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SUITE NORDESTINA arranged by Ronaldo Miranda Brazil earthsongs 220 nw 29th street corvallis, or 97330 usa 541 / 758-5760 (ph) 541/754-5887 (fx) I. Morena bonita Lirico, sem pressa 4=52 Beautiful Brunette art, Ronaldo Miranda af _—— Mo-|} re-na_bo-ni- mp ap que vem ve? © que vem ver bo-ni = t@ vem, vem ver v6, vem ve, rall. a tempo Pen-deu, vi rou, pen-deu, sol a pen-deu, rou,jé pen-seu, {ll vem. v6 ahh ° sol wo - roy, sol pen joco rall. PE a eu, pen-ceu ‘sol nas-ceu, my Vi- rou, pen-deu, vi- rou, pen-deu, pen-deu, pen-deu ———— pn dou, dpondeu. 0 —7) ja nes-ceu 0 sol jd pen-deu, sol i pen - dew m —_— eS sol mf ia pen-deu, pen-deu. 0 => Jd Vi - rou, j4 pendou, ja pen-deu —e dou,jé pendeu. 0 sol w+ ou sol pen = deu,jé pendew. (© 1960 by Ronaldo Mande elie Shure toe II. Dendé trapia The Coconut arr, Ronaldo Miranda 1 Répido, jocoso SS=—= Ya pl- 4 1 no jel = nha degm-bo = ld Co- eo Den 3 | DE = | s | > ho segmebo Id) Co-co Den - | e = Co-co Den-|| atta -pi-4 t@ ro je - mor cgpmeno- sl Coco Den - . f i oe ee Den-déta-pi- a t& no jel - tnhgo-ra td degm-bo lal eae bem articulado fecigg bala dentro to-ve - | Segunda - fel-ra ful & grade da ca - de-ia, La vi eu a corsa fe-iga ba-la den-to tro-ve - ae t Coco Den-|] de__ -& tno jel = th > no degmebo - lal = = co-co Den-f} da . = tl + nho— degm-bo - i 7 =S, ——= Yt Co-co Den-|| ae <4 td no jel o - mho_ degm-bo - ial £ a ia Den-dé tra = pl - dt no jel - tienhgg- ra td deem-bo lal Leve e bem articulado 1p ee === SSS eat senaotemco-ra - ge, se ndo tem eu te - nho, de pe-gé na fa ———S Ss a SS a Ca ba da - na dona fa = cage 2 _—— a ree wimar-ré negn ge-nhol Ca - bra co-ra-geeu ten - ho depe-ga fa. ca_—sin-ho npr a = 5 = MZ oil sendotemco-ra - ge, se nflotemeu te - nho, _pe-gé pragmar-d sin-ho npr —————— i Tho, Ca-bra da-na-do, se nao tem co-ra-geeu tenho de pe-ga ca-brana fa-ca @a-mar-ré sin-no ng en . oe ho. Den- dé ta - pi - @ t& m0 jel ‘ho deem bo - idl rho dagm - bo - is! ‘Aho dpm - bo - idl Benhgo - até degm-bo ll Den-dé tra = pi . te poco rall og A terapo ie Sf, a! Ta no jel-ti-nho degm-bo - idl = = Sf. fienho dgem-bo - la, jei- t= nho tl tal ° lat a z aaa tal a tt! ° tat Ill. Bumba chora i Cry, Bumba : Lento, muito expressive «= 44 arr. Ronaldo Miranda 5 (ae : == amp Pe c 6 ——= == === SS al = cho =m cho = mo Bum-bea cho-meeu vou megm-bo - Vou mggmsbo = ra vou cho - a chovre Bumsba, vou ie cere er mon meu Bum - ba | ve = fe Bum ‘You me.gmbo-ra, wou mg em = cm see eo Bun - be_que o-re Bum = be oumegmoova, eu 2 cho pchowe, AN mou Bum-ba aie cho Te GumEbE quechove, wourggmbo - 18, <6. vou nase eee ieee at nf_—$<$_- ver quem nto me co-rhe P Fe ee gunde fra. que ——_——~— ce eno gH quem mi aud vor.