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Ancient Memories

Q: Where did the idea of Lucifer come in?

B: The idea really is a recognition of two different levels: one, the archetypa
l level of the collective consciousness of your planet, when viewed through a ne
gative matrix. The other being the recognition that there were among the Anunna
ki disagreements, discrepancies about how things were being done and one band wa
s cut off from the home world and left upon the earth, and thus represented the
concept of the fallen god, the fallen angels. You understand?
Q: They were Anunnaki?
B: Yes.
Q: And what about Satan?
B: Again, more that that is the representation of the archetypal construct of t
he collective negative consciousness of your entire planet. Which of course, no
w has many admixtures both from Anunnaki and many other civilizations that have
chosen to be born upon your planet and add their collective consciousness energy
to the World Spirit, both in the positive and the negative side.
Q: So these werent actual, when you refer to Satan, individualized beings, they a
re more of a collective
B: The concept is more of a collective archetypal representation of your entire
world consciousness. Although the concept of Lucifer has a little bit more per
sonification in its connection mythologically to the fall, so to speak, or the c
utting off, of that branch of the Anunnaki.
Q: Was there one particular being that led that excursion?
B: There were different beings at different times. You must understand that th
e excursions of the Anunnaki to earth in the beginning covered many hundreds of
thousands of years and many different excursions. But toward the latter part, a
bout three hundred thousand years ago, or so in your terms of counting. One of
the final excursions was the one in particular that was cut off and all of the m
ythologies basically stem from that particular excursion.
Q: Was the Anunnaki would they be called Lyrans?
B: Yes. Anunnaki is simply the name given by the earth beings to that branch o
f Lyrans named after one of the prominent representations called Anu in the Lyra
n language.
Q: What does the Association call the Anunnaki?
B: No. The Association is something quite a bit different.
Q: No, no. What in Association nomenclature is the Anunnaki referred to?
B: Well, they are recognized as Lyrans. Of course that word is not used, but t
hey are recognized simply as offshoot Lyrans.
Q: Offshoot Lyrans?
B: Yes. The seed of what you call the humaniform being in this general sector
of the universe, most of the genetic seed of the humaniform being stems from and

originates from the original Lyran stock. Ours, yours, Pleiadian, Orion, even
some Sirian, though there is slightly different offshoot to that. Tau Ceti, Bar
nard Star to some degree. Many of the humaniform beings go back from this secto
r to original Lyran stock.
Q: How many members currently are in the Association?
B: Four-hundred and fifty-four.
Q: And what is the closest civilization vibrationally to planet earth right now
, as far as frequency? Is it Barnard Star?
B: Yes
Q: What about Tau
B: though Tau Ceti is very close or Ill put it this way, you are closing on them.
Q: What about Wolf 359?
B: Wolf 359 has no indigenous life that you would recognize in your plane of ex
istence. There are colonies, exploratory bases from many different civilization
s in that system for a variety of reasons. Wolf 359 harbors no indigenous evolv
ed life as you would recognize it in your particular plane of existence.
Q: Just observers?
B: Yes. It would be the idea of simply making an analogy between your earth an
d your moon, your earth would be said to have indigenous life, your moon does no
t. In a similar way your particular
Solar System has indigenous life on earth, had indigenous life on Mars, Wolf 359
is in your physical dimension a relatively barren system and has no indigenous
life, at least not on a level that you would recognize.
Q: When earth catapulted out of the asteroid belt, what was the name of that pl
anet that exploded?
B: There are many nomenclatures that go along with tagging that event: Tiamat,
Marduk, Maldek, all of this is a reference to that event which allowed there to
be the creation of the shifting of your Solar System, and the primal bodies of e
arth and your moon and a variety of other things that occurred that is now know
as your asteroid belt.
Q: Did the moon actually come out of that?
B: Eventually, to some degree, yes. Though in a different way.
Q: Was it towed into orbit?
B: No.
Q: It is an actual occurring orbit?
B: Yes and no. The idea is that vibrationally it had to wind up where it did b
ecause of the vibrational signature of earth at the time. Towed not in the mech
anical sense, but place by the vibrational synchronicity of what was being laid
down as the foundations of life on earth, and what would be necessary for future
understanding and playing out of agendas.

Q: Is there a consciousness connected to that?

