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GaneshaSpeaks.com 2015
First editon, 2015
ISBN - 978-93-82243-10-6
Price: $2.99
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of this book may be reproduced or transmited in any form or by any means
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sort, without permission, will be seen as direct plagiarism and shall be
prosecutable by law and/ or specifc acts.

The material contained in this book is predictve and informatve in nature.
However, it may or may not apply to your peculiar situaton and Personal
Horoscope. We sincerely advise you to apply your discreton, keeping in
mind your specifc situaton/needs, while following and adoptng any of the
zodiac related informaton or predictons given in this book. The informaton
provided herein is based largely on the Sun-Sign (Western) system of
astrology. However, in compiling some of the artcles, the Moon-Sign (Vedic)
system has been followed.
Please note that astrology is an expansive area of study, and does not
guarantee 100% accuracy. Thus, while metculous care has been taken to
present astrologically astute informaton and predictons, our team of
authors, publisher and distributor/s do not provide any guarantee about the
precision or exact applicability of the informaton that is, withal, generic in
nature. The authors and publisher, therefore, do not assume, and hereby
disclaim, any liability to any party for any misunderstanding, loss, damage or
disrupton caused by any predictons and/or errors of omission or
commission, regardless of whether such errors are a result of negligence,
accident or any other cause.
This book, moreover, is not meant to be a substtute for expert advice, and
we explicitly propose that the reader consult relevant expert/s for any
partcular problem or challenge.
In terms of language, style and content, any perceived similarity with any
material is merely co-incidental, and does not, in any way, indicate
Copyrighted 2014-2016 by GaneshaSpeaks.com. All rights reserved. No part
of this book may be reproduced or transmited in any form or by any means
electronic, mechanical, printng, photocopying, recording, or otherwise

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without prior writen permission from GaneshaSpeaks.com. Any act of this

sort, without permission, will be seen as direct plagiarism and shall be
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The visionary approach of this organisaton, its preference for innovaton
and experimentaton has always led us to frmly believe in ourselves. It is the
same spirit that has enabled us to come up with our latest Yearly Predictons
book Your Zodiac Horoscope 2015 by GaneshaSpeaks.com.
The appreciaton, feedback and genuine suggestons from our ardent
customers have always propelled and encouraged us to keep testng our
limits. We, at GaneshaSpeaks.com, are immensely thankful to our followers,
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We also take this opportunity to acknowledge and extend our heartelt
thanks for the forthcoming support from our tertary staf, a pillar of
strength, during the course of conceptualising, writng, compiling and
bringing out all our publicatons.
We sincerely hope that this book would help you de-cluter and simplify
issues, plan in advance and lead a more beautful and harmonious life. In the
process, we also hope that our book will fnd a place of pride in your
Your feedback and suggestons are welcome.
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Initated in the year 2003 with a defnitve vision, the website and the
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Pandit, started the web-portal with a few trusted aides by his side, some
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The aim and vision from the day one was to streamline a scatered,
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Today, GaneshaSpeaks.com is the Number One Astrology services provider
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With this book, fourth in the line of Yearly Predictons Books,

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GaneshaSpeaks.com hopes to add another feather to its illustrious line of

work, and to bring to its readers and patrons accurate, reliable and
interestng material that will work as a ready reference for them for the
year 2015, and shall also bring them interestng insights on Zodiac Signs.
Happy Reading!

Noteworthy Contributions
We wish to afrm at the outset itself that this book is, and shall always be, a
fruit of the collectve and concerted efort and enterprise of our entre staf
and set of allies.
Stll, there are a few people/ teams, who/ which, inarguably, deserve a
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Founder, MD and CEO- GaneshaSpeaks.com Mr. Hemang Arunbhai Pandit
The charismatc innovator and businessperson, who never shies away from
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Pandit has been the key driving force and brain behind this and all our
endeavours. The architect of the website www.GaneshaSpeaks.com, he
conceptualised, propelled and powered the entre book creaton process,
with his eye-on-the-target approach and inventve spirit.
The Astrologers' Team @ GaneshaSpeaks.com
The contributor without whose knowledge, intuitve gif and wisdom, it
would have not been possible to conceive this book, the Astrologers' Team
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This key-team was ofcially handed over the rich-astrology legacy of the
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Responsible for ensuring that the astrologers' voice and reason reaches you
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English Editorial team, with its medley of writers, undeniably, deserves a

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special menton.

Ms. Ritu Batra Team Lead

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The champions responsible for the fnal form of the book

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We have tried our best to include the names of all the key departments and
people behind this book. However, if we have ended up leaving out, not
deliberately, a few deserving names here we extend our special thanks
exclusively to them. Also, we extend our warmest and sincerest thanks to all
who are/are not mentoned here, because without such a dedicated team
efort, this book would never have been possible.

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Welcome to the intriguing and bewitching world of Astrology, the powerful,
predictve subject that has caught atenton of many a non-believer across
the world, for ages.
Unearthing the hidden knowledge of self, the world and the universe has
been an eternal quest of human beings. The curiosity to know what the
future beholds, and the undying urge to be able to capture the future has
always been a driving force behind the evoluton, innovaton, inventon, the
struggle for existence and overall human development.
Probably that's why we have always been scampering to get a slice of future,
and thence, the eternal popularity of astrology and other predictve
subjects. If nothing else, this knowledge makes us feel 'in-control'! Astrology

GaneshaSpeaks.com |

is one of the keys to this knowledge of the self and of the future. How
successful or unsuccessful it tends to be is a diferent debate, altogether.
But, going by the huge number of its followers and believers, astrology
surely looks a potent area.
For years altogether, planetary movements and interactons of various
heavenly bodies have fascinated the best of the minds. And, this very study
of the celestal bodies the Sun, the Moon and the planets and their
positons in relaton to the human life and afairs has come to be known as
astrology. The science or, as sceptcs would call it, the subject of astrology is
as vast as the Universe itself. The permutatons, combinatons, integraton
and many other principles of Mathematcs have been employed to study,
understand and decipher the fundamentals of astrology.
Usually an astrologer will draw up a horoscope of a person with the help of
his/her birth data date, tme and place of birth and then sync it with the
positons of the celestal bodies at that tme to determine the fate and
future of the person, his personal qualites, his natural gifs, and almost
every aspect of his life, short-term or long-term prospects of his educaton,
health, love life, fnances etc.
There are various systems and ways in which astrology has been practsed
and understood. However, two major and most accepted systems of
astrology followed across the world are Eastern Astrology System (beter
known as Indian or Vedic astrology) and Western Astrology System. Also
called as the Niryana (Indian/ Eastern) system and Sayana (Western) system
of Astrology, both of these are reliable and relevant in their own ways. But,
they have basic diferences in the way calculatons are made and
interpreted. Western astrology is more popular and thus, has more amount
of published literature.
Broadly speaking, the Western or Sayana Astrology founds its basic
principles on the Solar Horoscope and hence, the Sun Signs (largely based on
one's Date of Birth). On the other hand, the Eastern/ Vedic Astrology is
based largely on the Moon Signs. Owing to the popularity of Western
astrology and ease of identfying Sun Signs due to birth dates, the common
man has a beter understanding of these aspects hence, the popularity of
the Sun Signs.
Although, a person's individual Natal Chart and other planetary aspects
(current and past) are required to accurately predict about his/ her future
and personality, the Sun-Signs do give a fair, albeit general, indicaton. A lot
has already been said and writen on the twelve Zodiac Signs Sun-Signs,
and the way they infuence an individual's personality, characteristc features
and other areas of life. This book, however, aims to bring you a slightly
diferent perspectve. There is something for everyone in this book for the
avid news bufs and the crazy sports bufs, not to menton the zodiac junkie!
Your Zodiac Horoscopes 2015 by GaneshaSpeaks.com atempts to frst
decode each Sun Sign in a manner that is going to make you sit back and
take notce be it the general nuances or how Zodiac Signs behave when in
GaneshaSpeaks.com |

love or distress or when faced by design choices. This is what gives this book a
tmeless appeal. The importance of predictons for a coming year may wane
as the tme elapses, but this detailed, step-wise and 'diferently' classifed
knowledge about each Zodiac Sign will always come handy. This aspect
makes this book an invaluable and extremely handy reference.
As you begin reading the book, you will come across special and interestng
features on Sun Sign preferences and sensibilites. The 'Sun-Sign in a
nutshell' feature is meant to give you a fair idea of the most important
aspects related to each Sign be it the best day, lucky gemstone or the best
As you move ahead and reach the Predictons secton, you will come across
clear, concise and detailed predictons for the year 2015 for each Sun Sign.
The predictons have been arrived at afer a metculous analysis of the
planetary alignments in store in the year 2015 vis-a-vis each Zodiac Sign.
All atempts have been made to keep the predictons lucid and concise. For
each Sign, you will get yearly, in-depth month-by-month and week-by-week
forecasts. The annual horoscope secton comprehensively covers topics like
fnance and career, home and domestc life, public and social life, health
trends etc. The monthly and weekly forecasts are meant to provide you
ample hints on auspicious days, important areas, months/ weeks when you
need to be extra cautous and much more.
All in all, Your Zodiac Horoscopes 2015 by GaneshaSpeaks.com has been
writen and compiled with an aim to enhance the happiness and satsfacton
quotent of your life. As already pointed above, it can be used as a general
guide to understand yourself and people around you beter, and hence deal
with them more efectvely. It can also be employed to foresee the probable
challenges, and consequently handle them well all through the year 2015
and even beyond that. You may also gif it to your loved ones. Ganesha
wishes you luck, and hopes that you will utlise this book, His gif to you, to
the fullest, and in the best possible manner.

Author's Note
All the Zodiac Sign descriptons and predictons (barring the artcles) carried
in this book are based on the Sun Signs and the Western methodology of
Astrology. Plus, they have been writen and compiled keeping in mind an
average reader, who may or may not be familiar with the subject of
Astrology in general, and Zodiac Signs in partcular. Hence, we have tried to
keep the implicatons and deductons general, universally applicable and
interestng. And, have deliberately avoided loaded, text-book terms and
extremely specifc nuances.
Beside the Sun Sign - the Ascendant, the Moon Sign and other planetary
rulers exert a signifcant amount of infuence on an individual, and play a
vital role in shaping his future and life. An individual is ofen a sum total of

GaneshaSpeaks.com |

all these (and more), and although Sun Signs do make a great contributon,
they are duly assisted and infuenced (even dominated) by other aspects.
The Sun Sign descriptons and predictons, thus, given in the book Your
Zodiac Horoscopes 2015 are largely general in nature. They do not take into
consideraton Astrology's other specifcs.
Let's understand this beter with an example. Our editor here is a typical,
slightly awkward Capricorn (Sun Sign), and when she earnestly claims that
she has not ever donned a pair of pointy stletos, nobody does a doubletake. In fact, they are ever so slightly amused on seeing her clumsy gait even
in the kiten heels (heels are impractcal!). However, when the next moment
she splurges on a silly pair of intricate earrings, people are fabbergasted.
Whatever happened to her Capricorn staidness and practcality? The answer
lies in her Libra moon! Her dominant Sun Sign traits get mitgated by her
Moon Sign traits; she can hardly contain herself, when confronted by beauty
(a marked Libra infuence).
While reading your favoured Zodiac Sign predictons, please bear in mind
that although Sun Signs have helped us create a near-perfect predictons for
the year 2015, there is always a possibility of discrepancies in the fnal
results. Besides, for all practcal purposes, not all individual nuances can be
covered within the scope of a book. Keep these important points in mind, as
you go about enjoying this, otherwise vastly useful, book, and you shall see
how, subtly yet powerfully, these insights improve your life and its various
Also, again for practcal purposes, we have, at diferent contexts in the
book, used the alternate symbolic names of the Zodiac Signs in this book.
The Ram stands for Aries, the Bull for Taurus, the Twins for Gemini, the
Crab for Cancer, the Lion for Leo, the Virgin for Virgo, the Scales for Libra,
the Archer for Sagitarius, the Goat for Capricorn, the Water Bearer for
Aquarius and the Fish for Pisces (with the excepton of Scorpio). In no way,
do we intend any ofence on the people of any Zodiac Sign by employing
these names.
Lastly, please note that the Zodiac Sign pointers and Yearly predictons
given here are in NO way a substtute to your personal discreton OR a
professionally done Natal Chart (Personal Horoscope) reading.
Live and let live!

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Table of Contents
1. The Zodiac Signs
a. The Zodiac Mysteries
b. The Zodiac Elements and the Colour Palete




Astrology and Colour


The Fire Signs


The Earth Signs


The Air Signs


The Water Signs

2. Zodiac Signs in Love
3. Zodiac Sign Preferences
4. Zodiac Profles (in detail)


5. Zodiac Design Sensibilites



6. Predicton Artcles
The World in 2015
India in 2015
Bollywood-Hollywood 2015
Eclipses and Climate Changes 2015
Major Countries' Predictons 2015
- China
- U.K.
- Pakistan
GaneshaSpeaks.com |



- Russia
- Brazil


7. Zodiac Sign-wise 2015 Predictons

Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2015
Capricorn Monthly Predictons 2015
Capricorn Weekly Predictons 2015

GaneshaSpeaks.com |



The Zodiac Mysteries

The Sun is the largest celestal body in our solar system. As per
Astrology, the Sun signifes the Soul. No wonder it holds a place of
pride, when it comes to understanding and interpretng a birth chart in
astrology. Of course, other vital planets and their positoning in a
Horoscope decide the course of one's life. But, the importance of Sun
cannot be over-emphasised. Western Astrology lays a plenty of
emphasis on employing Sun's positoning and its relaton with other
planets in determining one's characteristc traits, features and even
future trends. Sun is said to exert a major infuence on one's personality
and personal life, and also determines one's choices and preferences.
Based on the entre Zodiac, there are a total of 12 Sun Signs, also
referred to as Star Signs in myriad literature. They are based on one's
Date of Birth, and take into account the aforementoned fact that the
Sun is indicatve of, to a great degree, one's personal qualites, tastes,
preferences and choices. Although a division of qualites based on Sun
Signs is seen as too broad by many, it stll gives a fair view/ idea of the
likes, dislikes and lucky charms of people of a partcular set.
Now, each Sun Sign may have any of the three main qualites Cardinal,
Fixed or Mutable - four Sun Signs fall under each quality. Some of each
Sun Sign's inherent traits may also be traced to these umbrella qualites.
Cardinal Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. These Signs are
seen as actve, enterprising and innovatve. Noted for their leadership
qualites, these Signs are NOT necessarily dominant and overpowering.
People of these Signs would rather make their presence felt with calm
Ofen referred to as the organizers of the Zodiac, the Signs that fall
under the Fixed quality are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Quite
resistant to change, people under these Signs tend to be stubborn,
intense, steadfast and fercely loyal. Freedom loving, they usually turn
detached and reclusive (usually with the excepton of the gregarious
Leo), when their personal space is invaded.
The four Mutable Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagitarius and Pisces. All
the four mutable ones tend to be excellent communicators, and are
seen as versatle and adaptable. Networking and inter-personal skills
may safely be called as their forte. The natves of these four Signs tend
to be somewhat self-absorbed.

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


The Zodiac Elements and Colour

The popular astrology takes into account four elements Fire, Air,
Water and Earth. All the 12 Sun Signs can be classifed under these
elements such that there are three Sun Signs under each head The Fire Signs Aries, Leo, Sagitarius
The Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
The Air Signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
The Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Astrology and Colour

Colours are important to us, and they do have an impact on us. They fll
the otherwise mundane life with excitement, zaniness and beauty.
Colours are said to have a marked efect on our sensibilites, feelings,
moods etc. That is why there is a noted alternatve therapy called as
Colour Therapy. Surround yourself with compatble colours, and see the
diference yourself.
Various tones, moods, qualites and feelings can be associated with
colours or colour groups like Reds are warm, Blues are cool while
Greens are said to induce restulness, and white is said to augur clarity
of thought.
When it comes to the connecton between colours and astrology,
diferent colours have been associated since tmes immemorial with
various Zodiac Signs. The connecton is largely made based on the
elements and qualites linked with the Zodiac Signs, and also on the
personality traits associated with these signs, elements and qualites.
One can choose the colours and colour mixes based on their Zodiac,
their element and/ or their complementary nature. Elements which
naturally foster each other are said to be complementary in terms of
colour palete too. So, you will see that the colours associated with the
Earth Signs and the colours associated with the Water Signs will be

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


related, and same goes for the Fire colours and the Air colours, which
are said to enliven each other.
Now, using or bringing in a compatble colour scheme at all tmes can
be tricky, especially if you feel stuck due to professional or conventonal
reasons, and cannot suddenly introduce an eclectc colour scheme into
your life. Firstly, note that surrounding yourself with a good, compatble
colour is important, if you are looking to beneft from the therapeutc
and astrological propertes of colour. But, how you do it is best lef to
you only, which means that it could be done in any which way you fnd
suitable. Add colour to your surroundings with the aids of home dcor,
paint on the walls, paintngs, fower arrangements, aquarium or simply
with clothes, accessories or colourful additons at your workplace desk.

The Fire Signs

The three Zodiac Signs that subscribe to the element Fire are Aries, Leo
and Sagitarius. Actve, enthusiastc individuals of this group tend to be
quite assertve and vigorous. The people under this group, in these
three Signs are not the ones to be easily deterred by the blows of life.
Always striving to rise above the mundane and swim upstream, these
Zodiac Signs are the initators, and don't hesitate in putng their
imaginaton to creatve reality. Fire Signs gel well the most with the
signs under the same group, yet they also tend to connect with the Air
Signs. Fire and Water do not make a good mix, and hence signs of these
two groups tend to not connect well. As far as the Earth Signs are
concerned, Fire Signs tend to have an average to decent amount of
tolerance for them.
Associated Colours
All Fire Signs can be most associated with the varied colours related to
the fre itself. So, be it faming reds, invitng tangerines or shades of
yellow, Fire Signs tend to relate to it all.
The Aries-born is a restless, actve and courageous individual, and thus
associates most with the brightest or rather deepest of the colours in
the Red family. So, all kinds of reds - crimson, scarlet, brick-red, tomato
red, vermilion and even pillar-box red work for them. Aries is also the
ruler of these colours.

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Sun is the ruler of mighty lions, the Leos the intmidatng leaders of
the Zodiac, or so they would like to believe! Hence, the colours most
associated with the Lions are sunlight colours yellows in all shades
and hues, orange, tangerine, gold, burnished golden, bright yellow of
daisies and sunshine.
The Archer as a Zodiac Sign is ruled by the largest planet Jupiter the
planet of deep, profound thought, analysis and knowledge. Thus the
colours associated are the colours of Jupiter deep yellows, mustard
yellow, greenish yellows, and even indigo, deep blue etc. Darker shades
of red like maroon etc. are also associated, and even the colours that
are formed by combining reds with the tnges of blue and yellow
purples, violets, aubergine etc.

