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September, 23-28 2012

Welcome Reception & Registration on Sunday 23

Conference: Oral and Poster Sessions
from Monday 24 to Thursday 27
9th Intl Radiolysis, Electrochemistry &
Materials Performance Workshop
on Friday 28

French Nuclear Energy Society
5, rue des Morillons - F 75015 Paris
Tel: 33.(0)
Fax: 33.(0)

Paris Tour Eiffel

Paris hosts the

International Conference
NPC 2012
on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems
from September, Sunday 23 to Thursday 27
and the

9th Intl Workshop,

on Radiolysis, Electrochemistry & Materials Performance
on September, Friday 28

> Following successful NPC 2008 Berlin and NPC 2010 Qubec, the NPC 2012 Paris conference is a major event
for nuclear plant Chemists and Radiochemists. Research, new development, operating experience, long life
duration, new environmental rules, so many areas to investigate and a meeting place to discuss with many
colleagues to prepare future stakes.
>The first workshop on light water reactor (LWR) coolant radiolysis and electrochemistry was held in 1998 to
discuss and to exchange on the fundamental basis of water radiolysis and electrochemistry and their
application to LWR fields. Following the successful workshops that have been held in conjunction with the
International Conference on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems, the 9th workshop will cover any
aspect of aqueous electrochemistry or radiation chemistry relevant to any part of the nuclear cycle.

Organized by
SFEN French Nuclear Energy Society
Materials Science and Technology, Non Destructive Testing, Chemistry Technical Section

Supported by

in Cooperation with
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

and the Sponsorship of

Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ),
American Nuclear Society (ANS),
Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS),
European Nuclear Society (ENS),

Table of Contents
Event Overview
NPC 2012 Oral Sessions
NPC 2012 Poster Sessions
9 Intl Workshop
Registration Information
Convention Centre
Good to Know


International Advisory Committee
Maurizio Chocron, CNEA
Raphael Lecocq, Laborelec
Ubirahy Caldeira da Silva e Souza, Eletrobras Eletronuclear
Katya Minkova, Kozloduy NPP-EAC
Derek H. Lister, University of New Brunswick
W. Zhang, IRIS - China Institute of Atomic Energy
Jan Kysela, Nuclear Research Institute REZ Plc
Timo Saario, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)
Fred Bttcher, Neckarwestheim EnBW
Janos Schunk, Paks AG
S.V. Narasimhan, BARC facilities
Y. Katsumura, University of Tokyo
In Hyoung Rhee, Soonchunhyang University
Aleksandr Oryshaka, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
Ioana Pirvan, Institute of Nuclear Research
Victor Yurmanov, NIKIET
Ivan Smiesko, Slovenske Elektrame
Milan Simoncic, Nuklearna elektrarna Krsko
Herman Morland, Koeberg Power Station
Juan D. de Sanchez Zapata, Iberdrola Generacion SAUCN. Cofrentes
Bernt Bengtsson, Vattenfal AB - Ringhals Nuclear Station
Irene Mailand, AXPO - Beznau
F. Chu, Taiwan Power
Alexander Arkhipenko, National Nuclear Company "Energoatom"
Andy Rudge, EDF Energy
Keith Fruzzetti, EPRI
John Killeen, IAEA
Kenkichi Ishigure, [Emeritus]

Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
South Africa
United Kingdom

Steering Committee

Jean-Luc Bretelle, EDF

Christian Brun, AREVA
Frdric Dacquait, CEA
Damien Fron, CEA
Luc Guinard, EDF
Patricia Hamel-Bloch, SFEN
Bernard Jolly, SFEN
Francis Nordmann, Consultant
Ellen-Mary Pavageau, EDF
Olivier Raquet, CEA
Agns Stutzmann, EDF

Workshop Correspondents
Catherine Corbel, Damien Fron, CEA - France

Event Overview
September 23





September 24 September 25 September 26 September 27

September 28


Primary Water
Chemistry [1 of 7]

Plant Ageing

Primary Water
Chemistry [5 of 7]
Fuel Behavior & Crud

Primary Water
Chemistry [6 of 7]
Corrosion in Reactor
Coolant System

Fundamentals of
Radiolysis &
Electrochemical Effects
[1 of 2]

Coffee Break
Poster Session

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Maintenance [1 of 2]
Curative Cleaning

Fundamentals of
Radiolysis &
Electrochemical Effects
[2 of 2]

Coffee Break

Primary Water
Chemistry [2 of 7]
Radiochemistry &
Dose Rates

Primary Water
Chemistry [3 of 7]
BWR, Primary Water
Chemistry &

Auxiliary Systems,
Cooling Water
Systems, Water &
Waste Treatment

Lunch Time
Secondary Water
Chemistry [1 of 3]
Secondary System
Treatment Strategy
Recent Situations of
Fukushima Daiichi


Primary Water
Chemistry [4 of 7]
Zinc Addition in PWR

Coffee Break
Poster Session

Coffee Break
Poster Session

Secondary Water
Chemistry [2 of 3]
Corrosion Products in
Secondary System

Future Trends
New Developments

Lunch Time

Secondary Water
Chemistry [3 of 3]
Treatment Options for
Secondary System

Maintenance [2 of 2]
Preventive Cleaning

Primary Water
Chemistry [7 of 7]
Hot Functional Tests
Start up & Shutdown


Radiolysis &
Electrochemistry in
Reactors [1 of 2]

Coffee Break

Radiolysis &
Electrochemistry in
Reactors [2 of 2]

Poster Awards

Poster Sessions

Primary Water Chemistry (PWR, BWR,VVER, PHWR, CANDU, )

Maintenance (cleaning, decontamination)

Secondary Water Chemistry (PWR, BWR,VVER, PHWR, CANDU, )

Future Trends or New Developments

Auxiliary Systems, Cooling Water Systems, Water and Waste Treatment

Radiolysis and Electrochemistry

Lifetime Management and Plant Ageing

2012, April 3

Sunday 23

International Conference
NPC 2012
on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems

4:30 - 6:30


6:30 - 7:30

Welcome Reception

by CEA

7:30 - 8:30


8:30 - 9:10

Welcome by Jean-Luc Bretelle NPC 2012 Steering Committee Chairman

Opening by Dominique Minire SFEN Vice-President

9:10 - 10:10


Monday 24

Session: Primary Water Chemistry [1 of 7]

Advances in BWR Water Chemistry

S. E. Garcia (EPRI), J. F. Giannelli, M. Jarvis (Finetech) - USA

Effect of Low DH Concentration on Crud Deposition on Heated Zircaloy in Simulated PWR Primary Water

H. Kawamura (CRIEPI) - Japan


Primary Water Chemistry for NPP with VVER TOI

S.N. Susakin, S.I. Brykov (OKB "GIDROPRESS"), N.V. Zadonsky, O.S. Bystrova (RRC "Kurchatov Institute") - Russia

Coffee Break 10:10 to 10:50

10:50 - 12:30

Session: Primary Water Chemistry [2 of 7]

PWR, VVER, Radiochemistry & Dose Rates


Design Performances and Chemistry Program Supporting the FA3/UK-EPR

Experience and Modeling Balance


Activity Management:

A. Tigeras, M. Bachet, O. Bremnes, V. Bonelli (EDF), M.-H. Clinard, P. Jolivet, F. Chama (AREVA) - France

FSD for Operating NPPs as Part of Sustainable Dose Reduction - Recontamination Evaluation for the
German PWR Grafenrheinfeld
B. Stellwag, S. Hoffmann-Wankerl (AREVA NP GmbH), S. Schtz, A. Jacob (E.ON Kernkraft GmbH) - Germany


Characterization of Contamination : French Analysis of International EMECC Campaigns.

