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Human is an interpersonal being who had certain role such as work,

perform necessary daily activities, and interact with other human in
communication activities. This theory was lectured in Health Anthropology
Subject which eventually inspired me in treating patient. In my mind,
when human movement is disordered, he or she will feel uncomfortable
when they move or unable to move at all. They will lose their function as
interpersonal human being and feel psychological stress. As
physiotherapist, I responsible to relieve the disorder and improve the
movements in order to restore their function as interpersonal being with
physiotherapy modalities and therapeutic communication.
I finished my Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Medical Faculty of
Hasanuddin University Makassar Indonesia in 2014. I stepped up to
Clinical Clerkship for one and half years in several health institution. Using
physiotherapy knowledge and technique which I have learned to treat
patients and Seeing patients improvement in movements was my
personal pleasure. These reasons made me enjoying my clinical clerkship
period. Working together as a team with my friends and other health
profession in partnership was a great experience for me. It enriched my
knowledge and technique on treating patient through discussion and
teamwork about problems and evidences that we found in our clinical
clerkships. I also have built communication skill as many times i
interacted with patient. I gained skills that i could not got in academic
education through clinical clerkship. I have finished my clinical clerkships
and got my professional degree in 2015. I started my career as
physiotherapist since then.
As I work as physiotherapist, I sometimes find myself could not help
patient effectively and efficiently. I realized that my knowledge and
technique still not enough to comprehend disorder that I found, therefore,
I have ambition to continue my study overseas. I have known that the
education in my country is not enough to improve my knowledge which
need higher level than undergraduate program since the highest
physiotherapy education in Indonesia is Bachelor of Physiotherapy. In
World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress in Singapore in
May 2015, I was told that the concept, knowledge, and technology in
other countries are more advanced both in system and application than
Indonesia. These facts motivated me to continue my Master education in
order to become a better physiotherapist.

I decide to study Master of Clinical Physiotherapy in Curtin

University which are ranked 40th in QS World University Rankings 20142015. Curtin University is globally known for high standing courses which
prepared students to become physiotherapist with advance knowledge
and highly skilled work through evidence-based practice as well as
contemporary clinical practice. This system make me impressed since I do
enjoy programs that educate physiotherapist through clinical practice.
This will be a great chance for me to develop my skills in indentifiying,
acquiring, and evaluating movements disorder based on evidence which
found in patients.
The Master of Clinical Physiotherapy not only teach about curative
and rehabilitative role of physiotherapist but also service delivery which
develop our skills in promotion of health and prevention of movement
disease and dysfunction in public group. Desiderius Erasmus once said
that, Better to prevent than to cure. I do concern about this problem
which may be the main cause of untreated movement disorder ini
Indonesia. This will be a great opportunity for me to improve Indonesians
movement health since promotive and preventive role of physiotherapist
in Indonesia are poor.
The Women Health Courses is very interesting for me since my
research focused on the same subject. I have researched about the
influence of maternal age, parity, and exercises to pelvic floor disorder on
postpartum women in various mother and child hospitals of makassar city.
I found that 58,8% postpartum women suffered pelvic floor disorder after
three weeks without physiotherapy treatment. I concluded that the
consciousness and the knowledge of Mothers to have physiotherapy
treatment and hopitals facility to detect and treat Mothers with pelvic floor
diorder is poor. These have been a unsolved problem and concerned me
which become a personal reason for me to choose Curtin University.
My application for Curtin University for Master of Clinical
Physiotherapy are my desire to to study in one of the best universities in
the world which come from my passion in womens health as well as
learning and training through clinical prectice. I do believe that I have
many things to offer your university. My ambition is improving my
knowledge and skill in physiotherapy so that I could develop
physiotherapy education and system in Indonesia. I look forward to have
a role to increase Indonesia Health and public productivity especially in
movement health. Please allow me to have a chance and take my
education and career to be a better physiotherapist.