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Ministry Update: The Sacred Garden

Sister Dorothy Batto has prepared a Summer Program of Offerings for the
Sacred Garden, located in Bandera:

Be transformed.
Spiritual Direction & Pastoral Consultation
In spiritual direction, you reflect more deeply on the experience of your daily life in
order to recognize Gods presence and grace in it. In pastoral consultation, you explore
a difficulty, problem, or issue preventing you from feeling healthy and whole.
Individual: by appointment. Fee: $20 - $30/hr.
Group: by arrangement. Fee: $10 - $15/hr per person.
#701: Walking the Labyrinth
The labyrinth is a sacred, reflective tool found in every spiritual tradition. Walking the
labyrinth is a metaphor for journeying through lifes challenges and constantly changing
circumstances and its many opportunities for additional growth, discovery, and
transformation built into every step of the way. At its most basic level the labyrinth is a
metaphor for journeying into your Sacred Centera space of deep wisdom, courage,
healing, love which you can tap into and then carry back into your home, workplace,
social circles, and every other situation of daily life. Learn to make effective use of this
tool. Actually experience its power for your life. Understand why people all across the
globe are rediscovering this ancient spiritual tradition.
Sunday, June 14.1 5 p.m. Fee: $30 ($40 after June 1)
#702: The Joy of the Gospel
Despite words about joy and rejoicing appearing repeatedly in all the Gospel
accounts, in todays world joy is a seriously underappreciated aspect of Jesus
proclamation of the reign of God. Reflect on Pope Franciss exhortation to encounter
Jesus anew so the joy of the Gospel can be enkindled in your heart and life, and this
happiness can grow even deeper as you face the many modern-day challenges to
authentically being a Church in mission to all humankind.
Sunday, July 12. 1 5 p.m. Fee: $30 ($40 after July 1)
#703: Grace: Gods Greatest Gift
Remember what you learned long ago about grace and now challenge yourself to take
a new look at this most important aspect of your faith life. Take an unforgettable journey
into the mystery and wonder of the divine heart continually revealing itself in your
everyday human experiences. Uncover the understanding of grace that stood behind all
the work done at Vatican Council II, and forms a basis for the Christian belief that God
wants all humans to be whole--and fully empowers each for that.
Sunday, Aug. 9. 1 5 p.m. Fee: $30 ($40 after August 1)

#201: Easing Into Contemplative Prayer

Do you pray the same now as you did earlier in life? Do you desire a deeper and more
vibrant prayer life? Learn invaluable, down-to-earth, honest, and easy-to- understand
suggestions for helping your prayer to naturally evolve and mature over time.
8 Mondays, June 15 Aug. 3. 8:30 10:30 a.m. OR
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Fee: $60 ($80 after June 1).
#101: Spiritual Quest and Its Changing Landscape
When you survey the many ideas being presented about what it means to live the
Christian life, are you puzzled by the significantly varying images of God, readings of
Gods will, presentations of Jesus, and emphases on what constitutes the important
features of a life lived in harmonious relationship with God? How can you judge whats
authentic from whats misleading or false, whats helpful from whats fruitless or even
harmful? What principles are reliable and foundational for life-giving growth-producing
Christian spirituality? Engage in open honest dialog about important spiritual concerns
for modern people who experience genuine spiritual hunger but feel somewhat
disoriented, and even lost, in the area of spirituality.
9 Tuesdays, June 16 Aug. 11. 7:309:00 p.m.; Fee: $60 ($80 after June 1)
Open Garden
The Sacred Garden is open without appointment for personal use of labyrinth, prayer
nook, grassy commons, reflecting pond, library, and conference room.
Wednesdays, June 10 Aug.19. 1:30 5:30 p.m. Donations accepted.
#602: Letting Go: The Five Steps to Forgiveness
Forgiveness is good for your body, mind, and spirit. While you know this intuitively,
research reinforces how true it is. Your Christian faith, as well, teaches that you are
called to be like Christ and forgive generously and sincerely. The question is often how
to do this. This program teaches the how. It helps you clarify what forgiveness is and
what it is not. It also challenges you to explore and courageously face why you dont
forgive. Then, through learning and practicing the five steps of LET GO, you will be able
to get past your past and look back with interior freedom and peace.
6 Wednesdays, June10 July 15. 9:00 11:30 a.m. OR 6:30 9:00 p.m. Fee: $50
($70 after June 1).
#603: What Happened at Vatican Council II?
Vatican Council II, the biggest meeting in the history of the world, concluded 50 years
ago but is a livelier topic today than it has been for decades. Basic questions are being
asked: What precisely was Vatican II? What did it do or intend to do? Was it properly
implemented? Are its decisions being subverted? Gain the orientation you need to
appreciate the problems Vatican II faced and to grapple with the questions being asked
about it and its effect on the Catholic Church and the whole world today.
6 Thursdays, June 11 July 16. 9:00 11:30 a.m. OR 6:30 9:00 p.m. Fee: $50 ($70
after June 1).
#803: Your Spiritual Pilgrimage

