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Detailed Lesson Plan in Science for Grade VIII

Prepared By: Raslia P. Ronda



Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the lesson, the Grade VIII students will be able to:
a. Define Biodiversity
b. Tell the Levels of Biodiversity
c. Discuss the importance of Biodiversity
Learning Content:
A. Topic:
B. References:

1. Textbooks: Mariano, Jan Jason. (2012) Science Links II (Biology).

Sampaloc, Manila: Rex Book Store, Inc. Pp.
Learners Module: Campo, Pia, et.al (2013) Science Grade 8 Learners
Module. Pasis City: Vibal Publishing House, Inc. pp. 224
2. Web:
a) http://education-portal.com/academy/lesson/what-is-biodiversity-definitionand-relation-to-ecosystem-stability.html

b) http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2011/04/30/what-you-can-do-to-protect-


C. Instructional Materials: Visual aids (Pictures)
D. Science Ideas:
a. Biodiversity is the variety of life.
b. Biodiversity have three levels. These are the species diversity, genetic
diversity, and ecosystem diversity.
c. Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter
how small, all have an important role to play.
Learning Strategies

Teachers Activity
A. Preparatory Activity:

Students Activity

1. Prayer
Everybody, please stand for the prayer.

(The students will stand and pray)

Take your seats.

(The students will sit down)
2. Greetings
Good afternoon class!

Good Afternoon Maam Ras!

How are you doing?

Were doing fine Maam.

3. Checking of Attendance
Im glad to hear that. Who are absent

Nobody is absent today!

Very good!
4. Recapitulation
What was our topic yesterday?
Thats right! What are the two special
series of elements?
Very good! The lanthanides and
actinides are special elements but are
also part of the transition block; they are
also called the inner transition elements.
What are the physical properties of
Yes. Metals also vary in reactivity. The
most reactive metals will react even with
cold water while the least will not react
even with acid. The ease and speed
which a metal reacts with another
substance is called its reactivity. Did you

Our topic yesterday was the periodic table of

The two special series of elements are
lanthanides and actinides.

The physical properties of metals include luster,

malleability, ductility, and conductivity.

Yes Maam.

So, I assume all of you understood our

previous lesson.
5. Motivation
(The teacher will show different pictures of

I observed that there are different organisms.

What have you observed from the pictures

Thats right!
B. Lesson Proper
What is biodiversity?
Thats right! Based on the pictures
provided, biodiversity is the variety of life.
Bio means life and diversity means

Biodiversity is the variety of life.

Did you know that there are three levels of
What are the three levels of biodiversity?

Very good! What is species diversity?

Yes. Species diversity is the number and
abundance of different species.
An example of species diversity is the
number and abundance of different types of
mammals. What is genetic diversity?

Yes Maam.
The three levels of biodiversity are species
diversity, genetic diversity, and ecosystem
Species diversity is the number and abundance of
different species.

Genetic diversity is the amount of variation in

genetic material within a species.

Thats right! An example of genetic

diversity is the variation in genes that encode
for hair color in human. Did you get it?

Yes Maam.

Very good! The third type of biodiversity is

the ecosystem diversity. What is ecosystem

Ecosystem diversity is the variation in the

ecosystem found in a region or the variation of the
ecosystems over the whole planet.
Yes Maam.

Thats right! Do you know what is

Yes. What is ecosystem?

Ecosystem is a community of living organisms in

conjunction with the nonliving components of
their environment interacting as a system.
The examples of ecosystem are desert,
grasslands, corals, forests, and many more.

Thats right! Give examples of ecosystem.

Yes. Examples of ecosystems are deserts,
grasslands, corals, forests, as well as
wetlands, oceans, and many more.
Ecosystem diversity is the largest scale of
biodiversity and within each ecosystem,
there is a great deal of both species and
genetic diversity. Did you understand?
What is the importance of biodiversity?

Yes Maam.
Biodiversity is important not only for the variety
of beautiful and interesting species it offers us, but
it is also very important to the stability of an
ecosystem and our entire planet.

Very good! Biodiversity is important

because it boosts ecosystem productivity
where each species, no matter how small, all
have an important role to play. For example,
A larger number of plant species means a
greater variety of crops. Greater species
diversity ensures natural sustainability for all
life forms. Did you get it?

Yes Maam.

Very good!
C. Activity
(The teacher will group the students into 4
We knew that biodiversity is extremely
important to people and the health of
ecosystems. Together with your group
members, brainstorm your ideas with the
question What you will do to protect the
biodiversity in your community? Write your
answers on the Manila paper. After that,
choose one representative to present your
D. Generalization
What have you learned from our lesson

(The students will do the activity)

I have learned that in order to protect the

biodiversity, we need consume less and be more
mindful about what we consume. We need to
leverage our purchasing power to help protect
biodiversity by consuming products that do not
harm the environment.
Nothing Maam.

Very good! Do you have any questions?


1. What is biodiversity?
2. Enumerate the three levels of
biodiversity and give one example.
3. Why we need to protect our


Read in advance the classifying and
naming organisms.