@vem fo me 60 = the - ce chou também di-r. que nnguém au P segunda fern que ver eu vou fam = bém Quen nfo co-nhe 68, qui d-rd quem mi qué bem, quem mi qué boon || € cums =|; = Burbs cho-ra 8 cho - re, Bum -ta_quecho-ra ||Gum - te jt =— | Exmou Bumba cho = repehoe, An eu Bomba que cho=ra Burbs que chova.p Buta bum fun-ta ce = IV. Eu vou, eu vou I'll go, I'll go Alegre, bem humorado = 100 arr. Ronaldo Miranda —_, s Eu vou, eu vou, vo = c8 no val avpa-nhar ma- ca - G bere + i Bu mf, c ; be no _ba- la - gu vB T 8 oe ome) oe ne ea eee ee 6 bene ba-la - to que xi-que x-que x-que BP. you, vo = c& do vai a- pacnhar ma -oa = 6 8 que wi-que w-que x-que Boo - ce nfo vel oma a- 6 ta - te - wieque xi-que xi-que 2i-que Salo (Soo) Fp . A mu-ié do pa-ia co eum i ae eu von evo ed bene be que que nhgue -que n fer sane i Sf PP. =. =. Ga eS Sa aaa © veque xi-que xi-que xi-que d-que xi-que xi-que xi-que que xique xa va tum! ‘xi-que xi-que xi-que xi-que Ls ns 9 = ae ana = S= que xique xq que queriquesiquexique Siqievies ——ual._—stuml=~*«ue xhque neque shave LR fa = SSS — = : Sonik alae ee _ ——S SS SS bee SSS SS == testo ea gh earma que-beup pesceo > oe Re mn ow 2 =f SZ PP. yeep pe pete ee £ hae reper ee qe x.que xq xique queue xiquesiqle NGleNqUOMd wall ~—Manl”—~SCoque aque rau megan eae = i —— (GaSe ae SS SS que x-que que xique neque w-que xique w-que x8 Eu You, eu voW —vO- cB do val @=pa-nhar ma = ca my veque x-que x-que xique xi-que vi-que x-que xique x2 tum! uml Vo - 8 no val =o ma =o vogue x-que a-que xhque_wi-que w-que X-que xi-que xd tum! tum Gu vou, eu vou, oma ca oe bane ba la-iggu vou, ou 8 no Vai 8 - pa-nher ma (pee 6 hy eu vou, ey vou mac 26 Aa articulado a - Vou a + pa-nharme - caso > ba, P ho a — oes Sey Ss Poa anette eet eats fa- igh tut} a Manca-G = be mo oba- (ma ca-G- ba no bas igo um! OF affrettando e crese. ‘wm Ol wm Gi tum! ut Clam OL tim um— FD rn em tage) £7 D wera sons igen toseary: omnes Note: is pests nha Bl tc Ripe fc = Fast jovi ese em ecu “Tigh wel atislated inte, mato enprsive~ slow, very expressive ‘Aloe be moro ~ hse ood rare wm g Eu vou! ~~ eeranaing wht promt et om ach seston EF - wexring wh, ptoras by sim nh econ, .goconu sa ype of Brann alk song heard most inthe sates of Alagoes and Fersmuco Cd and inp sre types of pans fas which x sommon sedan used for cooking. Therefore, these werde Simpy spooky the Kind of se Bamba iea typeof low-pishes Soom. Maite 3 ype of ples ce L.Morena bonita ‘Moren brit, que vem v2 (G0 nasces, ros pene eat Brune esau rune, what have you comet ste? ‘Toesun oun, timed butte ated set. TL Dende trapis co The Caonat ‘Teno stint de enc! Sepundeii sla prage da cael, Ti vias cis fin | oa dentro moves ec Dendé tapi cocomt [bes aboar all Tovent the thou, ‘The Tee he "ugly thing” Eeogmenon Cabra dasa, Bad {Fyee dawt have the courage, 1, ‘alae nin by ore shares nko mo engeno. Sede him de MI. Bumba chers ‘Chora, ches, Cu Bubs Coy Bunda cha ee voumeembors ‘Tie Bute cies and eave Vossme embors, Tvrliesve ‘Yu tocar minh vil, "ak goig to play ny guitar. ‘fi Bamba hot Refae £ Coy Bamtat she Chora meu Bubs, ‘Aitabt Gry dy Boat ‘ume embors, wal eave, ‘osmeemboresegundeeira que ver Tl lesve next Monday, ‘Guemnse me confuse chars [2 those whe don know mecry, {ul died quem mi que ben ‘gine howe who lke me ‘Amant vou pre ecole Tomocrw wil goto school Sprende Wed oe via, ‘oleam tread ond play the guitar TV. Eu vou, eu vou Tigo. lige ‘Arm do paago és cooeso hats gon ope sna maga, xcorrego! 