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Baklava with Lebanese Coffee - Recipes - Poh's Kitchen

17/03/14 8:25 PM

Wednesday 26 October 2011, Too Much Coffee

Baklava with Lebanese Coffee

Snacks | Middle Eastern

by Lynette Sawaya
1. Preheat oven to 150C (130C fan-forced). Lightly grease 2 to 3 shallow baking
trays with melted ghee.
2. To make sugar syrup, place sugar and water in a large saucepan over low heat,
stirring until sugar has dissolved. Increase heat to medium, bring to the boil and
simmer for approximately 10 minutes. Carefully add lemon juice and orange
flower water, continue simmering until syrup begins to coat the back of a metal
spoon and becomes the consistency of warmed (runny) honey.
3. Remove pan from heat, stir in rosewater and mastic gum. Allow to cool slightly
before pouring into a large jug, cover and set aside for later. The syrup will
thicken once cooled.
4. To make the baklava, unwrap filo pastry and lay on a clean bench, covered with
a clean, slightly damp tea towel. Allow it to reach room temperature before
5. Meanwhile, combine cashews, sugar and orange flower water together in a
large mixing bowl, stirring until well combined. Add enough melted ghee to
bring the mixture together as a paste.
6. Take four sheets of filo pastry and place on top of each other, on a clean bench.
Place a 1.5cm thick sausage of the cashew mixture, about four centimetres in
from the edge of the filo pastry sheets. Place rolling rod on top of cashew
mixture and fold over the excess filo pastry. Press the cashew mixture and filo
tightly around the rod and begin rolling.
7. Scrunch the roll by pushing in at the ends (like an accordion) and cut into 6cm
fingers. Place the fingers on prepared baking trays, in rows. Repeat the process
until all the cashew mixture has been used. Scrunch up any remaining filo
pastry and place in any gaps on the tray, to ensure there are no empty spaces,
which helps with even cooking.
8. Brush pastry fingers with melted ghee, ensuring each finger is well coated.
Bake in preheated oven for one hour or until pastry fingers are evenly golden,
removing the filler pastry pieces for the final 10 minutes of cooking.
9. Remove baking trays from oven and pour over the cooled sugar syrup. Dont be
alarmed if there appears to be too much syrup as this will be absorbed.
10. Sprinkle with ground pistachios and leave the baklava to cool overnight, to

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Baklava with Lebanese Coffee - Recipes - Poh's Kitchen

17/03/14 8:25 PM

allow sugar syrup to be absorbed.

1. *Gum Mastic, Masticha, Mastika. Botanical Name: (Pistacia Lentiscus) is
available from Herbies spices
2. * Mastic is the resinous sap that is collected from trees on the Greek island of
Chios, and these translucent droplets are charmingly referred to as tears.
Mastic is used for the consistency it gives to ice cream and sweets, it can be
chewed as a chewing gum and is even used in the manufacture of varnishes.

Serves approx 25 pieces
550g filo pastry (approx. 1.5 packets)
375g ghee, melted
250g broken cashews, finely ground (If broken cashews are not available, use raw cashews
35g sugar
1 ! tablespoons orange flower water
1 x sugar syrup recipe - below (Make ahead of time and allow to cool completely.)
! cup pistachio kernels, finely ground
Sugar Syrup
Makes: 3 cups (750ml) syrup
3 cups (660g) sugar
1 ! (375ml) cups water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 ! tablespoons orange flower water
3 teaspoons rosewater
Pinch mastic gum* (optional)


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