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Planets and its influence on career

In the quest to understand the importance of planets that influence our career many astrologers often
restrict themselves to the 6th house, the house of service and the 10th house, the house of career. Planets
occupying the 6th house or the 10th house will be looked at with a lot more importance and predictions
are made. The dasha, antardasha operating at the time is often overlooked and hence predictions made go
awry. The planets which are more active during the dasha period, antardasha period will play an equal / if
not more active role in determining the efficacy of the predictions.
Similarly apart from the 6th house and the 10th house, the 3rd house also plays an important role in
determining the growth in career. 3rd house happens to be the 6th house from the 10th house / 10th house
from the 6th house indicating its importance. It is the house which determines the abilities of the
individual to handle a job, service thereby shaping up the career of the native. A strong 3rd house gives a
good and high achieving career for which the services are recognized significantly. Similarly a weak 3rd
house will not give the native advances in his career and his life will be full of struggles.
The third house in Astrology deals with all art related matters. Painting, singing, writing, films, dance,
drama are some of the matters which are governed by the third house. In the charts of famous actors and
singers we very often see a strong third house or many planets placed in the third house. We even see a
strong third house in the charts of archeologists, journalists, and people associated with the media
industry. Venus is not the karaka of the third house but Venus represents art and all the third house
matters indicated above. When Venus gets connected with the third house either by ownership,
occupation or aspect, it gives a boost to the third house matters. Those who are looking for a career where
glamour and public attention are involved need to have a strong Venus and a strong third house. Together
with Venus other planets will produce different artists when placed in the third house.
Mercury indicates writing and when a strong Mercury gets associated with the third house a career in
writing is indicated. If not a career in writing, then a person may have good writing skills. This is seen in
the charts of journalists and writers. Professors and teachers are seen from Jupiters occupation, aspect or
ownership of the third house, as Jupiter being Guru governs the teaching profession. Saturn in third
house, career-wise, gives an interest in philosophy. If a person is a writer, his writings will be
philosophical with Saturn in the third house; if a movie director, then he will make movies that have a
philosophical outlook. Ketu and Rahu if aspected by a benefic will give glamour and the struggle for it.
Mars indicates courage, as does the third house and its relationship with the third house can give a career
in fields like police and defense. Sun placed in third house is the same as Mars in the third house and will
give courage. Moon in the third house career-wise indicates an interest in psychology.
A strong third house gives good concentration abilities to the person. With this power a person can focus
all his energies on the desired objects and achieve them easily. The third house governs willpower as
well. With strong willpower a person can achieve many things easily in life. Afflictions to the rest of the
birth chart but a strong third house at the same time can give a person what he wants through sheer

Which Profession should I select - through

This question has been asked to me by many persons and I feel that my fellow colleagues would have
been asked too. The answer to this question is not simple because of the variety of new fields & career
options that are coming up nowadays.
The knowledge of astrology here plays an important role. The field of interest, the area of skills, whether
the career will be profitable or not can be known through this divine science. This knowledge will help

