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News from

George and Vera Bajenski

December 1974

"Ring the Bells... let the whole world

know . . ." this is our song and


greeting today, to you, dear Christian

Friend, for Jesus Christ was born in

you and me, and today He lives as He

^ i^Vfree from all our sins, but what a

responsiblity rests on our shoulders to

all people that Cod loves! So one
more time we would like to "Ring the

through the New

the name

of jesus will be known all around us.

Before sharing with you the joy of serving Christ, we would like to thank all

of you, from all of our heart, for continuing to help us with your prayers and
financial support.
The first and most happy news is the birth of our first childBen

jaminwhom Cod has given us, and blessed with His love. Benjamin is already
three months old and growing nicely,
Vera also doing fine
new responSo we thank Cod for His assurance of

love and blessings, and that He continues to keep us busy in His work for
The last six months of our life were

quite busy. In our car we covered about

30,000 miles, visiting churches with word

and song, attending faith-promise

rallies, and several conventions. Starting

with this summer, I had the wonderful V

opportunity of visiting with six of our ^



Polish preachers and one Christian lady who we here in the United StatesT
Together we in turn visited many churches including the NACC in California,
and the World Christian Convention in Mexico. This was not only a preaching
trip, but also a learning experience for our Polish ministers. Now, they are all
safely back in Poland, preaching God's Word, and sharing their rich ex
periences from this last summer in America, with local churches.
In addition to all of my travel this semester, I am enrolled at Lincoln Christian
Seminary, doing research work in the history of Christian Churches in Poland,
and evaluating their work in view of church growth principles.
This was also an Important time for us In decision making. After a few more
visits to the Immigration and Naturalization Office In Chicago, my petition for
American citizenship was accepted and now I am waiting for the good news
any day. There were many discussions and prayers concerning this decision,
and God is making it clear that this was the right decision for us. In the long run,
we will be able to do more for His glory, living as a whole family, citizens of one
country. Our future plans are now more definite. As soon as all the government
paper work is completed, we would like to return to Europe, and enter Poland
to continue our work with churches there, especially work with the young
people and our camp In Ostruda.
News from Poland this Fall was good. Churches are peacefully continuing
their work, having a few additions at different places. Work is continuing in
Warsaw, in the Christian Youth Club and with great success. My younger



nephew Andrew, with whom we are in very close contact, has given his life in
full service to the Lord. In addition to school activities, he is taking special Bible
classes in order to be a more effective worker. Andrew has already brought

several people to the Lord. This past summer working at camp in Ostruda, he
also had some really blessed experiences in soul winning.

All of this truly excites us and we pray to God that the door will be open for
us to Poland. We are planning to leave the United States this coming summer of
1975. Please help us with your prayers. Our papers are still in government
handsbut God can make it possible for decisions to return to come through
on time. In many respects our decision to return to Europe this summer is based
on faith, just as your faith promises for mission givingbelieving that God will
provide all needs. You see, we still do not have our papers, or our full commit
ment for living link and service, but we like to go and tell others of His love.
This is our concern and prayer.
As one special mission project for this winter, and before we leave for
Europe, we would like to make one Polish record album, with about 10 Polish

hymns and gospel songs. This has been requested from Poland and with God's
help and your support we would like to make this recording. This would cost us
about $2,000.00. We would like to ask you to help us In this.
With this news and greetings we close. Please share God's love with someone

today. Remember us in your prayers and help us financially to continue our

work on behalf of the Polish Christian Mission.

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