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Ever since its invention as a projected moving picture, film has
remained a mystic force, for at times encompassing an entire art
form. With great passion creative ideas, Masque Films is dedicated
to the preservation of the original aesthetic of film as a medium,
ultimately by which images are related to unique sounds and

Since each operating member of Masque has a diverse

background ranging from design, painting, photography, opera,
film, to an analytical application of creative theory, we pride
ourselves on our unique perspective. The combination of
academic diversity, inherent artistic sensibility and real-world
experience gives Masque a distinct advantage to develop projects
that are often overlooked by the motion picture industry.

In projects ranging from music videos, narrative short films,

commercials, and experimental art films, Masque will continue to
search and discover a refined and unique beauty within the film
and art world, thus forging a distinct relationship between the two.
The Work of Masque

Comissioned by Janice Tanaka as part
of her feature film, this dark fantasy
featured the music of Boards of
Canada. It is an experimental
exploration as often practiced by
Surrealist artists who wanted their work
to be a link between the abstract
spiritual realities and the real forms of
the modern world. Through their craft of
painting, sculpting, writing, or
filmmaking, artists could deliver the
inner-realities of the subconscious to the
conscious mind. Meaning could be
deciphered through analysis and its
subsequent abandonment. The
concept began with, “Things are not
always what they seem to be.”
The Work of Masque


The Film ‘Intermezzo‘ is from a

psychological fantasy, ‘Lucir Y
Sombra’. This short was inspired by a
Peruvian folk-tale that describes the
creation of the sun and the moon.
Paralleling the forbidden love between
brother and sister, the movement of the
sun and moon, Masque re-composed
the existing language of conscious mind.
We treated the film as a form of visual
operatic poetry that constructed as
much as it destroyed in the fantastical
world. It was the recipient of the
prestigious Panavision and Eastman
Kodak grants. This film previewed at
REDCAT in Los Angeles, and KIMEP in
The Work of Masque

This musical project consists of two short
films - ‘The Bleak’and ‘September
Song’. It also features two music films in
Russian and English titled ‘Autumn’,
which is an exploration of terse emotions
and forgotten memories surrounding
Vadim Kozin during the last years of his
life. Kozin was a cabaret singer in the
20s who was sentenced to ten years in a
labor camp during the Soviet regime.
This received the Audience Choice
Award at CINtax Film Forum in 2008. It
screened at the Wimbledon Shorts in
England, P’Silo Images Contre Nature
in France, EXIS Film Festival in Korea, and
at REDCAT in Los Angeles. It is being
distributed in Canada by Movieola Films.
The Work of Masque

Left Where It Fell

Inspired by the music of Rachmaninov,
this film pushes symbolic visuals and
hyper-realistic imagery to study the
connective tissue between characters,
and raise questions about the
fundamental basis of reality and the
dark sides of human nature. It is also a
celebration of music, and its relationship
with image. There is no dialogue, and
the film uses the musical score by Gil
Shohat that combines with the visuals to
contextualize the story with a specific
emotion. ‘Left Where It Fell’ mixes
fantasy with reality, and raises questions
about our own mortality. Given the
Kodak Grant, It will be featured in the LA
Downtown Film Festival, and the Dance
Camera West Film Festival.
The Work of Masque

‘Memory’ is a story about the tragic
story of a pregnant wife as seen through
the eyes of her husband. It visually
represents the manifestations that occur
in our minds, and how they effect
outcomes of our interactions with loved
ones. It depicts medicine as concrete
and static, while the mind is fluctuating,
complex, surreal, and sometimes tragic.
‘Memory’ will be featured in the 2009
FILMINUTE International Film Festival.
The Work of Masque

Aleph - 12
Commissioned by film artist Janice
Tanaka, ‘Aleph - 12’ features music by
Aemic, which is a successful
collaboration between André
Estermann & Michael Fakesh. Esentially,
‘Aleph - 12’ is a flicker film that
dissects and studies the human body in
a form that disconnects the conscious
mind in order to understand sound,
color, and its corresponding image.
Using distinct optical manipulations
inspired by Ken Jacobs’‘Two
Wrenching Departures’, this music film
is not only a journey into the
subconscious, but a unique study into
the simplicity of touch.
Scenes from the Underground

This photography series depicts various archetypal personalities, who live in one big
house with the same striped walls. The project was commissioned for exhibition by
REDCAT in September 2009. Within the series there are four main characters: a young
secretary who hates her job and searches for hope; a priest who takes advantage of
young, unstable women; a beautiful chain-smoking teacher and her mother, who is
envious of her daughter's looks and life-style; and an ex-model scavenger, who stores
all his personal belongings, including his own child, in a shopping cart.

DESOLATION is about a girl named Violet, who comes to terms with her inner demons
that have been tormenting her adult life. While recollecting memories of her childhood
in a dream, she realizes that the demons have no power over her. Her only friend and
himself a survivor of such struggle, Paradise, attends to Violet by entering the dream,
only to find out that Violet must escape the confinement alone. In the end, Violet
decides to embrace the ghosts, finally discovering her own tranquility at a price of
losing her own being in the eternal dream.
Masque Films is.....