the students / parents in making a right choice so that he can prosper in future. This will also help an
individual in avoiding certain decisions which are taken on the spur of the moment and save the
embarrassment later on.
The zodiac is divided into 12 different signs and 12 houses which form the basis of the birth chart. This
division is known to all those who have basic astrological knowledge.
The 10th House is known as the House of Karma or profession. Planets which are deposited in the 10th
house are important in deciding the strength of the natives profession. A strong 10th house will indicate
that the native will rise higher in his area of profession. The sign in which the 10th house falls is also
important for the lord of this sign and its placement in the birth chart / divisional charts (varga) will be
important in deciding the nature of profession. The Planets which aspect this planet or the 10th house is
important in deciding the conditions / situations in the natives professional workplace. A good aspect
will give good working environment to the native and give happiness to the native in his profession.
Illustrating the above with an e.g. for Ascendant in Aries (mesh rashi). The 10th house is Capricorn
(makar rashi) and hence the lord of the 10th house is Saturn (shani). Any planet which is deposited in
capricorn will increase / decrease the strength of the 10th house. This will determine whether the native
will rise high or stay at a lower position in his career. If there is no planet in the 10th house then the
strength has to be seen from the placement of the 10th lord in the birth chart / divisional charts. The
position of Saturn in the vargas and the aspect (dristi) it receives will decide the nature and environment
of profession.
Natives having aries ascendant are bold, self-confident and impulsive; they aim to lead, dislike to follow,
are always ready to take the initiative in any movement that appeals to them, but often lack persistence to
carry their projects to a conclusion over serious obstacles.
Shani in the 1st house (lagna) will be debilitated (neecha), this means that the lord of the 10th house is in
the 1st house (lagna). This will make the native toil hard and make him a self made man. This
combination will help the native rise all by himself & due to his own efforts. The rise for the native will
be in the old age because sani signifies an old man. Sani will also be the lord of the 11th house (kumbha
rasi), hence the native will get financial benefits also during old age. The native will prosper in the
profession depending on the aspects that is received from other planets. If there is no planet having a
dhristi to this sani then it is considered highly unfortunate. It is always better to receive some aspect than
having no aspect at all. Next thing to be looked at is whether sani is receiving any aspect (dhristi) or not.
mars having an aspect to this sani, here mars is the lord of 1st house (mesha rashi) & 8th house
(Vrischic rashi) and is a benefic planet for aries sign. It will boost this combination and the native will be
able to prosper at a much faster pace. Mars dhristi will give the native much energy to be very active in
matters related to profession. Such natives will come out successful where lot of struggle and hardships
are required in the profession. This combination has been seen on surgeons doing postmortem (Saturn
signifying death and mars signifying operations).
venus having an aspect to sani, here venus is the lord of the 2nd house (vrushabh rashi) and the 7th
house(Tula rashi). This native will be able to earn money with the help of partnership and business
especially in female companionship. Such a native usually prospers after marriage. This combination is
seen for persons involved in flora and fauna, florist, agriculture.
mercury having a dhristi to this Saturn, here mercury is the lord of 3rd house (mithun) and the 6th
house (kanya). The native is seen to succeed in service in the fields of communication, IT and is also
good for becoming an astrologer. Sani is also a significator for HR (labour related activities). The 3rd
house is the house of communication and the 6th house is house of service. This means that the native
will succeed in service related industry which is involved in communication and human beings like
BPOs , call centre, union leadership, relating to labour industry, HR firms, recruitment agencies etc.