The Earth Signs

Cautous, practcal and methodical in their approach and attude, Earth
Signs represent the ground reality in the Zodiac. Down-to-earth with a
conservatve perspectve and a subtle, ofen subdued taste, the Earth
Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - tend to be the fag bearers of
everything that's stable, earthy and realistc. Their understated
preferences and high regard for quality, durability and relevance are
mirrored in the way they carry themselves. Ofen the ones to be the
most well turned out amongst a crowd, Earth Signs value their pre-set
goals, materialism and wealth, and have a genuine respect for people
who manage to carve a niche for themselves. Impulsiveness doesn't
come naturally, even though it's desirable that they let themselves go,
at tmes doing something rash, fun or colourful, just once in a while,
won't hurt them!
Associated Colours
The colours of nature and earth tend to be the best for theses earthy
creatures. Practcal colours that have a mater-of-fact appeal work well,
and are best carried. However, this doesn't mean that these elegant
Signs can't carry of anything jazzy or psychedelic. It's actually good if
they become more experimental, and do something crazy once in a
Yet, it's unlikely that Earth Signs will dress in a riot of colour from head
to toe. But, then slightly ofeat ones will match some zany colours
nicely with their favourite, subtle tones. Not that they go wrong usually
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


when it comes to the aesthetcs, anyway! Unsurprisingly, Earth Signs

tend to have a special preference for pastels and beige.
Water Signs make the best matches for the Earth ones, and the colours
associated with Water do well for the Earth ones too. Colours of Fire
and Air too may be connected to the colours of Earth.
This Sign enjoys the broadest range of colours and a most eclectc,
although subtle, palete thanks to its ruling planet Venus. The planet of
beauty, aesthetcs and atracton bears a special connecton with colour
in all its forms, and so Taurus too ends up enjoying it. Most pastel
colours, pale hues and foral tones work well for the Bulls. So it's pale
blues, surf greens and rosy pinks all the way for these exotc ones. In
short an idyllic blend of all elements - colours of Fire, Water and Air in
their exotc best - works wonders.
Virgos move further into the spectrum inching towards the earth tones
of dull blues, greens and even yellows, muted beige, mushroom hues,
greys and fawn. Although all these colours suit Virgos, you will see them
experimentng with other colours too. The self-loving Virgins have a
great faith in their own self, which makes it easier for them to break out
of their practcal mould more than their counterpart Earth Signs.
Next in line is the zodiac's most dignifed yet retcent and conventonal
Sign Capricorn the upward moving Goat. They take the analogy of
earth and associated colours further into the spectrum. The colours
most suited to them are the deepest of the shades of earth jewel
tones in green, blue and brown, mud brown and beige, soot-grey, dark
grey and yes....black. The later ones are best associated thanks to
Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn. The take-away, though, for Goats is
that they will do best with these colours, but it will not hurt, if they
loosen up somewhat and add more tones from the palete of mother
earth an icy blue, an electric green and even a sandstone red won't

The Air Signs

Cool, light and collected airy in short that's how one can broadly
describe the Air Signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. These are the ones

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


who mostly manage to keep a calm, ratonal and largely detached

approach in most emotonal of the situatons. Not the ones to usually
put up a show of their inner feelings and emotons, these signs are
actve, agile and communicatve. Intellectual actvites are stmulatng
for them, and choosing their colours too become something they deal
ratonally with. No wonder their design and colour choices bear a
cerebral perspectve. Air Signs gel well among each other, as each of
them is chaty, communicatve and likes to be with right people at the
right place and right tme too perfectonist, but, so what, it suits
them! They have an eye for expensive stuf and luxuries of life enchant
them. Earth and Water Signs generally fnd it difcult to associate with
Air Signs, as either will not be comfortable with the other in the long
run, despite a good start.
Associated Colours
Air is colourless and transparent to a great degree. The colours of sky
and translucent tones may also be atributed to air. Same goes for the
Air Signs the colours related to air apply for Air Signs too. So, it's hues
of sky, changing colours of horizon, whites all can be associated with
the Air Signs. Thumb rule is 'light' and 'cool'. Earthy tones and deep,
mysterious hues will not fnd favour here!
The balanced ones Libra fnd it easy to ratonalize during trickiest of
the life's issues. No wonder they opt for the most professional, coolest
and balanced of the hues. So, it's blues and shades all the way for this
Air Sign. Medium shades of blue, translucent greens and light, even
whitsh blues and pale pinks all are great. Although the Libra are born
with an inherent charm, garish colours are not carried well, and so says
the astrology. So, it's not Sagitarius's dark blue or Taurus's pale, pastel
one, but the mid-hue of blue that suits a Libra. Libra and Taurus
thanks to their shared ruling planet Venus, display similarity in this
The ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, is quite good an explanaton for
their mercurial temperament. Confused? Don't be or else forget
understanding a Gemini! There are extremes, and they like both of
them. Twins' design and colour choices refect the same. Their
associated colours stretch from the pale yellow of Mercury to the
transparent blues of sky. Colours of the Sun, varying colours of horizon

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


scatered pink of the twilight and dull grey interspersed with golden
and blue of dawn and aquamarine blue all fnd favour with the Twins.
Electric blue the brightest of the sky colour family fnds the place of
pride in a Water Bearer's life. The colour is a refecton of this Sign's
startling persona difcult to explain reactons even when pleasant,
unexpected responses and the overall mystery. Jade green, royal blue,
turquoise, deep surf blue fnd favour with Aquarius. And, so do deep
grey and black! There's a nice analogy that can describe an Aquarius'
taste in colours it's as changeable, unexplainable and myriad as the
changing shade of clouds and sky would be, if one moved towards the
outer limits of atmosphere, on the verge of entering the depths of

The Water Signs

The trio of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces form the Water Signs. All three
share their emotonal excesses and sensitvity, yet they are not the ones
to be bogged down by unpleasantness and fears. It's, in fact, pressure
and responsibilites, which psyche them out making them withdraw and
under-perform. Yet, all the three Signs can be credited for excellent
intuitve prowess and an internal strength that's seldom seen. No
wonder they tend to be the absorbers of negatvity and others' troubles
and fears. But, it's their strong emotonal responses, which can be quite
draining, and that is why these Signs need their private space and
seclusion to recharge their emotonal reserves. Don't nag a Watery Sign,
if he/ she is withdrawn! Their notable spirituality and perceptveness is
well known. Water Signs do well with the Signs of the Earth family, as
the earth tends to lend form and structure to water. Colours related to
the Earth Signs, thus, do well for the Water ones too. Fire and Air are
not compatble with Water while the Fire is absolutely incompatble,
Air may have inital pleasant moments, which don't last long.
Associated Colours
It goes without saying that colours related to the depths and mysteries
of nature in general and water in partcular associate well with the
Water Signs. So, it could be any colour ranging from blues and greens of
water to the burnished golds and deep reds of a sunset. Muted, pale
tones of earth brown may not suit their taste, but stark white, ofwhites and silver make their day.
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The most watery of the three Water Signs is Crab, and that is why they
bear the maximum afnity to the hues of water and, not surprisingly,
sea their home. Beach lovers, malleable and reclusive, they love the
marine colours, but it's the colours of Moon that fnd maximum
preference with them. That is because Moon is their ruler, and is also
the one that makes them gentle, confused and dreamy. The lightest
shades of blue surf blue, the blues of the ocean foam and the blue of
the morning sky gentle and polished work the best. Same applies to
the greens never the electric or gaudy shades, but the sea greens of
the pastel variety. And, what rules, obviously, is White and silver and a
few smoky colours associated with moon, full-moon and even no moon!
Scorpio is diferent than the two other Water Signs in more than one
way. The most mysterious Sign of the Zodiac is deeply associated with
the darkest and deepest shades be it reds, maroons, violets, browns,
golds - all thanks to Mars, the planet closely associated with Scorpio.
Pluto, the coldest and the farthest planet, the ruling planet of Scorpio
also bears its efects on their design and colour sensibilites. Hence, the
afnity towards dark! And then, there are the colours from the water
palete greens, blues and the likes but all in their darker hues.
Pisces picks up from where the Scorpio stops! So, this dreamy, romantc
and submissive Signgets the hint of reds and violets from Scorpio, and
adjusts them to suit its sensibilites. Thus, it's fuchsia, mauves, lavender,
pale purples and pinks all hues of pink rather; it's the most feminine
and romantc colour afer all for Fish in the colour department. And,
then there are light, bright green, aquamarine and sea-blue, which suit
them quite well, and bring out their best features. Whites, creams,
peach and dreamy tones of various colours also atract the design
sensibilites of a Fish. All in all, a splash of colour, but all mixed and
coordinated to the aesthetc t.

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Zodiac Signs in Love

Aries : Vitality is the second name of this proverbial infant. Aries knows
how to celebrate life with his candour, optmism and love for adventure.
Probably that is why despite being the self-centred, self-absorbed,
impulsive babe, Aries is so lovable, and manages to win admirers with a
surprising ease. Love for them is a given, a necessity that has to be
fulflled. They demand it as if it is their birth-right. They will go to the
least probable places looking for love, especially if it catches their fancy.
When in Love, they tend to be very loving and mindful of their loved
one's needs and demands. Happiest to pamper with extravagant
gestures, they see love as an accomplishment. The babe in Aries secretly
craves a lot of babying, and yearns that all his desires be fulflled at the
frst instance. Aries need constant reassurances in love (though, they
usually are too egoistc and smug to accept!). A happy and satated in
love Aries is generous and cheerful. While, a neglected in love Aries shall
shout, cry and throw tantrums. Besides, an unhappy in love Aries may
develop a tendency to get bored with people too soon, may even
become a philanderer.
Taurus : The healthy, cherubic baby in Taurus is loved and admired by
many, and yet many are afraid of his stubborn tantrums and sudden,
unannounced grumpiness. The toddler-in-making understands and
appreciates the love and security net provided by his family, and lays
supreme importance on both, as he needs them for his sustenance and
happiness. Anything that brings the familiar comfort and warmth is
valued and clung on to by Taurus. Love for them is afecton in its primal,
physical, visible sensual sense. Love to a Taurus ought to be pleasurable
and available, when he needs it. And, he likes (and knows) to both give
and receive love. The deeper, more subliminal aspect of love may not be
understood by the Bull. Very steadfast and loyal, Taurus natves value
material comforts and security, and get drawn to people who have and
can provide for them. When in Love Bulls are devoted. Their
understanding and display of love, though, may lack depth or
tenderness. Traditonal and least change-oriented, their relatonships
too may mirror their personalites. Rejecton and betrayal are abhorred!
Gemini : The toddler in Gemini understands, appreciates and values his
autonomy and new-found independence. He can speak and express, and
is no longer dependent on others for fulflment. Communicaton is new
and very very enchantng! This is intoxicatng. Most Geminis love to talk.

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And, manage to leave others smiten in the process. Love for them is
conformity that does bring happiness and pleasure, yet can be a
hindrance to complete, uninhibited freedom. In positve sense, love
becomes an enjoyable bond for Gemini. When negatvely viewed, it may
cause resentment, as the Twins may see love as restrictve. When in
Love, Gemini can be versatle, entertaining, inquisitve and stmulatng.
Their candid, amicable personalites make them great companions.
Spending hours simply chatng and interactng with their loved one is
always on their agenda. Geminis, however, are prone to bouts of
restlessness and recklessness. Impractcal, impatent and inconsistent
when under such spells, they may atempt to run away from love. Also
prone to the feelings of duality about love and relatonships one
moment craving the pleasure, amusement and warmth the love brings,
and the next moment resentng it with full force.
Cancer : The Crab craves change, yet is scared of it. Not an adult yet, the
adolescent hidden in Cancer is enchanted by the grown up, mature
world, while the security net of his family, the familiarity and safety of
his home stll tugs him back. The Crab deals with a plenty of emotons,
many of which are new to him, yet very real, very deep. He watches
others with an eerie percepton, and thence develops his famous
instnct, his intuiton. Love for them is the emotonal security net, a need
that is above all, and that, ideally, should come from a familiar corner of
their lives. This great need for love evokes in them a deep
sentmentality. When in Love, they love with all their senses, all their
might completely and irrevocably. They make gentle, sensitve, caring
and loving mates, ofen sensible and cautous. And, they need an equal
amount of, if not more, love, atenton and tenderness back from their
partner. Crabs can't handle hurts, though their silent anger is wellknown, and so is their tenacious shell. They need their quiet moments to
recharge and refuel their drained emotons.
Leo : The king Leo is regal, proud and confdent of the self, of the
ability and of his knowledge. Courageous, large-hearted and
compassionate, Lion is full of youthful enthusiasm and vigour, ofen the
proverbial performer. The symbol of idealistc young blood, the bright,
warming sunshine and the spring bloom, Leo loves gazing at himself,
admiring his handsome features, dogged drive, keen percepton,
surprising candour and admirable wit. Love for the Lion is romance
bright, frothy and beautful akin to the fairy tales. Lion loves the idea
of 'being in love'. This feeling for Leo may not always be about loving

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someone else, but oneself and the whole world, at large. In love, the Leo
are supremely ardent, afectonate, loving and amorous. They love
pampering their loved ones with open displays of afecton and
magnanimous gestures. In return, they expect, rather demand, ample
doses of praises and thank-yous. On the fip side, although, Leos possess
all the qualites of a great life partner, they can be taxing as lovers.
Besides, given their vanity and social popularity, they may end up
neglectng their partners or drif towards multple relatonships.
Virgo : Conscientous, dutful perfectonists, Virgos are metculous and
prim with a compettve, survival instnct so marked that it dominates
their life and choices. No wonder that they are said to signify the realist
young adult donning the mantle of maturity and determinaton. Capable
of dissectng, de-constructng and analysing almost everything, Virgos
believe in submitng to the norm for the beneft of duty and practcality.
Love to them is a mystery to which they are ofen happy and content to
surrender. On the edge of awareness, yet not willing to know further,
Virgos may believe completely in what they see. Completely devoted to
their relatonships, they do keep their practcal antennae up, at all tmes.
Besides, their constantly working minds may not allow them to let their
hair down. When in Love, they are gentle, dutful and loyal. They love
taking care of their loved ones, creatng perfect havens and pampering
along the way. Dependence is abhorred, and so are sloth and
disorganisaton. Virgos' vigilant, fretng selves rarely miss anything.
Becoming overly critcal of partner's faws is a possibility with Virgos.
Jealousy and compettveness too may mar Virgos' relatonships.
Libra : Libra is capable of understanding and appreciatng myriad facets
of human existence and the world at large. Libra knows that the key lies
in moderaton, in fnding and internalising the fne art of balance.
Existence comes to assume a wider perspectve in the Libran world. Love
to them is, thus, harmony. Matng of minds that is balanced not
extreme in any way, leading to happy, pleasurable results. In Libra's
poised, symmetrical world, love is also a lot about beauty. These people
know when they have fallen in love, and like it to come with all the frills
atached -wine, roses, candles, pink hearts et al. However, they may
rarely get to know why. Getng drawn towards beauty, elegance,
money, success, fne things in life, lifestyle, they may forget/ fail to
appreciate their partner for what/ who he/ she is. When in Love, they
make for atractve, charming, tender, commited and interestng
partners. Objectve and fair, they may take their tme to say yes, but

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once they have made up their minds, they seldom stage a walk-out.
Scorpio : Passionate, sorted, capable, mature, keenly intuitve, yet
insecure, restless and secretve, Scorpios are as mysterious as they
come. This emotonal and magnetc Water Sign signifes the mature
human being who already knows a plenty, yet is able to perceive that
there's a lot he stll hasnt seen. And thus, he desires to see and fnd it
all. Scorpio is fercely protectve of his own self, and of his loved ones.
Any hurt and Scorpio refexively stngs back revenge, instant and
complete is the name of the game in his raw, intense world. Defeats
motvate him, and hurts harden his resolve to bounce back. Love for
them is an all consuming desire for oneness that engulfs their lives, and
greatly afects their opinions. To them love is supreme, worthy of any
sacrifce, even when expressed and understood in a more physical,
carnal way. In love, Scorpio is potent, protectve, gentle and loyal. In the
beginning, though, they may play it cool. Passionate to the core, these
magnetc and powerful beings are sure to draw atenton and
appreciaton from myriad quarters.
Sagitarius : Restless, inquisitve and philosophical Sagitarius fnd it hard
to believe anything/ anyone at the frst go, and hence take tme to form
opinions. Born with a unique spirit of inquiry, they (with their
penetratng logic and curiosity) aim to unearth the mysteries. Candid as
they are, in their atempt to know and see, they may end up asking/
saying blunt, embarrassing or rude things. They can be optmistc yet
sceptcal, fanatc yet atheist, and tactless yet serious! Love to them is
true, eternal yet something that they may never see or feel, and thus
needs to be found, investgated, restored or retained, before it is lost
forever. No wonder, Archers are insecure, even though their insecurites
are carefully masked under the garb of garrulous, self-immersed, blunt
exteriors. Scared of reality (and even shocked beyond repair by it), they
seek refuge in idealism. Unable to look inwards, so socially tuned in they
are, they may fail to achieve true fulfllment. In love, Sagitarius are
cheerful, optmistc, communicatve and adventurous. They are their
happiest in a new relatonship, as there is so much to fnd, so much to
know and so much to see.
Capricorn : Hardened by experience, Capricorn is stable, steadfast,
responsible, driven and dependable. However tred or weary it may be,
the Goat is never scared of leading the way for others or taking a new
responsibility. Gifed with great personal strength, organizatonal skills
and a perfunctory sense of practcality, they believe in carrying on when

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others have long stopped or discarded a task. Love to them is a mutually

satsfying exchange that brings the needed security, peace and
contentment. It may not be the idyllic, romantc, liberatng feeling as in
the movies, but is defnitely important. Capricorns' stern exterior and
Saturnine ways hide their gentle, tender side. Yet, they understand that
love means being able to forgive, and rise above the human faws. When
in love, they are dependable and caring. Not the ones to believe in
excess of emoton and display, however, they tend to be controlled,
measured, even cautous in their approach to love. They may even be
called selfsh and callous. But, let a Goat open up, and you may have a
very interestng partner beside you, who does have a sense of humour
(even if tnged with sarcasm and irony), and who is capable of
appreciatng fner things in life.
Aquarius : Novelty enchants Aquarius, and the modernity infuses life
into them. Aquarius frmly believe that they know and can infer. Liberal
to the point of being peculiar, even eccentric at tmes, yet so wise, they
are a mystery to many. Fixed in their own personal priorites, style and
opinions, they crave, propagate and encourage change. And, hence
comes the duality, which surprises other people. Love for them is cool,
impersonal yet unselfsh and enjoyable. To the humanitarians of the
zodiac, love is universal and ought to be selfess. In love, Aquarius is
communicatve, imaginatve, wity, candid and friendly. The mate of this
intelligent person will fnd great fun in spending tme with him, as an
Aquarius is always full of beans innovatve, bubbling with novel ideas
to do something diferent and unconventonal yet fun and cosy. Usually
loyal (especially when they have found the 'one'), and supportve of
independent partners, they themselves guard their independence
fercely. On the fip side, since many Water Bearers have their hands full,
their social calendars chock-a-block, they may get detached, absentminded and unmindful of their partner's needs. And, when confronted,
they may simply refuse to cooperate.
Pisces : Dreamy, romantc healers of the Zodiac, the Pisces are kindred
souls sympathetc and modest. Ofen quiet, slow and measured, the
proverbial 'old souls' seem to possess a deep understanding of life,
especially when seen from a distance. Ones who come across as
detached and passive, they may seem troubled to some and enchantng
to others. Some Pisces may want to abandon it all and leave, while
others may completely give in to the epicurean, hedonistc romantc
ideal. Love is a selfess emoton to them, a miracle that completes,

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


creates a 'whole', and requires entre submission of the self. In love,

Pisces are is nurturing, intuitve, selfess and compassionate, yet
frustratng at tmes. Rarely willing to explain his stance and quite fxed in
opinions and thoughts, they are capable of evoking a variety of feelings,
broad enough to cover the entre spectrum of extremes. They avoid,
rather shun, confrontaton and make submissive partners. In healthy
relatonships, they fower, blossom and are capable of ataining their
poetc, philosophic and creatve best. Wrong experiences, on the other
hand, may divert them towards the irrevocable routes of addictons,
alcoholism, promiscuity and wastng.
For more on Love, Zodiac Sign Relatonships and Love Mysteries, read
our book
GaneshaSpeaks.com's Signs in Love