B: There is a consciousness connected to everything.
Q: In the sense of actually manipulating the event?
B: Not so much in the way that we think you mean that.
Q: It was more of just a random
B: The idea is this: in what you may call the early stages of your Solar System
when consciousness began to manifest non-physically and recognize the potential
of physical manifestation, for a variety of reasons, it laid down a vibrational
foundation throughout the Solar System that allowed certain events to come abou
t that would allow things to wind up in certain places so that certain energies
would be where they needed to be, by the time certain ideas and agendas would ne
ed to be played out. So the arrangement was done in Causal levels.
Q: Are those the beings that we call the Founders? Is that another reference?
B: The Founders are connected to some degree to that idea, to some degree, and
here it can seem quite complicated because the Founders exist on a level where i
t is difficult to differentiate between what you would recognize NOW as THEM and
yourselves, and the Anunnaki and every other species. The Founders are foundat
ional on a level wherein all beings that you know of, or have heard of, are in s
ome senses an aspect of the Founders.
Q: In the Higher dimensions?
B: Yes. And the
y were not as you
d however project
on the humaniform

Founders are the direct precursors of the Lyran seed. But the
understand it physiologically in your dimensionality. They di
a portion of themselves into physical dimensionality and took
aspect for the purpose of that experience.

Q: What time frame?

B: Millions, upon millions, upon millions, upon millions of your years ago. Ma
ny, many, many, many, perhaps as much as you would recognize, even perhaps half
a billion of your years ago, perhaps even more so.
Q: When we say earth is 4.5 billion years old, is that about the time of the ex
plosion of Maldek?
B: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That occurred much, much, much more rece
ntly again only about 6 of your million of your years ago. Some of the things t
hat happened here and there, in your Solar system over a wide span of time. The
idea of your earth coming out of that area did in fact happen long, long, long
ago in its origination point of the way the balance of the Solar System works ou
t how planets were formed. But in terms of the actual destruction and the expl
osion of the planet that was in that area, that only occurred only about six mil
lion years ago long after your earth was formed. But many, many many, many of w
hat you call the events in your Solar System have their fulcrum pointing in that
particular plane, in that particular orbit. It is like the Central Belt, the F
ulcrum point of your Solar System, which is why you find smaller planets on the
inside and the larger planets on the outside of that point.
Q: How many planets are there now in our Solar System?
B: Ten.

Q: What is the tenth one? Has it been named?

B: You havent named it yet. You havent found it yet.
Q: In Egypt it is said that the Sphinx has in the neck a sphere in it that is g
oing to be uncovered Is that true?
B: There is a crystalline sphere within the structure of the Sphinx but you wil
l find that like the chakra system there are actually several, one in each chakr
a point.
Q: Is there a tunnel that contains the right Eye of Horus information? Sacred
B: There is. There is an underground chamber that is accessible by a tunnel ne
ar the right shoulder and the right paw of the Sphinx, and that chamber undergro
und contains many different forms of information including information written d
own in Atlantean.
Q: Was there an Atlantean library?
B: Oh, there were several.
Q: And how many of those artifactual deposits still exist on earth?
B: There are quite a few.
Q: In various locations?
B: Yes. There are some in Egypt, some in what you call your Yucatan Peninsula.
There are a few remnants here and there and other places. Some in your Europe
an area, some have been found and not recognized for what they are, not recogniz
ed for belonging to the Atlantean culture. Perhaps it is simply assumed that th
ey may have belonged to an early Phoenician or Greek culture, or other Mediterra
nean civilization.
Q: Were some of the pyramids poured?
B: In the early, early times some aspects of the pyramids were poured, as you c
all it, through the softening of the granite material, yes; but not the later on
Q: How about the Great Pyramid?
B: The Great Pyramid has certain aspects wherein some of the stones were poured
, in a fashion, but mostly that was the foundation stones. Many of the other on
es were simply cut by a variety of methods and many of them levitated into place
Q: Who was mostly responsible for the production of those artifacts, were they
B: Are you talking about the Pyramids?
Q: The Pyramids, yes.
B: The early ones, yes. The later ones more the declining Egyptian culture, th
at had already spent a long time being its own culture, until Atlantis impacted
it more strongly. But then, later some of the Pyramids were attempted at being
replicated but, as you would say, poorly.

Q: They came into the existence after the fall of Atlantis?

B: No, some of them, the early ones, existed before the fall but all the later
ones existed after. The Great Pyramid predates the destruction of Atlantis.
Q: Did the Atlanteans recognize Egypt as one of the areas that would survive abo
ve water?
B: Yes.
Q: Thank you.
B: Thank you.