A native with Taurus Lagna has a slow and plodding nature, it also makes him persistent in whatever he
undertakes, and his talent in a certain direction will be exploited to its fullest extent. Such people are
conservative in nature. They may see and desire improvements in various lines, but are slow to adopt
measures and accomplish the desired end; Setbacks which would take the courage from a person with
Aries Lagna do not daunt this native, he knows no defeat, and therefore he usually gains his goal in the
end and achieves success by concentration upon one point, and persistence in following his chosen path.
These people are "thorough and steadfast" in their work, they persist in a given direction, and neither
reason nor argument will turn them. They are argumentative in defense of their actions or opinions; they
grasp new ideas slowly, with difficulty and conservatively, but once understood, they always remember
what they have learned and defend their opinions.
The 9th and the 10th house lord for this native is Saturn. That is why it is also called as a yoga karaka for
them. The 9th house will represent purva punya or fortune and the 10th house will represent their karma.
The position Sani occupies for this Taurus Lagna native will determine the direction and nature of his
karma or profession.
Sani occupying the 1st house is regarded as highly fortunate for this native. It makes him slow in his
speech but whatever he says will have weight and will be worth hearing. It gives him a quiet disposition,
he will be slow to decide, but stubborn in maintaining a position once taken. These people can be trusted
to keep their own and other people's secrets. This combination gives the native a profession in an
organisation where he is able to access confidential reports and requires secrecy to be maintained.
When Saturn is in Taurus in Lagna and Mercury is in Scorpio, he causes trouble with his speech. It also
gives him a quick temper. He also suffers from the tendency to be melancholy; such people tend to drop
everything they take into their hands. It makes him timid. This combination is not a good one for
partnership and doing business. But mercury in other houses can give good insight to the native with
ability and logic. If mercury is in Kumbha or Makar Rashi, then this will give him good programming
skills and success in the field of computers, analyst, planning etc.
When venus is with or having a drishti to Sani or the 10th house for a Taurus Lagna native then these
people are stingy in all money matters and exceedingly money minded. This combination is good for
accumulating money in service, having female colleagues and a profession related to fashion designing,
horticulture, electronics. However these natives have poor business judgment and therefore are liable to
losses, failure and bankruptcy in business.
If Mars is with or having a dhristi to Sani or the 10th house for a Taurus lagna native then it position
gives financial difficulties in profession and in business. This is because mars will be the lord of the 7th
and 12th house to this native. This combination can be regarded as unfortunate to the native as it can
make him cruel, deceitful and treacherous. These natives could have a profession which requires
violence, destructive nature or demolition. However benefic aspects from other planets can also make the
native a civil engineer, archeologist or an architectural engineer. The type of career will also require the
native to settle at a place which is very far from his birth place.
Moon with Saturn in Taurus is good for concentration of the mind and can give the native the ability to
do research and higher studies in management.
Jupiter with or having a dhristi to sani or the 10th house for a Taurus lagna native gives a strong character
with a deep and philosophical mind, a benevolent disposition with a strong sense of justice and fair play.
Jupiter is the lord of the 8th and the 11th house for these natives, hence they will consequently gain honor
and esteem in their community. They will gain prosperity commensurate with the environment in which
they are placed, for this combination gives sound financial judgment, the ability to grasp opportunity,
benevolence, devotion to duty, religion and all good objects in life.
Sun with or having a dhristi to sani or the 10th house for a Taurus lagna native endows the person to have
some of the finest faculties in administration, this combination brings out the best qualities in the two

planets. It gives foresight, method and organizing ability with the moral stamina to carry any project to its
successful conclusion despite delays and obstacles. Yet the person makes no enemies and he would never
stoop to do anything mean for he is sincere and just in his dealings with all men. It brings success in
political and judicial positions, also in connection with mining or agriculture. However there is difficulty
in finding and keeping employment, trouble with employers and authorities.

Selecting a Career / Profession through Astrology

A person will succeed by having a profession as indicated by strongest sign in the horoscope. A sign
which has the support of its lord or aspected by benefic planet is considered to be strong. The most
powerful and dominant planet in a horoscope has often a say in deciding ones career, especially when he
is the lord of the ascendant or lagna.
Planets give excellent indications of success and failures in the various professions. If children are guided
properly and are given liberty to act according to their likes and aptitudes, they can build a bright future
for themselves. Many times education is wasted because millions of people pursue wrong vocations. In
21st century every skill is part and parcel of money generating scheme and have acquired their firm
places in any profession. Astrology can help one evaluate the prospective of a child and can have a
reasonable idea of the field in which this has best chance to develop.
This article attempts to divide professions according to the birth signs. The birth position of Ascendant /
Birth Moon / Birth position of Sun / Lord of the Ascendant / Lord of the 10th house / Placement of the
10th lord should be integrated and considered together. The strongest of all the above will be likely to
give the result. However a proper conclusion can only be met when the horoscope is analyzed properly
from career perspective.
Career best suited for Aries
General characteristics of Aries Its element is fire, ruling planet is mars, quality is cardinal and always
on the move. It is the first and fastest of all the signs, but not noisiest. The natives are quiet and work
swiftly. They have the ability of mars, a planet concerned solely with action and physical energy. Aries
have so much power and energy that they tend to burn themselves up. As such they should take care
replenish their resources. Ariens are entrepreneurs, leaders and adventurers. They are highly motivated
and courageous. Ariens are well suited to become a firefighter, surgeon, mechanics, professional athlete,
rescue workers, soldiers or security personal. It is a fiery and movable sign and denotes careers that
require enterprise, dynamism and energy. Native with strong Aries will be outstanding in whatever
profession they may be. They may be closely associated with government and are vulnerable to criticism.
They do well in military, police, security services, scientists, engineers, dentists, surgeons, mechanics,
metal, minerals, technologists, wrestlers, brick kiln worker etc. They earn a lot of wealth by persistent
efforts. A strong sun or moon or mars makes the native successful in executive jobs. With strong sun in
Aries, one may do better as a politician, industrialist, timber merchant, educationist, a surgeon, bone
specialist. Strong moon in Aries gives more dignity than wealth that is changeable fortunes for those in
independent business. Strong mars make law officer, industrial worker, managerial business, army or
police officer. One can have good business in cattle or food grains. Saturn in Aries gives native success in
metals, engineering type of profession or he may be connected to central government or higher
departments. He will shine in career but his income will depend according to the combination of other
planets. Likewise we will have explanation of other planets like mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu
and ketu. Aries falling in tenth house makes a native great men and he will be manager of other estates.
Career best suited from Taurus
Its element is earth, ruling planet is Venus, quality is fixed and its symbol is the bull. Taureans are stable,
conservative and sensual. They are fond of smart clothes, jewelry and comfortable Life and would excel
in fashion designing, jewellery and interior decorators. They are impressed by bigness. Financial
institutions or big corporations are places which are first preferences of Taurians. They have artistic skills

