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A Message From the State Attorney

I absolutely love this time of
year! Its a time spent with
those I love, and a time for
new beginnings. As 2014
comes to a close, my heart is
full of wonderful memories
and blessings from the last
twelve months.
I am blessed with a healthy
and wonderful family. I am
happy to call this city of Jacksonville my home! And I continue to do what I love seek-

ing justice for crime victims,

many of whom would not
have a voice without our work
here at the State Attorneys
Office (SAO).
Our SAO family wishes you
and your family a wonderful
holiday season and a fabulous 2015!
God Bless.
~ Angela

Pulled From The Headlines

Child sex crime cases are
some of the toughest cases
we prosecute. Many times,
child victims fear going to
court to face their abuser.
The victims are afraid to
testify. Its also hard for
these victims to relive the
pain of their abuse. But
with the support and determination by those who are
assigned to the Special Assault Division, or SAD, justice can prevail.
Two Assistant State Attorneys, Cameron French and
Catherine Licandro, are assigned to SAD and see
these tough cases every
single day at the SAO. The
two were recently victorious
in seeking justice for two
sex crime victims who were
under the age of six when
their abuse started.
French and Licandro took
Earnest Demetrus Bolton,
42, to trial and convicted

him on three counts of Sexual Battery, one count of Attempted Sexual Battery, and
one count of Lewd or Lascivious Molestation for his
abuse on the two girls. Bolton was sentenced to five
life terms on each of the five
counts. Two of the life sentences run consecutively;
the rest run concurrently.
The abuse came to light in
January 2013 when authorities learned of the sexual
abuse that occurred between Bolton and his first
victim, who is now 11-yearsold. The child told police
that since the age of six,
Bolton repeatedly touched
her inappropriately and
forced her to have sex with
him on multiple occasions.
While police were investigating the childs claims,
detectives found another
victim. Authorities discovered that Bolton sexually

battered this child victim on

multiple occasions as well.
This victim, now 17-yearsold, gave similar accounts,
as the first victim, in which
Bolton would force her to
have sex with him. Her
abuse began when she was
only 5-years-old.
Thanks to the hard work by
ASAs French and Licandro,
these children have received
justice, and Bolton will never
walk the streets again to hurt
another child.

Earnest Bolton



Justice Promised, Justice Delivered

Jarrell A. Morris was convicted of Armed Burglary and

Agg. Assault. ~ASAs Garrett
Hill and Brian Brady
Ivan G. Webb was found
guilty of Murder in the Second Degree, Agg. Fleeing or
Attempting to Elude an Officer, and PFCF. ~ASA Brittany Hulsey and Peter Overstreet

years in prison for Att. Murder in the Second Degree.

~ASAs Khary Gaynor and
Jonathan Sacks

Stephen A. Hawkins was

convicted of Armed Robbery.
~ASAs John Cannizzaro and
Jessica Hensley

Herman A. Jacks was sentenced to life in prison for

Lewd or Lascivious Molestation. ~ASAs Theresa Simak

and Stacie French

Jallil D. Graves was convicted and sentenced to 42

found to have committed a

Felony Act. ~ASAs John
Cannizzaro and Leah Daza

Patrick S. Wade was found

guilty of Agg. Assault on a
LEO, Resisting with Violence,
and PFCF. ~ASAs Aaron Feu-
er and Cole Sullivan
Miles T. McChriston was
sentenced to life in prison for
Murder in the First Degree.
~ASAs Brian Brady and Lon-
don Kite
Kenneth J. West, Jr. was
found guilty of Armed Robbery. ~ASAs Brett Mereness
and Tim Miller
Kyree L. Perez was convicted of Att. Murder in the Second Degree and Poss. Of a
Firearm by a Juv. Delinquent

Donald L. Goins was

found guilty of Felony Battery. ~ASAs John Guy and
Tonya Patterson-Barge
Willis A. Miller was convicted of Kidnapping, Child
Abuse, and Interference
with Custody. ~ASA Sierra
Cedric Smallwood was
found guilty of Armed Robbery. ~ASAs Rich Giglio and
Margaret Gulliford
Robert W. Kramer was
convicted of 14 counts of
Possession of Photographs/
Sexual Performance by
Child. ~ASAs T.J. Bryant and
Khary Gaynor

Hearings and Cheerings

Last month, Assistant State Attorney Jonathan Sacks ran in
the New York City Marathon, in honor of his stepfather, Peter,
who passed away last year after a three year battle with cancer. Jon also ran on behalf of the organization Freds Team,
which raises money for those battling cancer.
The SAO helped Jon raise money for the marathon during
an employee fundraiser. In the end, Jon raised a total of
$3,000 for Freds Team and overall, the organization raised
over 5 million dollars just during the New York City Marathon.
ASA Jon Sacks


Special Acknowledgement Opportunity

Mai Tran has been part of the
SAO since 2007 and has
worked her way up from Secretary to Assistant State Attorney.
In August 2007, Mai joined
the office as a Secretary in

ASA Mai Tran

By monitoring
your accounts and
reporting any type
of suspicious offers
made to you, you
can help prevent
yourself as well as
others from
becoming victims
of fraud.