L. Guinard, G. Ranchoux (EDF), F. Dacquait (CEA) - France


Radiochemical Guidelines and Process Specifications for Reactor Shutdown : the EDF Strategy
M. Wintergerst, D. Mol, T. Meylogan, A. Rocher, M.-J. Sagot, V. Bonelli, J. Bonnefon, B .Dupont (EDF) - France


Evaluation of Carbon-14 Life Cycle in Reactors WWER-1000

K. Lysakova, J. Neumann, K. Vonkova (Research Centre Rez Ltd.) - Czech Republic

Lunch Time 12:30 to 2:10

2:10 - 3:30

by EDF

Session: Secondary Water Chemistry [1 of 3]

Secondary System Treatment Strategy


Secondary Water Chemistry Control Plactices and Result of the Japanese PWRs
A. Maeda, Y. Shoda, N. Ishihara, K. Murata, H. Fujiwara (MHI, Ltd.) - Japan


Issues and Remedies for Secondary System of PWR/VVER

F. Nordmann, S. Odar, D. Rochester (ANT International) - Sweden


Secondary Side Water Chemistry pH Control Strategy Improvements

F.-M. Roumiguiere, J. Fandrich, U. Ramminger, A. Drexler, S. Hoffmann-Wankerl (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany


Effectiveness of Oxygen Treatment on Flow Accelerated Corrosion Mitigation in PWR Secondary System
W. Sugino, Y. Fukuda, Y. Kitano, K. Hisamune, Y. Meguro (JAPC) - Japan

3:30 - 3:50

The Recent Situations of Fukushima Daiichi Plants and the Related Water Chemistry Problems
Coffee Break 3:50 to 4:50

Poster Session

4:50 - 6:10

Session: Secondary Water Chemistry [2 of 3]

Corrosion Products in Secondary System


Experimental and Numerical Study of Deposit Formation in Secondary Side SG TSP by Electrokinetic


In-Situ and Ex-Situ Electrochemical Charaterisation of Oxide Films on Alloys Based on Titanium and
Incoloy in Ammoniated Medium at 288 C

M. Guillodo, M. Foucault, N. Ryckelynck, F. Chahma (AREVA), M. Guingo, C. Mansour, O. Alos-Ramos, G. Corredera (EDF)
- France

V. Subramanian, S. Chandran, S. Rangarajan, S.V. Narasimhan, S. Velmurugan (BARCF), S. Pradhan (BARC) - India

The Dissolution Rate Constant of Magnetite in Water at Different Temperatures and pH Conditions
K. Mohajery, D. H. Lister (University of New Brunswick) - Canada, L. Deydier de Pierrefeu (DCNS) - France


Corrosion Product Measurements to Ensure Integrity of the Steam Generators in Beznau NPP
I. Mailand, P. Franz (Axpo AG) - Switzerland, H. Venz - Germany
End of the day

Tuesday 25
8:30 - 10:10


Session: Lifetime Management & Plant Ageing

The Rationale for Improving EDF Chemistry Plan for the Next Years
J.-L. Bretelle, A. Stutzmann (EDF) - France



Determination of Wall Thinning Rates and High-Risk Zones for Local Wall Thinning due to FlowAccelerated Corrosion
S. Uchida, M. Naitoh (Institute of Applied Energy), T. Ohira (JAPC) - Japan, D. H. Lister (University of New Brunswick) Canada

Optimization of the Dissolved Hydrogen Level in PWR to Mitigate Stress Corrosion Cracking of Nickel
Alloys. Bibliographic Review, Modelling and Recommendations
M. Labousse, D. Dforge, F. Gressier, S. Taunier, M. Le-Calvar (EDF) - France


Regulatory Oversight Strategy for Chemistry Program at Canadian Nuclear Power Plants
R. Kameswaran (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) - Canada

Effect of Water Chemistry on Deposition for PWR Plant Operation


M. Le Calvar, J.-L. Bretelle, J.-P. Cailleaux, R. Lacroix, M. Guivarch, S. Taunier, F. Gressier, P. Vary, G. Corredera, O. AlosRamos, M. Dijoux (EDF) - France

Coffee Break 10:10 to 10:50

10:50 - 12:30


Session: Primary Water Chemistry [3 of 7]

BWR, Primary Water Chemistry & Radiochemistry
Radiation Exposure Reduction Technologies for a Japanese Advanced BWR



T. Saito, K. Ichikawa, H. Ishimaru (Hokuriku Electric Power Co.), M. Aizawa, Y. Sato, S. Morita (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy,
Ltd .) - Japan

Water Chemistry Experience Following an Extensive Power Uprate in Oskarshamn 3 BWR

B. Wegemar, J. Nilsson (Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB), J. Lejon, . Bergfors, B. Arnberg (OKG AB) - Sweden


Effective Reduction of Shutdown Dose Rate at Kuosheng Boiling Water Reactors Operating under
Hydrogen Water Chemistry
T.-K. Yeh, M.-Y. Wang (National Tsing Hua University), R. Wu (Taiwan Power Company) - Taiwan


Plant Chemistry Response to On-Line NobleChem


J.A. Varela, T.A. Caine, E. Wehlage Davis (GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy), Y-J. Kim (GE Global Research Center) - USA

The Influence of Fe and Zn Addition Upon Activity Build-up in BWRs


C. Gustafsson, J. Chen, S. Bjrnsson (Studsvik Nuclear AB), J. Lejon (Oskarshamn AB), G. Granath (Ringhals AB), M. TanseLarsson (Forsmarks kraftgrupp AB) - Sweden

Lunch Time 12:30 to 2:10

2:10 - 3:50

Session: Primary Water Chemistry [4 of 7]

Zinc Addition in PWR


Influence of Zn Injection on Corrosion Behavior and Oxide Film Characteristics of 304 Stainless Steel in
Borated and Lithiated High Temperature Water
X. Wu, X. Liu, E.-H. Han, W. Ke (Chinese Academy of Sciences) - China


Modelling Zinc Behavior in PWR Plant

J. Henshaw, J. McGurk, S. Dickinson (National Nuclear Laboratory) - UK, D. Hussey, J. Deshon (EPRI) - USA



Study on a Corrosion Products Behavior with Zinc Injection in Pressurized Water Reactor Primary Circuit
Based on the CRUD Investigation in Actual Plant
N. Nagata, T. Nambu, D. Akutagawa, K. Hisamune (JAPC), Y. Shimizu (MHI), K. Nagamine, N. Kogawa (Nuclear
Development Corporation) - Japan

Effects of Zinc Addition on Steam Generator Tube Surface Chemistry and Structure
R.L. DeVito, W.A. Byers, A. Parsi (Westinghouse Electric Company) - USA


The Successful Use of an Acid Reducing Chemistry for the Resolution of Flow Variations in the RCS
S. Taunier, P. Varry, M. Wintergerst, M. Bachet, J.-L. Bretelle (EDF) - France

Coffee Break 3:50 to 4:50

Poster Session


4:50 - 6:10


Session: Future Trends or New Developments

Steam-Water Cycle Chemistry of Liquid Metal Cooled Innovative Nuclear Power Reactors
V. Yurmanov, V. Lemekhov, V. Smykov (NIKIET), Russia

Assessment of EPRI Water Chemistry Guidelines for New Nuclear Power Plants

K. Kim, K. Fruzzetti, S. Garcia, P. Frattini, D. M. Wells (EPRI), R. Eaker (LLC.), J. Giannelli (Finetech, Inc.), J. Gorman, C.
Marks (Dominion Engineering, Inc.), S. Sawochka (NWT Corporation) - USA

AREVA's Water Chemistry Guidebook with Chemistry Guidelines for Next Generation Plants (AREVA EPRs)


N. Ryckelynck, F. Chahma, P. Guillermier, N. Caris, C. Brun, M. Caron-Charles (AREVA) - France, L. Lamanna (AREVA Inc.) USA, J. Fandrich, M. Jaeggy, B. Stellwag (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany

Enriched Boric Acid as an Optimized Neutron Absorber in the EPR Primary Coolant
C. Coss, M. Berger (EDF) - France
End of the day

Wednesday 26
8:30 - 10:10

Session: Primary Water Chemistry [5 of 7]

Fuel Behavior & Crud
Operational Experiences with M5 Claddings under High Li Water Chemistry



H.-J. Sell (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany, P. Guillermier (AREVA) - France, B. Bengtsson (Ringhals AB), D. Schrire (Vattenfall
AB) - Sweden, M. Martin, S. Portier (PSI), H.U. Zwicky (Consultant) - Switzerland