and often Taureans become good actors, singers, sculptors, interior decors or involve in work with the
earth in one or the other ways. They are down to earth and practical. It is a second sign of zodiac with
fixed earth. Strong Taurus natives are good advertising and publicity agents, throat-specialist, actor,
singer, musician, those connected with entertainment and amusement, tailors, gardeners, nursery owners,
dealer of vehicles, cosmetics, jewellery, costly fabric, garments, fashion articles, finance, broker,
company manager, accountant, farmer, horticulturist, agriculturist, or carpets, cement etc. They also
deal in milk, land, sugar, cotton and similar professions. If sun is in the Taurus, native will earn in films
or music or fine arts and is competent and practical in whatever he does. Moon in Taurus makes one
noble, discreet, dignified with slow and steady progress. Mars in Taurus gives gains from agriculture and
moderate wealth. Saturn in Taurus will help native earn livelihood from luxury related goods or
transactions. Likewise we will have explanation of other planets like mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Rahu and
Career best suited for Gemini
Its element is air, ruling planet mercury, quality is mutable and symbol is the twins. Geminians are very
unyielding in their determination and are often considered as obstinate. They have great power of
endurance, both physical and mental. They can pass through enormous strains of fatigue as long as the
excitement or determination lasts. They are often seen as writers, orators, journalists, teachers,
secretaries, lawyers or computer programmers, excellent directors etc. Gemini native are good workers in
communications, engineers, analytical studies of law and education, writers, secretaries, rail and air
transport connected professions, inspectors, sales agents, auditors or accountants, representatives,
diplomats, journalism, transport, short journey by roads, tutors, secretaries, personal assistant train and
traders in diverse commodities. They are also proficient in logic and mathematics. Sun in Gemini gives
one gain excellence in engineering, music, fine arts, and law education. Moon in Gemini makes one
excels in intellectual pursuits arts, technology of any kind, sports, writing, journalism , mathematics,
commerce, trade, banking and earning from various sources. Mars in Gemini makes good scientists
educationists, engineers, doctors, technologists, and businessman. He will get interested in jobs of
touring, try to do many works. Saturn in Gemini will make native earn through his intellect, commercial
transactions, business enterprises or social works. Likewise there is explanation of other remaining
Career best suited for Cancer
Cancer- its element is water, ruling planet is the moon, quality is cardial and the symbol is THE CRAB.
Cancariens are subtle and brilliant, but they usually lack continuity of purpose. They have tremendous
mind power and are enthusiastic, imaginative and researching. Their minds keep changing according to
the situations. They can become good psychologists. They will be influenced by the dress, gait habits
and bearing of their colleagues, friends and all those around. They have to cultivate will power and self
confidence to become successful in life. They will amass wealth through the exercise of their
imagination, poets, writers, famous actors, photographers, cinematographers, directors, lawyers, lectures,
company promoters, pubic speakers or career which requires diplomacy, tact and fineness. They are good
in biology, botany, geography, zoology, fishing, marine life, merchant navy, home furnishing, dairy
farming, bee-keeping, honey, all jobs related with water or liquids, nurses, doctors and managers of hotel
institutions, explorers, caterers, shipping, fishing, sailing, water supply, drainage, archaeology, public
life and mediation, chemical industry, historians etc. Sun in cancer gives name and fame in any field, but
native suffers due to fickle nature. Moon in cancer gives luck, wealth and comforts with rise and fall in
life. Mars in cancer gives job related with travels, foreign, water, horticulture, irrigation, water supply,
marine, literary or artistic fields. Saturn in cancer connects natives earning from arts, traveling, water
connected activities etc. Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.
Career best suited for Leo
General characteristics of Leo -Its element are fire, ruling planet is the sun, quality is fixed and symbol is
Leo is creative, artistic, colorful, generous, honest and revolutionary. They are able persons who can
readily take up any job and complete it. At the same time they are full of contradictions and are
sometimes restless. They will have great administrative talents. Once they have panned something, they