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Zodiac Sign Preferences

Know the preferences of various Zodiac Signs. Find out which one
makes the best shopping partner, and which one of them would make
the best gym-buddy! Also fnd about the preferences of various Zodiac
Signs' natves in terms of sports and health.
Aries: Initatng any actvity comes naturally to these initators of the
Zodiac, but the real challenge for them lies in sustaining interest in it.
Energy, initatve and enthusiasm are a given, but so are impatence and
wavering atenton, when it comes to Rams. An Aries loves to be
pronounced as a ftness freak, and will also love to indulge in myriad
sportng and physical exercise actvites. But, then, they may not really
be very consistent with these 'gym and playground' escapades. However,
given their natural ebullience, they tend to excel in sportng actvites,
especially running, sprints, cycling, biking and high-impact aerobics.
Their choice for auto-mobiles too mirrors their love for everything
contemporary, fast and challenging Aries love to ride a sports-bike or a
sports-car. And, whatever they choose to drive, one thing is sure - their
'mean-machine' has to be snazzy! Aries exhibit similar tastes, when it
comes to other things like clothes, accessories, jewels and footwear.
They will always point at the most in-style and chic jewellery and
apparels. So, it's a wise idea to take them as shopping companions
they won't be imposing, but will lend you excellent advice about latest
places to shop and trendiest stuf to buy. Have fun!
Taurus: Headstrong and stable Bulls are practcal beings, and thus
appreciate the importance of physical ftness and regular exercise. But,
then they may fnd it difcult to implement this understanding, given
their proclivity for many other actvites and pastmes. Thus, a Taurus
may fnd it hard to divide his/ her actvity or reading tme to get going on
a treadmill. However, when it comes to sports and fun actvites, they
more than make it up for any lack of physical exercise. They love to put
their endurance and stamina to test by indulging in actvites like rowing,
tug-of-war, canoeing, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, travelling the
world and gardening. On the sports front, basketball, volleyball, cricket,
golf, rugby rule for Bulls.
Materialistc Bulls like to frmly believe that their possessions, be it
mundane items like garments or their much-loved auto-mobiles, are the
best. They may not always be, though, yet Taurus won't prefer knowing
that. In the jewellery department, understated yet classy stuf rules, and
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


yes it will be expensive. Think diamonds and tmelessly chic pieces! If

going shopping, take along a Bull, if you are looking for something really
diferent. Their love for the 'eccentric' ofen makes them shop for stuf
that's truly class-apart. So, do take their advice when looking to stand
apart in a crowd.
Gemini: Wiggly and restless Geminis like sports and physical exercises,
but not as much as partying and socialising. Jogging, spinning, dancing
and fun-games top their list of ways to remain ft. However, most Twins
will manage to have good fun even in a gymnasium. And, that is not
because they love toiling on machines and weights, (they hate it rather)
but because they quickly fnd interestng gym-buddies with whom they
enjoy hanging out for a post-workout snack! When it comes to sports,
anything that is played in pairs catches their atenton, so it's badminton,
tennis, chess or billiards for them, all the way. Compettve sports and
group actvites too fnd favour with the gregarious Twins.
Ample socialising skills lend another excellent trait to Twins their
superior negotaton and bargaining skills. And, they are not the ones to
join the 'brandwagon'. No wonder, Geminis, especially women, make
brilliant shopping companions for budget or street shopping trips. Junk
jewellery and knick-knacks are not favoured items on their shopping list,
though. In fact, otherwise fun loving Geminis are absolutely
conventonal, practcal and utlitarian in the shopping department. So,
they will also not let you go over-board! Their non-fussy preference for
functonal and economical refects in their choice of vehicles too.
Cancer: Drive to match their sensitvity is what is needed by Cancers, if
they wish to achieve what they dream of! Chances of you fnding them
cribbing that their eforts are not showing desired results are high. Why?
Irregularity and lack of passion, maybe! However, give them a dedicated
gym-buddy, and see them making a beeline for their workout, even early
in the morning. An emotonal connect in form of a friend or a partner
can provide the necessary encouragement to propel the Crab towards
his/ her ftness goals. They can also be instantly lured by an outdoor
water sports expediton. Being water babies, Crabs love to indulge in
water polo, boat race, para-sailing, ice-hockey and skiing.
Most Cancers are not regular shoppers, but once they get into a mood
for it (temperamental Crabs are driven by their whims), nothing stops
them. Shopping is a liberatng experience for them. They just wish to
relish the experience when shopping. Shrewd beings, they, however,
manage to get the best value out of their expenditure. Non-intrusive,
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


excellent shopping partners, they will never remind you of how much
you are spending, though. They like to shop for precious jewellery, and
their collectbles resemble the treasures of the seas - pearls, precious
stones rule. Not given to outward appearances, a Crab may not worry
much about acquiring swanky cars or vehicles, though. Rather, they
would be more than happy driving their cherished old bike or car to
which they will be emotonally atached.
Leo: To channelise their vast energy and enthusiasm in the right way,
Lions prefer actvites that'll let them excel physically. Conventonal ways
of burning calories won't fnd much preference here, though. Thus,
contemporary and 'diferent' routnes like kick-boxing, aqua-aerobics,
ballroom dancing or hot yoga will suit more to their idea of getng and
remaining in shape. When it comes to sports, Lions again have
aristocratc tastes. Thus, they prefer amusing themselves with sports
atached to royalty. Hence, golf, yachtng, polo, horse-riding and car
racing suit well the Lions' idea of grand entertainment. Gambling and
visit to casinos are also distnct possibilites.
Unlike the former Zodiac Sign Cancer, the Lions are all for outward
appearances. Given to a certain pomposity, Leos like to make bold,
brazen style statements, and that applies to their choice of clothes,
vehicles and jewellery. If their pocket permits, the Lions will love to
become proud owners of a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce, a Bentley or even
a custom-made version of a vintage car. You'll see them picking up a
chunky neck-piece, a gleaming solitaire or a beaded bracelet, rather than
a delicate pearl ring, when jewellery shopping. And, if they ask you to
join them for a shopping trip, go ahead you'll love the courteous
treatment and ebullient companionship. Reverse the situaton, and the
results may not be as exemplary, though!
Virgo: Loyal and sincere, Virgins are quite regular at sweatng it out.
Being one of the most ftness conscious zodiac signs, their idea of
staying ft includes aerobics, yoga, jogging or dancing. They are all about
the 'au natural' look and feel. Also, besides physically ftness, good
health is also about mental rejuvenaton for them. Thus, they show a
keen interest in games that provide them intellectual stmulaton, apart
from their of-favoured basketball and gymnastcs. You'll also see them
driven towards natural ways of remaining healthy, and that includes
eatng and sleeping well.
Perfectonists to the core, Virgos are metculous even when it comes to
shopping. Here, they exhibit a certain duality, though. On one hand, they
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may simply pick up what they like without any prior planning, while on
the other hand they may look for a bag/ watch at fve diferent places,
before zeroing in on the 'One'. Appearances mater, but so does the
'value'. Virgins will buy jewellery only in two cases one, if it's a good
investment, and/ or second, if they really, really like it. No wonder, they
have a special preference for precious-metal jewellery and precious
stones. For imitaton pieces, they go for semi-precious stones, chunky,
psychedelic or ethnic look that'll make them stand out. As for the
vehicles, Virgins have a bizarre choice, especially if they can't aford an
expensive model they fancy. They will prefer to buy a remodelled version
than use a run-of-the-mill budget car/ bike.
Libra: Balance and poise these are the two mantras around which a
Libra's life and preferences revolve. They seek balance in all aspects of
their life, and health and physical ftness are no diferent. Meditaton,
yoga, other calming and balancing forms of exercise appeal to them. So,
it's not only about burning calories, but also about 'lifing spirits and
feeling great'. Unconventonal exercise forms like Tai Chi, Kalaripayatu
and Kendo shall fnd favour with a Libra. Relaxing/ unwinding and having
fun are vital to a Libra for overall ftness afer all it's all about balance.
When it comes to sports, they are highly fond of athletc-actvites that
would let them test and hone their balance. So, it's gymnastcs, spinning,
hurdle-races, handball, skateboarding or skatng for them, all the way.
Suave, stylish and ofen well-turned out Libra natves, surprisingly, do
not like to shop. A Libra male is most likely to despise his wife's/
girlfriends shopping expeditons. Female Libra, on the other hand, may
love to buy expensive and designer stuf, but more so for her intmate
relatons than her own self. However, you can consult them for tps on
latest fashion and trends, and they shall happily oblige. And, don't
forget, they love receiving classy gifs chic and delicate jewellery
included. Buying or wearing jewellery, otherwise, isn't a preference
here. Any jewellery bought by them is merely for investment purposes.
They carry the same attude, when it comes to their auto-mobiles. In
fact, they would rather have their vehicles passed on to them as a
Scorpio: Intensely compettve and passionate in whatever they do,
Scorpio natves tend to look for the ways to enhance their physical
prowess and mental strength. Besides, anything that intrigues and
energizes them is also good enough to keep them going. Thus, when it's
about physical training, these aspects act as the guiding force. Vinayasa-

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


yoga, power-yoga, rock climbing or mult-gym actvites ft the bill

perfectly! In the sports department, intense athletc actvites or
marathon races, which test their endurance and stamina, are their idea
of fun and play. Scorpios are also, many a tmes, unbeatable at games
like chess, monopoly. These are the sports that not only require a
defnitve strategy, but also give them a chance to faunt their expertse.
And, if that's not all, the Scorpio may choose to zoom away in a powerful
bike or a tme-tested car at the end of the day to refresh himself/
herself. Their chosen vehicle will, however, have to be sturdy, reliable
and easy to maintain.
Atractve and ofen quite poised, Scorpios have a distnct and defnitve
taste in clothes. They have set choices, and don't like anyone giving
them any advice on it. The wardrobe of a Scorpio woman is usually very
tasteful, and may even be a cause of envy for many. Most Scorpios have
an exquisite choice in both clothes and accessories, and many of them
may be the proud owners of some of the fnest and rarest jewellery
pieces and/ or precious stones. Tried and tested brands rule, but not for
the sake of exclusivity, but because they guarantee longevity and trust.
No wonder, most Scorpio women worship shopping. However, many
men of this Sign are, more or less, indiferent to the shopping actvity.
However, they will readily pay the bill, without being grumpy or
inquisitve about your purchases. They may not be very appreciatve too!
Sagitarius: A powerhouse of energy, an Archer displays great strength
and stamina, and tends to take his/ her workout routne a tad too
seriously. They have the knack of getng down to the slightest of the
details, and will metculously plan each of their moves. Adventurous and
always ready to experiment, Archers, however, fail when they overdo
this very bit. They fourish the most in a compettve scenario where
they get ample chances to boast and make show of their abilites.
Adventure, team actvites, vigorous sports like squash, lawn-tennis,
swimming, horse-riding and even basket ball, baseball and hiking/
trekking suit their sensibilites best. If this does not sufce, they like to
hit the road to explore new destnatons in their posh set of hot-wheels
a Sports Utlity Vehicle, maybe!
If the 'best-dressed' Sun Sign award was to be declared, a Sagitarius
natve would win hands down! The Archers have a knack to pick up just
the 'right' objects at the 'right' tme. An Archer woman is considered to
be street-smart, as she would exactly know what to and from where to
buy, and that includes jewellery. Great at bargaining skills, she'll also

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ofen manage to buy at the most reasonable rates. On the other hand,
Archer men are relatvely laid-back, and would rather be patent
onlookers, while you shop. Thus, all in all, it's not a bad idea to take
them as shopping companions, especially if their interests are as ardent
(for shopping) as yours.
Capricorn: No one appreciates the benefts and rewards of an exercise
and ftness program more than a dedicated Goat. Capable of frst
sweatng it out on a treadmill before heading for a tango/ jazz session,
Capricorn natves will be able to strike a balance between myriad means
to keep ft, given they gel with his/ her current set of responsibilites.
Weights, cardio, yoga, aerobics or walking in a nearby park - all may be
favoured they just have to fall in line with the Goat's busy workschedule. And if that's not all, they'll also manage to ft in a trekking
expediton, a soccer game or following some natural remedy, but only if
tme, or rather their work, permits. They also love playing compettve
feld sports that test their stamina and energy.
Practcal and prudent, Goats, ofen, don't fall in the category of
impulsive shoppers. Both male and female Goats are patent shopping
companions, and when in mood, they themselves don't mind spending
hours or even days (for bigger purchases) huntng for just the 'right'
thing. That's exactly what happens when it comes to bagging their 'mean
machine' - expect a Goat to create so much fuss that you'll be tred and
bored. But, the end result will be so spectacular that you'll be lef
jealous! However, on most other occasions, a Cappy is too caught up
with his/ her work to bother slotng a separate tme for shopping, so
shopping becomes an extension of day's work! In the jewellery
department, the emphasis is on the minimal. Their love for traditon
makes them go for tmelessly classic or ethnic pieces, and yet it's always
Aquarius: Ironically stubborn yet pliable, Aquarius natves are, ofen,
careful about their appearance. They like to keep themselves toned and
agile, and that's quite possible given their natural charm and poise.
However, what they really need is some more discipline and dedicaton
towards their ftness goals. Add some mental/ intellectual stmulaton to
their ftness routne, and see them stcking to it like bees to honey!
Mental health is as important to them as physical well-being. So,
actvites like Yoga and Pilates fnd favour with these free-birds. Also,
anything that holds a humanitarian cause catches their interest like
nothing else does. Charity walks, marathons and team sports are

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preferred, and so are adventurous sports like snowboarding, wind

surfng, sky diving or bungee jumping.
Aquarius is, by far, the best Sun Sign to shop with. Not short on ideas
and opinions, Water-Bearers like to go the whole hog, whenever they
decide to shop! Their distnct style of dressing rather, abstract and ofbeat shall also give you many shopping ideas. So, dont hesitate in
taking them along they may appear too ted up/ self-centred initally
but, ofen, you won't regret their company. When it comes to jewellery,
they like to be close to the nature. So, precious stones, shells, cowries
and pearls are preferred, and so are precious, gleaming metals. And,
that's exactly how they also like to keep their auto-mobiles glistening
and shimmering! Quite possessive about their dream machine, they are
proud of their possession, and would love to faunt it.
Pisces: Most Fish have a tendency to be quite laid-back, so they need a
'real' push to 'exercise'. However, since most of them are quite
appearance-conscious, they would eventually do something or other for
their ftness. Fascinated by the waves of sparkling water, Pisces natves
wish to be close to water bodies for long hours. And, if that water-body
is a sea, nothing like it! Hence, besides regular work-out sessions at the
gym, a Pisces natve may ofen be spoted at the pool-side/ sea-shore, as
swimming or aqua-aerobics shall turn out to be the most pleasurable
ways to burn calories for him/her. Most Fish adore the sensuality of
warm water, of foatng and gliding through currents. And, this is evident
from their special preference for water sports like water skiing, river
rafing and deep-sea diving.
When it comes to shopping, impulsive is the word that best describes a
Pisces natve. They love to shop and gif, and are ofen quick to pick up
items that appeal to their eyes. Nothing run-of-the-mill would be
allowed to enter a Pisces domain, though. They are quite selectve that
way, and prefer to collect exquisite objects. Like, if it's about jewellery,
gold rules all the way! Whether it's a trinket or a fnely carved neckpiece, the gleam of gold with, maybe, a touch of their favourite blue
precious stones, will be evident! As for their choice of auto-mobiles, not
much can be said. They ofen tend to keep their vehicle, whichever one
they have, neglected, and would not send it in wash or repair unless
extremely necessary!

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Zodiac Profle

Capricorn (THE GOAT)

Birthdays from 22nd December to 20th January
CAPRICORN In a Nutshell
Element Earth
Symbol The Goat
Quality Cardinal (= actvity)
Ruling Planet Saturn
Birthstone Dark Sapphire, Black pearl, Jet
Birth Colours Black, Indigo
Other lucky colours Puce, Silver, Ultramarine blue
Lucky Gemstones Black onyx
Lucky Number/s Eight
Lucky day - Saturday
Metals Lead
Flowers and Plants Evergreen, sturdy plants, Bamboo, Marigold,
mountain fowers, wild fowers
Planet of Career Venus
Planet of Love Moon
Planet of Money and Finance Uranus
Planet of Health and Work Mercury
Planet of Home and Family Life Mars
Quality most needed for balance Warmth, spontaneity, a sense of fun
Strongest virtues Sense of duty, organizaton, perseverance, patence,
ability to take the long-term view
Deepest needs To manage, take charge and administrate
Avoidable Characteristcs Pessimism, depression, undue materialism &
undue conservatsm
Signs of greatest overall compatbility Taurus, Virgo
Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships Cancer

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Decoding Capricorn
Permanence and reliance are the two corner-stones of the rock-solid
Capricorn. Known as the Goats, Capricorn natves are one of the most
structure-oriented, constancy craving beings. Needless to say, they
dislike change, and have set paterns, changeable only for the demands
of their ambiton, professional growth and success. Or, to be fair to
them, if their loved ones need it. Although liable to be perceived as cold,
calculated and rigid, Goats are inwardly, sensitve, altruistc, mature
beings, who are likely to be much harder on them than they would ever
be on others. Their fatal faw is their tendency to be pessimistc,
melancholic and negatve.
Most Goats are cautous, practcal and prudent (and that's why they
weigh the negatves, so much!), and make brilliant providers, especially
from a material perspectve. Their element Earth and their ruling planet
Saturn together fll their life with responsibilites and struggle, mostly
early on in life. A lot of Goat's stark realism, sincerity and dark moods
may be atributed to the two.
Never underestmate serious Goats, though, for they won't fail to
surprise you sometmes with their endless whining, at other tmes
with their steely determinaton, and yet at other tmes with their crazed,
unstoppable, dry humour (read sarcasm!). Practcal and methodical,
most Goats are, in fact, famous in their circles for their helpful nature,
vibrant personalites, positve, headstrong approach and resilience. Their
wondrous clarity of thought makes them great problem solvers. Goats
also have a burning need and desire for power and prestge.
However, their abilites, personalites and intriguing sensibilites always
win them an equal number of foes and admirers/ friends. Goats
understand that people are jealous of their popularity and success. And,
they fathom that while they are surrounded by well-wishers, there are
the ones around who are on the lookout for an opportunity to pull them
down. But these things rarely scare them. In fact, when the Goats set
out on their journey, the best part is that they know exactly where these
bumps can be expected, and they know how to handle them.
Now, all that is not to say that Goats are these magnifcent beings, who
don't face any hitch, due to their foresight. On the contrary the Goats
have their set of problems, they take tme to deal with these betrayals
(which, by the way, are many in their lives) and they do make their
But, they stll always try to plan out the minutest of details, and consider
each possibility, so that the life doesn't take them by surprise. Always
ready with a Plan-B, and even a Plan-C, Goats have optons aplenty.

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Many may consider this as a sign of pessimism. But according to the

Goats, this is merely practcal. The fear of failure, in fact, makes them
over-cautous. They also consider other people's views and outlooks,
and hence are ready with a second opton, in case someone disagrees
with the frst.
While Leo is the undisputed king of the jungle, it is the Capricorn who
actually executes and enjoys the powers of a king. A Capricorn boss is
said to be a tough taskmaster. He will point out your mistakes, even
when you think you could not have done beter. And, although, Goat
bosses frmly believe only in constructve critcism, they ofen demand
prety much from their subordinates and juniors. But, then that's
because they always believe that what is done well, can be done even
beter. Juniors may initally begrudge them, but then such bosses are
missed the most and such bosses make the best teachers. And, the best
part is that the Goat boss always strives to be a good role model to his
subordinates. Therefore, his subordinates are likely value his critcism.
Capricorn is the Sign that ages most gracefully. They tend to become
more refned, more stylishly turned out and even more elegant, as they
grow in age and experience. Needless to say, these contnual workers are
classic examples of experiental learning.
The Goats in the Professional and Public Domain
As already hinted, the Goats visualise, and when they do, they dream
big! Ofen ambitous and successful, they are industrious and gifed with
great intellect. But they may lack two very important qualites social
grace and the art of winning hearts. The Goats should get a litle sofer
on themselves as well as on the people around them. You can command
respect, but you have to earn love. They should also be conscious about
how they conduct themselves in public. The Goats need to bridge the
gap between people, and carry them along to accomplish common
A Goat who has learned how to deal with people and how to win hearts,
is difcult to stop. Challenges cannot shake the confdence of hardworking, efcient Goats. Promotons, increments, and status may come
a litle late in their lives, but Goats do not look this as failure rather an
inspiraton to do even beter. And, they may not always get the best, at
least not easily, but then where-ever they are, whatever they are doing,
they endeavour to give it their best.
Things take tme in a Goat's life also, because they don't do things in a
hurry. Haste is truly waste for them! As said earlier, their craving prestge
is strong and they believe in earning it righteously, therefore they make
sure that every step they take is in the right directon. Slow and steady

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wins the race this stands true for an unrelentng Capricorn.

The Goats in Financial and Money Maters
The Goats aim to acquire wealth, but only through conventonal sources
and tried and tested formulae. If they come across a great opportunity
or a lucratve ofer, which has never been tried before, they would
happily turn down the ofer. At least they will not take it upfront, not
without proper and detailed research. They are not risk-takers, and
would pass up the small gains for long-term happiness and bigger
benefts. Although they are ready to take up challenges, they hesitate to
adapt unconventonal or innovatve methods to deal with them. And,
this tendency of them may, at tmes, may go too far, and they may lose
on excellent opportunites in life. Not that the Goats will regret it,
though! They will either fnd another, beter one, or shall completely
forget about it that rigid a Goat can be.
You will come across a lot of old-fashioned businessmen or teachers,
professors etc. who are Capricorn natves, and have sadly not grown
much in life, thanks to their resistance to anything novel and
experimental. A litle alteraton in their style of working can take them
much higher on the success ladder. They need to experiment a bit and
be more open to new ideas, new concepts. They should work in tune
with tmes, and bid farewell to the rigid and orthodox ways of working.
This will give them a chance to be more compettve, and explore their
true potental. This is the only way Goats can improve their fnancial
stability and status.
The Goats in the Maters of Heart and Interpersonal Relatonships
If you are in love with a Goat, you need some patence. Although they
are not secretve, they are deep, and may prefer keeping their thoughts
and emotons to themselves. In short, they will take their own sweet
tme to open up, and specifcally trust you. Also, it may be very difcult
for goats to 'relax', which may them hyper and jumpy a defnite pain,
when you have them as your sweethearts. But, then there are no free
lunches in this world!
Romantcs at heart and sof at their core, they may not be very good at
expressing their feelings for their beloved. And, they are least likely to be
blinded by mere, vacuous passion or emoton. They may fall for people,
though, who, are not as scintllatng or successful as they. But, that is
because Goats are excellent providers, and they take this concept of
independence and providing for loved ones to their heart. They don't
mind a dependant spouse/ partner, but not for long. For, they also want
their partners to have a lot of self-respect and esteem. And, for a Goat
working, earning, being successful and being on the move are the sure-

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shot ways of keeping and fostering self-esteem.