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Cry, my Burba! © sol nasceu, virou, pendew You me embora, the sue rose, lured, tons set (30 myself eemy, vou me_embora, segunda-feira que vem Tl. coco Dend# trapid té no jeltiho de embolé (Dgo myyf my, Monday that comes coconut Deni tmpid is inthe “way of fling Quem no me conhece chore, Segunda-feira fui 8 grade de Who not me know ey Monday went tothe bars oft qui dink quem mi qué tem, Liv ca a cosa fea Gae wiley Gon me fin uel Thee amo I the hing agty Acuski vou pri ecola 2 tala dento tors Tonorow Tigo totie sea! the ginsat ‘inser apendé 1 I en tock viola Cabra danado, se io tem corage eu tno iam i red ond py gue Squy hls not oe cure I hace IV. Eu vou, eu vou, De pepi cara ma faa ie el es Of we Spay bythe ° ee = Voce no. vai ami sinhd no engenbo You wr ee fed ‘inte aly aithe al paar macaiba no ball a pokap acaba inthe base I. chore, chor, oe A mie do pain & um cola the we ofthe loon a cas © Bumba chon e ex voume enborn Op Biniay dees en rove exha cain da cama quebrou 0 pesca Bam aT gp mye ay fal ofthe “bet “role the Pak Youme enbora Opi mg, eeocepa orf ay, Gi sipped onthe. ‘manger spp vou tocar minha viola a minha roupa eu mague (go play my guitar fe on the my clothes “tor Ronaldo Miranda was born in 1948 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Piano and Composition from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and the Universidade de Séo Paulo, In 1974, Miranda started his professional career fas music critic for the Jornal do Brasil, a well-known newspaper from Rio. It wasn’t until 1977 that he decided to dedicate himself more intensely to composing. He has since pro- duced a significant group of works for various instruments and voices, in many different genres and forms—including solo and choral works, cantatas, and the opera Dom Casmurro, premiered in 1992 at the Teatro Municipal de Sao Paulo. Among his well-known choral works are Belo, Belo (1978), Noite (1980), Aleluia (1985), and Liberdade (1986). His works have been published in Brazil and abroad and have been performed in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Italy, England, Switzerland, Argentina, and the United States. In 1999 he composed Sinfonia 2000, commissioned by the Ministério da Cultura do Brasil to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Brazil’s discovery. Miranda finished his Sufte Nordestina in 1982. In that same year, the work received an award at the Concurso Nacional de Arranjos Corais de Miisica Folclérica Brasileira, promoted by the Fundagao Nacional de Arte. Suite Nordestina (Northeastern Suite) is a four-movement choral suite freely based on folk melodies from Northeastern Brazil. Because of its folk content, the arrangements have a certain nationalist flavor with simple harmonies and syncopated rhythmic patterns. It is also interesting to notice the presence of the embolada style in the second and fourth movements. Embolada is a poetic-musical process from the coastal areas of Northeastemn Brazil character- ized by a somewhat declamatory melody, very fast and repetitive rhythmic passages, and a comical text. Daniel R. Afonso, Jr, Editor