will work their way through it, come what may. They are good poets, artistes, politicians, engineers,
chemists, doctors, military personal, dentists, metallurgists, sportspersons, astronauts, astronomers,
traders or experts in law. Leo strong natives are dynamic, dominating, creative, cruel, self made person
who cannot be dictated and do well in jobs of authority and power. Such natives are civil servants,
politicians, ministers, chief executives, diplomats, speculators, auditors, investment business, jewellery
and gold, fireman, theatre owners, ambassadors, forest officers, dealers or manufacturer of drugs or
chemicals, film and drama directors or magician. If afflicted one becomes one becomes criminal too. Sun
in Leo makes one rule over others. One will be famous, brilliant and wealthy, whatever be the profession.
Mars in Leo makes one enterprising and daring in politics or endeavours and conquers all hurdles or
enemies in profession. Afflicted mars makes native violate norms in his over zeal and the endeavor may
go in vain. Saturn in Leo makes native successful in government authorities or jobs connected to
government. They have success in later period of their life.
Career best suited for Virgo
General characteristics of Virgo-Its element is earth, ruling planet is mercury, quality is mutable and its
symbol is THE VIRGIN. Virgoans are natural bureaucrats but socially they tend to be shy and lack of
confidence when expressing their feelings. They will accomplish what is impossible to others. They will
shine in professions of mass communication and will shine well in service related jobs. Virgoans keep
changing their plans. They want frequent changes in everything. They can resist anything that threatens to
upset the boundaries of their expectations and established order. They become excellent secretaries.
Virgo natives do well in jobs requiring intelligence and efficiency like psychologists, psychiatrists,
healers, professors, mathematician, computers, astrologers, accountant, auditors commerce and trade,
chartered accountants, management graduates, paper dealers, book keepers, authors or writers jobs
related with communications or transport, clerk, stenos, land owners, television, radio, internet. One has
better chances of rising under some feminine control. Moon in Virgo makes native fortunate, learned,
lecturer, advocate, do business, trade, interested in foreign lands and successful in life and profession.
Strong or full moon gives still better results. Mars in Virgo makes one a musician or a craftsman or a
technocrat or an agriculturist with a more pragmatic and cool headed approach. Saturn in Virgo makes
native commercial minded in career, accountancy, commerce etc. Likewise there is explanation of other
remaining planets.
Career best suited for Libra
General characteristic of Libra- its element is air, ruling planet is Venus, quality is cardial and the symbol
is THE SCALES. People born in this period are generally successful in life. They earn money by
business that affords pleasure to people. They will understand the finer secrets in the minds of others and
act as accordingly. They will make people happy and make a living out of it. Librans artistic qualities
enable them to create beautiful and pleasing environments, so that they can be cordial company both at
home and at work. They thrive in social groups, being born diplomats, bringing enemies together to make
them friends. They are fastidious about their personal appearance, have a great respect for rank and
position and are great supporters of law and the laws decisions. Natives with strong Libra in 10th are
good management consultants, judges, advocates, officer of law, logicians, druggist, beauticians, fashion
designing, fashion models, interior decorators, air hostess, sculptors, television artists, cartoonists, cinema
artists, pilots, receptionists, perfume or costly garment makers, photographers, bar owners, trader in many
articles. If sun is in Libra one may have interest in gold, iron, metals and minerals or in a travelling job or
has a job of distant land. But in government profession he will face setbacks. Moon in Libra makes one
religious, full of energy, brave and optimistic. Profession indicated are legal/ management consultant,
film, HR or cine industry, interiors decors, photographers, graphics, perfume, costly garment
manufacture, air hostess, liaison officer, receptionists etc. Mars in Libra gives a touring job such as
tourism, hotels, transport services and luxuries trades. Likewise there is explanation of other remaining
Career best suited for Scorpios
General characteristics of Scorpio- its element are water, ruling planet is mars, quality is fixed and
symbol is the scorpion. Scorpions have instinctive sense of what is right and what is wrong. They are
constructive of the good and destructive of the evil. They will never bow to the authority of others. They