On the Phase Compositions of Fuel Crud Formed in PWRs Using Steam Generator Tubing Materials of
Alloy 600 And 690
J. Chen, D. Jderns (Studsvik Nuclear AB), B. Bengtsson (Ringhals AB), H. Bergqvist (Royal Institute of Technology) Sweden

Elemental Analysis of Fuel Crud Obtained from Korean Nuclear Power Plant Using Zinc Addition Technique

J.-W. Yeon, S.-H. Jung, H.-J. Ahn, K.-S. Choi, S. D. Park, K. Song (KAERI), J. Choi, H. Yang (KHPN-Central Research Institute)
- Republic of Korea

Change in Crud Deposition Behavior after the Transition to HWC and OLNC


L. Oliver, B. Helmersson, E. Fredriksson (Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB), G. Ledergerber, W. Kaufmann (Kernkraftwerk
Leibstadt) - Switzerland, G. Wikmark (Vattenfall AB), K. Lundgren (Studsvik ALARA Engineering AB) - Sweden, B. Cheng, A.
Kucuk (EPRI) - USA

Modelling of Crud Growth Phenomena on PWR Fuel Rods Under Nucleate Boiling Conditions
A. Ferrer, F. Dacquait (CEA), B. Gall (IPHC/UDS), G. Ranchoux (EDF), G. Riot (AREVA) - France

Coffee Break 10:10 to 11:10

Poster Session

11:10 - 12:30


Session: Auxiliary Systems, Cooling Water Systems, Water & Waste Treatment
Fukushima Contaminated Water Treatment: AREVA & VEOLIA's Solution Selected by TEPCO
P. Seberac (VEOLIA) - France


Microbial Pitting Corrosion of Type 316 Stainless Steel in a Once Through Seawater System
T. S. Rao, P.S. Murthy, Y.V. Harinath (BARC) - India


A High Recovery Membrane Process for Purification of Low-level Radioactive Liquid Waste
R. Al-Samadi (Ontario Power Generation), R. Davloor, B. Harper, J. Mann (Bruce Power) - Canada


Comparison of Biocides for Disinfection Treatment of Open Recirculating Cooling Circuits

S. Soreau, F. Prisset, N. Carvajal (EDF) - France

Lunch Time 12:30 to 2:10

2:10 - 4:20

Session: Secondary Water Chemistry [3 of 3]

Treatment Options for Secondary System


Water Quality of NPP Secondary Side with Combined Water Chemistry of Ammonia and Ethanolamine
I. H. Rhee, H.-J. Jung, B. Park (Soonchunhyang University) - Korea

Experience and Optimisation of Ethanolamine Treatment for a PWR Secondary System

N. van Eeden, F. WR Matthee (Eskom, Koeberg Power Station) - South Africa


The Application of Film-Forming Amines in Secondary Side Chemistry Treatment Of NPPs

U. Ramminger, J. Fandrich, F.-M. Roumiguiere (AREVA GmbH) - Germany


Assessment of the PolyAcrylic Acid for an Ammonia Water Treatment and for Alloy 800NG SG Tube
Material in Pressurized Water Reactors
C. Lamouroux, D. You, G. Plancque, M. Roy (CEA) - France, C. Laire, P. Schnongs (Laborelec) - Belgium



Experience with Dispersant Application: Long-Path Recirculation Cleanup Trial at Byron Unit 1 during
Spring 2011 and Online Addition Update
K. Fruzzetti (EPRI), C. Marks, M. Kreider (Dominion Engineering, Inc.), J. Bates (ChemStaff), D. Morey (Exelon),
I. Duncanson (STP Nuclear Operating Company), S. Sawochka (NWT Corporation)- USA

Update on Anion Resin Kinetic Impairment in PWR Polishers Using ETA

W. Carlin (Dow Chemical Company) - USA
End of the day

7:30 - 11:30

Poster Awards

Conference Dinner

Sponsored by Dow
Water & Process

Thursday 27
8:30 - 10:10

Session: Primary Water Chemistry [6 of 7]

Corrosion in Reactor Coolant System
Solubility of Chromium (III) Oxide And Metal Chromates: Development of Multeq Models



S. Dickinson, J. Henshaw (NNL) - UK, M. Bachet (EDF) - France, R. Eaker (LLC), D. Hussey (EPRI), C. Marks (Dominion
Engineering, Inc.) - USA, P. Tremaine (University of Guelph) - Canada

Radiation-Induced Corrosion of 316L Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel

Q. Knapp, K. Daub, A. Musa, J.C. Wren (The University of Western Ontario) - Canada


Evaluating Steam Generator Tubing Corrosion through Shutdown Nickel and Cobalt Releases
C. Marks, P. Krull (DEI), D. Hussey, K. Epperson (EPRI) - USA


Impact of Pressuriser Heater Failures on Primary Water Chemistry

M. Barton, K. Garbett, K. Hinds, M. Mantell, G. Quirk, M. Scrancher (EDF Energy Nuclear Generation) - UK


EDF PWRs Primary Coolant Purification Strategies

F. Gressier, D. Mascarenhas, S. Taunier, M. Le Calvar, J.-L. Bretelle, G. Ranchoux (EDF) - France

Coffee Break 10:10 to 10:50

10:50 - 12:30

Session: Maintenance [1 of 2]
Curative Cleaning Methods


The Chemical Decontamination of the Callisto PWR Loop

K. Van den Dungen, E. Cantrel, M. Wber (SCK-CEN) - Belgium


Comprehensive Studies of Corrosion Processes of Austenitic Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel in
Permanganic Acid Solutions
E. Deak Horvath, K. Varga, Z. Nmeth, T. Kristf (University of Pannonia), A. Szab Nagy (University of Istvn Szchenyi),
J. Schunk, G. Patek (Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.) - Hungary

Dose Rate Reduction Method for NMCA Applied Plants


M. Nagase, M. Aizawa, (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.), H. Hosokawa (Hitachi, Ltd.) - Japan, J. Varela, T. Caine (GEHitachi Nuclear America, LLC) - USA

Optimized High Temperature Oxidation and Cleaning Procedure at Bugey 3



G. Ranchoux, M. Wintergerst, M. Bachet, S. Leclercq, J.-D. Duron, J.-P. Meunier, S. Blond, G. Cordier (EDF), F. Dacquait
(CEA) - France

Cleaning of Dirtied Heat Exchanger by a New Process Using Foam

J.-M. Corrieu (DCNS), S. Faure, E. Herms (CEA) - France

Lunch Time 12:30 to 2:10


2:10 - 3:10

Session: Maintenance [2 of 2]
Preventive Cleaning Methods


Advanced Scale Conditioning Agent (ASCA) Applications: 2012 Experience Update

M. Little, R. Varrin, A. Pellman, M. Kreider (DEI) - USA


DMT - AREVA's Steam Generator Maintenance Cleaning Process, Concept and Experiences
S. Weiss (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany, F. Grember (AREVA) - France, D. Jones (AREVA NP Inc.) - USA


DMT & Other Chemical Cleanings Wastes Treatment: AREVA's Solutions & Experiences
F. Grember, R. Delatour (AREVA) - France, S. Weiss (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany, D. Jones (AREVA NP Inc.) - USA

3:10 - 4:10

Session: Primary Water Chemistry [7 of 7]

Hot Functional Tests, Start up & Shutdown



Optimisation of the Water Chemistry during Simulated Hot Functional Test of a Pressurised Water Reactor
for Improved Stability of the Passive Film on Alloy 690
I. Betova (Technical University of Sofia), M. Bojinov, V. Karastoyanov (University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy)
- Bulgaria, P. Kinnunen, T. Saario (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) - Finland

Start-Up and Shut-Down Experiences in Primary Circuit of Paks NPP WWER-440 Units
J. Schunk, G. Patek, T. Pintr (Paks NPP), P. Tilky (T-Chem Ltd), J. Osz (BUTE) - Hungary


Steam Generator Tubes Pre-Oxidation and Cleaning - Effect on Release and Oxides Formation
S. Leclercq, M. Bachet (EDF) - France

4:10 - 4:20



Poster Session
September, Monday 24
Application of a New Electrolytic Method to Create Lithium and Boron Recovery and Recycling

