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Types of Marketing Research

1. Product Analysis
a. Detailed and thorough study of the popularity of products among consumers of an

b. Helps the enterprise in the study of the extent to which

i. The quality

ii. Characteristics

iii. Utilities form

iv. Design

v. Color

vi. Packing

vii. Prices etc. of its products meet the expectations, habits, tastes, attitudes,
& standard of living of its consumers.

c. Helps the enterprise in

i. Deciding the improvements

ii. Changes to be made in its products so that maximum satisfaction may be


1. To the consumers &

2. Maximum demand may be created for its product.

2. Market Analysis

a. It is the study of markets available for a particular product of an enterprise.

b. It determines the quantity which can be sold of a product in a market.

c. It helps in determining

i. The quota of different mediaries

ii. The channels of distribution

iii. Selection of mediaries & salesmen

iv. The determination of their sales territories

v. Determines possibility of selling of products in new markets

3. Distribution Analysis

a. Related with the analysis of different problems related to the physical

distribution of goods and services such as – storage

- Transportation

- Advertisement

- Sales promotion

- Pricing policy

b. Main Aim of distribution analysis is to Control the Cost of Distribution and to

provide the goods and services to consumers at right place and at right time.

4. Competition Analysis

a. It is the analysis of competitive situations prevailing in the market.

b. It makes an analytical study in respect of

i. Characteristics

ii. Qualities

iii. Form

iv. Design

v. Uses

vi. Packing

vii. Labeling etc., of the products of competitors

c. It also makes the study of the policies of competitors in respect of prices,

physical, distribution, advertisement, sales promotion and after sales services etc.

d. Helps the enterprise in deciding its marketing policies and strategies and
necessary changes in policies and strategies
5. Consumer Research

a. It is the research on present and potential consumers of the enterprise.

b. It makes study of different aspects to consumers such as

i. Who are the consumers?

ii. Where do they live?

iii. Why do they purchase?

iv. Where do they purchase?

v. When do they purchase?

vi. In what quality do they purchase?

vii. What are their buying motives?

viii. What impression do they have about the products of the enterprise?

c. It makes a study of consumers of the enterprise, by dividing them on the basis of

their age, education, sex, income, caste etc.

d. It collects the opinions of different consumers regarding products and marketing

image of the enterprise
6. Sales Analysis

a. It is the effective tool to measure the effectiveness of sales organization of an


b. It includes

i. Actual sales performance of salesman

ii. Determination of sales territories

iii. Analysis of the trend of sales

iv. Sales Growth month-on-month report

v. Analysis of market segmentation

vi. Analysis of uses of product

vii. Analysis of the cost of sales etc.

c. This study helps in evaluating the results of performance of selling force of the

7. Motivational Research

a. It is the study of reaction of consumers or society towards the products of

enterprise or the enterprise itself.

8. Advertisement Research

a. It analyses and evaluates the success productivity and effectiveness of the

advertising campaign of the enterprise.