will be good in yoga, meditation, medicine, scriptural studies, spiritual studies, scientific studies and
research. They are usually interested in all the things deep, dark or hidden, which cover a range of
activities. They may become psychologists, therapists, archeologists, historians, detectives or members of
mysterious religious cults or political groups. It gives a profession in the army, navy, police officers or
defense officials, boilers, surgeons, dentist, drugs, chemists, water supply, nurses, judges, geographers,
explorers, barbers, dealers in sea foods, mechanics, sailors, dock workers, coffin makers, navigators, lic
agents, research scientists, astrologers, occultists, detectives, security men, diplomats, or railway
employees. If Mars is afflicted then one resorts to condemnable acts engaged in anti social or crime
oriented jobs.
Sun in Scorpio makes one do well in military, police, secret services, ordinance factories, fire fighters, as
doctors, manufacturer of drugs or narcotics. Mars in Scorpio makes one a good salesman, trader,
businessman, property dealer, owner of land, factory or property, warrior, military, police, electrician, fire
fighter, doctor, surgeon, manufacturer or dealers in arms, weapons, dealer of medicines or poisonous
drugs or electrical goods. Saturn in Scorpio makes one revengeful and reactionary. He may do
undignified jobs. Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.
Career best suited for Sagittarius
Its element is fire, ruling planet is Jupiter, quality is mutable and the symbol is the archer. They are noble
persons who are very helpful to others. They are great counselors, untiring workers, knowledgeable and
good at extracting work from others. They cannot adapt themselves to the changing trends very easily and
quickly. They will follow the dicta of elders and preceptor. They do well in machines, chemicals,
artifacts, public service, administrative jobs, banks, philosophers, diplomats, electronics, computers, and
commission business and through journeys across long distances. They will not be carried away by
money or fame. They will be persons of good habits and actions. It also gives a profession as ministers,
councilors, priests, teachers, preachers, school, temples, lawyers, judges, explorers, consultants,
physicians, civil engineers, army officers, patriots, sportsman, weaponry, animal husbandry, executive
bankers, financial experts, magistrates, accountancy, astrology, professors, philosophers, writers,
publishers, woolen traders, shoe or footwear. He may do well in jobs of bravery, courage and social
activities. Afflicted Jupiter can make one an offender. Sun in Sagittarius makes one happy and wealthy as
a scholar or skilled man in use of weapons and hands. He may be a teacher warrior, a surgeon, engineer,
artist, artisan, mechanic or sports man. Mars in Sagittarius makes one a warrior. He could spoil his health
and wealth due to his anger and harsh speech. Saturn in Sagittarius makes native adopt career in field of
forest , forest engineer, wood, spiritual societies and services. Likewise there is explanation of other
remaining planets.
Career best suited for Capricorn
Its element is earth, ruling planet is Saturn, quality is cardinal and its symbol is the mountain goat.
Capricorn is that described by the combination of Saturn and the earth element: materialistic, practical,
serious and cautious. The Capricorn is the ideal industrialist or businessperson, letting no humanitarian
concerns interferes with the important business of making money. They may appear to have the ability to
create tangible, practical gains, not to mention wealth and prosperity. They are however, inclined to go to
extremes in all things, and make sudden decisions, or change their minds for which they may regrets, but
they are too proud to acknowledge their error. These natives takes up jobs as plumbers, in agriculture,
horticulture, mining, forest products, metallurgy, experts in minerals, geology, banking, civic works of
supply and disposal, dentist, engineers, builders, executives, property and timber related cottage
industries. They usually succeed late in life. Sun in Capricorn makes one greedy, unstable and always in
hurry, takes up several works which may not be manageable and may face revolt by own man. Moon in
Capricorn makes one shrewd, diplomatic, famous and wealthy in any profession. He may be technician,
scholar or musician. Mars in Capricorn makes one famous and wealthy ruler, commander or high
official. Saturn in Capricorn makes native adopt career in travelling, jobs, through food or water
contents, manure type of departments, agriculturist, horticulturist, florist. Likewise there is explanation of
other remaining planets.
Career best suited for Aquarians
Its element is air, ruling planet is Saturn, its quality is fixed and the symbol is the water carrier. Aquarius