Systems in the Primary Circuit of PWR Units

G.G. Nalbandyan, G.A. Martoyan (AREV SI CJSC) - Republic of Armenia

Primary Water Chemistry Control during a Planned Outage at Bruce Power


G. Ma, R. Nashiem, S. Matheson, B. Yabar, B. Harper (Bruce Power), J. G. Roberts (CANTECH Associates Ltd.) -


Lithium Hideout and Return in the CANDU Heat Transport System during Shutdown and Start-up
L. Qiu, A.P. Snaglewski (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited) - Canada

Formation of Chromium Oxide Nanoparticles by Gamma Irradiation of Chromate Solutions



L. Alrehaily, J.M. Joseph, J.C. Wren (The University of Western Ontario), D. Guzonas (Chalk River Laboratories) Canada

Radiation-Induced Corrosion of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel in Ferrous Solutions

P.A. Yakabuskie, T. Sutherland, J. M. Joseph, J. C. Wren (The University of Western Ontario) - Canada


Radiation-Induced Corrosion of Stellite-6

M. Behazin, J.J. Nol, J.C. Wren (The University of Western Ontario) - Canada


Chemical Species Influences under Flow Conditions Relevant to PWR and SCWR
I. M. Svishchev, K. Imtiaz Choudhry, R. A. Carvajal-Ortiz (Trent University) - Canada


Effect of Water Chemistry on Surface Film of Alloy 690 in Simulated Primary Water
Z. Zhang, J. Wang, E.-H. Han, W. Ke (Chinese Academy of Sciences) - China


Long Term Impact of KOH on the Zry-4 Fuel Cladding

M. Miklos, K. Vonkov (Research Centre Rez), V. Hanus, D. Ernst (CEZ, NPP Temeln) - Czech Republic


Zinc Injection on the EDF Fleet - First Experience Feedback of the Implementation on 14 New Units
G. Le Meur, M. Benfarah, A. Stutzmann, J.-L. Bretelle, A. Rocher, M. Claeys, S. Bonne, A.-M. Harmand (EDF) - France

Surface Reactivity of Colloidal Corrosion Product and Alloys in PWR Conditions


G. Lefvre (Chimie ParisTech-CNRS UMR7575 LECIME ), S. Leclercq, B. Martin Cabanas, S. Delaunay, C. Mansour
(EDF), G. Berger (IRAP) - France

In-Situ Assessment of the Nickel Base Alloys Oxide Growth Kinetics in Primary Water Chemistry


M. Guillodo, A. Proust, M. Foucault (AREVA), M. Pijolat, K. Wolski (Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne), S. Perrin (CEA),
P. Combrade (ACXCOR) - France

Dedicated New Descaling Method to Characterize Corrosion and Cation Release of SG Tubing
M. Clauzel, M. Guillodo, M. Foucault, N. Engler, F. Chahma (AREVA) - France


Solubility of Nickel Ferrite (NiFe2O4) from 100C to 200C

A. Bellefleur, M. Bachet (EDF), P. Benezeth, J. Schott (GET) - France


Dissolution Rate of Bunsenite (NiO) in Acid Solution to 130C

A. Bellefleur, M. Bachet (EDF), P. Benezeth, J. Schott (GET) - France


Comparison between Oxidation in Nominal PWR Primary Water and in Vapour Phase at 400 C of
Alloy 600 and of Alloy 690.
B. Chetroiu, C. Guerre (CEA), C. Duhamel, M. Sennour, J. Crpin, (Mines Paritech) - France


Stress Corrosion Cracking and Oxidation of Alloy 82 in Nominal PWR Primary Water and in Vapour
Phase at 400C.
E. Chaumun, C. Guerre (CEA), C. Duhamel, M. Sennour, J. Crpin (Mines Paritech), E. Hripr (Ecole Polytechnique),
F. Balestreri (IRSN) - France



Characterisation of Oxides Formed on the Internal Surface of Steam Generator Tubes in Alloy 690
Corroded in the Primary Environment of Pressurised Water Reactors
F. Carrette, S. Leclercq, L. Legras (EDF) - France


Modelling of Hydraulic Influence on Corrosion Products Deposition Onto PWR Primary Surfaces
B. Martin Cabanas, S. Leclercq, M. Guingo (EDF), G. Lefvre (CNRS) - France


Boron Analyses in Reactor Coolant System of French PWR by Acid-Base Titration ([B]) and ICP-MS
( B atomic %) : Key to NPP Safety
S. Roux, F. Jouvet, S. Carabasse, D. Felgines, H. Schaeffer, D. Mole, P. Thiaucourt (EDF) - France


Experimental Study of Particle Deposition Kinetics in the Primary Circuit of the CIRENE Loop and
Comparison with OSCAR V1.2 Code Simulations
M. Girard, R. Mombellet (CE2A), G. Ranchoux (EDF), G. Riot (AREVA) - France

Simulations of Corrosion Product Transfer with the Oscar V1.2 Code



F. Dacquait, J. Francescatto, F. Broutin, J.B. Gnin, G. Bnier, D. You (CEA), G. Ranchoux, J. Bonnefon, M. Bachet
(EDF), G. Riot (AREVA) - France

Study of the Speciation of Carbon-14 in the Primary Circuit of Pressurized-Water Reactors

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Composition and Distribution of Tramp Uranium Contamination on BWR and PWR Fuel Rods


M. Schienbein, P. Zeh (AREVA), A. Hurtado (Technische Universitt Dresden), M. Rokamp (VENE Kernkraftwerk
Brunsbttel), M. Bolz (EnBW Kernkraftwerk Philippsburg) - Germany, I. Mailand (AXPO Kernkraftwerk Beznau) Switzerland

Effect of UV-Irradiation on Low Concetration Methanol Solutions in BWR Condition Loop Testing
B. Stellwag, B. Devrient (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany, M. Pop (AREVA Inc.) - USA


Autoclave Testing on Zirconium Alloy Materials

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Electrolysis of Iron (II) Ions from a Simulated Decontamination Solution

P. Rajesh, S. Suresh, S. V. Balaji, S. Rangarajan (BARCF) - India


Electrochemical Studies of Zinc Ion Addition on the Passivation Behaviour of SS 304l Under Simulated
BWR Chemistry Conditions
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Effect of Magnesium Ions on the Initial Oxidation Stages of Carbon Steel

H. Subramanian,V. Subramanian, S. Rangarajan, S.V. Narasimhan, S. Velmurugan (BARCF) - India


Influence of Boric Acid and Lithium Hydroxide on Oxide Film of 316 Stainless Steel in PWR Simulated
Primary Water
T. Fukumura, K. Arioka (Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.) - Japan

The Effects of Dose Rate Reduction with Zinc Injection from HFT in TOMARI Unit 3


H. Hayakawa, Y. Mino, S. Nakahama, Y. Aizawa (Hokkaido Electric Power Company), T. Nishimura, R. Umehara,
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Kinetic Analyses on Startup and Shutdown Chemistry of BWR Plant

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The Effect of Surface Treatment on Reducing the Metal Release from Ni-Base Alloy in High
Temperature Water - Electrochemical Study of the Surface Treated Film Properties
M. Kanzaki, Y. Hidaka, Y. Masaki (Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.) - Japan


Crud Deposition Characteristics on Nuclear Fuel Cladding in High Temperature Water

W.Y. Maeng, M.W. Kim (KAERI) - Korea



On-Line, In-Core Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity of a BWR Fuel Rod with a Tenacious Crud
P. Bennett (OECD Halden Reactor Project) - Norway


Demonstrate Use of Capillary Electrophoresis. Low Level Transient of Anions

K. Moum, T. Solheim (HRP) - Norway, J. McElrath (EPRI) - USA


On 2D Water Chemistry
A. Shimkevich, I. Shimkevich (Kurchatov Institute) - Russia


