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WinMouse Vl.

O Installation
Thank you for purchasing A4tech pointing device. Inside
the package, you will find the WinMouse Vl.O software
which will give yo u extensive enhancements for Windows
working environment. You will benefit from the WinMouse
Vl.O complete cursor control and make your Windows work
much easier and smarter.

tion and give the correct path where the WinMouse Vl.O is
located. Select OK to complete the installation. You will see
Winlv1ouse icon appears on the current working window.
4. Double-click the WinMouse icon, the WinMouse
screen will appear as belo:v,

Before you can use all these enhanced Wiru\1ouse Vl.O

functions under Windows, you need to install the Win.l'vfouse
Vl.O software successfully.
We suppose you have been working with Windows for
some time and are familiar with. the basic concepts of Windows. Or otherwise, refer to Windows user's manual before
you start to install WinMouse Vl.0.
Following describes how to install the WinMouse VLO
under Windows.
1. Open one of the windows where you wi.sh to put the
Wiru\1ouse icon on.
2. Select "File" then enter. A drag-down menu will show

Now all the Wiru\1ouse enhanced functions are available

for you.

3. Move highlight bar to "New" and click the left button.

A serial questions will prompt you to give the information
required. Enter corresponding information to each ques-

WinMouse Vl.O functions

Following gives in more details on how the powerful
WinMouse can enhance your Windows operation:

Use Default Cursor:

Press left button and select
dows default cursor type.


function for Win-

Set speed to many speed lexels. This is one of the

most appreciating WinMouse VI.O feature you may use
in many cases. Especially for high resolution working
environment. It may take quite an effort for you to move
the cursor from one side to the opposite side. Adjust
True. dynamic turbo speed to the most appropriate

Adjustable Double Click Speed:

Cursor Clicking Light:
Select this to generate the cursor clicking light when
the left button is pressed. It also confirms the button is
pressed by seeing the clicking light.

Right/left Hand User:

Select this function will toggle betwe~n right/left


Six Cursor Sizes:

Provides 6 different sizes of WinMouse cursors.
Especia'Uy when you have a high resolution monitor, the
cursor will become too small to find it. select the appropriate size for best performance. Note that under
larger cursor sizes, the cursor clicking light will be disabled.

Three Cursor Colors:

Provides white, black, and transparent/inverse
colors. When you are working with dark or deep color
background, the Windows default cursor will hard to
see. You may change the cursor color to white for easier

True Dynamic Turbo Speed:

Change Double Click speed to fit different requirements.

Setup Auto-return Position:

Move mouse cursor to a preferred position and press
"SHIFTor CTRL + Right button" (if your Windows set
up is Microsft mouse driver) or "SHIFT or CTRL +
Middle button" ( if your windows set-up is PC mouse )
simultaneously. The auto-return position will enable
yo u to jump the cursor to position where repeated
routine work occurs. Another benefit is you could
reset the cursor position at the occasions when cursor
seems missing or difficult to find.

Pop-Up Hotkey: You can setup " CTRL+Fl" or

other combination keys of"CTRL + function key" as the
Pop-Up hockey. It allows yo u to access the WinMouse
functions any time under the Windows just by pressing
the hot-key to call up the WinMouse screen and reset or
adjust the functions you need.

On Line Help:
Provides On-line help to give brief explanations of
WinMouse Vl.O software.