County Court. In 2009, Mai left

to attend law school, but later
returned to the SAO as an intern.
In 2012, she became a Legal
Trainee assigned to the County

Court division. After passing the

Bar, Mai was officially sworn-in
as an Assistant State Attorney.
In May 2013, she was promoted to Circuit Court, where she is
currently an ASA in the CR-C

Victims Voice
At the State Attorneys Office, it is our job to seek justice for victims of all types of
crimes. Each day we work
tirelessly to ensure that the
victims of both violent and
non-violent crimes have the
resources and comfort they
need in order to move forward with their lives. One
particular group that we work
with are victims of fraud.
At the SAO, we have created a special division that is
responsible for investigating
and prosecuting a number of
different fraudulent crimes
the Special Prosecution Division or what we call Special
This unit focuses on several
different types of fraudulent
crimes, such as insurance
fraud, telemarketing fraud or
identity theft. Typically, these
crimes are well thought out
schemes by the offender(s).
Rather than using a gun or
knife as their weapon of

choice, these criminals tend

to use the phone or internet
in order to gain the information they desire. For instance, a scammer may try to
gain the victims trust by offering them some sort of service or product, and once
they have received the money, they disappear, leaving
the victim to face financial
and emotional burdens.
Falling victim to this type of
activity not only has a direct
effect on the victim, but also
causes strain to others indirectly involved. Because of
this, our office works hard to
be proactive in investigating
fraudulent schemes before
they claim a number of victims.
SAO Investigator Dave
Bisplinghoff, who is assigned
to Special Pros, has had
years of experience, both
with our office and the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, investigating these types of

crimes. Bisplinghoff has helped

to dismantle many criminal
rings here in Jacksonville. He
was even awarded recently by
the Secret Service for his outstanding job in working with
them to investigate fraudulent
Bisplinghoff says that in his
experience, he has seen many
victims wait until it is too late to
report the fraudulent activity. It
is imperative that you closely
monitor your accounts and
credit report and if you notice
any suspicious activity, report it
Fraudulent activity can be
committed by anyone and can
occur through a number of different schemes, such as over
the phone, internet, or through
the mail. By monitoring your
accounts and reporting any
type of suspicious offers made
to you, you can help prevent
yourself as well as others from
becoming victims of fraud.

Off The Record

ASA Cyrus

ASA Cyrus Zomorodian

was recently recognized by
the Associated Press for his
continued fight against animal cruelty more specifically, illegal dogfighting.
Zomorodian is tasked with
prosecuting animal cruelty
cases that come through
our office. He says despite

the greater interest in investigating and dismantling dogfighting rings in recent years,
the industry of this underground activity is still going
strong. Zomorodian says
that people dont realize how
big of a problem this is and
unfortunately, animal welfare
isnt given the attention and

seriousness it deserves.
Nonetheless, he and our
team at the SAO will continue to fight for the rights of
animals, just as we do for all
of our victims. You may
read the entire article by
clicking here.


Safety Zone
Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Whenever possible, shop during daylight hours. If you must shop at night, go with a friend or family
member and park in a well-lit area.

Park as close to your destination as possible. Try your best to avoid parking next to vans, trucks with
camper shells and cars with heavily tinted windows.

Dont overload yourself with packages. It is important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to
avoid mishaps.

Stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Talking or texting on your phone or digging through
your purse for keys while walking is a distraction and makes you an easy target.

Do not leave packages or valuables on the seat of your car. This creates temptation for thieves. Do
your best to lock all items in the trunk or place out of sight.

Never approach your car alone if there are suspicious people in the area. If necessary, ask store
security for an escort.

Behind The Scenes

There are many words one could
use to paint the picture of Assistant
State Attorney Steven Nelson.
Generous, hard-working and dedicated are just a few of the words at
the top of the list. Perhaps the
best word to describe Steve now
retired. For the last 34 years, Steve has devoted his career to
fighting for crime victims. Now, he
says its time to focus on fishing
and flight time as a pilot.
Steve started his career in the
Seventh Judicial Circuit more than
three decades ago. He spent
more than 25 years in the Seventh
Circuit prosecuting some of the
worst criminals in that area. He
also served as a supervisor for the
Flagler office until 2008. Steve
gave that job up in 2009 when he

moved to the Fourth Judicial Circuit. Steve brought his expertise to

the Clay County office and in June
2012, he was promoted to Director
of Clay County. It is the position
he will hold until his last day, December 31, 2014.
During his stay in the Fourth Circuit, Steve sought justice for hundreds of victims. He also prosecuted two of the most high profile cases this office has handled - the
murders of Somer Thompson and
Clay County Detective David
Even though hes only spent six
years in our Clay County office, he
has definitely left his mark. So
much so, that when the Clay County Sheriffs Office, the Orange Park
Police Department and the Green


Cove Springs Police Department

heard Steve was retiring, they took
time to recognize his hard work.
Steves name is currently listed on
a plaque at the Clay County Sheriffs Office along with the names of
other Robbery/Homicide detectives who have served in the unit.
He is the only prosecutor, to date,
who has been awarded this honor.
One thing is for sure - Steve Nelson will be missed, but he will never be forgotten!