Primary Water Chemistry Improvement of VVER Plants

I. Belozerov (Novosibirsk VNIPIET) - Russia

Determination of Boron-10 for Reactivity Balance in a Pressurised Water Reactor

N. van Eeden, N. Gloria Tasana, C. Goodwin (Eskom, Koeberg Power Station) - South Africa

Crack Growth Rate in Alloy 600 during a Simulated Reactor Cycle



P. Efsing, P.-O. Andersson, B. Bengtsson (Ringhals AB), U. Engman, K. Norring, A. Molander (Studsvik Nuclear AB) Sweden

Stability of Oxides In BWR Conditions - A Review

J. Chen, B. Forssgren, J. Lejon, K. Fritioff (Studsvik Nuclear AB) - SWEDEN


Corrosion of Nickel-Based Alloys 52M and 152 in Simulated BWR Water Environments under High
Flow Velocities
M. Helin, J. Chen (Studsvik Nuclear AB), B. Forssgren (Vattenfall), F. Lindberg (KIMAB) - Sweden


Platinum Deposition Behaviour on Stainless Steel under Varying Water Chemistry in Simulated BWR


Effect of Injection Rate on Platinum Deposition Behaviour on Stainless Steel under Simulated BWR


A. Ramar, S. Ritter, P. V. Grundler, V. Karastoyanov, S. Abolhassani-Dadras, I. Gnther-Leopold, N. Kivel (Paul

Scherrer Institut) - Switzerland

P. V. Grundler, A. Ramar, S. Ritter, V. Karastoyanov, S. Abolhassani-Dadras, I. Gnther-Leopold, N. Kivel (Paul

Scherrer Institut) - Switzerland

Study of Deposited Crud Composition on Fuel Surfaces in the Environment of Hydrogen Water
Chemistry (HWC) of a Boiling Water Reactor at Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant
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Hua University) - Taiwan

Photo-Electrochemical Effect of Zinc Addition on the Electrochemical Corrosion Potentials of Stainless

Steels and Nickel Alloys in High Temperature Water
C. Fong, Y.C. Lee (ITRI), C. Fang Chu, C. Chang (Taiwan Power Co.) - Taiwan


Sodium Hydroxide Injection Passivation Work for the Reactor Water Clean-up System in a New ABWR
T.J. Wen (Atomic Energy Council), J.H. Lu (Taiwan Power Company) - Taiwan



Corrosion Products Identification at Normal Water and Hydrogen Water Chemistry in Boiling Water
Y.H. Shih , T.L. Tsai ,T.J. Wen (Atomic Energy Council), S.C. Shen, C. Fang-Chu (Taiwan Power Company) Taiwan
Influence of Ultraviolet Radiation on the Corrosion Behavior of ZrO 2-treated Type 304 Stainless Steels
in High Temperature Water
T.K. Yeh, C.Y. Li, M.Y. Wang (National Tsing Hua University) - Taiwan


Modelling Activity Transport Behavior In PWR Plant

J. Henshaw, J. McGurk, S. Dickinson (National Nuclear Laboratory), K. Hinds, K. Garbett (EDF) - UK,
D. Hussey, J. Deshon (EPRI) - USA



Electrokinetic and Electrochemical Corrosion Studies Related to Crud Formation

F. Scenini, G. Palumbo, N. Stevens, A. Cook, S. Lyon (University of Manchester) - UK


Application of Version 3 of EPRI BWR Radiolysis Model

J. Henshaw (National Nuclear Laboratory) - UK, D. Morgan, J. Giannelli (Finetech), S. Garcia (EPRI) - USA


Effects of Water Chemistry on Corrosion of Stainless Steel and Deposition of Corrosion Products in
High Temperature Pressurised Water
J. Morrison, C. Cooper, C. Ponton, B. Connolly (University of Birmingham) - UK


BWR Electrochemical Corrosion Potential (ECP) Monitoring, Challenges and Successes

S. Hettiarachchi (Consultant), R. L. Cowan (Consultant), S. Garcia (EPRI) - USA


Effect of Water Chemistry on Corrosion of Zr Alloys for BWR Application

Y.-J. Kim (GE-GRC) - USA

The Role of Noble Metal Addition Methods on BWR Shut Down Dose Rates
R.L. Cowan (Consultant), S.E. Garcia (EPRI) - USA


An Overview of the EPRI PWR Primary Chemistry Program

D. Perkins, K. Fruzzetti, C. Haas, D. Wells (EPRI) - USA


Results of a Recent Crud/Corrosion Risk Assessment Using AREVA Tools for a US Plant
L. Lamanna, M. Pop, R. Harne, J. Jones (AREVA) - USA

Quantifying the Impact of PWR Primary Side Chemistry Regime Utilizing Surface Activity Data


D.M. Wells (EPRI), K. Bieze (Pacific Gas and Electric), G. F. Palino, S. Sawochka (NWT Corp.) - USA, B. Bengtsson
(Vattenfall, Ringhals) - Sweden

The Benefits of Enriched Boric Acid in PWRs

D. Wiedenmann (Ceradyne) - USA


Screening Tests to Evaluate the Formation of Methyl-Iodide from the Application of Methanol in BWR
M. Pop, M. Bell, M. Caldwell, A. Hoornik, B. Barney (AREVA) - USA


On the Shape of Stress Corrosion Cracks in Reactor Piping

D. Kramer, S-K Lee, D.D. Macdonald (Pennsylvania State University) - USA

Poster Session
September, Tuesday 25


Water-Steam-Cycle Chemistry Monitoring and Organic Additives

P. Wuhrmann (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETHZ), M. Lendi (Swan Analytical Instruments) - Switzerland


Validation of the Measurement of pH in Water of the Secondary Circuit in the Range 9.00 to 10.00 at

M. Gorgoschidse, P. Echeverria, M. Zilli, B. Schonbrod (NA-SA S.A.) - Argentina


Oxygen Consumption by Hydrazine in Long Sample Lines

L. Chi, C. W. Turner (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited) - Canada


Investigating Source of Increased Sulphate in Boiler Blowdown

J. Willich (Bruce Power) - Canada



Stress Corrosion Crack Growth Rate in Steam Generator Materials in Secondary Side Crevice Chemistry
M.-L. Turi, G. Goszczynski, G. Ogundele, A.K. Jarvine (Kinectrics Inc.) - Canada


Formation of Corrosion Products of Carbon Steel under Condenser Operating Conditions

C. W. Turner, L. Chi (Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd) - Canada


Strengthening Model of Particle Deposits for Tube Support Plate Flow Blockage in Steam Generators and
Effect of Chemistry
T. Prusek, E. Moleiro, F. Oukacine, A, Adobes (EDF), M. Jaeger (M2P2), M. Grandotto (CEA/M2P2) - France


EDF Plan for a Dispersant Injection Trial

S. Mercier, G. Corredera, C. Mansour, M. Alves-Vieira (EDF), D. You (CEA) - France


Modelling Fouling of Rough Surfaces by Colloidal Particles in Turbulent Flows

C. Henry, J.-P. Minier (EDF), G. Lefvre (LECIME-CNRS Chimie ParisTech) - France


Control and Management of the Chemical Risk Linked with Hydrazine Storage, Unloading and Injection
Across French Nuclear Fleet
M. Spahic, T. Valery, J.-P. Deyris, A. Dzemidzic, M. Dijoux (EDF) - France


COLENTEC : An Experimental Set-up to Study the Clogging of Steam Generators

P. Schindler, E. Tevissen, V. Pointeau (CEA), E. Moleiro (EDF) - France

Boiling of Water in Flow Restricted Areas Modeled by Colloidal Silica Deposits

J. Peixinho, G. Lefvre, F.-X. Coudert (CNRS), O. Hurisse (EDF) - France


Secondary Circuit Start-Up Chemistry Optimisation

G. Fontan, P. Morel (EDF) - France


Mobile Polishing System of Feed Water at Start-Up - Feedback from the Implement and Future Prospects
C. Faure, K. Eade, G. Fontan, S. Veraghe (EDF) - France


Evolution of Carbon Steel Corrosion in Feedwater Conditions Reproduce by the FORTRAND Loop
S. Delaunay, A. Bescond, C. Mansour, J.-L. Bretelle (EDF) - France



Prediction of Sulfur Speciation in Secondary Circuit Conditions - Influence of Magnetite and Hydrazine at
S. Delaunay, C. Mansour, E.-M. Pavageau, (EDF), G. Berger (IRAP - CNRS), G. Cote, G. Lefevre, M. Fdoroff (Chimie
ParisTech- CNRS - LECIME) - France