Practcal in their ways to even express their love and afecton, Goats
may initally disappoint or disturb an overly-romantc, dreamy person's
noton of love. If you expect them to fall in love with you right away, you
will surely be disappointed. The Goats do not make hasty decisions.
These earthy creatures ensure the ground is frm before stepping on it.
To be precise, they are, yet again, steady yet slow in their approach
when it comes to relatonships. This quality may ofen be seen as cold
and emotonless. But, that's not true, and you will only come to know
this when you get to know a Goat inside-out. They are for keeps, but
only if they are devoted to you! Give them some, and you shall receive a
lot, a lot more in return.
Passionate about their relatonships, Goats inadvertently credit their
partners for their support in a marriage or bond. They derive strength
from their beloved, and don't hesitate to announce this to the world.
Like other things in their lives, they also want their relatonships to be
regulated and defned. Commited to the core, the Goats are aware
about their responsibilites and happily fulfl them. All in all, the sincere
and dedicated Goats are the partners you can rely upon. And, if that's
not enough, they make wonderful parents! Just be more patent and
calmer, and try to understand their inherent need to work hard and test
The Goats in the Maters of Home and Domestcity
Those born under the sign of Capricorn want their homes to be cosy and
warm, and clean and tdy. They disapprove of messy rooms and unclean
surroundings. The Goats are highly career-oriented and, therefore, can't
easily strike a balance between personal and professional life. They
spend a lot of tme at their workplaces.
But, this doesn't imply that the Goats make irresponsible parents. In
fact, they make sure that their children are disciplined and organised.
They want to provide perfect training to their children, so that they grow
up to become respected and responsible citzens. However, the Goats
should pay more atenton to their domestc lives. Although, they love
their families, partners, parents and children very much, they may not
be very demonstratve of their love and emotons. And, this, when
coupled with them spending less tme with their loved ones, is liable to
misunderstood and can breed negatve emotons. So, again here's a
need for fnding a middle ground. Capricorn, if decides to relax a bit,
consciously at that, can solve most of the problems of his/ her life.

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Zodiac Design Sensibilities

Home Design Sensibilites of Capricorn
The element Earth makes the Goats conservatve in taste and outlook.
Apart from traditon and stability, another 'regular' that features in their
list of favourites is hard work anything achieved with real, sincere
efort is beter than anything else. It's always a good idea to not drop in
to meet your Cappy friend without prior notce. They will, invariably, be
too ted up! Don't misjudge them, though, for they do like and
appreciate company it's just that the prior informaton will help them
juggle and adjust their schedule beter. Do that, and be sure to be made
genuinely welcome - at home, rather.
When it comes to the design sensibilites of these, sometmes,
temperamental beings, emphasis remains high on the structure and
form, natural and reliable materials and a not so over-the-top colour
palete. A favourite is the building material that takes its own, sweet
tme to be installed, and would hence give long-lastng results (as per
the Goats). Durability is vital, and so is the good quality. The favoured
colours include all earthy shades, forest greens (except, the really bright
ones), black, greys, browns and myriad classic combinatons like black
and white, maroon and muted gold etc.
Not much for the intricate-design elements, the frills, Goats would
rather buy and maintain a sturdy, well-constructed property, than go for
an outwardly ornate and new, but inherently unreliable one. The
atached facilites have to be impeccable, though. A Goat may not fuss
much over the beautfcaton elements, but would be fanatcal, when it
comes to myriad practcal and utlitarian aspects. A great dcor might
not be their demand, but they would be scrupulous about aspects like
cleanliness and functonality of kitchen, rest-rooms et al, consistency of
water and electricity supply and connectvity to rest of the city. And,
probably that's why a Goat needs a well-located home more than any
other zodiac being!
Antque, aged propertes are especially favoured, given these places
have the utlitarian aspects installed to the Goat's satsfacton. The
formula while deciding on the interior design shall ofen be tried and
tested. Entrance to Capricorns' homes will refect their bias for
conventon. A nice porch, pato, recepton, landing, separate living area,
hallway, lobby whatever their pocket and space allows for will be
favoured. The in and out of the house shall also be kept strictly divided
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


with strong doors, blinds, blind/ stained glass on the doors, dark drapes
etc. Besides all this, many a Capricorn home may have a big mirror near
the entrance, for Goats, despite all their cold, dismissive facade, are
mightly worried about their appearances.
The living area should ideally have an open fre place, for the reason that
not only is it a typically traditonal aspect, but also because it shall
provide this home with, an otherwise missing, warmth and glow. Metal
or stone accents may be added here and there. Bronze, brass, gilded
surfaces, granite, marble, carved objects and even tles (for modern
setngs) will ft the bill. The furniture need not be ornate a Goat will
be too busy to polish surfaces, anyway. But, it has to be comfortable and
upholstered. Aged leather, high-backed chairs, rocking chairs will all
work well. Carpets, expensive and good quality, and Persian rugs if
pocket permits - are also good ideas. The foors may be best kept
functonal and low-maintenance, though the concerns of quality and
tmeless elegance stll rule. Natural, dark stones like granites, coloured
marble and ceramic tles are good optons, besides foor mosaics.
Most Goats are partal towards window-dressing think super-luxurious
curtains in thick weaves (read - jacquards) and piled fabrics (velvets)
with with te-back optons and tails! Lightng may be best kept
functonal, but accents may be added in the form of intricate, aged
candelabras, metallic table lamps, an odd chandelier or a small,
ornamental over-head lamp. And, since many Goats don't mind
entertaining at home, a litle 'showing of' can't harm.
The kitchen may not be all about cooking and cleaning, as mundane
chores are not where the Goats like to spend tme and energy.
Nonetheless, it has to be absolutely convenient and utlitarian. All
convenience gadgets stacked smartly with viable storage optons, a
good, reliable kitchen help and some tme-tested spices and the Goat
is good to go. All other features like foors, lights, kitchen furniture,
ftngs like sink etc. should carry their preferred trademark of
conventon, durability and practcality.
Astrologically speaking, Capricorn is closely associated to potery,
sculpture, stone and wooden structures. Efort should be made to
introduce these elements in this household, either in form of the utlites
or add-ons like art and knick-knacks. The Goat would love to own an
antquarian four-poster bed. Or, if it is too famboyant for a partcular
one's tastes, a more modern, mahogany bed with a big head-board shall
work well too. As for the bed-linen, English white sheets, coton, crisp
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


and clean, and only the duvets of the highest quality will do. The
bedroom should also have ample storage optons, as Goats have a
tendency to get disorganised, thanks to their busy schedules.
The bathroom, besides being elegant, modern and serviceable, has to
have spotless sanitary-ware, loads of cabinets and drawers, lowmaintenance foors, features like brass door/ window knobs and other
metallic accents.
Any extra room in this home will have to be a work staton or a study
room. This could even be an extended barsat. Fill it with some real
Cappy favour - a book shelf, a study table, a comfy pufy by the window
and the much-loved understated elegance and you may see them
spending most of their free tme there if they have any, that is!

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The World in 2015

Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter to bring

mixed results for the world at large
in 2015
If the year 2014 was eventul, marked by mysterious tragedies, celebrity
deaths, civil uproars and politcal upheavals, the year 2015 too promises
to be no less eventul, indicate the stars.
Yet, before we move ahead and try to understand what Ganesha has to
say about the future of world in 2015, let's look back and refect and
see what were the major events of 2014.
2014 a quick summary
The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
lef the world stunned and shocked fshing for links, groping
for details but to no avail for an agonisingly long tme!
The Ukrainian parliament voted to remove President Viktor
Yanukovych from ofce, replacing him with Oleksandr
Turchynov, afer days of civil unrest lef around 100 people
dead in Kiev on February 22. Later, on March 21, Russia
formally annexed Crimea afer President Vladimir Putn signed
a bill fnalising the annexaton process, incurring worldwide
The death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian Nobel
Prize winning writer.
India's BJP's leader Narendra Modi took over as the Prime
Minister of the country, afer a humiliatng defeat for India's
oldest and once-strongest politcal party Indian Natonal
Belgium became the frst country in the world to legalise
euthanasia for terminally ill patents of any age.
The situaton in Iraq went from bad to worse as the inside
diferences came to open, and the civil situaton intensifed to a
great extent.
The aforementoned events are just a glimpse, and the year 2014 in

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


itself was a huge saga, too big to be put in words here.

Let's now, quickly take a look at the major events stacked up for the
year 2015.
Some of the major events expected/ scheduled for 2015 are:

The Eurasian Economic Union will come into efect.

The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup will be hosted in Canada.

If stll reigning, Queen Elizabeth II will surpass Queen Victoria

as Britain's longest-reigning monarch on September 10.

Cloud computng may contribute to the creaton of two million

computerised jobs worldwide.

Major movie sequels are scheduled to release, such as

Cinderella, The Avengers 2, Jurassic World, Terminator 5,
Independence Day 2 and James Bond 24.

2015 Cricket World Cup will be held in February to be hosted

jointly by Australia and New Zealand.

The Large Hadron Collider is expected to reach its maximum

operatng power in its search for the God Partcle.

Windows 9 is expected to be released by Microsof.

The frst self-regulatng artfcial heart is expected to become

commercially available within the European Union, priced
between 140,000 and 180,000 Euros.

Well, all these and many more events may be in the ofng, yet it always
pays to consult the stars. Thus, Ganesha took the help of Vedic Astrology
to predict the way ahead for the World in 2015.
Ganesha looks at the year ahead from the Vedic Astrology perspectve:
Saturn will remain in Scorpio, and Rahu will remain in the Zodiac Sign
Virgo during the entre year 2015. Jupiter will be passing through Cancer,
during the frst half, while it will transit through Leo, during the later
half of 2015.
Solar eclipses on March 20th 2015 and September 13th 2015, and the
Lunar eclipses on April 04th 2015 and September 28th 2015 will also
have an impact on the overall world afairs.
The strong, turbulent energy of Saturn indicates alliances between some

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


of the most powerful criminal groups with politcal establishments - in

corrupt, unstable and economically fragile or failing countries. It is a
likelihood that the mafa or the criminal groups will co-operate with the
rebel politcal movements to control substantal and important
geographic areas. This also indicates treachery in politcal afairs.
Rahu in the Sign ruled by Mercury indicates that terrorist tactcs will
become highly sophistcated, and may spread mayhem. There will be
growing threat of biological and chemical weapons.
However, the exalted Jupiter will be aspectng Saturn during the frst half
of the year, which indicates people's associaton with the higher mind,
philosophy, truth and religion. Jupiter's benefc efect will, thus, bring
new and positve structural developments in economics, science and
internatonal relatons.
This planetary aspect may also help disclose/ open the tes between
politcians and criminals, and may cause the downfall of criminals/
wrong people in positons of power. Great beneft will eventually come
to the world through secret and sacred channels. Computer and
communicaton technology too will witness revolutonary expansion, in
the process.
Countries like Syria, Iraq, Israel, Russia, Afghanistan, Nigeria will remain
the focal point of the events taking place. Turkey will be facing problems
on its border with Syria. Jerusalem too may be facing turmoil. Spain will
face domestc problems, partcularly on the issue of Catalonia. Australia,
South Africa and North Africa will be facing various internal and external
Saturn may also adversely afect the public health and issues related to
hygiene. Rising polluton may bring out some serious diseases. Polluton
of water and air, as well as the scarcity of water will become a big issue.
At the same tme, research in the feld of genetcally modifed crops may
help improve nutriton among the world's malnourished people. Also,
there will be encouraging advancement in the areas of vaccines to cure
Cancer, AIDS and other hazardous/feared diseases.
Sports will take a more compettve and lucratve face, becoming a
choice opton for youngsters. There will be huge advancement in
training techniques, and new technologies may be implemented to
increase efciency and productvity. However, the increased use of
performance enhancing drugs may remain a cause of concern for sports
Contributed By - Tanmay K.Thakar and Team

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Jupiter's transits to support the world

in 2015. But, how much? Probes
Major Planetary alignment and movements during 2015
Jupiter, the mighty Lord of wealth and good luck, shall be moving in a
retrograde moton at the beginning of the year 2015. Rahu, usually
considered an unfriendly planet, will be in Virgo, and Ketu, also known
as the South Node, will be in the Zodiac Sign Pisces. Saturn will be in
Now, Let's see how these planetary positons will afect various
countries in the year 2015.
The Efects
Ganesha observes that Jupiter will be transitng in a retrograde moton
in Cancer from the beginning of the year tll 09/04/2015. Afer that it will
be transitng in a direct moton in Cancer from 10/04/2015 to
13/07/2015, during which countries like Holland, Scotland, Paraguay,
New Zealand and Mauritus will fnd growth in fnance, economy,
business and trading sectors.
France, Italy, Sicily and Romania will fnd some positve movements in
their economy, once Jupiter enters Leo from 14/07/2015 onwards.
Well, so far Ganesha has talked about the positve planets. What about
the harsh ones? Let's shif focus on the transits of Saturn, Rahu and
Ketu. Ganesha predicts that these three planets are likely to afect the
world in a negatve manner in 2015.
Saturn will be transitng in a direct moton at the beginning of the year
2015, and then it will be moving in a retrograde moton during the
period between 15/03/2015 to 03/08/2015. While Saturn is in the
retrograde moton, countries like Moracco, Brazil and Norway will fnd
growth and success, if they put in enough eforts.
Since Rahu will be in Virgo, the countries like Turkey, West Indies, Greece
and regions like California and Virginia in the U.S. may fnd growth. But,
their development and growth may only be illusionary.

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Ketu will be in Pisces during 2015, and therefore, the countries like
Portugal, Egypt and Spain will have to struggle and compromise at
certain stages.
Overall, the transitng Jupiter will have a major impact on the world.
However, a country's Kundali needs to be checked to know what may be
the actual efect of this transit.
Contributed By - Dharmesh Joshi

India in 2015

Development amidst numerous

roadblocks, and probably a landmark
year, foresees Ganesha for India in
The sovereign, secular, democratc republic of India, the world's 7th
largest naton in terms of geographical area and the world's biggest
democracy, had a prety eventul tme in 2014. With a new government
taking stage at the centre amidst a sweeping majority in the Lok Sabha
polls, a new order taking shape and a new way of democratc, public
rising, things sure took a huge turn from the tme and age of the dynasty
politcs and sleeping democracy. And although, there stll is a long long
way to go, the change surely seems like a harbinger of good things.
Overall, the events, good, bad and neutral, which took place in the last
one year in India or in the Indian context, are too many to be put in the
words. The issues are many and worries countless!
Infaton rates and fnancial upheavals require a careful monitoring; the
disaster management, food security, women safety and child care stll
have to go a long way; the rising populaton and the low rate of
educaton, poverty, seasonal agriculture, the contnuing struggle with
the arch-rivals and other age old problems the country has faced since
forever are stll to be dealt with; the power shortage, the tumultuous
industry, unemployment, the fscal defcit, the natonal security and
rising corrupton are some of the few areas needing careful atenton.
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


And, the saga contnues..

Yet, there always is a hope for a beter, a more glorious tomorrow. And,
in the same quest we consulted the stars and planets to bring you an
overview of what lies ahead for this colourful and mult-cultural naton.
Read on to know what Ganesha foresees for India in the year 2015.
Independent India's Chart

The General, Politcal and Defence scenario in India in 2015

In Independent India's Foundaton Chart, the Sun-Venus Dasha period
will be in force tll 10th September 2015. It is the last Antardasha for
India in the Sun Mahadasha. So, it may be surmised that India will be
passing through one of the most decisive periods - in its contemporary
history during the year 2015.
The transitng Jupiter will be passing through the 3rd House of India's
Horoscope, over the Ascendant Lord Venus, which may bring positvity
and enthusiasm. But at the same tme, it will be difcult for the new
government to fulfll the sky high expectatons of the citzens of India.
The Indian government may bring in some tough legislaton, which,
however, will be appreciated by the citzens. Some strong unorthodox
decisions may also be expected, during year 2015.
The period between March and September 2015 will also be very actve
politcally. The government may face stf resistance and challenges from
the politcal partes in oppositon. Also, at the same tme, some religious
groups may try to defame the government at the centre.
Jupiter's infuence will bring many revolutonary changes to India's
infrastructure and energy sector. The government will work towards the
development of good infrastructure, partcularly towards road
transportaton, aviaton, communicaton and Railways.
Lesser government interventon in many areas of business is likely in the
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


forthcoming tmes. The progressive policies by the Indian government,

meant for the Indian entrepreneurs are expected to boost overall
growth. There will be more job opportunites for the Indian youth.
While, strict measures will be taken to curb the infaton and corrupton.
However, infaton may remain a cause of concern for the government of
This government may have zero tolerance towards terrorism and
extremism, but some foreign conspiracies and Naxal problems will
contnue to disrupt the law and order situatons in India, suggest the
stars. Reforms in Natonal Security Council and intelligence agencies will
be implemented to deal with the internal and external threats, though.
The government will also empower the Indian Defence forces. There will
be problems in the borders states, and the government will have to face
problems in dealing with the issues related to Bangladeshi migrants. The
religious and sensitve issues like Ram Janma-bhumi may resurface,
during the later half of the year 2015, causing some unrest.
Nonetheless, the planetary indicatons show that India will take some
bold steps to establish its authority in Southern Asia. And, India will also
take steps to strengthen its tes with the SAARC countries. India will
initate dialogue with its neighbouring countries for more robust and
substantal partnerships. However, fundamentalist elements may
contnue to impede the process.
China and Pakistan may appear to cooperate, but they may not allow
India to ascend the power-trajectory, and are thus, likely to impede the
process, by one way or the other. India's relatons with Pakistan and
China will remain contentous. India and USA will work for substantal
strategic partnerships. However, the United States' intentons will
remain ambiguous and maybe, even contentous, at tmes. A radical
transformaton in Indias military capabilites and higher defence
structure may make India's foreign policy more robust, though.
Contributed by - Tanmay K.Thakar and Team

Business, Trade, Finance and

Economy for India in 2015
As per the tenets of Vedic Astrology and the general planetary scenario,
at the beginning of the year 2015, the powerful planet Jupiter will be

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


transitng in a retrograde moton in Cancer, while the shadow planet

Rahu will be in Virgo, and Ketu will be in the Zodiac Sign Pisces. The strict
Saturn will be transitng in Scoprio, at the beginning of 2015. All these
planetary transits will have a signifcant impact on India and its various
sectors in 2015.
The Positves
Ganesha notes that Jupiter will be in retrogression from the beginning of
the year to 09/04/2015. Afer 09/04/2015, however, Jupiter will start to
move in a direct moton in Cancer, which shall tll 13/07/2015. During
this period, it will transit over the Natal Mercury-Moon-Saturn-Venus
and Sun in Independent India's Birth Chart. All these planets will gain
signifcant strength, because of the Jupiter's transit.
Also, Jupiter's movement in the 3rd House in Independent India's Chart
will bring beter opportunites for the natonal and internatonal
transportaton sector. The privatsaton of the Indian railways is also
possible at this tme. The postal department may be revamped and new
facilites are likely to be added. New gadgets are likely to be invented in
the telecommunicatons sector - it may almost be like a revoluton. New
MNCs (Mult Natonal Companies) are also likely to enter the print media
sector. There may be new players in the courier services, which will force
the existng players in this partcular sector to ofer beter services to
their customers, if they are to survive the competton.
Afer the said period (that is afer 13/07/2015), Jupiter will enter the
Zodiac Sign Leo from 14/07/2015 onwards. By this movement, Jupiter
shall impart its strength to the 4th House in India's Personal Kundali.
Naturally, this will enhance the agricultural growth and infrastructural
development, as the 4th House signifes real estate, agriculture, land etc.
in a naton's Chart.
At this tme, the rules and regulatons related to mines' business may
also be made beter. There will also be a signifcant growth in the
automobile industry, thanks to this transit. New cars and vehicles may be
introduced in the market. There may also be some new products coming
up in the petroleum sector. Jupiter's transit in the 4th House shall also
aid growth in the sectors like animal husbandry. As a result, there may
be positve movements in the producton of dairy products.
The Down-side
Now, Ganesha analyses the movements of the negatve planets aligned
for the year 2015, and puts forth his analysis for the same.