We, along with all Gods People, are always pilgrims, always on the way, never able to
say we have fully arrived. To live with a pilgrim mentality demands a deep Gospel
spiritualityand uncovering that spirituality is what this program is all about. You will
first explore the pilgrimage experience, its modern resurgence, and some
misconceptions. You will trace the significance of pilgrimage in Biblical times and into
Vatican IIs understanding of the Church as a Pilgrim. Then, in detail, you will reflect
upon eight pilgrim attitudes/beatitudes that are essential in the daily life of every
genuine Follower of the Way, as Christians were first called.
Friday & Saturday, June 26 27, 8:30 a.m. 4:15 p.m.; Fee includes lunch: $60 ($80
after June 1).
#802: The Spirituality of Vatican II
Vatican II radically shaped the spirituality and doctrine of the Catholic Church in the
20th and 21st centuries, and its documents are as relevant today as ever. In this program,
you will briefly examine whats at the heart of the Councils 16 main documents, and
discover how this can powerfully shape your faith and relationship with Christ today.
This program is a perfect complement to program #603 What Happened at Vatican
II? which deals more directly with the history and theology of the Council.
Friday & Saturday, July 24 25, 8:30 a.m. 4:15 p.m.; Fee includes lunch: $60 ($80
after July 1).
#804: Becoming the Eucharist We Celebrate
Christians rightly consider the Eucharist to be the heart of their faith. At the Last
Supper, Jesus said, Do this in remembrance of me. What does this really mean? What
are the larger implications of this command for you as a Christian? One implication:
You must make your life completely Eucharistic! You must BECOME the Eucharist you
celebrate. How? Jesus shows you through the four verbs used in connection with the
institution of the Eucharist: He took the bread, blessed the bread, broke the bread,
and then gave the bread. In this program, you will unfold the very practical
implications of these verbs for your ordinary everyday life.
Friday & Saturday, Aug. 21 22, 8:30 a.m. 4:15 p.m. Fee includes lunch: $60 ($80
after August 1).
Volunteer Garden Angel Opportunities
Greet visitors & give general help during Open Garden. Provide help with library, yard,
housekeeping, fundraisers, etc. Support with financial donations.
Registration Process
Register early for best rates. Mail your completed registration form with payment to The
Sacred Garden, P.O. Box 2853, Bandera, TX 78003. If registering within 7 days of the
start date of your desired program, please call or e-mail The Sacred Garden to indicate
your intention to participate. Include name of the program & provide full contact
About The Sacred Garden
This service, under the direction of Sister Dorothy Batto, is dedicated to the
psychological and spiritual growth of all men and women who desire to live a more
dynamic and meaningful life. It offers opportunities for personal and transpersonal
development in a supportive and resourceful environment where individuals and small

groups can gather, explore, and share the reality of their lives and find ways to live with
greater depth and integrity.
The Sacred Garden is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry of the Sisters of Charity of the
Incarnate Word with a special concern for upholding the dignity of those who are
economically poor and vulnerable. This charitable ministry is supported by the
contributions of program participants, fundraising activities throughout the year, and
donations of friends and patrons who support its mission. Financial donations to The
Sacred Garden are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.
The Sacred Garden
(Mailing address) P.O. Box 2853
(Physical address) 1306 Oak Street
Bandera, TX 78003; Phone (830) 688-0167
E-mail: TheSacredGarden78003@gmail.com
Request to be placed on our mailing list.
About the Director: Sister Dorothy Batto, CCVI has over forty-five years of
experience in educational, spiritual, and pastoral ministry. Graduate of the University of
the Incarnate Word, she earned an MA in Religious Studies from St. Louis University
and an MA in Transpersonal Studies from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.
She obtained certificates in Spiritual Formation from St. Louis University and in
Spiritual Direction from Mercy Center. More recently, she was certified as a Healing
Coach through the BodyMindSpirit Healing Academy. In addition to her responsibility
for The Sacred Garden, she currently serves on the workshop staff and the spiritual
direction and retreat teams for the International Ministry to Ministers Sabbatical
Program at Oblate School of Theology, as well as Intercultural Consultation Services.

The Sacred