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Casa de Cultura Britnica

Data: 12 de Julho de 2015.
Durao: das 9:00 s 12:00 horas.
01. Antes de iniciar a resoluo das questes, verifique se o Caderno de Provas est completo.
Qualquer reclamao dever ser feita nos primeiros 15 (quinze) minutos aps o incio da prova.
02. Anote, na capa do Caderno de Provas, o seu nmero de inscrio e o nmero da sala.
03. Confira os dados do cabealho da Folha-Resposta. Havendo necessidade de correo de algum
dado (CPF, NOME ou RG), chame o fiscal para anotar a correo. Para marcar a resposta de uma
questo, preencha, totalmente, com caneta azul ou preta, apenas a quadrcula correspondente sua
opo. No use corretivo nem rasure a Folha-Resposta.
04. Durante a realizao das provas, ser feita a identificao dos candidatos atravs da verificao do
original do documento de identidade e da coleta da assinatura na Ata de Aplicao e na FolhaResposta, no campo destinado assinatura.
05. A durao da prova de 3 (trs) horas e o tempo mnimo de permanncia em sala de 1 (uma) hora.
06. aconselhvel reservar 30 (trinta) minutos para o preenchimento da Folha-Resposta.
07. O candidato, ao terminar a prova, s poder sair da sala aps entregar o Caderno de Prova e a
08. Os dois ltimos candidatos s podero deixar a sala simultaneamente e devero assinar a Ata de
09. A desobedincia a qualquer dessas determinaes e o desrespeito ao pessoal da superviso,
coordenao e fiscalizao so faltas que eliminam o candidato do concurso.
10. Ser eliminado do Concurso o candidato cujo celular estiver ligado durante a realizao das provas,
ou for flagrado copiando gabarito.
11. Acompanhe o Calendrio

de Atividades



atravs do endereo


Coloque, de imediato, o seu nmero de inscrio e o nmero de sua sala nos retngulos abaixo.



Casa de Cultura Britnica

30 questes

For questions 01 to 05, choose the option that completes the sentences CORRECTLY. (Note: X = no word)
01. Heres something that _______ to me about three weeks ago. One night my sister and I were walking
home when we saw a young man crying. After talking to him, he said he was lost and _______ there by
his older brother. He was obviously mentally ill, but totally inoffensive. For a while we _______ what to
do, but my sister _______ a similar experience last year and to our surprise, it was the same man and she
knew where he lived. We both took him to his house and told his brother that if he ever did that again,
wed call the police.
A) had happened left hadnt known has had
B) happened had been left didnt know had
C) happened has been left wasnt known had
D) had happened has been left didnt know had
E) has happened had been left hadnt known had had
02. People _______ many stories about dolphins since ancient times. For instance, there is this Roman tale
about a dolphin which _______ a boy after he _______ into the sea. The ancient Romans and Greeks
often _______ images of dolphins in their works of art, which was a way to show that they _______
them as an important part of their environment.
A) have told rescued had fallen included regarded
B) told had rescued fell had included had regarded
C) told had rescued was fallen has included have regarded
D) have told has rescued has been fallen included was regarded
E) had told has been rescued had fallen had included was regarded
03. I was _______ when a couple of my friends invited me to celebrate my birthday at this new restaurant
everyone was talking about. When we got there, we didnt have to wait too long for a table which made
us very _______. However, what seemed to be a wonderful night, soon turned into a very _______ event.
The service was very _______. and the food wasnt very _______ either. We couldnt believe people
really enjoyed going to that place.
A) excited pleased irritated disappointed enticed
B) excited pleasing irritated disappointed enticed
C) excited pleased irritating disappointing enticing
D) exciting pleased irritating disappointing enticing
E) exciting pleasing irritating disappointing enticing
04. The Millennium Bridge in London is a slim, modern bridge, a graceful structure, designed to celebrate
the millennium in 2000. _______, there was a design fault, so that when it was first used by large
numbers of people, it was found that it had a pronouncing wobbler. In other words, it swayed _______
from side to side. At first the problem seemed as if it would be easily solved but, in fact, it took two years
to find a solution that worked _______ as well as _______. This, of course, was highly embarrassing for
the architect and engineers of the bridge and _______ costly.
A) Unfortunately dangerously practically theoretically substantially
B) Unfortunately gracefuly impractically theoretically enormously
C) Unfortunately dangerously practicaly theoreticaly enormously
D) Fortunately beautifully practicaly theoretically incredibly
E) Fortunately gracefuly practicaly theoreticaly substantialy