Steam Generator Assessment for Sustainable Power Plant Operation

A. Drexler, J. Fandrich, U. Ramminger, S. Weiss (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany

Investigation of Disperse Iron Content's Growth in the Secondary Side of Paks Nuclear Power Plant
I. rpd (MVM ERBE Ltd.), T. Pintr, G. Patek (Paks, NPP) - Hungary

Erosion Problems in Secondary Systems of Paks NPP Caused by Increased Moisture Content of Steam

J. Schunk, G. Patek, T. Pintr, P. Rozmanitz, I. B. Varj (Paks, NPP), I. rpd (MVM ERBE Ltd), P. Tilky (T-Chem Ltd.),
J. Osz (BUTE) - Hungary

General Corrosion Studies of a Titanium and Incoloy Based Alloys under Ammoniacal Medium at 300C


B. K. Gokhale, Smt. S. J. Keny, A. G. Kumbhar, S. Rangarajan, S. Bera, J. Nuwad, S. A.Kumar, D. N. Wagh, S. Pradhan
(BARCF) - India

Development of the Mitigation Method for Carbon Steel Corrosion with Ceramics in PWR Secondary
M. Okamura, O. Shibasaki, T. Miyazaki, Tetsuji Kaneko (Toshiba Corporation) - Japan


Electrochemical Chloride Ion Detection Technique by Using PT Electrode Used in High Temperature Water
J.-W. Yeon, M.-H. Yun , K. Song (KAERI) - Republic of Korea



Calculation of Activity Transport and Accumulation in WWERs Secondary Circuit Systems for Setting of
Limit Radionuclide Specific Activity in Water of Steam Generators
R. Sharafutdinov, O. Kavun, N. Kharitonova, N. Repnikov (SEC NRS) - Russian Federation



Multipurpose Test Facility "SPRUT" for Experimental Substantiation and Selection of Water Chemistry of
Steam Generators for Fast Reactors Next Generation
A.S.Mikheyev, V. A. Grabezhnaya, V.B. Smykov, A.A.Kamaev (Institute for Physics and Power Engineering) - Russian

Dimethylamine as a Replacement for Ammonia Dosing in the Secondary Circuit of an Advanced GasCooled Reactor (AGR) Power Station
C. Armstrong, A. Bull, M. Mitchell, G.P. Quirk, I. S. Woolsey, A. Rudge (EDF Energy) - United Kingdom


Results of Secondary Chemistry Optimization at Ukrainian NPPs

V. Kozlov, T. Kozlova ("Scientific and Technical Center" of NNEGC "Energoatom") - Ukraine


Predictive Models for Deposit Accumulation and Corrosion on Secondary Side of Steam Generators
S. Choi (EPRI), V. Moroney, C. Marks, M. Kreider (DEI) - USA


PWR Secondary Water Chemistry Control Status: A Summary of Industry Experience and Trends Relative
to the EPRI PWR Secondary Water Chemistry Guidelines
K. Fruzzetti, S. Choi (EPRI) - USA


Water Chemistry and Corrosion Issues of Control Rod and Protection System in Russian LWGRs
V. Yurmanov (NIKIET) - Russia


Assurance of Sodium Concentration Measurement on Line in Water Supply to the Secondary System in
Atucha I & II NPPs
M. Gorgoschidse, M. A. Ormando (Nucleoelctrica Argentina) - Argentina


Operative Modes of the Primary Circuit Degasser of Atucha II NPP

I. Rodriguez, M. Contino, M. Chocron (C.N.E.A.), J. Duca (N.A.S.A.) -Argentina


Commissioning of the Laboratory of Atucha II NPP. Implementation and Optimization of Analytical

Techniques, Quality Aspects
B. Schnbrod, B. Quispe, A. Cattaneo (N.A.S.A.), I. Rodriguez, M. Chocron, S. Farias (C.N.E.A.) -Argentina


Reaction Kinetics of Hydrazine Neutralisation in Steam Generator Wet Lay-Up Solution

K. Schildermans, R. Lecocq (Laborelec) - Belgium, E. Girasa (GDF SUEZ Nuclaire) - France


Irradiation of Oil / Water Biphasic Systems: The Importance of Interfacial Surface Area on the Production
of Hydrogen and Other Deleterious Products
P.W. Causey, C.R. Stuart (Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.) - Canada



Evaluation of Regeneration Techniques for Weak and Strong Base Anion Resins Fouled with Iron-Organic
P. Kus, K. Vonkova, K. Lysakova (Centrum vyzkumu Rez s.r.o.), M. Slouf, J. Hromadkova (Institute of Macromolecular
Chemistry AS CR, v.v.i.) - Czech Republic

EDF Specifications on Nuclear Grade Resins

D. Mascarenhas, F. Gressier, S. Taunier, M. Le Calvar, G. Ranchoux (EDF), H. Marteau, V. Labed (CEA) - France


Towards a Better Control of Chemicals Dosing in Condenser Open-Recirculating Cooling Systems through
the Use of Modelling
S. Rapenne, G. Lepine, E. Demay, A. Jardin, O. Alos-Ramos (EDF), K. Shakourzadeh (UTC) - France


Chemistry and Radiochemistry Strategies Supported by EPR Auxiliary Systems: Performance and
A. Tigeras, P. Fourment, A. Chupin, A. Egallaf, N. Fauvel (EDF) - France



Chemical Processes of Galvanized Steel Corrosion in the Post-LOCA Phase of a PWR and the Prevention
of Sump Screen Clogging
W. Hoffmann, Holger Kryk (HZDR) - Germany


Pyrolysis of Spent Ion Exchange Resins

G. Brhler, R. Slametschka (NUKEM Technologies GmbH) - Germany


Construction of a New Make-up Water Plant in Paks NPP

J. Schunk, G. Patek, T. Pintr, G. Gspr, G. Lozsi, Z. Gombs (Paks NPP), P. Tilky (T-Chem Ltd), J. Osz (BUTE) - Hungary


Application of Flow Analytical Methods for Determination of Radionuclides in Cooling Water and Wastes
from Nuclear Plants
A. Bojanowska-Czajka, M. Trojanowicz (Warsaw University) - Poland

Implementation of Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation for Radioactive Concentrate Treatment

A. Velin (Vattenfall AB), B. Bengtsson, M. Lundblad (Ringhals AB) - Sweden


Treatment of Radioactive Aqueous Organics Using a Process of Adsorption Coupled with Electrochemical
N. Brown, W. Johnson (Arvia Technology Ltd), E. Roberts (University of Manchester) - UK


Microelectrode Studies of Chloride Induced Pitting in Magnesium

R. Burrows (NNL), A. Cook, N P C Stevens (University of Manchester) - UK


High Temperature Corrosion of Superalloys by Molten Calcium Chloride in an Oxidizing Environment

R. Barnett, M. Gittos (TWI) - UK


Hide Out Return Test and Blowndown Crud Composition under ETA Chemistry
M. Chocron, M. Strack (C.N.E.A.), R. Saucedo (N.A.S.A.) - Argentina


Operative Behaviour of a Condenser Tube under ETA Chemistry

M. Chocron, A. Burkart, M. Strack (C.N.E.A.), R. Manera (N.A.S.A.), D. Quinteros (N.A.S.A.) - Argentina


Parameterization of Oxide Film Models with Respect to Scc Initiation of 316ss under PWR Conditions
M. Vankeerberghen (SCK CEN) - Belgium, M. Bojinov (University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy) - Bulgaria


Probabilistic Analysis of Degradation Incubation Time of Steam Generator Tubing Materials

M.D. Pandey (University of Waterloo), Y.C. Lu, L. Chi (Atomic Energy Canada Ltd.) - Canada


Flow Accelerated Corrosion Mitigation at EDF with BRT-CICERO . Feedback of Version 3.2 and Future
M.-P. Moutrille, G. Qiu, C. Miller, S. Trevin, R. Lafon-Delpit (EDF) - France


