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Plant a Tree and


Environmental Benefits


Trees provide a wide range of things for

many organisms. Oxygen is essential
and trees continually produce it for
animals and our usage. Many animals
also rely on trees as a food source and
shelter. For example, the Koalas diet
consists solely of gum leaves from a
particular species of eucalyptus tree.
Every animal requires shelter from the
For many species, a tree provides
a home and shelter from the
weather. Trees provide a safe place
for many species to raise their
young and escape predators. In
some cases, trees assist in the
movement of animals from place to
place - jumping or swinging from
branch to branch.

Soil Erosion/ Run Offs

Trees prevent soil erosion.
Their roots secure the soil,
protecting the soil from
wind and rain erosion,
reducing overall runoff on
the water cycle. Trees can
also return nutrients to the
soil with rotting leaves and
branches on the soil surface
maintaining soil fertility.
Due to deforestation in
Australia, particularly in
agricultural areas, and the
rise in water tables
increasing soil salinity has
become an increasing

In the absence of trees, the water table

(subsurface water) rises bring salts once
held underground to the surface causing
salt scalds. Salt scalds are too salty for
plants and trees to grow rendering the
land useless and reducing the
agricultural value of the land.

Global Warming
Global warming is the increase
in average temperatures due
to increased carbon dioxide
levels in the environment as a
result of buying of fossil fuels.
Trees help reduce the levels of
carbon dioxide in our
atmosphere via the process of

During photosynthesis trees absorb

carbon dioxide from the
atmosphere and expel oxygen. A
single tree can absorb
approximately 22 kilograms of
carbon dioxide per year.

Human Benefits
Conserve Energy/ Save Water

Trees can conserve energy by

cutting your Summer airconditioning needs by up to 50%.
A trees shade provides a cool
environment to outside.
You can also save water by planting a tree in a perfect position
to shade a lawn. The shade will slow down the rate of water
evaporation from thirsty lawns.

Healing Powers/ Comfort

It has been scientifically proven that
having a view of a tree is likely to
improve your health when in a slow
healing process. Many children and
adults have commented that having
a tree can be very comforting.
Adults are able to find spiritual
inspiration and children use trees to
explore their imagination improving
their mental health.

Trees provide a natural resource wood. The felling and processing
of trees into valuable wood
products is a large industry
employing many people across the
globe. Woods products trap
carbon otherwise loss to the
atmosphere via decompensation
or burning.

Cool Urban Spaces/Protects Children

Trees have a positive aesthetic
impact in urban environments. If a
large number of trees cover an area
in a city, the shade created breaks
up urban heat islands and releases
water vapour into the air via
photosynthesis. Schools and public
areas also value the use of trees
because it protects children from
harmful ultraviolet rays (Sun) when

Blocks Out Unwanted Views and Noise/ Increases

Property Value
Unwanted views or noise can be
easily be blocked out or muffled
by a series of trees and greenery.
This is a great and easy option for
anyone who wants to bring new
life to their backyard. A marketing A well-planted property and
strategy for selling properties is green surroundings can
to make sure your garden has a increase property values by as
few trees and lots of greenery. much as 15%.


Trees are a food source providing a

variety of fruits and nuts for our
consumption. Trees also produce
oxygen which is essential for life.
Without oxygen, the human race
would not survive. We breathe in
the oxygen and then breathe out
carbon dioxide. Trees, however, are
the opposite. Trees and humans rely
on each other.


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