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


He notes that Saturn will be transitng in direct moton in the Zodiac Sign
Scorpio at the beginning of the year 2015. Then, during 15/03/2015 to
03/08/2015, Saturn will be transitng in a retrograde moton over India's
Natal Ketu, and that too through the 7th House of this Chart.
The 7th House generally signifes partnerships, relatonships and bonds.
As a result, the ruling party in India may have to face strong oppositon
from its rivals. Enemy countries may also pose some challenges to India
and its security. The Indian government may have to make some
alteratons in the foreign policy, owing to the increasing conficts with
some countries. Also, since Ketu is in Pisces too, India will not get as
much support from its friends as expected.
Also, during the year 2015, Rahu will be in Virgo, so you may also expect
some volatlity in the stock-market.
Certain turn of events or policies in the educaton sector may disappoint
the students or academic aspirants on one or more levels. Mutual funds
sector will also encounter some unexpected changes.
In a nutshell, Ganesha feels that policies and strategies need to be made
with complete diligence and full awareness about the circumstances, if
the Indian government wishes to make the most of the Jupiter's positve
transit through its Sign of exaltaton Cancer, and later via Leo.
Contributed by - Dharmesh Joshi

Bollywood Hollywood - 2015

The year 2015 promises to be high and super- excitng on the
entertainment scene too. And, the flm world shall be, as always,
bringing to screens some happy, some sad, some crazy, some mad
dramas, thrillers, mysteries and more.
The Indian flm industry, the inimitable Bollywood shall have some aces
up its sleeve. Which would be they? And, more importantly, how will be
they? Raees featuring Shahrukh Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar
in the lead roles is one of the most antcipated movies of 2015, and so is
Fan, again featuring the King Khan. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - starring
Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone shall be another hot-in-the wait-list.
The year 2015 shall also see the sequels of two super hit Hindi flms
the Sallu Bhai starrer Judwaa 2, and India's frst modern day claim to scif, Mr. India's sequel.

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


The year 2015 also seems promising for the bigger, internatonal level
entertainment platorm, that is the Hollywood flm industry, as sequels
to some of the most popular and known movies are slated to be
released in 2015, including the adrenaline ramping Fast and the Furious
7, Mission: Impossible V, Jurassic World, Batman vs. Superman, The
Smurfs 3, Terminator: Genesis, Ted 2, James Bond 24 and more.
Well, that's prety impressive, but what do the stars portend for the flm
industry in general? Let's see.
The Signifcant Planetary Positons in 2015
During the year 2015, Saturn will be in Scorpio, while Rahu and Ketu will
be on the Virgo-Pisces axis. Jupiter will be transitng through Cancer in
the frst half of the year, and during the second half of the year 2015, it
will be transitng through Leo. Neptune will maintain its positon in
In view of the afore-said planetary positons, Ganesha feels that upto
July 2015, there may not be much ground-breaking taking place on the
flm entertainment scene that is, there may not be major blockbusters
or supremely crafed flms getng released or made tll this tme.
However, as soon as Jupiter enters the Zodiac Sign Leo, and forms an
Oppositon aspect with the transitng Neptune, we will surely get to see
a furry of movies with newer concepts, novel ideas and experimental
themes. The investment behind producing good movies or good
concepts is also likely to increase afer July 2015.
For Hollywood too, the second half of the year 2015 looks set to be
superb. More flms with Sci-Fi concepts are likely to be released during
2015. New producers and directors with fresh concepts are likely to
emerge too.
Ganesha feels that Hollywood is also going to adapt or introduce new
movie-making methods in 2015. Overall, there will be a positve change
in the flm industry. We will also see new stars rising on the horizon, and
shining in the Hollywood industry. Acton and technology will go hand in
hand with comedy in Hollywood which implies that the flms released
will be a good mix of various genres.
With Jupiter-Neptune oppositon in the second half of the year, and
considering other planetary positons during 2015, Ganesha feels that
for the music industry too things shall be on a change mode but, the
change will be of a largely pleasant nature. We will see a plenty of
people collaboratng with each other or companies joining hands to
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


bring interestng stuf for the audiences. Due to these combined eforts,
major live shows and concerts in the feld of music (internatonally) may
also be antcipated.
Contributed By Bhavesh N Patani

Eclipses in 2015 and Climate-related

Eclipses in 2015
There will be a total of four eclipses in the year 2015 2 Lunar Eclipses,
1 total Solar Eclipse and 1 partal Solar Eclipse. Besides the astrophysical
efects, the eclipses are also known to have astro planetary
repercussions (Astrological) and climate changes. Let's read what they
may be in 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse April 04 2015 (GMT 7:45)
As per Ganesha's view, several malefc efects can be noted around the
locatons of Tropic of Cancer, around this tme. Plus, some parts of South
Axis, Eastern America and Australia are also likely to get afected. These
locatons may also notce some inconsistent air pressure, and may get
afected by storms. Some coastal zones of Pacifc Ocean may notce
heavy moisture and windy spells; there may also be heavy weather
fuctuatons in these areas. Some parts of South Asia may also
experience pre-monsoon rainfall at this tme.
Total Lunar Eclipse September 28 2015 (GMT 10:53)
Due to this Lunar Eclipse, some middle to heavy fuctuatons in sea
waves are expected to occur around the Pacifc Ocean, the Atlantc
Ocean and also around the coastal areas of America, Australia and
Total Solar Eclipse March 20 2015 (UTC 09:47:47)
This Solar Eclipse may bring several signifcant efects in the conditons
and climate in some places or natons of Europe. Sudden changes in
weather are also likely to be experienced in some of the European
countries. Unexpected natural calamites may also be expected in some
parts of Europe, around this Solar Eclipse.
Partal Solar Eclipse September 13 2015 (UTC 06:55:19)

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Italy, Turkey, Rome may notce some natural or manmade adversites,

around this tme. Plus, Africa, South Asia and their islands may also face
sudden changes in weather, along with windy spells, along with some
sudden seasonal changes.
Contributed By Malav Bhat

Major Countries' Predictons 2015

USA in 2015 What do the stars

Think of America and the names of some of the most well known and
celebrated human beings to have walked the earth pop up in the mind:
Albert Einstein; Abraham Lincoln; Neil Armstrong; Martn Luther King;
George Washington; Elvis Presley; Thomas Edison; Walt Disney; Henry
Ford; Muhammad Ali; Mark Twain; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Robert Frost
you name a feld, and you will fnd an American who has graced the
highest echelons of it. It is not for nothing that the USA is the numero
uno naton of the world. The Spanish-American War and World War I
confrmed America's status as a global military power, while the World
War II confrmed the country's status as a global superpower. The end of
the Cold War and the dissoluton of the Soviet Union in 1991 lef the
United States as the sole superpower of the world, both in military and
economic terms.
The USA has the world's largest economy with an estmated GDP in 2013
of $16.8 trillion, which is 23% of the global GDP. The economy is driven
by an abundance of natural resources and high worker productvity.
From Lee Iacoca to Bill Gates with a Steve Jobs/ Mark Zuckerberg thrown
in between, the country has produced the greatest business brains. But,
now it is becoming increasingly difcult for even the US to maintain its
positon at the helm what with intense competton from emerging
markets such as China and India, and a rising threat from global issues
like terrorism, rising infaton, economic discrepancies, unemployment,
security threats and more.
What does the year 2015 have in store for the United States of America?
Will it be able to maintain its positon at the top of the world? Ganesha
fnds out by looking at the Horoscope of the US.
Astrological Analysis

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Five most infuental historical events in the US have been taken into
consideraton in making its Birth/ Formaton Chart. Major milestones in
the formaton of the country, such as the Artcles of Associaton in 1774,
the Declaraton of Independence in 1776, the Artcles of Confederaton
and Perpetual Union in 1781 and the US Consttuton in 1787 have been
examined in minute detail for their signifcance, legality and tming while
drawing this Chart
Looking at USA's Horoscope, Ganesha observes that it has Leo rising
Ascendant at 18:02:16 degrees in Purvafalguni constellaton Pada-2. The
Lord of the Ascendant is in conjuncton with US's Natal Jupiter, Venus
and Mars in the 11th House. The Moon is posited in the Horoscope's 7th
House at 01:42:40 degrees. Mercury and Pluto are natally in a
retrograde mode, says Ganesha. Saturn is posited in the 2nd House,
whereas Rahu is posited in the 12th House. From these Charts, it can be
said that USA is born under the Mahadasha of Mars-Mars-Mercury.
What Next?
At the beginning of the year, the mighty Jupiter will be transitng in
retrograde moton in Cancer. Retrograde Jupiter will start moving in
direct moton afer 09/04/2015. This transit will contnue tll 13/07/2015
in the 12th House, which is the House of Loss. Due to this transit, the
natonal liability of the USA may decrease and there shall be
considerable improvement in the medical, health-care and civil services.
Post 14/07/2015, Jupiter will be transitng through the Zodiac Sign Leo.
In 2015, it is likely that USA will enter into new contracts under the
infuence of Jupiter's transit in Leo. According to Ganesha, these
contracts will give the country long-term benefts.
Talking about other planets, Ganesha says that Rahu will be transitng
through the Finance House in USA's Horoscope, for a beter part of
2015. This partcular transit will directly afect currency and bank sector.
Thus, the country's economic growth may also get indirectly afected.
Plus, Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th House in 2015 may slow down
agricultural and infrastructural growth and even the progress in the
automobile industry. The Horoscope also indicates the possibility of
volcano irrupton and/or earthquake in 2015, says Ganesha.
In a nutshell, Ganesha says that the year 2015 may bring a mixed bag
of fortunes for the USA.
Contributed By Shri Dharmeshh Joshi

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Three Cs of cooperation, competition

and confrontation can be expected
from the big C China in the year
2015, portend the stars.
With world's largest populaton (over 1.35 billion people) and the
second-largest area space, the People's Republic of China is one of the
strongest, emerging threats to the US's superpower status. Founded in
1949, China was a Soviet-style union centrally controlled country under
the dispensaton of its autocratc leader Mao Zedong. But afer his death
in the year 1976, his successor Deng Xiaoping unleashed a series of
liberalisaton measures, which led to a mercurial development of the
country's economy, so much so that today the chances are when you
pick up a product and look at its manufacturing details, you are most
likely to fnd Made in China stamped on it.
1st October, 1949
Peking, China

According to the Internatonal Monetary Fund, China's average GDP

growth between 2001 and 2010 was a phenomenal 10.5%. Along with
economic growth, China has also maintained a high military growth, and
is one of the strongest nuclear powers in the world. However, it is also
looked upon as one of the more aggressive countries in the world. Apart
from its border skirmishes with India in the North-East, China is also
getng increasingly embroiled in maritme disputes across Asia,
partcularly with Vietnam and the Philippines over the South China Sea

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


and with Japan over the East China Sea.

Ganesha with the help of Vedic Astrology tries to analyse whether China
will be able to sustain its high growth, keep the peace and manage to
dethrone US as the world's superpower in 2015. Also, China is India's
one of the most powerful neighbours, and one of the strongest natons
in Asia. Ganesha also takes a look at this aspect, and predicts how will
this turn out in the year 2015.
China is currently under the infuence of Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu
Bhukt. Saturn is placed in the 8th House and Rahu is in the 3rd House of
China's Horoscope.
So, the hidden faws in Chinas fnancial and social structure are likely to
surface unexpectedly during year 2015. Bribery and corrupton may
impede fair competton. Labour abuse may also remain endemic to
Chinas development process. To negate these issues, Chinese
authorites may take steps to strengthen their labour laws and curb
corrupton. However, discontent within the Chinese workforce will
become quite visible during the year 2015.
The transitng Rahu will be passing through the 9th House over China's
Natal Sun. So, the Chinese government will be under fair pressure to
sustain the growth they have achieved so far. They might focus on the
structural reforms of its environment, socio-economic and governance
policies. Economic growth will be slow and unbalanced in 2015 in China,
feels Ganesha. Problems like rising environmental polluton may also
plague the country. Overall, China will remain anxious in 2015, and it will
have to be prety careful too.
Rahu is placed in the 3rd House of the Foundaton Chart of China. Also,
in 2015 the transitng Jupiter will be passing through the 7th House over
China's Natal Mars. So, the technological development of China's
military will be impressive. The country will be rapidly developing a new
generaton of strategic weapons that could potentally enable them to
become a superpower of Asia. The contest for supremacy between
China and USA is inevitable. Both the countries will try to establish
communicaton links in 2015 too, but relatons will be heading for
confrontaton and competton rather than cooperaton.
China will contnue to take a tough stand on territorial issues in the
South China Sea region, and its disputed claims may remain a cause of
concern for the neighbouring countries.
China and India would be seeking greater engagement on issues of trade

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


and regional security during 2015. Both countries will appear to

cooperate with each other, but will also contest for their rightul positon
on the world stage. China will contnually press its claims to pieces of the
Indian Territory, and contnued border disputes may not allow a major
break-through in bilateral relatonship. There will be a bigger window for
concrete improvement in Sino-Indian relatons under the new
government in India, but there is also a bigger window for territorial
competton and confrontaton, feels Ganesha.
Contributed By - Tanmay K.Thakar

UK may face political unrest in the

frst half of 2015, foretells Ganesha
Chart of United Kingdom
Date : April 12, 1927.
Time : 00:00:00
Place : London, England.

Introducton :
The United Kingdom consistng of England, Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland has always played a leading role in developing
parliamentary democracy and in promotng literature and science. At its
peak in the 19th century, the Britsh Empire covered a quarter of the
earth's surface. The frst half of the 20th century saw the UK's strength
seriously erode in two World Wars and the Irish Republic's withdrawal
from the union. The second half witnessed the dismantling of the
Empire and the UK rebuilding itself into a modern and prosperous
European country. As one of fve permanent members of the UN
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Security Council and a founding member of NATO and the

Commonwealth, the UK pursues a global approach to foreign policy. The
UK is also an actve member of the European Union, although it chose to
remain outside the Economic and Monetary Union.
Ganesha with the help of Vedic Astrology predicts what is in store for the
United Kingdom in 2015.
Astrological Analysis :
From the beginning of 2015, United Kingdom will be under the
infuence of Saturn Return transit through Ascendant.
Plus, UK will be under the infuence of Saturn and Mercury
Dasha cycle.
During the later half of 2015, benefc Jupiter will be transitng
over Natal Moon through the 10th House.
Ketu, being the signifer of 5th House will be passing over Natal
Sun through the 5th House.
Astrological Predictons:

Ganesha feels that the frst half of the year 2015 may witness a
strong sense of reformist actvism and a rise in rebellious
actvites in the UK.

Organised cyber crimes, inter-cultural groupism, collectve

psychotc outbreaks (maybe against the natonal leadership)
and a rebirth of the general life-style is foreseen, during the
later half of 2015 for the UK.

Retail market in Britain may show a comfortable growth in

2015. Plus, there may not be much fuctuaton in the infaton
rate, confrms Ganesha.

There may, however, be slight increase in the interest rates,

during the frst half of 2015. Housing prices may keep rising
during 2015.

Service sector, industrial segments and exporters will feel more


Due to Ketu's transit over the UK's Natal Sun, the frst half of
2015 may remain highly unstable on the politcal and
governmental fronts.
Contributed By - Malav Bhat

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


India, Pakistan can look forward to

partial improvement in ties in 2015,
says Ganesha
When Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif atended India's new
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony in June 2014 and
held hastly arranged bilateral talks, it raised hopes that the hostle
relatonship between the two countries will improve. The two
neighbours, sundered at the tme of independence in 1947, have shared
a biter relatonship, marked by wars, strife and terrorism. There have
been atempts at improving tes such as the Shimla, Agra and Lahore
summits but there has been no let up in confict. The atack on the
Indian Parliament in 2001 almost brought the two nuclear powers to the
brink of war, and the 2008 Mumbai atacks perpetrated by Pakistani
militants have severely afected ongoing peace talks. Even though the
two natons share a historic, cultural, ethnic, geographic, and economic
background, there has always been an undercurrent of suspicion on
either side of the border since independence. Whether the Modi
Government will succeed in restoring confdence between the two
natons is a queston that only tme can answer.
Meanwhile, Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, takes a look at
Pakistan's all-round prospects in the year 2015.
14th August 1947

Pakistan is currently passing through the Venus Mahadasha and Mars

Bhukt which will contnue throughout the year 2015. Venus is the Lord
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


of the 7th House (House of War and Foreign Relatons). Mars is the
Ascendant Lord and prime signifcator of war, strife, violence and also
industrial progress. Mars is placed with 4th House Lord Moon. So, the
year 2015 can be a year of social and economic reforms in Pakistan. The
transitng Jupiter in Cancer also confrms reforms, partcularly land
reforms, in Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan may slowly start
Pakistan's Army may have lost some of its clout but Mars Bhukt
indicates that the Army's infuence will remain very signifcant in
Pakistan's politcal structure during 2015. Pakistan's Army will suppress
insurgency ruthlessly, but it will create more resentment within the
country due to adverse transit of Rahu. Balochistan province will
contnue to face insurgency problems. And Pakistan will contnue to face
a deeply entrenched terrorist problem.
Pakistan may seek rapprochement with India but fundamentalist
elements will not allow this to happen smoothly. Both India and Pakistan
governments may move cautously to improve relatons. However,
neither country will take any bold steps to resolve sensitve issues like
Kashmir. Pakistan's hostlity towards India will not cease totally, but both
the countries may look forward to temporary concessions and partal
As the transitng Jupiter is passing through the 4th House, Pakistan will
be seeking to establish good relatons with the United States to improve
its economy. Rifs in the relatonship between the United States and
Pakistan will gradually narrow down. However, US might not contnue to
provide full-fedged economic and military aid to Pakistan.
There will be strain in the bilateral relatonship with Iran, and tensions
on the Iran border may periodically spark crises between Pakistan and
Iran during year 2015.
Contributed By - Tanmay K.Thakar

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Turmoil in Russia may continue to be

a threat for the world, predicts
Hardly about a century ago, Russia was a monarchy ruled by 'Tsars'. The
most important Tsar, Peter I, built St. Petersberg and turned Russia into a
military power. However, Russia sufered greatly in World War I, and a
Communist revoluton occurred in 1917. It was led by Lenin and his
party called the 'Bolsheviks'. The Tsars were overthrown, and the last
Tsar and his family were killed. Russia was then renamed the 'Union of
Soviet Socialist Republics' or USSR, consistng of 'regional councils' that
ran small areas of the country, but all efectve power was held by the
Premier of the 'Politburo' in Moscow. He appointed the heads of the
Soviets and was essentally a dictator. Lenin was the frst Premier. Over
tme, the USSR disintegrated, and Russia lost control of Eastern Europe.
In 1991, a democratc electon was held in the Russian Federaton for the
frst tme, with Boris Yeltsin becoming President. The former superpower
has been in the news in 2014 for supportng pro-Russian supporters in
its neighbouring country Ukraine, which western countries see as a
thinly-veiled atempt to annex control of the country, and an act of
blatant aggression. Several countries, including the US, have threatened
acton, including sanctons, against Russia, but it has remained unfazed.
With last year's horrendous shootng down of MH-17 incident on the
Ukrainian soil, things seemed to be taking a turn for the worse in the
Russian territory.
Russia's Country Chart:

What lies ahead? With the help of Vedic Astrology, Ganesha predicts

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


that Russia will contnue to remain on tenterhooks during 2015.