has strong mental force, but they are as a rule, generally misunderstood by others. They are thinkers, have
good reasoning ability and make natural heads of business organizations or any form of government
work. They are independent and high-minded in all their actions, and detest being under the restraint of
others. Aquarius is a fixed sign; Aquarians often develop a lifestyle, or a set of attitudes, which they find
impossible to change. They worship intellectual, clever people and are deep thinkers. They rarely
interfere with the affairs of others, but they will never stand interference from others. It gives a profession
as professors, philosophers, public relation officers, intellectuals, researchers, scientists, engineers,
astrologers, computers hardware expert, automobile expert, atomic or space expert, aeroplane mechanics,
electricians, dealer in metals, transport jobs, ferries, aquatic products. If sun is in the Aquarius, one is
malicious and skilful but is disliked by others due to changing loyalty and infidelity. Mars in Aquarius
makes one an evil and unfortunate and causes fall from position or heavy losses due to his misdeeds.
Saturn in Aquarius makes one expert in secret knowledge, psychology, administration etc. they become
good teacher or guide, intellectual worker. Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.
Career best suited for Pisceans
Its element is water, ruling planet is Jupiter, its quality is mutable and symbol is the two fishes. Pisces are
emotional, sensitive, impressionable and vulnerable. They are imaginative, poetic and even psychic. They
are lover of beauty and nature. Also they may be too soft, too compassionate, and give in to unreasonable
requests and unjustified demands. Pliant and diplomatic, they do not usually have to face showdowns.
They enjoy healing professions like nursing, social work and physiotherapy. They are great biologists,
artists, interior decors, graphic designers, fashion designers, musicians, psychologists, astrologers,
academician, philosophers, media person, journalist, travel writer, directors, entertainer or cosmetology.
It gives a career as doctors, anaesthetisist, nurses, water supply works, shipping, fisheries, marine
products, navy, international trade, fortunes through wife, priest, courts, lawyers, place and work at
places of confinement, work as prison guards, work in orphanage for secret services, sanatorium
workers, wardens, dealers in petrol, oils, chemicals, paint and perfumes, teaching jobs, work requiring
imagination like cinema, film script writing, composing etc. Sun in Pisces makes one learned, popular;
succeed over rivals and gains in profession connected with water. Moon in Pisces makes one technician,
engineer, warrior, musicians, navigator or a government servant. Mars in Pisces makes one reside in
foreign land with honorable job. Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.

