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The homicide of the political aide was a terrible mistake but an

even more terrible mistake is NOW apparently in the making or is

now already being shoved forward.
The homicide of the aide last July 16 2009 was at first declared
to be an ordinary case of suicide but certain points found in the
pathologist's report soon raised suspicion within his family. Also,
some events were overlooked by the people who tried to do a hasty
cover-up of the case and the family also received a letter naming
certain people who were allegedly directly involved in his death.
He was alleged to have been released but his personal items were
still in the custody of certain individuals. Also his body was
found on the roof of the adjacent building and also there was no
evidence that he had ever left the building while standing on his
own feet via any of the exit or entry points despite the presence
of video cameras at the doors of the building.
All these events ultimately triggered a bell.
A second examination by a noted pathologist confirmed the earlier
suspicion of deliberate murder. It was premeditated homicide.
Some of the injuries definitely could not have been self-inflicted.
They indicated a physical struggle had taken place besides being
hit repeatedly on certain parts of the body.
Such cases of homicide of this manner are nothing new. They have
been occurring now and then since time immemorial. But the homicide
was followed by false accusations leveled at the victim and even
his family and also his fellow compatriots.
Now the man in the street knows the full truth and the authorities
and the powers that be are fearful of the potential consequences.
They know the ordinary people are honest folks and are not easily
bought over by truckloads of cash or similar items. They are also
not impressed by any shiploads of free licences or concessions or
tenders or contracts and the like.
Thus the authorities are now using a different approach. In order
to lessen their guilt and transfer it to others, they have started
a smearing campaign against the community or group that identified
with the victim.
These days, certain politicians, extreme groups, the print media
and the national TV are acting together and raising racial and
religious emotions and feelings of disgust and anger against the
said group, particularly the Penang CM. It has been found out
that the racial slurs, political accusations and religion-related
condemnations were all based on lies and glaring falsehoods but
that did not matter at all.
What was important was to make the public feel guilty. And to let
the guilty party feel that he has been unjustly injured. Never mind
if the injury was imaginary. To smear others and to incite hatred
make some individuals feel all powerful. Such is the EVIL of the
powers ruling currently over the place.
The string of events started with false accusations that the CM
had been unfair but facts revealed just exactly the opposite. The
Cm has clearly been scrupulous and had refused to bow to threats
or any appeals to secretly grant favours. He did not want to
practise the kind of backhanded adminstration or politicking so
favoured by the ruling elite.
When the CM was not moved by the emotional threats, certain very
fascist groups instigated by 'supremacy' politicians mounted some
very well planned and well organised marches through certain areas
with the intention to provoke fights or even outright chaos.
The ruling elite or authorities closed their eyes to these evil
shenanigans and wanton mischief wrought by these narrow-minded
evil demons depite all the grand talk of One-this and One-that.
It was sheer hypocrisy where the principle of Heads-I-win-Tails-
you-lose fully applied. Or the 2-set rule of administration.
And right now, certain quarters are busily raising the so-called
'language 152' issue with the aim of arousing deep emotions in
the country. It seems that these quarters are never ever tired
of playing with fire. They should be reminded that 5/13 was a
very well planned incident that arose from a desire to play with
fire just to get even after a bad rejection or loss.
The ordinary folks are being subjected now to ceaseless hot air
that portray certain groups as victims and other groups as bad
apples and all this hot air is basically to deflect the feelings
of guilt over the homicide of the aide on July 16 2009.
The authorities want to do the ceaseless hot air because they know
the ordinary folks might not forgive them so easily this time. The
more so when the cover-up was followed by a string of false and
evil accusations.
It is indeed a terrible mistake to harm an innocent man but it is
even a more terrible mistake to foment racial hatred by whipping
up lies and total unfounded fabrications.
One mistake is bad enough, two are unforgivable. The ordinary folks
should remind the authorities by ignoring events like the Uber
sports meet this coming May. The ordinary folks might be willing
to put up with the flood of foreign workers, the slowdown, the
sham democracy but they will never accept the poisonous lies and
the moral corruption imposed on society and the associated violence
and the present climate of fear, hatred and suspicion.
Don't keep on making terrible mistakes. One is even too many right
now. Cease raising blatantly false accusations against the silent
segment of society. Stop harming them for once !!
Stop the lies and the evil fabrications. When you fabricate a lie,
you need to make another to back it up and then another one more
to back up the last one and then another. And then another. And
another. And in the end you run out of lies altogether. And then
you get truly exposed. Practise honesty. Honesty is always the best
policy. Remember it !!!!

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