Using X-Ray Portable Fluorescence for Alloy Contents Measurement of Steel Pipe and Optimization of
Flow Accelerated Corrosion Kinetic Calculation With BRT-CICERO .
M.-P. Moutrille, G. Qiu, C. Miller, S. Trevin, R. Lafon-Delpit (EDF) - France


Influence of Steam Generator Surface State on Corrosion and Oxide Formation

A. Mazenc, S. Leclercq (EDF), A. Galtayries, P. Marcus (LPCS, CNRS) - France



EDF's Approach to Determine Specifications for Nuclear Power Plant Bulk Chemicals
A. Basile, M. Dijoux, M. Le Calvar, F. Gressier, D. Mole (EDF) - France

Impact of Load Follow Operation on the Chemistry of the Primary and Secondary Circuit of a Pressurized
Water Reactor
M. Bolz, A. Speck, S. Riehm, F. Bttcher (EnBW Kernkraft GmbH) - Germany

Corrosion Particles in The Primary Coolant of VVER-440 Reactors


N. Vajda, Zs. Molnr (RadAnal Ltd.), P. Hargittai, Zs. Mcsik, . Szles, A. Pintr Csords Tth (Energy Research Centre),
T. Pintr (Paks Nuclear Power Plant) - Hungary



Potential Dependence of SCC Growth of Welded and Cast Stainless Steels in High-Temperature WaterThe Effect of Long Term Thermal Aging on SCC Growth


Effects of Hydrogen Addition and Temperature on SCC Propagation in High Temperature Water Injected
with Hydrogen Peroxide

T. Yamada, T. Miyamoto, M. Aoki, K. Arioka (Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Incorporated), T. Terachi (Kansai
electric power company) - Japan

T. Tsukada, J. Nakano, T. Sato, C. Kato, Y. Kaji (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) - Japan

Nuclear Power Plant Steam Pipes Repairing with Tirant 3 Robot System

M. Curiel Nieva, M. Soto Toms, E. Monz Blasco (LAINSA), S. Pineda Rodrguez (REVANTI), J. Ignacio Vaquer Prez
(TITANIA) - Spain

Numerical Investigation of the Water Chemistry Parameters Influence on The Erosion-Corrosion

Condition of the Condensate-Feed and Wet-Steam Circuits of Nuclear Power Station Units


G. V. Tomarov, A. A. Shipkov, P. N. Greblov (JSC "Geotherm-EM") - Russia

Development of Guidelines and Codes for Prediction of Flow Accelerated Corrosion at Russian Design
Nuclear Power Plants


V. Baranenko (VNIIAES), V. Yurmanov - Russia

Long-Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plant Type VVER 440 Regarding the Environment


M. Novak (DECOM), L. Zboray (VUJE) - Slovakia

Mitigating the Risk of Stress Corrosion of Austenitic Stainless Steels in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor


A.E.A. Bull, G.G. Lewis, J.A. Owen, G.P. Quirk, A. Rudge, I.S. Woolsey (EDF) - UK

Early Hydrogen Water Chemistry in BWR: Industry-First Demonstration


S. Garcia (EPRI), A. Odell (Exelon), J. Giannelli (Finetech) - USA

Early Hydrogen Water Chemistry Project Review, Improvement Opportunities and Conceptual Design
Options at Exelon BWRs


A. Odell (Exelon), J. Giannelli (Finetech), S. Garcia (EPRI) - USA

Measurement of Percent Hydrogen in the Mechanical Vacuum Pump in Gas Stream during BWR Startup


S. Garcia (EPRI), A. Odell (Exelon), J. Giannelli (Finetech) - USA

Hydrogen Monitoring in Nuclear Power Cycles


H. Maurer (ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), L. Staub (Swan Analytical Instruments) - Switzerland

September, Poster Session

Wednesday 26



The Usage of Natural Zeolites for the Adsorption of Radionuclides, Particularly in Emergency Situations

F. Reitbauer (Asamer) - Austria

Chemical Decontamination of the Steam Generator number 2 of CHOOZ A
G. Pfleger, J. Guzou, M. Ponnet (EDF) - France

Surface Decontamination Using Circulation Foam on Depression


F. Damerval, J. Belz, M. Renouf, P. Janneau (AREVA) - France


Use of Laser Ablation in Nuclear Decontamination

F. Moggia, X. Lecardonnel, F. Damerval (AREVA) - France





a Versatile Tool for D&D Applications

L. Objois, F. Moggia, F. Damerval, T. Varet, V. Toulemonde (AREVA), F. Richard (Air Liquide) - France

Results and Perspectives of Radiological Cleanup Engineering

S. Ider, G. Le-Meur (EDF) - France


Nettoyage Mcanique et Chimique des Faisceaux Tubulaires des Scheurs Surchauffeurs (GSS) des
Centrales Nuclaires
P. Guerra (Lainsa), V. Le Guerroue (EDF) - France, J. T. Ruiz (Lainsa), R. Ureta (Solarca) - Spain


The AREVA Customized Chemical Cleaning C-Concept as Part of the Steam Generator Asset Management
S. Weiss, A. Drexler (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany


Full System Decontamination (FSD) for Sustainable Dose Reduction

C. Stiepani, L. Sempere Belda, C. Topf, A. Basu (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany


On the Potentiality of the Application of In-Situ Radiotracer Methods in the Field of Nuclear Corrosion
and Contamination
K. Berkesi, K. Varga, D. Horvth (University of Pannonia), T. Pintr (Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.), Hungary


Novel Application of an In-Situ Radiotracer Method in the Field of Nuclear Corrosion

D. Horvth, K. Varga, K. Berkesi (University of Pannonia), T. Pintr (Paks Nuclear Power Plant) - Hungary



Comprehensive Investigation of the Corrosion and Surface Chemical Effects of the Decontamination
A. Szabo Nagy (University of Istvan), K. Varga, E. Deak Horvath, Z. Nmeth (University of Pannonia), J. Schunk, G. Patek
(Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd) - Hungary

Preparation of Chromous Complexes and their Effect on the Dissolution of Ferrites and Chromites
V.S. Sathyaseelan, A.L. Rufus, S. Velmurugan (BARC), E. Pavithra (Madras Christian College) - India

Chemical Decontamination Studies on Aluminium Brass Condenser Tubes of a BWR



V.S. Tripathi, K.K. Bairwa, S.J. Keny, V. Balaji, G. Venkateswaran, S. Velmurugan (BARC), D. Papachan (Tarapur Atomic
Power Station) - India

Development of a Suppression Method for Deposition of Radioactive Cobalt after Chemical

Decontamination: Confirmation of the Suppression Mechanism with Preoxidized Ferrite Film for
Deposition of Radioactive Cobalt
T. Ito, H. Hosokawa, M. Nagase, M. Aizawa, M. Fuse (Hitachi Ltd.) Japan


Development and Application of the Ultrasonic Technologies in Nuclear Engineering

N. Lebedev (Alexandra Plus) - Russia


Technical and Metrological Service Improvement of Measurement Channels With Flow-Type Transducers
of Ionic Impurities for Water Chemical Control in Nuclear Reactors
N. Vilkov (Alexandrov Res Inst Techno) - Russia


Chemistry Experiences from a Containment Fire at Ringhals Unit 2

B. Arvidsson, P. Svanberg, B. Bengtsson (Vattenfall) -Sweden


Korean PWR Steam Generator Chemical Cleaning Experience

I.-H. Hwang (HaJI), Y.-O. Oh , S.-J. Choo (KHNP) - Korea, R. D. Varrin, M. J. Little (DEI) - USA


Steam Quality Determination by Self Tracers Present in the Bop Blowndown Water and Steam
I. Rodriguez, M. Chocron, F. Miceli , R. Saucedo (CNEA) - Argentina


Issue-Identification & Definition

B. Schneider (NPC 2010) - Canada


Effects of Gamma Radiation on the Separation Efficiency of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
S.E. Howett, R. Morco, J.M. Joseph, A. Musa, J.J. Nol, J.C. Wren (The University of Western Ontario) - Canada



The Research of Materials and Water Chemistry for Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors in Research
Centre REZ
M. Zychova, M. Ruzickova, K. Vonkova, R. Fukac, R. Vsolak (Centrum vyzkumu Rez s.r.o.) - Czech Republic

