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The Sinister Path, Volume 1

Dragon's Blood

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Essays and articles contained in this

book were originally printed in
Dragons Blood magazine in the years
2004-2007. Chosen from four issues
that are no longer in print, i.e. #1
Beasts of Watery Abyss, #2 Practical
Necromancy, #3 Dark Witchcraft,
and #5 The Adversary.


The list of contents:

Books in English
Books in German
Art & Music

- A Few Thoughts on Tiamat

- Alchemical Rebirth in the Waters of
- Apep, the Serpent Chaos Demon


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- The Ceremony of Apep

- Azrael and the Death Principle
- Invocation of Azrael
- Coitus cum demone: Incubus and Succubus in Legend and Occult Arts
- Evil in the Eye of the Beholder
- Great Journey Backwards - Into The Shadow Embrace Of Infernal SabbatIn the Desert of Sutuach
- Invocation of the Four Goddesses of the Sabbat
- Ladies of Infernal Dimensions Goddesses of Death and Rulers of the
- Ceremony of Persephone
- Leviathan "King over all the Sons of Pride"
- Invocation of Leviathan
- Luciferian Gnosis
- Conjuration of Lucifer
- Niantiel: "Where the last of the borders is crossed
- Nitocris Queen of Ghouls and the Lady of the Pyramid
- Descent into the Temple of the Sphinx
- The Dark Side of the Moon: Presentation of the Gamaliel Qlipha
- The Vision of Gamaliel
- The End of All Flesh
- The Path of Cain
- The Sabbatic Ritual of the Horned God and Goddess
146 pages, A5, softcover
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Publisher: Lodge Magan
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sol Tenebrarum: The Occult Study
of Melancholy by Asenath Mason
I can barely conceive of a type of

I can barely conceive of a type of

beauty in which there is no
melancholy, wrote Charles Baudelaire
in the nineteenth century, referring to
the phenomenon that had fascinated
philosophers, artists, musicians, poets
and writers for centuries. In the modern
world melancholy is commonly
confused with sorrow or identified with
depression, but in the history of the
Western culture it was always seen as
present both in depressive states and
excesses of manic rapture. For over
two thousand years melancholy was a
part of humoural theory which
assumed that the body and the mind
were mystically connected and these
connections explained all character
traits, dispositions, tastes,
appearances, emotional states, mental
disorders, and physiological

Traditionally viewed as a wide range of disorders caused by the imbalance

of life energies, throughout centuries melancholy acquired a complex
esoteric and philosophical meaning. It became the disease of the soul, the
triumph of the inner darkness over the godly light of reason, the source of
genius and inspired madness, the synonym for lethargy and spleen, the
deadly sin, the Saturnian principle of ecstasy and suffering, the dark element
in the human nature, and finally, the universal condition of all humanity.
This book is concentrated around the traditional view of melancholy and its
interpretations in ancient and modern history of the Western esotericism. It
attempts to translate ancient concepts into the contemporary context and
rediscovers melancholy as the central part of occult philosophy, representing
the most critical stages of spiritual experience. Alchemy, Dionysian
mysteries, Bacchic rites of ecstasy, lycanthropy, acedia, spiritual journeys
into the underworld, inspired insanity, Dark Night of the Soul, Saturnian
contemplation, qlipothic initiations, and the mystical meaning of the Black
Sun these are only a few themes from this fascinating book.
328 pages, A5, hardcover
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Publisher: Edition Roter Drache
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Glimpses of the Left Hand Path
This book is a collection of fifteen texts
on chosen aspects of the Left Hand
Path, including essays, rituals and
pathworkings. The articles cover such
themes as:
Hecate - Goddess of Darkness, Magic
and the Moon
Seven Babylonian Demons of the
Introduction to Goetic Magic
Rudolf Steiners Demonosophy
Demonic, Natural and Qabalistic Magic
in the European Renaissance
Sorath - Steiners View of the Antichrist
Yatuk Dinoih - Black Magic in Ancient
articles about Pan, Melek Taus, Lilith
...and many more...
140 pages, A5, softcover
PRICE: 16 EUR + postage.
Publisher: Lodge Magan
Availability: In stock