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The following assignment is going to be based in the book "Lord of the flies",
where I am going to make an analysis of the effects of the island in the
children, from Jacks perspective in which he will send an E-mail to Ralph.
Also in this email I really want that Jack shares the experience of the arrival
in England with Ralph, and for this reason in the e-mail Jack shares how was
the attitude of their parents when they realized all the bad actions that he
made in the island.
This E-mail is going to be sent to ralph after 5 years when jack is an adult,
and he knows how to make a good analysis of his actions in the island.
When he notices that the island changed his life at so early age as a
teenager, change that will last forever.
For this reason he knows and feel that is time to ask for forgiveness to Ralph
for all the unintentional bad actions that he made in the island that made
that many children gets hurt, the e-mail is written in a very informal way
due to Jacks emotional state.
Dear, Ralph:
It is a pleasure for me to send you this letter, as already five long and
tedious years have passed since that catastrophic accident, where children
of all we went to the island was completely cut off by horrific events that are
not worth back remember.
I would also like letting you know my dear, dear friend Ralph that after the
arrival of us to England the effect the island had on me was immense I
guess some of you also leave big sequels of the island as it did to me,
because it just comes England fails to recognize anything or anyone, not
even my parents who took as first reaction take several psychiatrists and
thank you very much for that and for giving me their unconditional support
regardless of the calamities that were gradually learning that I did.
I would also like to inform you what affected me the island over the last five
years I have to say it's been five long years of improvement in which night
and day I felt the ghost of the people who did so much damage where my
nights have been nothing more than nightmares storm by all who follow me,
which l
asted me of my childhood and adolescence were filled with fear and anxiety
to know all the evil deeds he had committed was afraid of myself, afraid of I
could give to others, feared for me and all my loved ones were years of
anguish and psychological therapies which helped me calm down a little of
that trauma I left the island, I came to understand that nothing we live it
was the fault of any of us but simply was the spirit of survival that I was
largely an act so savage way.
But after several years of treatment it is that I dare to write this letter to you
in which I hope to bring all my loyal feelings of apology, made much of the
tragedies that happened in the island due to the great momentum to which
so much and longed for, but d.o you have to understand my dear Ralph is

that everything I did for no reason really against you or some of the time
your team know right now my apology will be useless and that my killing
two innocent children and the guilt of those two innocent lives I weighed up
the day of my death, but just want to apologize at least you who still keep
alive for all my wrongdoing do not know how terrible I feel for all what made
you go.
Ralph seriously sorry it was never my intention was only the island and the
same savagery that made my animal side comes out, I hope you get to read
this letter where I shape my most sincere apology, my dear friend Ralph of
my considerations I hope have a good life where you want to find and your
kind heart you achieve small and low to find a reason to apologize though I
know I do not deserve.