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Daylight is a project, which aims to approximate the countries of Northern and Southern
Europe through research and Theatre Practice. The research and artistic work developed by the
students/actors of the various participating countries will be developed through rehearsals at
Teatro Taborda, Lisbon, field trips and fieldwork that not only introduce them to Portuguese
geography and culture, but also promote and strengthen the exchange and sharing of
experiences among participants, under the symbolic and significant theme of the Sun. By the
end of this process, a show will be performed in Lisbon at Teatro Taborda and our wish is that it
may be presented, as well, in each of the participating countries.

The primarily idea is to develop a project which involves drama students from the
Scandinavian and Mediterranean. Firstly the participants will come to live in Lisbon and work
together at Teatro Taborda. During a period of two months they will work side by side with the
artistic team of Teatro da Garagem, aiming the creation of an artistic object. In the end they will
publicly present it. They will also have the opportunity to explore and learn the Portuguese
language and culture.
To make all this doable, taking into consideration the actual situation all over Europe, it is our
intention to develop partnerships with different Universities through their international offices.
Having Erasmus plus funding the residencies of the participants through its mobility action, it will
be less expensive for us, organizations behind this partnership.
Daylight Project aims a theatres research and creation. Having universitys drama students
and professionals of the same area of studies as a target group, the project will develop around
field research activities and labs regarding critical depth and the materialization of scenic
In the work to be developed, focused on theatre practices, will be offered pathways around
artistic creation having as a starting point a group of immersive experiences field research
activities. Those activities aim the development of creation awareness, in a way that, gradually,
the people involved recognize and consolidate their own strategies and working methods.
The labs aim to provide the students with tools for scenic embodiment, in a technical and
logistical level (light, sound, multimedia, stage mechanic and presence), to enable them to
deepen their professional skills associated with performing arts.
The international dimension of the project promotes a dynamic sharing of different cultural
experiences, grounded in a common purpose of inter-knowledge, collaboration and mobility.

Teatro Taborda | Costa do Castelo, 75 | 1100-178 Lisboa

Tel. (+351) 218 854 190 | Tlm. (+351) 968 015 251
www.teatrodagaragem.com | geral@teatrodagaragem.com

The project will take place in 2015, from June to July. At the beginning of each module it will
happen some field research activities. There are three different modules planned for the
Daylight Project that will be developed around three different generic topics.
For the field research activities it will be predefined some trips to specific places. It will also
be predefined all the technical and methodological aspects one considers necessary. During
that field trips and visits to the chosen places, according to each topic, the group will collect,
process and prepare several kinds of materials. Those collected materials will be organized
according with the following tabulation: visual materials, written material and collected objects.

During the period relative to the labs it will occur the following steps:

Inventory of all the collected and developed materials;

Definition of a work project;

Experimentation and rehearsals;

Completion of the project from a collaborative creation point of view.

To underline the end of the project the final objects from the three different labs will come
together and will result in a public presentation of a theatrical performance as part of Teatro
Tabordas programming.

Teatro Taborda | Costa do Castelo, 75 | 1100-178 Lisboa

Tel. (+351) 218 854 190 | Tlm. (+351) 968 015 251
www.teatrodagaragem.com | geral@teatrodagaragem.com


TEATRO DA GARAGEM is a theatre company that started its professional work in 1989
in Lisbon, Portugal. Its artistic work is based on research and experiencing new paths in play
writing and Theatre making. The company was founded by Carlos J. Pessoa, among others,
who remained the artistic director and the author as well as director of the majority of plays
created by the company up to now. The work is developed from the beginning by Carlos and
his team (composer and sound designer, light designer, costume and set designer, actors and
producers) who have been working together on a regular base for several years.
Parallel to its original creations, from Carlos J. Pessoa original texts, and the staging of some
western classical theatre plays, the company also develops pedagogical and community
theatre work through its Educational Service with children, teenagers and senior citizens.
TEATRO DA GARAGEM is a professional company funded by the Portuguese
Government - Cultural Ministry - each 4 years, for the last 20 years and finds the rest of its
funding working in co-production with the main Portuguese theatre institutions and other
sponsors. The company is now based and runs Teatro Taborda, a Town Hall Theatre, located at
Lisbons historical centre, as result of an invitation of Lisbons Mayor.
TEATRO DA GARAGEM also presents its productions in several Portuguese and foreign
Theatres and institutions such as: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon National Theatre); Teatro
Nacional S. Joo (Oporto National Theatre); TECA -Teatro Carlos Alberto (Oporto National
Theatre); Teatro Municipal de Bragana (Bragana Town Hall Theatre); Teatro Viriato (Viseu
Town Hall Theatre); Teatro de Vila Real (Vila Real Town Hall Theatre); Centro Cultural Vila-Flr
(Guimares Town Hall Theatre); Teatro Aveirense (Aveiro Town Hall Theatre); Teatro Municipal
de Faro (Faro Town Hall Theatre); Teatro Municipal da Guarda (Guarda Town Hall Theatre);
Teatro Circo (Braga Town Hall Theatre); CCB - Centro Cultural de Belm (Lisboa); CAPA/ DEVIR
Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve (Faro); Teatro Helena S e Costa (Oporto); Teatro
do Campo Alegre (Oporto); SESC Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Centro Cultural de So Paulo (Brazil);
Teatro de Porto Alegre (Brazil); Odeon Bucharest (Romania); Calouste Gulbenkian
Foundation (Paris); Sala Fundacion - Seville (Spain).