Russia is currently under the infuence of Rahu-Mercury period. Rahu is
in the 5th House in Russias Chart with Moon and a retrograde Saturn
and in Taurus Navmansa. Mercury is the Lord of 10th House and is
posited in the 5th House from Dashanath Rahu. So, it is likely that Russia
would be willing to take aggressive steps and reassert infuence over its
bordering natons. The transitng Rahu in Virgo during 2015 further
indicates a steady and confrontatonal build-up of military power. It
indicates an imperialistc approach. The Russian authorites will advocate
a strong state and will not care what other countries think about them.
Russia may no longer care about cultvatng tolerable relatons with the
EU natons or about forging a solid relatonship with Ukraine. There will
be no going back for Russia. It will work for an ideological alternatve to
the European Union. This indicates an uncertain and highly insecure
2015 for Russia. The transitng Rahu in the Ascendant also indicates that
Russian government will try to establish its authority in world politcs. It
will play a crucial role in Syria, Bulgaria, Serbia and other Balkan
The Russian impact will be felt on the global oil strategies. Sanctons will
have some adverse efects on Russian economy but neither the
sanctons nor the NATO will be able to force Russia to give up. Despite
the Ukraine crisis, America will have limited optons and is likely to
depend on diplomatc eforts rather than going for cold war like
situatons. The last quarter of year 2015 will be extremely challenging
for the Russian President as he is likely to face various domestc and
external problems.
Contributed By - Tanmay K.Thakar

Will the year 2015 bring good times

for Brazil?
The ffh largest country in the world in terms of land area, Brazil is
considered South America's most infuental country. Despite having the
greatest biological diversity in the world and major ofshore oil reserves,
Brazil is yet to utlise its capabilites to the fullest. High crime rate,
corrupton, economical disparity and major issues like AIDS and
inadequate public services have been considered as major obstacles in

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Brazil's progress.
But, even with so many challenges in its path, Brazil has earned a name
for itself for being one of the rising economic powers in the world. What
if Brazil drastcally improves its productvity, infrastructure and overall
performance? Will 2015 be the year for Brazil? Is a major turning point
in the ofng for Brazil? Or, will it be just another year of struggle and
setbacks? Ganesha fnds out.
Astrological Analysis
On 5th October 1988, Brazil adopted a new consttuton, which
represented a signifcant change from the past procedures and practces.
This new consttuton was signed at 3:49 PM, hence it has been
considered as the basis here for drawing Brazil's Kundali/ Horoscope
The Horoscope of Brazil indicates that the planets Ketu and Venus are in
conjuncton in the 1st House in the Zodiac Sign Leo. Moreover, Rahu is
posited in the 7th House. Whereas Moon is Swagruhi (in its own House)
and Mercury is debilitated in the 8th House.
Since, Swagruhi Moon is in the House of Loss in Brazil's Horoscope,
Brazil's relatons, so far, with other countries have been good and
amicable. Also, since the Moon is aspectng the 6th House, Brazil may be
able to provide good civil services. But, the Lord of the Gain House and
the Wealth House, Mercury, in the 8th House is not considered
favourable. Brazil may have to face problems regarding cash infows.
There may also be controversies regarding the security agencies of the
What Next?
At the beginning of the year 2015, Jupiter will be transitng through
Cancer and during 01/01/2015 t o 09/04/2015, it will be moving in a
retrograde moton. Ganesha notes that Jupiter will again start moving in
direct moton in Cancer from 10/04/2015 onwards, which shall contnue
tll 13/07/2015. Jupiter will be transitng through Brazil's Horoscope's
12th House in Cancer and over its Natal Moon. As a result, there may be
a decrease in Brazil's natonal liability. Foreign policies and other related
maters may, however, go through positve developments. Afer
14/07/2015, Jupiter will be in Leo in Brazil's 1st House. As a result, the
naton shall grow rapidly and the progress shall be very good. Brazil's
relatons with neighbouring countries shall also improve, at that tme.
On the other hand, Rahu will be in Virgo and Ketu will be in Pisces in the
year 2015. Saturn will be in Scorpio. Since Rahu will be transitng
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


through the Wealth House in Brazil's Horoscope, Brazilian Real (the

currency of Brazil) may remain highly volatle in 2015. In around mid2015, the Finance Minister of the country may be changed. Since Saturn
will be transitng through the 4th House in the Brazil's Kundali, the
agricultural and infrastructural growth too may slow down. The
automobile industry of the country also may have to face some new
challenges. Sectors like petroleum and dairy products may not witness
expected growth.
Despite all this, in a nutshell, Ganesha feels that Brazil may be able to
fnd decent progress in 2015, even in the face of some challenges.
Contributed by - Dharmeshh Joshi

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Capricorn (The Goat)

(22nd December to 20th January)
How The Year Shall Be For Your Sign
A beter life is what you seek, and a beter life is what you shall get this
year, says Ganesha! You will strive to improve everything around you,
changing, refurbishing and improving your lifestyle, work-style and setpaterns. Even though, the efects and gains may not be visible
immediately, especially in the frst half of the year, contnue with your
good eforts. Keep a low profle and stay focused, and you shall be able
to utlise the planetary support to your advantage, in the later part of
the year.
Key Transits 2015

From the beginning of the year, Saturn transits in the 12th

House from your Sign.

Saturn turns retrograde around mid March, and enters Scorpio

from around mid June.

The North Node (Rahu) transits in the 10th House, in the

beginning of the year. Rahu enters Virgo in the 9th House from
your Sign - from 11th October 2015.

Jupiter, which gets retrograde at the start of the year, transits

in the 8th House from your Sign.

Jupiter turns direct on 9th April, and enters Virgo, the 9th
House from your Sign, around 12th August'15.

Eventul Times
5th January to 13th March.
15th June to end of July
6th September to end of October
Your Life
As the year begins, you shall be high on motvaton, just raring to go.
However, the opportunites may take their own sweet tme coming, and
this may leave you largely with routne work and not much visible
progress. However, dont be discouraged by this. Giving up should never
be an opton, says Ganesha.

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Although, you will be busier than usual with routne work, and shall have
litle tme to spare for future planning, there will be stability. Your
fnances will remain unafected, but that should not allow you to take
your mind completely of the monetary maters. Dont get so absorbed
with everyday issues that you totally neglect important maters,
requiring urgent atenton. There may a sudden a rise in unexpected
expenditure, which might become difcult to deal with, if not atended
to properly.
You may also be less inclined to focus on domestc issues, on account of
your busy schedule. But again, you must try to maintain a balance, so
nothing important is avoided for too long. On the work front,
relatonship with the higher ups may not be very cordial, and may even
compel you to switch your job. Waitng for a while, however, would help,
as the planetary transits do not support change.
Running pillar to post for getng work done and managing domestc as
well as career fronts simultaneously may lead to mental stress, and may
even have an impact on your physical health. Spare tme for some
recreatonal actvites to refresh your mind, or just pack your bags and
set out on a short vacaton. Meditaton and yoga will also work wonders
for you, helping you acquire a more positve approach to life.
Things are likely to start easing out by the second half of the year
thankfully, when the South Node (Ketu) leaves the 4th House to enter
Pisces, the 3rd House from your Sign, and the North Node (Rahu) moves
into the 9th House from your Sign. Professionals will get the fruits of
their labour now, as their eforts will be acknowledged. Business persons
are also likely to strike good, proftable deals, this year; they will be able
to expand their customer base, in the second half of the year.
Love and Relatonships
Always remember that the one important thing that makes for a
successful love relatonship is space both physical and emotonal. This
does not mean breaking away from each other, but only being one with
yourself for some tme. The truth of this will dawn on you now, and you
will tend to avoid making any fnal commitment towards marriage if
you are not married yet, that is.
There will be romance in your life no doubt, but you will tend to take
your own tme to open up and reveal your thoughts and emotons. You
will not be swayed by vacuous passion or emoton. You will be practcal
in the way you express your love and afecton, in the sense that youll

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


be more honest and practcal than being emotonal, while making a

confession, which may seem quite unromantc to your love partner.
At the beginning of the year, the planet of love and relatonships, Venus
shall be positoned well. It will also transit favourably, encouraging
romance and love. But, with the commencement of the second half of
the year, Venus shall start transitng through the 8th House from your
Sign - in Leo. This does not seem to augur well for your romantc
relatonship. The conduct of your loved one is likely to disappoint you;
your relatonship may suddenly start to turn sour. Patence and
compromise on your part, and of course space, will help improve the
situaton gradually. Since, patence is a virtue of Capricorn, you will be
able to bear the brunt of the tough tmes, with immense courage,
assures Ganesha.
For the married ones, the year will bring a mixed experience. You will
need to make special eforts to keep alive the feeling of togetherness
and warmth. Going out over weekends, having fun, keeping space for
recreatonal actvites will add to the litle joys of life, making your
married journey memorable. However, the transit of Venus in the 8th
House from your Sign in Leo will test your commitment level and ability
to stay calm. The last quarter of the year, however, will help erase all ill
feelings, rekindling old love, assures Ganesha.
Eventul Times
28th January to 10th April
1st August to 8th October
Your primary aim this year should not be earning more money, but
strengthening your fnancial positon by saving more and investng well.
And, this will only be possible by cutng down on wasteful expenses,
especially those related to family. Some of these unaccounted expenses
may bring down your savings substantally, sending your future plans for
a toss. But, since Jupiter aspects the 12th House related to expenses,
you shall be able to manage your spending. Some additonal income is
also likely to help your cause, so dont get depressed; remain optmistc.
The good thing is that Capricorns are anyway usually cautous, while
handling money maters. The period from around the second week of
January to the mid of March seems favourable for maters related to
There is every likelihood that you might apply for a loan to add comforts
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


to your household. But, since this would be a long-term fnancial

commitment, study all aspects and make your calculatons, before you
take a decision.
Professionals may get unexpected salary hikes; be ready to hog the
limelight! And, some celebratons too, says Ganesha. Freelancers too are
likely to bag assignments and earn handsomely. But, you will need to
brush up your skills to establish your credentals. Be polite and act
diplomatcally with infuental persons to be in their good books, so that
you can seek their favours, when you need them the most. The second
half of the year looks even more proftable for you, as you may be able
to work at ease and stll get paid beter.
Business persons will be able to increase their earnings/ turnover, but
traders are likely to experience fnancial constraints on account of stf
competton. You will have to re-look your strategy to atract more
Eventul Times

6th January to 13th March

1st August to end of October

Entrepreneurs are set to see their business fourish, if they become
more accommodatve, while handling new customers. Proft margins
may see a slight dip, but you can make up for the loss by venturing into
newer avenues to increase your turnover. If you are dealing in luxury or
branded goods, you stand to gain handsomely. However, those in
fnance or constructon business will have to be careful, while taking up
new projects.
There will be a rough phase for those of you into manufacturing and
who wish to expand their market presence. The period tll around end of
September does not look very conducive for taking over or commencing
a new unit. But, if you're keen on going ahead with your plans, the last
quarter of the year will be more favourable for the same.
Those trading with foreign countries are likely to experience a good
tme, more so around the last quarter of the year. A visit abroad is likely
to result in good profts.
If you are in the housekeeping or service industry, you will be able to
expand your customer base and boost your earnings, as a result. But, it
may be quite the opposite, if you're connected with the automobile

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


industry - the year may not ofer many opportunites for growth in the
automotve sector. Be content, if you manage to stay afoat. The same
holds true for engineering units. There will be respite, but only around
the last quarter of the year 2015.
Eventul Times

6th April to end of May

2nd August to end of September

A persistent feeling of dissatsfacton at work, arising out of strained
relatonship with your immediate boss, may leave in a rebellious mood
for most part of the year. A sense of dejecton is likely to creep in. But
you won't let this discontentment refect in your work; your
performance is likely to be as good as it was when you were more
enthusiastc about your work. A thought of switching jobs may cross
your mind, but don't just get tempted by monetary gains, besides, the
planetary transits do not support any such change. So, stck to your
present job, even if you're not very comfortable contnuing there.
Remember the saying that 'contnuity is the name of the game'.
The transit of the North Node (Rahu) in the 10th House from your Sign is
likely to keep you on your toes. Colleagues will also not be too
supportve. This may make you feel like you have been alienated, and
add to your stress. But, situaton will start improving around the third
quarter of the year, so much so that you will start feeling comfortable at
your workplace.
Freshers are likely to fnd it difcult to get a suitable job opportunity. The
planetary positons, however, will be favourable for them, during the
beginning of the new fnancial year. The period from 5th April to the end
of May will help you grab a good job opportunity. Further, the period
from the beginning of August to the end of September may also be
favourable for getng job opportunites. Just remember to maintain a
cordial relatonship with your immediate boss!
Eventul Times

5th April to 1st June

1st August to end of October


GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Academic progress during the year ahead is likely to be slow and

somewhat disappointng. You will wish to start earning early in life, and
may feel like dropping out of college to take up a job instead. You may
even plan to take up a vocatonal or professional course, at the expense
of your usual studies or degree program. But, Ganesha warns you
against doing this, even if you're facing a serious fnancial crisis.
If you are in the last year of graduaton, try to keep all your problems out
of your mind, focussing on studies. If the results are declared afer mid
April, you stand a good chance of getng satsfactory results.
If you are pursuing higher educaton, domestc issues are likely to afect
your ability to remain focused. Efectve tme management and selfdiscipline will be important for achieving good results, points Ganesha.
Planetary transits from the third quarter of the year onwards will help
you stay focused and perform well.
It may seem like all the physical ailments have come looking for you this
year, literally. Almost throughout the year, health issues, no mater how
minor, will trouble you, adding to your mental agony. You will have to be
especially careful about your health during the period between April to
June 2015. Accidental injury is likely between October to the year end,
so be careful while cooking or driving a vehicle.
Disorders of the digestve system will be recurrent, causing you much
pain. Opt for medicaton that will cure this problem from the root.
Ganesha says that changing your erratc lifestyle and following a healthy
diet chart will also help you signifcantly.
Note: The aforementoned predictons about your health are solely
based on the planetary transits/ positons as per the Western Astrology.
Do not take this as a substtute for a qualifed physician's advice.
Self-improvement Tips

Atend to health issues, without any delay

Start exercising regularly; meditatng will also act as a stress


Try to spend some quality tme with your family and loved

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Adopt a diplomatc approach; don't be too aggressive in front

of your bosses.

Capricorn Monthly Predictions 2015

(Capricorn) January
A practcal person otherwise, this month, you will tend to listen to your
heart rather than your mind. But, this again will not do much harm to
you. On the contrary, you may see some of your tes getng stronger.
Those of you running a business in partnership may see the tes with
their partner getng stronger now. You will respect the emotons of your
mate too, before taking any important decision, and this will go a long
way in bolstering mutual trust between you and your partner, says
However, with the Moon placed in Cancer, the 7th House from your Sign,
you will have to prepare yourself to deal with knoty afairs at home. For
those of you married, there may be problems to deal with almost
throughout this month. Professionals too will have a tough tme at work,
and this shall ve largely because of the infuence of Rahu and Ketu in
these spheres.
But, in all likelihood, you wont play a silent victm, if things turn ugly
between you and your boss. You are more likely to rebel, and make your
stand clear. To make maters worse, though, Mars will enter Pisces in the
3rd House from your Sign to aspect Rahu, during the second week of
January. The infuence of this planetary movement may compel you to
fght with your seniors, even at the slightest of provocaton. This is one
situaton you must avoid at all costs, says Ganesha. Instead of losing your
cool and getng into an altercaton every now and then, you should
focus on improving your work, trying to be in the good books of your
Health-wise too, things may not be all hunky dory, even if not too bad.
You may sufer from minor health ailments, around the middle of the
month, but it wont be anything serious.
Business persons should reschedule their travelling dates, as the second
week of the month does not augur well in this regard.
As you near month end, you will feel a sudden change in your own
perspectve. You will think and act positvely, which will increase your

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


future growth prospects. Business persons in partcular, are likely to

beneft a lot during this phase. Professionals are likely to undergo a
remarkable change in their attude, as they will be more confdent
about their views, and wont shy away from putng them in front of
their bosses.
Incidentally, romantc te ups are unlikely to bear fruitul results this
month, as you may really not come across a viable opportunity to
express your feelings to the person you love. Students will also need to
put in extra eforts consistently to score well and prove themselves.
Tip Let your work speak for itself and for you do not boast, or get on
a reward-induced false high.
(Capricorn) February
There may be a few family issues that may persistently keep you
disturbed for a major part of the month. The dispute may be largely a
result of a diference of opinion among loved ones, especially your life
partner. But, this stress may ease in the frst week itself, as the full Moon
will be placed in the obliging Leo, and will have a soothing efect on you.
From then onwards, you will realise that there is no point in getng
worked up over issues that have no immediate soluton. You shall then
focus on other, more important maters. Professionals will have a
comfortable tme in the beginning of the month as your seniors, who will
be trustng of you, will avoid burdening you with too much work.
But, as you enter the second week of February, the situaton will almost
turn hostle. Colleagues wont be very supportve, adding to your
discomfort. Thankfully, getng out of this situaton wont be difcult
either. You will only have to learn a few new tricks of the trade to get an
edge over your compettors. Your colleagues will then start looking up to
you. On the domestc front, there may be a few unexpected expenses,
which may dent your savings, but you can salvage the situaton by
cutng down your own wasteful expenses, says Ganesha. Once Mercury
turns direct from the middle of the second week, there will be some
respite for you.
But even then, your general mood throughout the month will be a
pessimistc one as fnancial worries will contnue to make you feel low.
However, as you approach month-end, the new Moon will start evolving
and the Sun will enter the mystc and passive Pisces. This will ensure that
the stagnancy you experienced in the previous weeks comes to an end.
You will also see all confusion fading out and bringing in a period of

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


At home, you will be in a jovial mood and will want to go for a
renovaton of a part of your house. This decision will also have the
consent of the other family members. Those engaged in a job will tend
to take up extra work toward the end of the month to get the desired
results. However, your rapport with your bosses may not be very good
now and you are likely to hold an opposing view in most maters put
before you. But dont get into any direct confrontaton or ego clashes
with your seniors as it could ruin your hard-earned reputaton.
Tip - Postpone major decisions related to your career/occupaton. Do not
change your job, as of now!
(Capricorn) March
The stars indicate an uncertain and tricky tme for money maters from
the very beginning of the month. You may feel the pinch, as apart from
foreseen expenses, there will also be unantcipated ones. Some respite
might come in the form of a pending payment or return on your
investments, but it may not prove to be enough. Saving as much as
possible should be your mantra for the month. By the grace of God, the
stars will soon change their positon for good and the last quarter of the
month may turn in your favour. Your fnancial positon will start to
improve from now on. Meanwhile, a friend or relatve may approach you
for fnancial assistance. But, says Ganesha, lend a helping hand only if
you are in a positon to.
Pending assignments and new responsibilites at the job front are likely
to keep you occupied throughout the month. You may have to work long
hours, maybe even on holidays to complete the work assigned to you.
Apparently, your spouse may be cheesed of. To add to your woes, your
peers may not be co-operatve, and you may feel lef out. Strained
relatons with your boss may trigger gloominess. This is the tme to focus
on your work and professional relatonships, says Ganesha. Spending
some leisure tme with ofce mates and your bosses will help to mend
the fences, giving way to improved relatonships.
The frst fortnight may not prove to be proftable for businessmen, but
you can certainly look forward to an improved turnover during the
second fortnight of the month. Progressive development during this
period will be like icing on the cake.
Emotonally stressed during major part of the month, you are likely to be
fghtng contradictory feelings that will take charge of your mind. There