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05. We all know that _____ cars are useful but _____ bicycles are more environmentally friendly. However,
_____ people in general still insist on driving their cars to work. But there are a few exceptions. Last year
I met _____ European man who cycled everywhere and I learnt a lot from him. _____ man was old but
very healthy and in very good shape. Now everyone in my family rides _____ bicycle anywhere we
fancy to go. One day we decided to challenge ourselves and cycled to _____ university which was about
100 km from where we lived just to show it to our younger brother who hadnt still decided which
university he wanted to go to.
A) X X the a A a a
B) X X X a The a a
C) X X X an The an a
D) The the X an A the an
E) The the the an The a an
For questions 06 to 12, choose the INCORRECT option.
06. A) I have been to many South American countries except Peru, Chile and Colombia.
B) Peters gone to New Mexico for a year to study anthropology and human behavior.
C) Charlie has been to his girlfriends house. I dont know when hes coming be back.
D) Theyve been to Paris a couple of times and have already decided to go again this year.
E) This is the first time we spent Christmas without Allyson. Shes gone to Asia to teach English there.
07. A) If I were her, I wouldnt buy that expensive skirt. Its too much money for such a cheap-looking skirt.
B) If the pilot had been more careful, he wouldnt have wasted so much time to land.
C) Id have done this a lot earlier if the neighbors hadnt bothered us so much.
D) If I didnt pass the exam, I couldnt have gone to study in Australia.
E) If Susan wrote a best-selling book, she would be very famous now.
08. A) Do you happen to know what time the next train arrives?
B) Would you let us know how this photocopier machine works?
C) Do you remember when are we supposed to finish this article?
D) Would you please tell me where we can get very good bread in the city centre?
E) Does he have any idea why you had to stop at your aunts house even when you were very late?
09. A) Thats not a very good place to have fun. On the other hand, its close to where we live and its not
very expensive.
B) My neighbors arent very friendly people. However, theyre always there if you need them.
C) Despite the fact that we didnt speak any Mandarin at all, we all had a great time in China.
D) Although they couldnt afford a trip overseas, they travelled to New Zealand, anyway.
E) In spite of the weather didnt help much, we were able to have a nice barbecue outside.
10. A) The crossword is absolutely difficult as the clues very complicated.
B) We sincerely told him that we honestly wanted to help him.
C) She sadly hugged her husband before he left for the war.
D) He drove his car down the mountainside crazily.
E) Betsy has been working very hardly lately.
11. A) The Jacksons have lived in this same house between 1990 and 2010.
B) I havent decided whether I stay home or go out this weekend.
C) I didnt enjoy watching that movie as much as you did.
D) We havent travelled anywhere for the past two years.
E) About six years ago Jenny and I met for the first time.
12. A) My sister and I had a big argument last night and now were not talking to each other.
B) The ring we found yesterday probably belongs to someone quite rich.
C) The church choir sang all the songs wonderfully last night.
D) We succeeded in collecting enough money for our trip.
E) Do you know whether does Melissa live around here?

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For questions 13 to 17, choose the option which has the same meaning and idea as the phrases in italics.
13. Although we arrived late at the concert, we were still able to get good seats.
A) When we arrived at the concert, there were no more good seats for us.
B) The good seats were already taken when we arrived at the concert.
C) There were still good seats at the concert before we got there.
D) We could find good seats despite being late for the concert.
E) We arrived late at the concert and found no good seats.
14. If Jenny had taken the right turn, we wouldnt have missed the plane.
A) Jenny took the wrong turn but we didnt miss the plane.
B) We missed the plane because Jenny took the wrong turn.
C) Jenny took the right turn but we missed the plane, anyway.
D) We didnt miss the plane even though Jenny took the wrong turn.
E) Jenny didnt take the right turn but we still had time to catch the plane.
15. Sue told Paula that John had bought a new car and moved to Bristol.
A) Paula mentioned that John bought a new car and moved to Bristol.
B) John told Sue that Paula had moved to Bristol and bought a new car.
C) Sue said John had moved to Bristol and Paula had bought a new car.
D) John said to Paula that he had bought a new car and moved to Bristol.
E) Paula heard from Sue that John bought a new car and moved to Bristol.
16. John might be in his office. He isnt in his flat.
A) John mustnt be in his office, so he is at home.
B) John cannot be in his office, but may be he is.
C) John may not be in his office.
D) John may be in his office.
E) John cant be at home.
17. Sally wont get her promotion unless she moves to Sydney.
A) Sally will get her promotion if she moves to Sydney.
B) Sally will be promoted if she enjoys living in Sydney.
C) Her promotion will not happen if Sally moves to Sydney.
D) Sally will move to Sydney only if she gets her promotion.
E) Sallys promotion does not depend on her moving to Sydney.
Answer questions 18 to 30 according to the instructions.
18. Choose the option with the synonyms of the underlined words in She continued peeling the potatoes
while she was taking care of her sisters baby.
A) carried on looking after
B) put away looking up
C) threw away getting up
D) brought up waking up
E) set up getting by
19. Choose the option where the letters oo have THE SAME pronunciation in all the words of each option.
A) look / book / tool
B) soon / pool / good
C) tooth / boot / wood
D) took / hood / cook
E) hook / mood / noon