Profession through Astrology

Planets in 10th house, lord of the 10th house, those influencing Lagna, lord of lagna, the Sun and the
Moon, are all significators of profession. The signs occupied by the significators of profession also
influence the nature of the profession. Consideration of all the three lagnas - Janma lagna, Chandra lagna
and the Surya lagna is necessary. The tenth house is a very important house in the horoscope of a person.
It is the house which determines one's rank, social status, and profession of a person.
In this article I have tried to include the importance of the planet Sun on profession related matters.
If the Sun is placed in the tenth house and is strong by being in friendly sign, Moolathrikona or
exaltation. It produces outstanding success in life. One gets a patronage of highly placed officials and
noble men. It also denotes much success in government circles and embassies. The person enjoys good
reputation and credit. He has steady success in his undertaking. In middle life, he may expect honors and
The Sun indicates government service, trees, timber, chanting of hymns, gambling, wool, medicine,
metalwork, gold, father, kings, fire arms, fire, poisons, and forests. The Sun denotes employment in the
State Service, administration or management. It indicates people having much authoriy and power. The
Sun denotes government offrcials, kings and administrators. One may be in a government service, or in
the senrice of a noble man or king.

The Sun indicates one's father. When the Sun is connected with the 10th house one may have income
through his father. Or he may use his father's property as capital and thereby prosper. This can be so
when the influence of the lords of the 9th house or 5th house falls on the Sun. The Sun indicates
medicine, and medical profession too.
If it is a significator of profession, by being connected with the 10th house, and other significators (like
Mars) also denote the same, one may take to medical profession. Influence of Mars, Ketu etc. would
indicate professions connected with fire and fire arms. Influence of Jupiter, as lord of 9th house would
point out to chanting of hymns and the profession of a priest. He may be associated in religious activities
or organisations. Or he may be employed in a mutt or a religious institution. The reason for this is, that
the Sun is a satvic planet. Influence of the 12th house is also to be considered here. For the twelfth house
is said to have close connection with temples. The Sun indicates timber. When it is connected with the
lord of the 4th house, one may be supplier of timber for house construction.
Or he may be a furniture merchant as the fourth house signifies such matters. Sun ruIes over business in
grass or straw, medical profession, embassy, trade in pearl and gold. All positions of trust and authority,
prominent positions in government, commanders, bankers, noblemen, association with rulers, goldsmiths
etc are also associated with Sun.
The Sun indicates medicine, medical profession, trading in wool, grass, corn, gold, pearls, and the
profession of a messenger. The Sun indicates profession of father (caretaker) also. The Sun is a fiery
planet. If it is connected with Mars, and Ketu, the profession may be related to fire arms, electricity, radio
engineering etc.
Some of the professions related to Sun in combination with other planets is given below:
Sun-Moon: mechanic, sculptor, Manufacture of various instruments, and machines, one working on
Sun-Mercury: clever, expert, intelligent, happy, engineer, mathematician, inspector, astrologer.
Sun-Jupiter: cruel, doing other's jobs, a teacher, judge, good physician, magistrate, bank agent, principal.
Sun-Venus: dying, use of weapons, transport, women's hospital.
Sun-Saturn: expert in metals, minerals and the manufacture of vessels, geology, coal, mines, dentist.
Sun-Mars: police, military, factory, able surgeon, mechanical engineer a great officer, factory manager
Each profession is signified by one or more planets. It is also signified by one or more houses. Thus the
two indications (i.e., of the planets and the houses) have to be blended together. Consideration should
also be done w.r.t. Lagna and Chandra lagna. In the present article, the significance of the planet Sun is
being given. It should be properly synthesized with the indications of houses and alter accordingly. Only
after a thorough analysis and careful judgment the final conclusion may be arrived at.