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Hi guys!! Here are the survey questions.

I hope you send me your answers by

Friday next week April 3, 2010. Thank you so much for helping us. Congratulations!


General tips on reviewing and taking the bar exam

List down your materials and start gathering them before you start your
Make a study schedule to follow, but be open to changes.
Take breaks when you feel like it.
If your study style in law school worked for you, follow the same style for your
Do not forget to pray.
Recent jurisprudence is very important.
Do not forget to answer past exams.

Describe you typical study day (Did you study alone? In groups?)
I reviewed alone, but Id occasionally consult with some batchmates the
issues I cannot resolve on my own.
My typical study day looks like this:

10:00 am Wake up
11:00 am Start studying
2:00 pm Lunch break
2:30 pm Back to studying
5:00 pm Merienda break
5:15 pm Study again
7:00 pm Dinner break or movie
10:00 pm Back to studying
2:00 am Go to sleep


My daily schedule includes many short washroom, phonecall, stretching, etc.

(breaks these will work if you, like me, have a short attention span)
I am not really a morning person. My peak hours would be during the
evening up to 1 or 2 am.
I did not adjust my sleep cycle, unlike what most people have done. The
earliest I was able to get up during the review was at 8 am, but I gave up
after like 2-3 days of waking up this early.
My dinner break became shorter as it neared September.
What is your review schedule on a daily and monthly basis?
I started my review on May 4, 2009.
I only finished two readings. I was able to finish my first reading in mid-July.
I do not study on Sundays, except in the month of August.

What are the materials/books used in each subject? (Is it advisable to read
the book again? Or are reviewers sufficient?)


1st Reading
1. Primer
2. Nachura
2nd Reading
1. Nachura
2. Agra Notes
3. Beda Memory Aid PIL Part
4. PIL Pre-Bar Notes by Candelaria
1. Primer
2. Selected Portions of Nachura
3. Primus
4. Election Notes by Jack Jimenez

1st Reading
1. Alcantara
2nd Reading
1. Everyoness Labor Code by Azucena
2. Social Legislation Outline/Hand out by Disini
1. Manuel Notes
2. Ateneo Summer Reviewer
3. Beda Red Notes

1st Reading
1. Jurado
2nd Reading
1. Family Code by Sempio-Diy
2. Succession by Balane
3. Oblicon Outine by Balane
4. Notes on Land Titles based on the Talk by Dean Delos Angeles
5. Zuniga Notes Credit Transactions
6. Conflict of Laws by Sempio-Diy
1. Beda Red Notes
2. AdMU Pre-week
3. Magic 400 MFA provisions in the Civil Code


1st Reading
1. Mamalateo
2nd Reading
1. Co-Untian
2. Reyes 1&2
1. Montero Notes recent jurisprudence
2. Abella Notes
3. Primus

1st Reading
1. CLV Commercial Law Reviewer (selected portions)
2. NIL Made Easy by Abad
3. Quizzer Corporation Code & Securities Regulations by Perez
2nd Reading
1. Commercial Law Review by Sundiang and Aquino
2. Jack Jimenez Notes
3. Jack Jimenez Monograph on IP
4. Quimson Insurance Outline (2nd year)
5. 2007 Catindig Notes
1. Beda Case Digests in Commercial Law

1st Reading
1. Gregorio
2. Reyes (selected portions)
2nd Reading
1. Ortega Notes
1. Ortega Notes
2. Portions of Gregorio
3. AdMU recent jurisprudence

1st Reading
1. Beda Memory Aid
2. Feria Noche and Sabio for reference
2nd Reading
1. Beda Memory Aid

1. Beda Memory Aid
2. recent jurisprudence


1st Reading
1. Pano
2nd Reading
1. Aguirre
2. Hofilena
3. Beda Memory Aid
4. Forms Reviewer by (Dean) Justice Abad
1. Beda Memory Aid
2. Forms Reviewer by (Dean) Justice Abad
3. AdMU Pre-week reviewer
**Common for all pre-week reviews Codal and scan through all materials
studied (during 1st and 2nd reading) for last minute recall.


When did you start to study? Did you study right after graduation?
I started my review on May 4, 2009.


How many readings were you able to do?

2 readings only, but very slow and thorough. This was really my study style
even back in law school.

Did you attend the review classes in Ateneo? Did it help you? If only in
certain subjects or professors, please specify.
I did enroll in the Ateneo review classes, but did not attend except for the
very first - How to study for the Bar. I felt that preparing to go to school and
travelling to school would take up so much of my time. And I am able to
absorb better the things I read rather than the things I hear. It will really
depend on what your style is. Some people, unlike me, absorb better the
things they hear.



Hardest subject?
Tax Law, Criminal Law, and Ethics and Forms (because it was long)
Easiest subject?
No easy subject, but there were familiar and answerable questions in every
What did you do the night before each test?
Study cramming mode! Try to look at as many materials as you can.

Hear mass.
Accept friends and family visits in hotel room.
Try to get some sleep!

11. What are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taking the exam?
Follow instructions. Read it twice or thrice before answering.
Read the question entirely before formulating your answer.
Try not to discuss answers specially after the morning exam because you
need as much time you can get to prepare for the next exam.
Avoid unnecessary stress.
12. What is the best thing you did or had that helped you top the bar?
Study more than how I did during law school.
Allocate time for family and loved ones.
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