women to scale
the Mount Everest. Based on the information given below. Complete the profile of
Dicky Dolma
Dicky Dolma was born on 5th April 1974 in Palchan, Himachal Pradesh (HP). She
was deeply interested in skiing and she has been a regular at the Nationals since
1989 and still participates. She has even won various medals at National and
International levels. She had been fascinated by the grandeur of the snow clad
peaks of the Himalayas The urge to climb those peaks led her to join basic
mountaineering course at Manali 1991, at the age of 16. After the completion of
the course, she climbed Mt. Everest on May 10, 1993 and became the world's
youngest women to have achievement the awesome feat of scaling the world's
highest peak at the age of 19. Besides mountaineering, she loves to listen to music,
especially old Hindi film songs. Currently she is teaching mountaineering at Basic
mountaineering institute in Manali.
K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2

Imagine you are Surina / Surya residing in Dharwad at # 334, 2nd Cross, M.G.
Road, write a letter to your friend Latha about the science exhibition organised in
your school.
35. Draft an invitation for your school's annual day celebration using the following
Chief Guest


Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru

20th Dec. 2014
DDPI, Bengaluru

A paragraph is given below. It has four errors. Edit and rewrite it using the clues
Hanif was a student of Kerala School in
New delhi and has applied to the army
When he was graduting in Shivaji College, New Delhi
Clues: a) Verbal mistake to be corrected
b) Capital letter to be used
c) Spelling to be corrected
d) Preposition to be corrected.
36. Rewrite the sentence given below beginning with the clues given in the brackets
_____________ you carry the heavy files for me?
The correct modal to be used above is
a) may
b) might
c) would
d) should
37. It is a beautiful flower________
The question tag to be used above is
a) is it?
b) isn't it?
c) wasn't it?

d) was it?

K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2

38. They went to the exhibition.
The correct 'wh' question for the above statement is
a) where did they gone?
b) where did they go?
c) where have they to go?
d) where do they go?
39. He did the work.
Choose the passive form of this sentence.
a) The work will be done
d) The work was done by him
c) Let the work be done
d) The work would be done.
40. Fill in the blanks with correct articles and prepositions
The constitution is ____________ fundamental document which designs _______
position and power the three organs _________ the state.
41. Read the conversation. Based on it, complete the form given below.
: Good morning, Peter
: Very good morning, Janet

: Let's not waste our time. She we begin?

: Sure, I'm rather you raised the subject
Janet and Peter exchanged pleasantries.
Janet was eager to get into the business. She asked him ___________________
Peter accepted and ______________ that ________________ glad as she
_______________ subject.
42. Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of verb given in the brackets.
My sister's marriage __________ (be + arrange) to take place on 21st May.
We _________ (be + to + to get) the invitation ______________ (print) by the
second week of this month. My parents ____________ (will + visit) the relatives
by 5th of May.
43. Some sentences are given in columns 'A and 'C' some co-ordinating conjunctions
are given in column 'B'. Match the combine them to form compound sentences.

Pepe stood at the starts


his crew would have turned violent

K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2

Pepe was still a boy

or else

good is our guide

Columbus was an able leader


the men could not go up

We will reach the shore

and so

he was bold

44. Arrange the following words in the order in which they are put in a dictionary.
sleep, slit, slim, sleeves
45. A message reads like this:
'Plz cum 2 c me'
What does it mean? Write it in the normal way.
46. Your teacher asks you to find out the information on the recent floods in Kashmir.
Which reference material would you refer to?

K.S.E.E.B., Malleshwaram, Bangalore, English Model Question Paper 2