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


are many ways to manage and cope with stress, but they all demand
change, says Ganesha. Whether you choose to change the situaton or
change your reacton is up to you.
It is very important that you manage the stress in your personal as well
as professional life, or you may have to face stress related disorders,
hypertension, and aggravaton of chronic health issues during this tme.
Meditaton is a good opton that will help to restore your mind and body
to a calm state.
Tip Do not borrow money loans are best avoided now, especially if
they are for acquisiton or expansion purposes.
(Capricorn) April
You will start the month on a high, enjoying life to the fullest. But
considering how workaholic you are, you shall soon get bored and jump
back to work; well, this is what you are most comfortable doing.
Ganesha advises you to utlise this tme to observe your weaknesses and
work on them.
Although, you may not exactly be short of money, you are advised to
look for new income optons just to make sure you have enough
resources saved and stashed for difcult tmes. Fortunately for you, in
the later half of April, Jupiter will come to your rescue, helping you fx
all your fnance related worries. Make sure you invest your hard earned
money wisely; this will give you a sense of security.
At the same tme, health problems should not be ignored, especially
during the frst fortnight of the month. It is beter to nip the problem in
the bud, so visit your doctor at the slightest indicaton of illness. On the
positve side, the Sun, which is changing its Sign during the later half of
April, will help you regain your ftness level.
This period will also beneft your business, as you will strike gold through
a few deals, and will no longer have to worry about your fnances. The
goodwill will contnue throughout the month, and there will be more
and more profts, as the month progresses. In case, you wish to expand
your business, you may have to raise funds. However, do not opt for long
term loans, as repaying them may give you a tough tme. At the job
front, you will be happier than ever, getng ample amount of support
and appreciaton from superiors and colleagues.
There is good news for those who are single and ready to mingle. Finally,
your search for a soul-mate is likely to end. Those in love can take their
relatonship to the next level.
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Unfortunately, the planetary positons do not spell well for those in a

marital relatonship, as misunderstandings and disappointments may
bog you down; be patent. Remember that there is sweetness as well as
biterness in every relatonship. It is your responsibility to make it work,
and Ganesha blesses you for the same. Good luck!
Tip: Focus on the tasks at hand. Put in extra eforts to enhance your
growth prospects.
(Capricorn) May
Well, the month has nothing new to ofer, besides its share of downs and
ups, struggles and meagre reward. As usual work, family and fnance will
remain in the forefront. Although you are likely to keep up with the
circumstances, there may be tmes when you feel emotonally and
physically drained. Your confdence and famboyant nature seems amiss,
as the month begins. You dont seem to be ready to take up the new
challenges yet, since you stll have not recovered from the struggles of
the month that went by. But then, life is vicious circle of challenges, isnt
Casual approach and lack of enthusiasm towards a project may be the
reason of missing a good opportunity at work. Your reserved nature may
come across as arrogance to your colleagues. As a result, they may turn
hostle. Already stressed out, you are likely to under-perform at work,
which may disappoint your superiors. The only way to remain in your
bosses good books is by putng in extra eforts and hours at work, and
delivering as per their expectatons. So, go ahead, Ganesha wishes you
good luck!
Even though you wish to look for a suitable change, retrograde Saturn in
the 12th House will not favour change at this juncture. So, deal with it
optmistcally, says Ganesha. Freelancers and businessmen - you will
have to do some backbreaking work to gain high-value clientle. In the
process, you may have to keep low proft margins. Soon, the focus may
shif to family and fnances.
Although, you seem to be quite comfortable fnancially, you need to
concentrate on your savings to secure your future. You may feel a strong
urge to go on a spending spree, and you may even do so to keep your
family happy and content. But be watchful of your funds; there are
chances of you falling short of money during emergencies. Minor health
problems contnue to bother you. It may be either due to self-induced
stress or seasonal like viral infecton. Take tme out to relax, recover and

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Singles will enjoy a good tme with their new-found love, foresees
Tip: Refrain from getng worked up by critcism. Take this in right spirit,
and push yourself to improve.
(Capricorn) June
Although averse to changes and alteratons, you are likely to face many,
during the month of June. Moreover, your innate quality, of not being
optmistc, will force you to focus on the grey areas of circumstances. As
a result, you may feel agitated, as things do not go according to your
wish. Be patent; and have faith in Ganesha. As far as change is
concerned, you have to accept that it is the only constant factor in our
Presence of retrograde Mercury and Sun along with the combust Mars,
is likely to raise difcultes, partcularly for professionals. You are likely to
be entrusted with tough task and new challenges at work. However, your
equaton with your boss is likely to be unfriendly, and this may afect
your performance. Working with convicton and dedicaton, without
getng distracted is likely to give you more fruitul results, says Ganesha.
Businesspersons may require changing their quotatons several tmes to
strike a proftable deal with high-profle customers/clients. Putng in
more eforts and spending tme in research-based work will prove
benefcial for business. Freelancers may get in touch with old
acquaintances in order to work.
As Sun and combust as well as debilitated Mars are posited in the 7th
House from your Sign you may have to go out of the way to preserve
peace and harmony in the family. Mood swings of your partner may be
highly unpredictable and bafing. This is likely to create
misunderstanding between the two of you. Verbal exchanges and
arguments may take an ugly turn, and may ruin the beauty of the
relatonship. Sort out issues once the bubbling anger setles down.
Singles, who are eager to get commited, may face difcultes in
expressing their feeling for special someone.
Imbalance in the outlow and infow of cash may leave stressed. Routne
expenses are likely to increase to a great extent, and hence, saving for
the future may seem doubtul. There are chances of you facing
embarrassing situatons like borrowing money from a friend or relatve.
On the health front, unexpected injury or fall is highly indicated here.
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


You may even be bed-ridden for a couple of weeks. So, be careful, says
Ganesha. Also, people who sufer from respiratory problems need to be
extra cautous about their health during this month.
Tip: Steer clear of legal tussles. Do not enter into any litgaton, as of
now, or you will run into a mess.
(Capricorn) July
Your temperamental behaviour at the beginning of the month is likely to
annoy people around you. They may even perceive you as arrogant and
egoistc. While this tendency may afect all your relatonships, the worst
afected may be that with your spouse. Make sure you keep your mood
swings at bay or you may end up breaking some precious bonds.
Moreover, you may not share a good rapport with your seniors, who may
critcise your work. Colleagues, too, will be non co-operatve. But instead
of realising your own mistakes and shortcomings, you shall be enraged
by their critcism. Ganesha advises you to be open to learning; this will
help you handle new challenges more efectvely. With not many things
working in your favour, you will tend to look for a change in job but
unfortunately the planets may not help you in your endeavour. Your luck
will take a turn for the beter in the last quarter of the month.
Businessmen can take a breather now as hefy gains are in store for
them during major part of the month. It is just the last week they need
to worry about as it is likely to spell a few troubles for grain merchants
and those dealing in consumer durables.
Encouraging returns on money invested earlier will bring a smile on your
face during the frst fortnight. However, demands of your kids may burn
a hole in your pocket.
You need to pay heed to domestc maters at the beginning of the
month. Also, diferences with your spouse should be sorted out as soon
as possible. Fortunately, the planetary alignment will change soon giving
way to beter understanding between you and your partner. It can be a
very good tme for some introspecton as well.
Health may need special atenton. While problems like sore throat or
toothache could bother you during the frst fortnight, blood pressure
related problems or arthrits may cause trouble in the second. Mars
positon enhances the possibility of injury, especially to the head or
knees. Be careful.
Tip: Be sensitve about your partner's emotons and aspiratons. Be
responsive in order to keep your relatonship strong.
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(Capricorn) August
Luck seems to be on your side as the month begins. This phase, hence, is
likely to make a lot of things possible for you. Thinking out of the box
and strategic moves may take you to your desired achievements.
However, few unpleasant developments may mar your enthusiasm and
slow down you progress.
At work, pressure from the superiors is likely to contnue. Meetng the
deadline and maintaining the quality of work will make situaton easier
for you. Dont let stress afect your performance.
For businessmen, a laid-back attude and a casual approach will be
responsible to miss out on an important business deal, rather
opportunity. It is a good phase to increase your stake in the market,
The phase is highly favourable for students optng for higher studies, and
freelancers who are looking for new and lucratve assignments to work
At the domestc front, your spouse and rising expenses, both are likely to
be a mater of concern for you. Your partners spending habits may
annoy you no end. Moreover, meetng the monetary requirement of
family and unexpected expenses make things difcult for you. You may
even think of fnding ways to earn extra income. But Mercury in Libra,
and according to Ganesha, this may not be a favourable alignment for
you to fnd yourself in a comfortable fnancial positon. Hence, you are
bound to face fnancial constraints. Try to sort out the mater with your
spouse than burning bridges. Working in unison, towards a cause will
yield fruitul results, assures Ganesha.
Health, as usual will be average. Keep a close watch on your eatng
habits, as digestve system may cause health troubles. Also, a minor fall
or accident is indicated during mid-August. So be careful. An elderly
person in the family may require close monitoring as his/her growing
health problems may be a mater of concern. Hospital/ medical bills
during this tme is likely to make a hole in your pocket.
During the month full of toil and turmoil, you may experience a phase
wherein you are likely to feel sad and dejected. Emotons may run high
and you may struggle with yourself to be free from negatvites and look
at the brighter side of the life. At this juncture, meditaton and relaxaton
may soothe your nerves and get you some respite.
Tip: Remain careful when it comes to new contacts, and more so when it
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


involves a member of the opposite sex.

(Capricorn) September
You might as well face it you are a workaholic. But this month, says
Ganesha, you will experience a notceable change in your basic nature.
You will perfectly balance your tme between ofce and home, neither
neglectng your dutes at the work front nor overlooking your
responsibilites at home. A planetary alliance that may be a pain in the
neck is that of Rahu and Mercury in your 10th House. This may lead to a
strained relatonship with your managers, who will be complaining about
your working style. You will want to rebel against the injustce but
Ganesha advises you to keep clam as this will only spread negatve vibes
in ofce.
If you are a businessman, you are likely to face a minor setback as far as
the growth rate of your company is concerned; so be on your guard at
around middle of the month. This is the tme to re-examine and revise
the plans made earlier; this will help you keep pace with the tmes.
Abstain from signing new contracts and deals. A dip in sales at the end of
the month may drive you nuts; keep calm.
While you may not have to dig into your pockets during the frst half of
the month, the second half may burn a hole into them thanks to
personal expenses combined with domestc ones. Furthermore,
Mercury's retrograde moton does not spell well for monetary gains.
Expenses shall keep rising as the month progresses. Here, Ganesha
advises you to assess your fnancial positon so that you are not caught
unawares. Moreover, you may have to pay for the repair of a home
appliance or electronic gadget at the end of the month.
Where there is love there is life, they say. And with you and your spouse
sharing extraordinary chemistry this month, thanks to the favourable
positon of stars, you will be enjoying life to the fullest. With no place for
disagreements and disputes in your relatonship, you will be in seventh
heaven, enjoying marital bliss.
A chronic ailment may nag you around middle of the month. Apart from
this one possibility, you will be in the pink of health, smiles Ganesha.
Tip: Pay atenton to the important maters on the domestc front. Make
more provision and be aware of what's happening in your family.
(Capricorn) October
Gear up, says Ganesha, as you may have to overcome some hurdles in
your career path this month. You may have to listen to your boss's
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


instructons even though you know that the directves are incorrect.
Well, sometmes you need to go by the popular corporate mantra- 'the
boss is always right'. Avoid confrontatons and arguments with them, as
there are chances that you may already be in their bad books.
Unfortunately, relief doesn't seem to be coming soon, as solar eclipse is
taking place in your 10th House of karma at around middle of the
month. This may make maters worse by hampering your performance
and you may have to struggle to maintain the pace and quality of work.
However, when Sun will be in Scorpio during the last quarter of the
month, it will lif your confdence levels to a great extent.
Businessmen are advised to remain low profle at the beginning of the
month. Remain focused, do not atempt anything new and do not at all
take any risks. Soon, as the planets change positon, you will start
notcing progress at the business front but yes you will have to work
hard. During the second fortnight of the month, you are likely to miss
out on a golden opportunity to make big money. Keep your eyes open
and mind alert so that you grab the opportunity in tme.
The hubbub at the fnancial front this month is likely to harrow you.
Foreseen and unforeseen expenses may profoundly disturb your
fnancial plans. Moreover, chances of thef during travel are high, so
either be careful or avoid travelling during this period.
Afer a busy frst fortnight at work you may have to shif your focus to
domestc maters in the second fortnight. Meetng demands of family
members may not be an easy task. Furthermore, tfs with your beter
half may put you in a sulky mood. Cheer up, says Ganesha, good tmes
are round the corner.
The second fortnight of October heralds troubled tmes for those already
sufering from chronic ailments like arthrits. Patents with blood
pressure problems also need to very careful around this period. Make
sure you don't skip your regular health check-up.
Tip: Maintain cordial relatons with your superiors, as this will help you
enhance your career prospects.
(Capricorn) November
Your organisatonal skills are likely to get highlighted during the month.
You will be highly focused on your vertcal growth, and work untringly
towards it. Luck and planetary combinatons, both, seem to favour you!
The most favourable planet for your Sign, Venus, enters own Sign Libra in
10th House, and crosses over Rahu. This phase, in partcular, is likely to
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


beneft professionals and businessmen, predicts Ganesha.

Professionals are likely to be busy with routne actvites during the frst
half of the month. Heavy work load may not be bothersome, as you will
be efcient enough to complete the task on tme. This will win you
accolades from your superiors. However, you may face an awkward
situaton at work, which is likely to make you uncomfortable. At this
tme, your colleagues/peers will be highly co-operatve and lend a
helping hand. Watch your words while arguing with a colleague; be
tactul in handling the situaton.
Businessmen, who are mainly handling foreign trade and overseas
projects are likely to enjoy a good phase, with increase in turnover,
foresees Ganesha.
Sympathetc, caring and helpful, you will be all ears to your spouses
demands on the domestc front. Renovatons or repairing may incur
expenses. You are likely to steal some tme from your busy schedule and
spend it with your partner to nurture your marital relatonship. A
surprise may be waitng for you during the last phase of the month, as
you are likely to receive a valuable gif from your in-laws.
Financially, a drastc change is foreseen here, as you may go through a
crisis situaton. Your expenses and that of your familys are likely to
increase twofold. Blame it on the unwarranted and irrelevant expenses
since quite some tme. All you can now do is keep a check on the outlow
of money, and start saving some amount, even though meagre, for a
beter tomorrow. At the same tme, you also need to take calculated
risks to boost your earnings.
Health, during this month, will demand extra atenton, especially if you
are sufering from a chronic health issue. Also, you may be advised
hospitalisaton or bed-rest by the doctors as you may be diagnosed with
an unexpected health problem. Dont neglect unusual symptoms; take
immediate precautonary steps.
Tip: Identfy unwarranted expenses, and put a strict check on them. Do
take into consideraton the suggestons put forth by your life partner.
(Capricorn) December
Managing home and work may become slightly difcult during this
month. Patent and responsible as you are, you are likely to handle every
situaton with great ease and aplomb!
Luckily, the favourable planetary combinatons give you enough tme to
organise items and set your priority list. This will give you a gist of the
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


events during the month, making it easier for you to work towards them.
Heavy workload and hectc work schedule is likely to bog your down.
Meetng designated deadline may get difcult for you, and you may fear
a blow on your career. Too much stress may afect your mood, causing a
verbal spat with a colleague. Your boss, however, is likely to help you
resolve the issue and pacify the situaton, foretells Ganesha.
Once again, businessmen will be loaded with ofers of overseas projects.
Also, the phase is good for striking proftable deals. Local traders, too,
may stand a good chance to make loyal, high-profle customers.
You mood swings and few unresolved issues on the domestc front are
likely to make you uneasy. Emotonally worked up due to the same, you
may react in an aggressive manner. This is likely to hurt your near and
dear ones. But, your beter-half is likely to come to rescue, at this
juncture. Their support and encouraging words is likely to improve the
This phase will give singles good opportunity to spend quality tme and
enjoy companionship with the person of their choice. Dito for those in
relatonships, too!
In regard to fnance, you may spend a lot during the frst phase of the
month. Unwarranted expenses may make a hole in your pocket.
However, you may soon realise your mistake, and may look for other
avenues to earn money. Immediate gains may not beneft in the long
run. Hence, concentrate more on savings and making provision for family
for a secured future, advises Ganesha.
Health may bother those in the middle-ages and above. Patents of
arthrits are likely to sufer in partcular. Also, a health problem, which
may be long forgoten, is likely crop one once again. Take preventve
measures for good, tps Ganesha.
Tip: Exercise due discriminaton while spending money. Set your
priorites right, says Ganesha.

Capricorn Weekly Predictions 2015

(Capricorn) Week Startng 5th January 2015
The good news here is that the full Moon rises on the horizon, at
beginning of this week. With the Moon placed in Cancer, the 7th house

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


from your Sign, you may, however, tend to remain worried about your
marital issues. For those running partnership businesses, this may mean
decisions being infuenced by emotons rather than the practcality.
Anyway, this very emotonal approach may help you strengthen your
relatonship with your partner. On the domestc and career/ occupaton
front, however, you may not feel very comfortable, due to the infuence
of Ketu and Rahu on your personal and professional life. At home, you
may feel uneasy too, because of some family issues, while at work you
might feel uncomfortable in dealing with your superiors. You might even
have a strong urge to rebel and express your disappointment with your
immediate boss. You may also feel confused about the next step
forward, and lack the will to act tough to bring about a change.
(Capricorn) Week Startng 12th January 2015
The urge to rebel and go against the authority may get stronger, as the
week begins. Mars will now enter Pisces, the 3rd house from your Sign,
to aspect Rahu, which will be placed in the 10th House. This may add
fuel to the fre, propelling you to fght it out with your seniors. However,
Ganesha cautons you against taking any such dire acton. You should
instead weigh pros and cons of any your decision, before you go ahead
with it. Keeping your temper in control and putng in extra eforts to
please your boss might, in fact, work in your favour. If this means taking
up additonal responsibilites, you should be all for it, because planetary
positons do not support a job change for now. Minor health issues may
need due atenton. Its beter to take preventve measures than sufer
from serious complicatons later. Business persons should try to avoid
travel, if possible.
(Capricorn) Week Startng 19th January 2015
This week, you shall enter an entrely new phase of life. The new Moon
rises on the horizon now, and the Sun enters the experimental Aquarius.
You shall now shake of the negatves of the past, proceeding ahead with
a positve frame of mind. And, it is this new approach that shall bring you
good opportunites in the near future. Wednesday and Thursday shall be
one of your best days this week. Business persons can look forward to
experience beter tmes to, especially if they are travelling to ink a deal.
The results, Ganesha says, shall be encouraging. Freelancers are also
likely to bag proftable deals and hence a beter fnancial positon. With
the ruler of your Sign in the 12th House from your Sign, minor health
problems could bother you. Getng worried over trivial issues can result
in mental stress, which, in turn, can afect your health adversely. For love
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


birds too, this may not be the right tme to express your feelings.
(Capricorn) Week Startng 26th January 2015
This last week may well turn out to be your best week this month,
thanks to Venus, which will enter Pisces in the 3rd House from your Sign,
bringing you good luck. You may also expect some good news related to
your occupaton and love life. However, you may contnue to feel
uncomfortable at home, because of the ongoing family issues. But, since
you are practcal by nature, you will manage to sail through this storm
successfully. Another good thing is that you will be well placed in your
career, which shall give you the confdence to put forward your views in
front of your bosses, without any hesitaton. You will also succeed in
impressing them with your performance. Business persons are also likely
to receive good response from their clients based outside the state. But,
traders will need to categorize their inventory properly to avoid stocking
unwanted items. It's a good week for romance; married life too shall be
quite enjoyable.
(Capricorn) Week startng 2nd February 2015
Diferences of opinion among the family members, especially with your
life partner over a partcular issue may keep you stressed. Also, with the
full Moon approaching mid week, emotons shall run high. However, the
full Moon shall have a soothing efect on you, because it will be
happening in Leo, and would be conjunct with Jupiter. You will tend to
look inwards, becoming more accommodatve in the process. Also, your
atentons shall now be freer considerably, allowing you to shif them to
more pressing, relevant maters. At workplace, your seniors shall be,
happily, in an amicable mood, not pressurizing you unnecessarily.
However, owing to the absence of a senior team member, you may now
need to shoulder more responsibilites, especially around the weekend.
Don't say no, as this will actually be a good opportunity, which will help
you get a taste of an authoritatve role. For businessmen, this would be a
routne week. Health issues, especially ones related to the digestve
system, may bother you, actng as a mood spoiler, at tmes.
(Capricorn) Week startng 9th February 2015
This week, you may remain uncomfortable regarding workplace maters.
Colleagues may not be very responsive, adding to your discomfort. If you
do not work, you may face similar issues with your house-help. In
professional maters, Ganesha advises you to brush up your knowledge

