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Complete the text with the Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect Simple form of
the verbs in brackets.
Mozart was born in 1756, the son of a professional musician. His father soon gave up (give
up) composing when he recognized his son's musical talent. By the age of three, the young
Mozart _______________ (learn) to play several pieces of music. While he and his father
_______________ (travel) round Europe, Mozart met many famous musicians and
composers. Before he was 17, he _______________ (compose) several operas. While he
_______________ (visit) the Vatican in Rome, he _______________ (listen) to a piece of
music which, up to this point, the Vatican authorities _______________ (keep) secret. No one
_______________ (publish) a copy of the piece before, but Mozart _______________
(manage) to write it down from memory after he _______________ (listen) to it once. By the
age of 30 he _______________ (become) one of the most famous composers in Europe.
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Complete the sentences with have to, dont have to, must, mustnt, cant, or might.
Example: Well have to leave early tomorrow morning.

You ________ drive on the right in Europe (except in the UK).

You ________ talk loudly on your mobile in a restaurant. Its bad manners.
There are hungry crocodiles in that river. You ________ swim in it!
Great! Its a holiday tomorrow we ________ go to work.
Look, Rose left her bag here.
It ________ be Roses her bag is black.
6 I passed my driving test!
Congratulations! You ________ be very happy.
7 Wheres Richard?
I dont know. He ________ be in a meeting. Shall I look in his diary?

Use the words to complete the conditional if-sentences. Use zero, the first or second
conditional to suit the meaning.
a) Scientists are planning a way of writing extremely small letters, using xenon (Xe)
atoms. If you used (use) this system, you would be able (be able) to write ten copies of
the Bible on the area of a postage stamp.
b) Humans are among the few animals to have colour vision. If you _______________
(be) a horse, for example, you _______________ (see) everything in black and white.
c) The brain works in two parts, the left side and the right side. Scientists can put one
side of the brain to sleep, and see what happens. For example, if they
_______________ (turn off) the right side of the patients brain, the patient
_______________ (not be able) to sing, because musical ability comes from the right
side of the brain.

d) Beetles are one of the most numerous species on the planet. In fact, if other insects and
animals _______________ (not eat) beetles, in about a year and a half the beetle
population _______________ (weigh) as much as the whole Earth!
e) Parts of the body send messages to other parts of the body when they have to do
things. For example, if you _______________ (not have) enough water in your body
the brain _______________ (let) you know that you need more, by making you feel
f) If you _______________ (look) inside your own eye at the images there, they
_______________ (be) upside down, and they _______________ (be moving).

Fill in the spaces with appropriate words or phrases to match the definitions below. The
first letters are defined:

a) to completely change the appearance, form, or character of something or someone,

especially in a way that improves it: transform
b) continuing for a short time: b_______________
c) to prevent something from continuing in its usual way by causing problems:
d) not based on clear thought or reason, unreasonable: i_______________
e) the joint where your arm bends: e_______________
f) to damage a joint in your body by suddenly twisting it: s_______________
g) to teach children at home instead of sending them to school: h_______________
h) a long walk, especially in the mountains, as an adventure: t_______________
i) one of the foods that you use to make a particular food or dish: i_______________
j) a person who spends a great deal of time using a computer: m_________ p_________
k) a plant such as wheat, rice, or fruit that is grown by farmers and used as food:
l) to catch someone or something by forcing them into a place from which they cannot
escape: t_______________
m) containing bubbles of gas: f_______________
n) not existing any more, especially an animal or plant: e_______________
o) an attempt to make people believe something that is not true: h_______________
p) one of the parts of a train where passengers sit: c_______________
q) clothes made by fashionable companies: l_______________
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Fill in the gaps with a word phrase or a phrasal verb from the box. Change the form of
the phrase appropriately if necessary.





make up

call off

take part in


come up with

take up
come through


a) Its been a tough time, but Im sure youll ____________________ and be all the
wiser for it.
b) Roger ____________________ painting for a while, but soon lost interest.
c) Applicants must have a ____________________ in Engineering.
d) Theyre introducing CCTV cameras in an attempt to ____________________ street
crime in the area.
e) Keller is ____________________ about making predictions publicly for the success
of the program.
f) Both parents were earning a weekly ____________________, yet money was still
g) The Tennessee Valley Authority applied for a ____________________ to operate the
h) Rescuers had to ____________________ the search because of worsening weather
i) As many as 400,000 people ____________________ the demonstration.
j) Staff have been working without ____________________ for the last month and are
thinking of going on strike.
k) Peters is just too ____________________ to be a good manager.
l) The chairman must ____________________ a plan to get the club back on its feet.
m) When youre the boss you can ____________________ your own rules.
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