Andrew P. Alderete
Fabiola Muñoz
Sandra Powers
Jared Washburn
Andrew Alderete
Graduating with a B.A. in Biology from
Swarthmore College in 2002, Andrew P. Alderete
obtained his M.F.A. Film degree at The California
Institute of The Arts in 2009. Coming from
neuroscience and microbiology research,
Andrew followed his creative and artistic passion
for film by applying to graduate school with
multiple short films, art, photography, and writing
he had accumulated over many years.

Artistically, Mr. Alderete combines deep visual

and emotional themes with experimental
techniques of storytelling. His attenuation for
detail demonstrates a unique perspective
through character, image, and sound. While at
Cal-Arts, Andrew has produced and directed
over a dozen experimental shorts on 16-mm film,
half of which were hand processed and visually
manipulated optically. Through the unique film/
video program, he explored narrative by using it
as an essential creative substrate to tell simple
stories with complex underlying themes.

Ultimately, Mr. Alderete’s multi-disciplinary

foundation continues to be his forté, where he
applies a diverse and unique creativity into
practical methods of finishing long-term goals.
While continuing to move forward in pursuing
new avenues and methods of storytelling, he will
continue to write, design, direct, produce, and
create whatever necessary to ensure that
specific kinds of beauty in music, film, art, and
design will have its own distinct fingerprint in

Andrew now works as a Feature Asset

Coordinator for Universal Pictures.

Sandra Powers
Sandra Powers discovered her passion for
cinema while studying painting at the
Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.
Eventually that discovery led her to the California
Institute of the Arts, with a Peter Stark scholarship
to receive a M.F.A in Film.

In May 2009 her short Peruvian fantasy film,

“Lucir  Y Sombra” previewed at the Redcat/
Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles. This same
year her film “Autumn” was featured in the L.A.
Freewaves film festival. Sandra’s films, “Miedo/
Treuhand” and “The End” world premiered at
the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2007.
Her films have also been screened
internationally, including the exhibition of
Contemporary Surrealists in London 2007, at EXIS
(Experimental Film and Video Festival) in Seoul,
Korea, in Festival Images Contre Nature/ P’Silo
in Marceille Cedex, France 2006, Experiencia in
Berlin 2006, Festival Begane Grond, Den Haag,
Netherlands 2006 and at the Cinema De Balie in
Amsterdam 2006 among others. Her film,
“Autumn” received the “Audience Choice
Award” at the CINtax Film Forum in Riverside,
CA in May 2008.

In 2006 Sandra was selected to receive an

Official Resolution Certificate from the City of
Boston City councilor at-large Sam Yoon and the
Stephen D. Paine Scholarship for her film “Little

Currently Ms. Powers is working on a

documentary about Kazakhstan, called “The
Silent Steppe Cantata” in collaboration with
American avant-garde composer Anne LeBaron
and renowned tenor Timur Bekbosunov, as well
as art-directing a multidisciplinary art exhibit at
the Fisch Haus Gallery based on “Dido and
Aeneas.” This project received a Puffin Grant.
Sandra has produced and directed over a
dozen music videos and short films and has
screened all of them internationally. Her work
incorporates early film and painterly aesthetics,
resulting in surrealistic imagery that is derived
from her dreams and imagination.

Fabiola Muñoz
Fabiola Muñoz is an Art Director in Los Angeles,
California. Fabiola has designed and directed
everything from print and web advertising to
theatrical performances and films. Fabiola’s Art
Direction for film has been seen and screened
internationally, including Almaty, Seoul, Berlin
and Santiago, Chile. Her print designs have been
published in several international magazines
including, Art Forum, Art News and Art &
Antiques. She has also been included in
exhibitions at the Frost Art Museum and Miami Art

Ms. Muñoz brings to life characters and settings

from other worlds. Her color palette is especially
unique; as the result of her experience as a fine
artist. Muñoz’s process involves concept
development through detailed working drawings
of the costumes and sets. Her ultimate creative
vision eventually gives projects an original visual
Jared Washburn
Jared, a Vermont native, currently works and
lives in Los Angeles. He has collaborated with
critically acclaimed filmmaker Errol Morris on his
last two documentaries as the Interrotron
operator. He also plays a crucial role on
Mr.Morris’ cinematography team and has
worked on several of his commercial campaigns
including: Apple, KFC, Target and Miller High Life.

Jared graduated with a B.F.A from the

Massachusetts College of Art in Boston with a
double major of traditional photography and film
cinematography. This artistic background mixed
with his commercial experience transcends
onscreen to his cinematic artistry. He is always
trying to portray the unseen, the suppressed and
the emotional through the eye of the camera.
Jared's films have been screened at the historic
Coolidge Corner Theater in Boston, the
Anthology Film Archives in New York and REDCAT
in Los Angeles among others.

Jared is currently working on several

commercials with Errol Morris and many different
projects with Masque Films.

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