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20. Choose the option where the phrasal verb is used incorrectly.
A) Even after leaving home to live on his own, Brett still lives off his parents.
B) Brittany put on different clothes before deciding what to wear for the party.
C) Its about time to put away everything you say and do exactly what you have to do.
D) With the money theyre making at the moment, itll be hard to get by after having the baby.
E) James had very rich parents, but he was brought up by his grandparents because he didnt enjoy his
parents lifestyle.
21. Choose the option where all of the words are in the same vocabulary group.
A) sequels / temporary / part-time
B) detached / bungalow / cottage
C) boarding / graduate / balcony
D) resign / promotion / gadget
E) retire / redundant / entrance
22. Choose the option where so / neither is correctly used in the sentence.
A) A: I dont think this is a safe place for having a picnic.
B) A: They disagreed on so many things discussed today.
C) A: Hes visited so many countries for the past two years.
D) A: We didnt enjoy the way she talked to us yesterday.
E) A: I should have avoided talking to him at the party.

B: So do I.
B: Neither did I.
B: So have I.
B: I did neither.
B: So shouldnt I.

23. Choose the option where the infinitive / gerund is used incorrectly.
A) I think its very easy to follow the rules here.
B) Do you mind coming earlier for the meeting today?
C) My sisters saved money buying a new car and travel overseas.
D) I think that sometimes applying for a new job can be quite stressful.
E) We havent decided to hire the new employee yet because of the situation here.
24. Choose the option where the suffix -ed at the end of ALL the verbs has the same pronunciation as in studied.
A) loved / added / visited
B) wanted / called / kissed
C) stopped / visited / spilled
D) laughed / danced / walked
E) happened / remembered / robbed
25. Choose the option where the suffix -s at the end of ALL the words has the same pronunciation as in
A) flowers / phones / wallets
B) cousins / kangaroos / husbands
C) closets / pyramids / refrigerators
D) sentences / positions / situations
E) conditionals / exercises / alternatives
26. Choose the option where used to is correctly used in the sentence.
A) Pat used to had soda after lunch but she no longer has it because she believes soda makes her fat.
B) Tim use to drive to work every day but now he doesnt any more because he works from home.
C) Dan uses to go dancing every weekend but since he broke his leg, he hasnt done it any longer.
D) Tom used to going to his grandparents farm on his holiday every year, but doesnt any more.
E) Sam used to get up very early in the morning but now she doesnt have to any longer.
27. Choose the option where the question tag is used correctly.
A) Youve never lived in Manchester, have you?
B) Jenny seems to be in love with Peter, does she?
C) Lets go to the movies tomorrow night, dont we?
D) Everyone will come to the meeting this afternoon, will he?
E) Please remember to get me some aspirin on your way home, dont you?
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28. Choose the sentence where there is a mistake.

A) No one told me that I had to dress up for the party.
B) She didnt tell me nothing about that lousy hotel.
C) I think everybody contributed to the campaign.
D) We have decided to go nowhere this holiday.
E) You should have told someone about that.
29. Choose the sentence where the relative clause is correct.
A) Well invite that nice lady whose helped us with the moving.
B) The burglar left his fingerprints on the door, who was very stupid.
C) The police officers, that speak French and Italian, helped the tourists.
D) Have you ever met a friend whom you havent seen for 10 years in a foreign country?
E) The museum that you can see many works of Rembrandt and Renoir is open on Sundays too.
30. Choose the option where the sentence has no mistake.
A) They just want a few information about the trip.
B) They gave us many advice during our training course.
C) The teacher assigned a few homework for the weekend.
D) We wont need much equipment to do this kind of work.
E) There are much ways to say that without hurting anyone.

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