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Dendi :Then, What else that you feel now Mawar?

Mawar : Im so scare bluder, Im so scary if cemotheraphy make my hairs fall out

and my skin seem bad like human on the tv
Dendi : Oh like that, ok now its time for me to check your vital sign, like your blood
pressure, your temperature, your pulse and your respiratory
Mawar : Yaa, up to you
After Bluder done assessment and examination then He go back to nurse station
Bluder Dendi have finished his examination
Dendi : Nurse, after Ive do examination patient feel worried because she scare
about cemotheraphy
Perawat 1: What do youve found about the data to support the diagnosis?
Dendi : When I palpable, her pulse increase, she look restless, sweat and she always
ask me about the time of cemotheraphy
Perawat 1 : Ok, so what would you do to handle that problem?
Dendi: Ill give here some information about management stress
Perawat 1: Ok, its good enough planning, because I need your help for bring patient
enter the surgery room so Ill give Rizki the task
Dendi : Oh, Ok Miss
Nurse 1 give Rizki the task to do promotion of healthy
Nurse 1: Rizki, What do you do now?
Rizki : I just finished put infus drip, why Miss?
Nurse 1: Dendi have done assessment and physical examination for Nn. M on room
2 bed 2, after it Dendi found Nn. Ms problem, the problem is patient look so worried
because shell do cemotheraphy for the first time but Dendi transmiting the patient
to surgery room so if you not buzzy can you help Dendi to do that?
Rizki: Oh I see Miss. So Ill do health promotion to handle her worried right? Is there
a leaflet as a media?
Nurse 1: Yes of course there, you can take at the nurse station
Rizki: Ok Nurse Adlin, Ill prepare it
Rizki preparing a health promotion tool

On room 2 bed 2
Mom: Lets eat Mawar, come on.. You have not eat yet.
Pasien: No, I didnt want to eat mom, I have no appetite mom, I wanna go home!!!

Rizki: Assalamualaikum, are you Nn. Mawar?

Mom: Waalaikumsalam nurse, yes thats right
Rizki: I was hearing that you didnt want to eat right? So what is the causes?
Pasien: yes, thats right I didnt want eat, but my mom forced me to eat. I just
wanna go home, I didnt want to do cemotheraphy nurse
Rizki: Oh I see, so the cuses is you didnt want to do cemotheraphy right? Mawar,
have you ever now why you must do cemotheraphy?
Mawar: Yes nurse I didnt want to do cemo, its very hurt to me. Of course I know it,
because Im sick
Rizki: Thats right Mawar, ok Ill explain again about the benefit of your cemo soon
Patient: Hemm Ok
Rizki: Now, Ill doing something for you Mawar, from the result of my friends
assessment he gave me information that you feel so nervous, and worried
right? Your pulse increase too, and then youre look so sweat, and you always
ask us about the times of cemo. So in here I would like to help you for handle
your problems with do management stress
Mawar: How is it?
Rizki: Yaa, Ill explain how to do management stress and you can demonstrate it. Are
you willing?
Mawar: Ok, Ill try it
Rizki: ok, we need 20 min to do it. Are you feel comfort with your position like this?
Mawar: May be I want to sit
Rizki: Ok, let mehelp you
Mom: It is difficult? If I try it too, there is a problem?
Rizki: Of course you can do it, lets to start it, ok

Rizki bring a leaflet for help her to explain the material