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Friday,10th July 2015

Welcome to the new format

Christs Chronicles, which we will
be issuing weekly. Your feedback
would be most welcome. Please
email me at:

The Christs Chronicles


Issue No. 28


Some important dates for your diary:

Monday 13th July
We Need To Talk About Alice
Production 7pm

Friday 17th July

School Closes at 12.30pm

Tuesday 14th July

We Need To Talk About Alice
Production 7pm
Wednesday 15th July
We Need To Talk About Alice
Production 7pm

Remember to check
the School Bulletin for
more information.

Thursday 16th July

Dont Forget:

PTA Summer Picnic

We return to school
on Thursday 3rd Sept.

6pm Sports Field

We wish all of our Year 11s

the best of luck for their
future and all the best for
their GCSE results this

Have a wonderful time

tonight at your Prom!

Christs PTA School Picnic

Thursday 16th July, 6-8pm

Please bring your family, friends and a picnic, to our end-of-year summer
Christs School sports field, Queens Road, Richmond TW10 6HW - Children must
be accompanied by an adult.

Oxford University
Seventeen students spent the day at Oxford University on Friday 19th June.
The day was o and getting places at Oxford. It is clearly hard work but worth it, and the starting
point is getting great GCSEs. They also learnt that most degrees can lead to any career so the
advice is to apply for something you are really keen to study. We did a tour of the college and had
lunch in the grand dining hall. Following that, we walked to the famous Bodleian Library and did a
mini research session at the Pitt Rivers Museum. It was a great day with lots to learn.

Have YOU bought your ticket yet?

Christs School Library
Please remember to return all library books which are overdue, or
due back before September, BEFORE Thursday 16th July.
Fines for late library books will be applied in September.
Use the digital library to read over the summer - down load your ebooks onto your tablet, phone or laptop and read for free!
Go to the school home page, select School Library and click on Christs Digital
Library link. If you dont know your login details simply ask the Librarian .

Advanced Football Training Programme (Ages 7-14)


4th/5th/6th August 2015

11th/12th/13th August 2015
18th/19th/20th August 2015




Richmond-Upon-Thames College,
Egerton Road. Twickenham

20 per day
30 for two days
45 for all three days
Visit www.m8coaching.co.uk or call 020 84819700 to
book your childs place.

When you choose to see

the good in others, you
end up finding the good
in yourself.

God of possibilities,
When I look at others and see
Courage, Commitment, Skill and Strength,
Help me to remember that I can only
recognise in them
What already exists in me.
Help me to develop and use these gifts for
the good of others.

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