Teatro Taborda | Costa do Castelo, 75 | 1100-178 Lisboa

Tel. (+351) 218 854 190 | Tlm. (+351) 968 015 251
www.teatrodagaragem.com | geral@teatrodagaragem.com

CARLOS J. PESSOA (author, director and artistic director)

Born in Lisbon in 1966, he graduated from the Training Course of the Actors College of Theatre
and Cinema (ESTC) and was awarded a Degree in Theatre and Education from the same
school where he now teaches. He is currently a PhD student in Communication Sciences - Area
of specialization in Communication and Art at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is co-founder
and Artistic Director of Teatro da Garagem. Since 1989 he has written and staged almost all of
the 69 plays that the company has performed. He has published some of his plays On the Road
ou A Hora do Arco-ris, Snapshots, O Mundo Em Que Vivemos, Recusa and Mediatron (to
name a few), as well as many articles on theatre. In 1992 he was awarded the Honourable
Mention Madalena de Azeredo Perdigo for staging the play Cidade de Fausto; in 1993 he was
awarded for Texto de Teatro da revista Teatro da Dcada by Clube Portugus de Artes e
Idias, for the play Caf Magntico; in 2000 he was presented with the prize CyberKyoske99 Drama, for the play Desertos / seguido de um Poema Grtis; in 2003 he received a Special
Mention for the show Circo, by the Associao Portuguesa de Crticos de Teatro (Portuguese
Association of Theatre Critics), and in 2009 he was awarded the Prmio Melhor Texto Original
Portugus (Best Original Portuguese Text) by Guia dos Teatros for the text On the Road, ou a
Hora do Arco Iris.

MARIA JOO VICENTE (production director, actress and responsible for the education

Born in Oporto in 1969, she graduated from the e Training Course of the Actors College of
Theatre and Cinema (ESTC) and was awarded a Degree in Theatre and Education by the same
school, where she is now a teacher in the degree of Theatre, branch of Actors and in the Master
of Theatre / Theatre and Community. She was a member of the University Theatre cast of
Oporto, from 1988 to 1992, under the guidance of Antnio Capelo. She participated in the show
The Cherry Orchard by A. Chekhov, directed by Rogrio de Carvalho, in the TEAR (1989). She
also took part of the show, Um Rapaz de Lisboa by Jorge Silva Melo (1995). She taught the
discipline of Drama in the Oportos Academia Contempornea do Espectculo. She was
coordinator of DRAMAT - Centre for Contemporary Dramaturgy of Teatro Nacional So Joo.
She has published several articles on theatre and began her work at the Teatro Garagem in
1993, as production director and actress, having participated in more than 60 creations of the
company. In 2003 Globos de Ouro nominated her for Best Actress of Theatre for her
performance in Adelia Z., and in 2009 she was awarded the Best Actress Award by the Guia
dos Teatros for her interpretation in On the Road, ou a Hora do Arco-ris.

Teatro Taborda | Costa do Castelo, 75 | 1100-178 Lisboa

Tel. (+351) 218 854 190 | Tlm. (+351) 968 015 251
www.teatrodagaragem.com | geral@teatrodagaragem.com

Teatro Taborda
Costa do Castelo, 75
1100-178 Lisboa

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Teatro Taborda | Costa do Castelo, 75 | 1100-178 Lisboa

Tel. (+351) 218 854 190 | Tlm. (+351) 968 015 251
www.teatrodagaragem.com | geral@teatrodagaragem.com