EDF Source Term Reduction Projet - Main Outcomes and Further Developments


G. Ranchoux, J. Bonnefon, M. Benfarah, M. Wintergerst, F. Gressier, P.Varry, S. Leclercq, S. Blond , G. Cordier (EDF) France

Evolution of Chemical Specifications Following the Working Group of International Inter-Comparison

M. Leduc-Brunet, J.-L. Bretelle, F.Gressier, D.Mol, O.Massias, O.Marescot (EDF) - France


Design Improvements Related to Chemistry for the EPR Unit at Flamanville 3

C. Lacroix, M. Alves Vieira, L. Jutel (EDF) - France


Accurate Monitoring Developed by EDF for FA3-EPR and UK-EPR : Chemistry-Radiocheistry Design and
A. Tigeras, S. Bihurizi, M. Pierre, J. L'Orphelin (EDF) - France


AREVA NP Liner Repair Strategy with Adhesive Technology

G. Krmer (AREVA NP GmbH) - Germany, S. Revoirard (AREVA) - France, J. E. McCann (AREVA NP Inc) -USA


Studies on the Utilization of a Bio-sorbent During the Chemical Decontamination of Nuclear Power Plants
P. Abdul Nishad, B. Anupkumar, S. V. Narasimhan, S. Velmurugan ( BARC) - India


Irradiation Capability of Japanese Materials Test Reactor for Water Chemistry Experiments
S. Hanawa, K. Hata, Y. Chimi, Y. Nishiyama, T. Nakamura (JAEA) - Japan



Radiation-Induced Reactions among Components of Sea Water, Cl , CO3 , Br

K. Hata, S. Hanawa, S. Kasahara (JAEA), Y. Muroya, Y. Katsumura (University of Tokyo) - Japan


Oxygen-Ammonia Water Chemistry for 3-rd Circuit of NPP with Fast Reactor BN-800
V.B. Smykov (SSC of RF-IPPE), V.F. Tiapkov (VNIIAES), A.R. Tsekh (Beloyarsk NPP) - Russia


Chemistry Monitoring and Diagnostic System at NPP Jaslovske Bohunice

I. Smiesko (ENEL-Slovenske elektrarne), S. Figedy (VUJE a.s.) - Slovak Republic


Increasing Water System Efficiency with Ultrafiltration Pre-treatment in Power Plants

K. Majamaa, E. Gasia (Dow Chemical Ibrica) - Spain


An Investigation into Water Chemistry in Primary Coolant Circuit of an Advanced Boiling Water Reactor
T.K. Yeh, M.Y. Wang, B.J. Wu, R.J. Sheu (National Tsing Hua University) - Taiwan


The Role of EDF Energy Chemistry in New Nuclear Build in the UK

M. Harrington, D. Moss, A. Rudge (EDF Energy) - UK, A. Tigeras (EDF) - France


Sequestration Resins for Accelerating Removal of Radioactive Contaminants

P. L. Frattini, D. M. Wells, S. E. Garcia (EPRI), L. Yengoyan (SJSU), R. Kohlmann, R. Asay (RSI) - USA


Development of a Chemical Procedure for the

Spectrometry (AMS).


I Determination in Resin Samples by Accelerator Mass

E. Nottoli, P. Bienvenu, A. Labet, M. Bertaux (CEA), D. Bourls, A. Maurice (CEREGE) - France


Computer Modeling of Inhibition Of -Radiolysis of Wather by H2 Addition

P. Lertnaisat, Y. Katsumura (University of Tokyo), S. Mukai (NDC), R. Umehara, Y. Shimizu, M. Suzuki (MHI) - Japan


9th Intl Radiolysis, Electrochemistry

Friday 28

& Materials Performance

7:45 - 8:30


8:30 - 8:40

Welcome Introduction

8:40 - 10:10

Session: Fundamentals of Radiolysis and Electrochemical Effects (1 of 2)


Progress and New Items (title to be confirmed)

K. Ishigure - Japan
Pulse Radiolysis Study on Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Yield of Solvated Electron in
Methanol from Room Temperature to Supercritical Condition


Z. Han (SNPTC), H. He (CIAE) - China, M. Lin (JAEA),Y. Muroya , Y. Katsumura (University of Tokyo) - Japan
Temporal Behavior of Hydrated Electron up to 400 C Studied by Ultrafast Pulse Radiolysis and Monte

Carlo Calculation


Y. Katsumura, Y. Muroya (University of Tokyo), M. Lin (JAEA) - Japan, M. Mostafavi (Universit Paris-Sud) - France,
J. Meesungnoen, J.-P. Jay-Gerin (University of Sherbrooke) - Canada

Picosecond Water Radiolysis at High Temperature


G. Baldacchino, D. Saffr (CEA), J.-P. Jeunesse, U. Schmidhammer, J.-P. Larbre, M. Mostafavi (Universit Paris 11),
M. Beuve (Universit Claude Bernard Lyon 1), B. Gervais (Universit de Caena Basse-Normandie) - France

Coffee Break 10:10 to 10:50

10:50 - 12:10

Session: Fundamentals of Radiolysis and Electrochemical Effects (2 of 2)

Modelling Proton or Electron Radiolysis in PWR Solutions

56 H. Sims, J. Henshaw (NNL) - UK, C. Corbel (Ecole Polytechnique), V. Cobut (LAMAp), M. Wang (Ecole Polytechnique,

CEA), B. Muzeau, S. Perrin, D. Feron (CEA), D. Simon (CNRS) - France



Local Radiolysis and Electrochemical Corrosion Potential in Crevice Environment

Y. Wada, A. Watanabe, K. Ishida, M. Tachibana (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.), N. Shigenaka,
N. Kawashima, M. Aizawa (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.) - Japan

Specific Features of Water and Aqueous Solutions of H2 and O2 Radiolysis under the Effect of
Mixed n, y- Irradiation
O.P. Arkhipov (OKB "GIDROPRESS"), S.A. Kabakchi (NRC "Kurchatov Institute") - Russia

The Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on Water Radiolysis Behaviour


P.A. Yakabuskie, J.M. Joseph, J.C. Wren (The University of Western Ontario), C.R. Stuart (Chalk River Laboratories,
AECL) - Canada

Lunch Time 12:10 to 2:00


2:00 - 4:00

Session: Radiolysis and Electrochemistry in Reactors (1 of 2)


On the Radiolysis/Electrochemical Modeling of Water Cooled Reactor Coolant Circuits

D.D. Macdonald (Pennsylvania State University) - USA


Mitigation of Hydrogen Production in the Shield Cooling System of CANDU Reactors - Recent Changes
to Chemistry Control
C.R. Stuart (AECL) - Canada


Variation of the Effectiveness of Hydrogen Water Chemistry in a Boiling Water Reactor during Startup
T.-K. Yeh, M.-Y. Wang (National Tsing Hua University) - Taiwan

Laboratory and Modeling Studies in Search of the Critical Hydrogen Concentration



D. Bartels, W. Wu, K. Kanjana (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory) - United States, H. Sims, J.Henshaw (National
Nuclear Laboratory) - UK

AISI 316L under Electron Radiolysis at High Temperature and Pressure in PWR Modeling Conditions
M. Wang (Ecole Polytechnique), B. Muzeau, S. Perrin, C. Corbel, D. Simon, D. Feron - France

Coffee Break 4:00 to 4:20

4:20 - 5:40

Session: Radiolysis and Electrochemistry in Reactors (2 of 2)


Predicted Variations of Water Chemistry in the Primary Coolant Circuit of a Supercritical Water
T.-K. Yeh, M.-Y. Wang, H.-M. Liu, M. Lee (National Tsing Hua University) - Taiwan


Irradiation-Accelerated Corrosion of Reactor Core Materials

D. Bartels (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory), G. Was, Z. Jiao (University of Michigan) - USA


C Behaviour in PWR Coolant

H. Sims, S. Dickinson (NNL), K. Garbett (EDF Energy) - UK


Investigation of the Uranium Redox Couple using Voltammetric Techniques

M.Q. Chew, N. Evans, R. Mortimer (Loughborough University) - UK

5:40 - 6:00

Closing: Summary and Future


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