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


and hone your skills, as this will help you give you superior performance
and get an edge over others. Earn your respect, as it wont come easy!
There may be problems in monetary maters and personal life.
Unexpected expenses, arising due to family needs, may upset your
savings plans. You should put a check on your personal expenses.
However, good news this week is that the ruler of the 9th House from
your Sign, Mercury, will turn direct from Thursday, bringing you the
blessings of your lady luck. Anyway, this doesnt mean that you can
escape hard work. The only relief is that you shall face fewer hurdles,
and get faster desired results.
(Capricorn) Week startng 16th February 2015
The week is likely to commence on a subdued note. You may be
concerned about money and family related maters, and as a result, feel
low and pessimistc about your future prospects. However, things are
likely to start changing from Thursday onwards. The new Moon will start
coming into efect, and the Sun will enter the mystc and passive Sign of
Pisces. With both the luminaries in a Watery Sign, the stagnancy you
experienced earlier shall begin to vanish now. Business persons shall be
able to push things ahead, as planned earlier. Those dealing in consumer
durables and food products, including grains, shall have a good tme, as
there shall be more customers visitng the foor. Another notceable
change in the planetary positons would be concerning the aggressive
and forceful Mars, which will enter its own sign Aries, followed by the
sofer, mellower Venus, over the weekend. This shall put an end to your
confusions and indecision, and facilitate positve, result-oriented acton.
(Capricorn) Week startng 23rd February 2015
Domestc and career-related maters are likely to top your priority list,
this tme around. Being a good provider of materialistc things, you may
be keen on giving a beter look to your living room. At work, you shall
take more initatves, and put in extra eforts to achieve desired results.
You may be at loggerheads with superiors over certain issues. However,
Ganesha warns against any direct confrontaton with your bosses.
Instead, raise your level of compatbility to maintain peace. Remember
that in any relatonship, peace is more important than proving yourself
right. This does not mean you should become submissive. Just present
your point of view diplomatcally, and leave rest for those in power. You
shall now be more secure fnancially. However, with Saturn placed in the
12th House related to expenses, and having aspect over the 2nd House
connected with fnance, you shall have to stay prepared for unexpected
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


(Capricorn) Week Startng 2nd March 2015
You may be stressed due to increase in incidental expenses and
somewhat strained relatons with your life partner around this tme.
With some extra money coming your way around Tuesday and
Wednesday, there shall be some respite. However, with full Moon
approaching, you may be uncomfortable and emotonally stressed. The
full Moon will emerge in Virgo in ninth House from your Sign, making
you experience some very contradictory strong feelings. To add to your
desperaton, full Moon will be infuenced by retrograde Saturn placed in
12th House from your Sign. You shall be very disturbed emotonally
because of some not-so-good developments in personal and
professional life. At work, you may get stressed for having to work on
weekends the only tme you get to spend with your beter half. These
issues may also take a toll on your health, especially if you have high
blood pressure or diabetc conditons.
(Capricorn) Week startng 9th March 2015
The stressful situaton and gloom of the previous week is likely to
contnue even now, especially at your workplace. And to add to your
woes, peers may make fun of you or may contnue to harass you, instead
of being cooperatve and sympathetc. Even at home, your life partner
may remain sarcastc about your career, which shall hurt you immensely.
You may start feeling dejected and distance yourself from everyone.
Arranging a small party in the canteen to treat peers may help difuse
tension and help sort out misunderstandings. Business persons are likely
to be disappointed now because of low turnover. Freelancers may also
have a tough tme here because of lack good assignments. Over the
weekend two changes in planetary confguraton will take place. While
crafy Mercury will enter its Sign of debilitaton Pisces, in the 3rd House
from your Sign to join Sun already present therein, ruler of your Sign,
Saturn will turn retrograde.
(Capricorn) Week startng 16th March 2015
At the start of this week, issues related to personal life and progress in
career shall keep you busy. This shall also afect your health. As the week
progresses, family and fnancial maters shall demand your complete
atenton. You may have to shell out from your savings to meet
unexpected demands of your family members. With Saturn having

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


infuence over the second House related to fnance, you must keep
provision for emergency. With the planet of love and relatonship Venus
entering its own Sign Taurus, you can start breathing easy. The positve
infuences of this change will refect in your marital life and career.
However, at work, things may remain prety much the same as you may
not have a cordial relatonship with your boss even now. Both of you
may feel uncomfortable in each others presence. Ganesha says try to
mend fences, as this could afect your future prospects.
(Capricorn) Week startng 23rd March 2015
Although a bit unusual for you, the exalted Moon in conjunct with the
powerful Venus will make you very romantc and jovial, at beginning of
this week. Your life partner shall also be quite understanding of your
eforts, responding to your gestures promptly. Marital life shall be
relatvely pleasant and enjoyable, which shall be a great relief. However,
from Wednesday onwards, you may return to your usual self, being
sceptc and fnding fault with many things. Your beter half shall
immediately sense this change in you, and shall become indiferent to
your advances. Anyway, good thing is that your fnancial positon may
start improving remarkably with more money coming your way.
Businessmen can also expect their turnover to increase, while
freelancers may also have their hands full with work. With Mercury, the
ruler of the 6th House (related to ailments and diseases) from your Sign,
being debilitated and getng in a square aspect with Saturn, health may
become a cause of concern. Take care!
(Capricorn) Week startng 30th March 2015
You may sufer from some health complicatons this week, says Ganesha.
Problems related to digestve system may be the reason behind your illhealth, so don't ignore any symptoms. Also note that if preventve
measures are not taken well in tme, you may even be lef bed-ridden for
a few days. However on the positve side, the ruler of the 9th House
from your Sign (related to fortune) shall leave its Sign of debilitaton Pisces and enter Aries. This change shall have dual efects. You will have
to be careful while dealing in money maters. Some close relatves may
seek fnancial assistance from you, or may even make some investment
proposal. However, Ganesha you warns against acceptng such
proposals. On the fnancial front, you may be in a comfortable positon.
On Tuesday, Mars will enter the earthy Taurus, which may work well in
improving your strained relatons with your bosses. Business persons
may also enjoy a progressive period.
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(Capricorn) Week startng from 6th April 2015
Enjoying the pleasures of life, you will have a great start this week. But at
the same tme, you may be agitated because of the conduct of a close
one in the family. But since there will be other more important issues to
deal with, you may not hold on to your grudge against the person for
long. You will also become more conscious about your limitatons and
start working over the same to improve your circumstances. From
Thursday, Jupiter will turn direct but will have no major positve role to
play for your Sign as it wont rule any auspicious House. The only positve
infuence of Jupiter will be that it will help you meet your expenses
easily, without having to work hard for it. This, however, does not mean
you can go on spending spree. With Saturn placed in the 12th House
related to expenses, you could land in a fnancial mess if you are not
careful with your dealings.
(Capricorn) Week startng 13th April 2015
This week, you are likely to be more concerned about maters related to
family and fnance. And now, the positve infuence of Jupiter will also
help you, to some extent, overcome major hurdles successfully. Cohesive
forces induced and backed by Jupiter, will work well in setling family
issues. Moreover, with Venus placed in own Sign Taurus in the 5th
House, you can expect some extra money coming your way now. But you
will have to plan your fnances in a way so that you are prepared to meet
any emergency situaton if it arises in the future. Besides, with both
Mars and Saturn having an infuence over the House related to
expenses, you may end up spending money more frequently. Later in the
week, Mercury will enter fxed, earth Sign Taurus on Wednesday, and
with the exalted Sun and Ketu placed in the 4th House, health problems
may be a cause concern. You may also be bed-ridden for a few days, so
remain atentve about even minor health issues.
(Capricorn) Week startng 20th April 2015
As an important change this week, the Sun will enter the fxed, earth
Sign Taurus in the 5th House from your Sign. This will help speed up
recovery if you have been sufering from serious, or even minor, health
problems, says Ganesha. At least for now, you will not face any serious
health risks. But on the negatve side, this transit does not augur well for
personal relatonship, partcularly those which are close to your heart.
You may be disappointed with someone very close to you because of

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


his/her misbehaviour, but this will also be partly because of the presence
of two fery planets in the ffh House, so dont lose your temper very
quickly and stay composed. Business persons will also have a good tme
during this period as they are likely to strike some lucratve deals around
this tme. This will also signifcantly improve your fnancial standing,
while simultaneously increasing your future growth prospects.
(Capricorn) Week startng 27th April 2015
The indiferent attude of your life partner will contnue to trouble you
emotonally this week also. And to improve your tes, you are likely to
take pains and make marital life more pleasant and enjoyable. But the
current planetary alliances may not support your eforts now. But the
scene will be quite diferent at work. With Venus and Mercury in
exchange with each other, you will be able to perform efciently. This,
despite the fact that your relaton with your boss will be strained and
you will feel uncomfortable while conversing with him/her. Business
persons are likely to contnue enjoying favourable period with more
valuable customers showing interest in your product. But at the same
tme, you may feel unhappy because of delayed payments. A regular
follow up should help your cause, says Ganesha. But for some tme, you
may have to borrow funds to meet urgent commitments. But try and
take short-term loans as you may have a hard tme repaying it in future.
(Capricorn) Week startng 4th May 2015
A full Moon will welcome you at the beginning of the week. But with the
Moon in its Sign of debilitaton, and in oppositon to Mars, you are likely
to be tensed and in an agitated state of mind. Even at workplace, your
bosses may put pressure on you to perform beter and deliver within the
deadline, thereby making you more stressed. And to make maters
worse, the ruler of your Sign, Saturn, will be in retrograde mode and
placed in the 12th House. The impact of this may see you low on
confdence. You may miss out on some good opportunites to shore up
your fnances because of your casual approach. Moreover, with combust
Mars placed in the 5th House from your Sign, and infuencing Saturn,
you may lose your temper easily, and may even put your growth
prospects at stake. But later, around the weekend, Venus will enter the
cardinal Sign Cancer in the 7th House, and shall aspect your Sign. This
will help calm your nerves, also making you see things in the right

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


(Capricorn) Week startng 11th May 2015

Finance and family-related maters are likely to be your key area of focus
this tme around. You will now be keen on saving more money for a more
secured future. But at the same tme, discontent among family members
may become deeper and you may have to spend from your savings to
meet the demands of some of the family members. Around Wednesday,
Mars will change Sign to enter Gemini in the 6th House from your Sign to
join Venus and Mercury already placed there. This will now make Mars
and Saturn in oppositon to each other. The impact of this may lead to
increase in incidental and personal expenses, while unexpected
expenses may also become the order of the day. So, plan your fnances
in a way so that you have enough to see you through an emergency
situaton. Those of you doing a job may face some constraints that will
afect your performance. You may have to toil hard and work extra hours
to meet the scheduled deadline.
(Capricorn) Week startng 18th May 2015
At beginning of this week, the new Moon will be in oppositon to
retrograde Saturn and in conjunct with Mars. This planetary alliance may
bring you some confictng experience now. While Mars will inspire you
to remain upright and face difcultes bravely, the infuence of Saturn
will make you aware of your limitatons. You may feel low because of this
and a litle confused about the way forward. But the infuence of Mars
over your Sign will constantly boost your self-confdence and help you
assert your views aggressively. Just be careful not to go overboard;
respect the opinion of others and be responsive to their views. Around
Tuesday, Mercury, the ruler of the 9th House from your Sign related to
luck and fortune, will turn retrograde. As a result of this retrogression of
Mercury, you may face some hurdles that will slowdown your pace of
progress and put breaks on your ambitons. But, Ganesha says, if you
work hard enough, you should be able to sail through this turmoil
(Capricorn) Week startng 25th May 2015
Verbal exchanges with your boss may make you tense and stressed this
week. And it may be because of this that you will desperately look for a
beter job opportunity. But with the ruler of your Sign, Saturn, being
retrograde now and placed in the 12th House, you will have to endure
these unfriendly situatons for a while as planetary alliances do not seem
supportve for a change. And because you wont come across any good
alternatve, you may have go through the grind and remain commited to
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


the present work assignment. Do what you can to make your bosses
happy and improve your impression by working harder. Businesspersons
may have a tough tme convincing high-worth customers to strike a deal.
There may also be a squeeze on your proft margins, but take it as a part
of the game. You may not be in a good shape fnancially and will have a
strong urge to shore up your fnances by taking up an additonal work.
Minor health issues may contnue to bother you now, warns Ganesha.
(Capricorn) Week startng 1st June 2015
The Moon will be placed in its Sign of debilitaton, Scorpio, at the
beginning of this week, and the next day, Full Moon will be shining on
the skyline. This phenomenon will take place in fery and freedom-loving
Sign Sagitarius, in the 12th House from your Sign. The Moon will frst
conjunct with retrograde Saturn. This will compel you to think negatvely
about your future growth prospects and leave you stressed. And to add
to this confusion, combust Mars will oppose the Full Moon. With the
Moon placed in Sagitarius, you are likely to remain tensed and agitated.
You may feel like breaking free from the chains of routne life to regain
your composure. And this is surprising given that the Capricorn by
nature do not like changes. They look for constancy. But you accept
change when it suits your ambiton, professional growth and success.
You could be ready for such a change now, but some visible uncertainty
may shake your confdence. From Thursday, you are likely to be back to
your usual confdent self and prepared to accept new challenges.
(Capricorn) Week startng 8th June 2015
With the Moon in watery Sign Pisces, you may not be very sure about
the directon to follow, says Ganesha. The presence of retrograde
Mercury and Sun, along with combust Mars, is likely to make things
difcult for those of you working as employees. The most important
thing to keep in mind now is that you cant lose your cool. You will have
to be very patent to be able to concentrate on your work. And this
wont be very difcult for you since maintaining a balance is part of your
many-faceted personality. At workplace, you may not get along well with
your boss. You may be entrusted with a tough task to work on which will
seem like a big challenge. But you wont be deterred by it and will work
with complete dedicaton to succeed. Friday will bring good news for you
as your lucky planet Mercury will turn direct in movement. With this,
tasks that earlier seemed difcult will be easier to manage and achieve.

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(Capricorn) Week startng 15th June 2015

The Ruler of your Sign, Saturn, will change Sign to re-enter Scorpio in
retrograde mode. Saturn will now be placed in the 11th House from your
Sign. As a result, you may no longer feel stressed. On the contrary, you
will be beter placed fnancially and will be able to use your discreton
while spending money. This will ensure that you have more money on
you even afer meetng routne fnancial commitments. However, for
some reason or other, you may not be able to save much. At workplace,
you may be well-equipped to handle difcult task that is entrusted to
you. This is a good tme to consolidate your positon in ofce by working
hard. Around Wednesday, the new Moon will start evolving. This may
lead to a new beginning in maters related to job/employment. In
marital life, unpredictable mood swings of your life partner may leave
you bafed and, at tmes, the situaton may become difcult to handle.
Singles, too, are likely to face difculty in expressing their feelings to the
person they love.
(Capricorn) Week startng 22nd June 2015
This week, the Sun will change Sign to enter emotonal and sympathetc
cardinal Sign Cancer. With the Moon placed in Virgo in the ninth House,
you are likely to be concerned about your future growth prospects in
your feld of actvity. For those of you engaged in a job, relatons with
boss may not be very cordial. You may feel like being rebellious and take
every step possible to look for an alternatve job opportunity. But
Ganesha says you may have to bear with this situaton for some tme as
the ruler of your Sign, Saturn, will be moving in retrograde mode, and it
is not advisable to afect change now. Businesspersons may have to
bargain hard with high-worth customers to strike a lucratve deal. This
week is likely to be hectc for you, so much so that you may not fnd
enough tme for your family. Freelancers and professionals should take
initatves to remain in touch with old contacts. Also, refrain from any
verbal exchanges with life partner if you want to preserve harmony in
marital life.
(Capricorn) Week startng 29th June 2015
You will begin this week with Monday blues, which is likely to afect your
ability to remain focused. This, in turn, may afect your overall
performance for the day. Moreover, some negatve vibes ruling your
mind may not allow you to see things in the right perspectve. As such,
Capricorns are not very optmistc by nature and tend to be very cynical
in a given situaton. And to make maters worse, negatve vibes may
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


become more intense with the Full Moon nearing this week. The Full
Moon will be shining on the skyline around Wednesday. With this, you
may feel a strong urge to be recognized and assert your positon.
Incidentally, there is a strong possibility that you may get injured
unexpectedly and may even be bed-ridden for a couple of days. On the
health front, problems related to the respiratory system will need to be
atended urgently. Around weekend, some unexpected expense related
to family may dent your savings. You may also have to borrow money
temporarily from a friend.
(Capricorn) Week startng 6th July 2015
The Sun, in conjuncton with debilitated and combusted Mars, will be
placed in the 7th House from your sign, having direct aspect over your
sign. This conjuncton could make you temperamental. It may annoy
people around you. You may sound arrogant and egoistc and the worstafected by your attude will be your spouse. If carried too far, this
tendency could cause permanent damage to your personal tes and even
a break-up. Moreover, Mars will aspect the 10th House where Rahu will
be placed at the moment. This indicates a busy tme for you at the
workplace. Relaton with boss is likely to be strained and you may be
scolded for lack of consistency. You may strongly feel like rebelling but it
may not help you much. Even at home, you could be pulled up for not
paying atenton to domestc maters. As such, you are a good provider
of materialistc things. So, the allegaton of not paying atenton is likely
to hurt you.
(Capricorn) Week startng 13th July 2015
With the Moon placed in the 6th House related to adversity, diferences
with spouse stand to increase this week. Try to avoid verbal exchanges as
much as you can. Relatonship issues in general are likely to be afected
adversely around this tme. The New Moon will start evolving from
Thursday and will come in contact with Jupiter. This is likely to work well
in calming strained nerves. And the good news is that you may get
encouraging returns from money invested earlier. Businesspersons may
gain by way of increase in prices of goods stocked in bulk. In regard to
health, problems related to sore throat or a severe toothache could
bother you now. If you have a habit of smoking or chewing tobacco, you
must cut down on it or else you could face dire consequences. At home,
you may be shocked by the unruly behaviour of a kid and may have to
spend money to satsfy his/her demands. Professionals may need to opt
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


for a crash course to brush up your skills and successfully handle new
(Capricorn) Week startng 20th July 2015
You may feel like taking out tme to go for a pilgrimage or or to a tourist
spot, but some pressing maters related to work may not allow you to do
so. Those doing a job may be burdened by heavy workload which will
keep you busy almost throughout the week. You may even enter into an
argument with your boss over deadlines, but in vain. Colleagues may
also not be very sympathetc and may, on the contrary, fnd fault with
you. You are likely to be much disappointed with all this and develop a
strong urge to look for a beter job opportunity. However, with the ruler
of your sign, Saturn, moving in retrograde mode, this tme does not
seem conducive for a change. From Thursday, the Sun will change sign to
enter its own sign Leo. The Sun will now join Jupiter placed in the 8th
House from your sign. Ganesha feels this is the right tme to look within
and atain peace. Optng for meditaton is also likely to work well here.
(Capricorn) Week startng 27th July 2015
This week seems the dullest in terms of work and money maters. In job,
workload is likely to be reduced considerably and you may feel relaxed
because of this. This is therefore a good tme to plan for the future.
Businesspersons, partcularly grain merchants and those dealing in
consumer durables are likely to be disappointed with few buyers turning
up this week. On the fnancial front, there are no notceable gains for
you around this tme. In regard to health, those sufering from either low
or high blood pressure will need to remain watchful and go for regular
checkups while those with problems like arthrits will have a reason to
worry. This could be due to the combined infuence of debilitated Mars
and retrograde Saturn over your sign. The infuence of Mars placed in
oppositon to your sign may cause injury to head or knees. On the last
day of the week, the most important planet for your sign, Venus, will
return to enter Leo in retrograde mode.
(Capricorn) Week startng 3rd August 2015
Rahu posited in the 10th House is indicatve of a hostle relatonship with
your superiors. At tmes, you may feel like rebelling and challenging the
authority. You may develop a strong urge to look for another job. Saturn
posited in the 11th House is likely to back your eforts. However, since
the most favourable planet for your Sign, Venus is moving in retrograde

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


mode, bide your tme tll Venus turns direct in movement. Saturn posited
in the 11th House aspects the 8th House from your Sign, along with the
ruler thereof, Sun, posited therein. This indicates that you may need to
improve your performance to meet new challenges successfully.
Freshers looking for a suitable job opportunity, may have to compromise
on the remuneraton ofered. Around Saturday, Mercury enters its own
earthly Sign, Virgo. Now Mercury is well placed in the 9th House from
your Sign. The next day, Mars leaves its debilitated Sign Cancer and
enters Leo.
(Capricorn) Week startng 10th August 2015
Some deep-seated grief is likely to make you feel depressed. This seems
due to the ruler of the 8th House, related to secret things, Sun in
conjuncton with Mars, in square aspect with Saturn posited in the 11th
House. However, Mars also aspects Saturn. This may lead to a mental
struggle to shed negatve vibes, rectfy emotonal imbalances, and be
your usual self confdent and determined. A notceable change this
week, says Ganesha, is that Jupiter changes Sign to enter an earthly Sign
ruled by Mercury, viz Virgo. Now Jupiter joins Mercury posited in the 9th
House. This works well in improving fnancial positon, indirectly. The
Luck factor will mostly work in your favour, especially for students
pursuing higher educaton. Freelancers are likely enjoy a gainful tme,
too. However, you may have to invest more tme in work and remain
focused. Thankfully, the New Moon rising from Saturday onwards is likely
to have a refreshing efect on you.
(Capricorn) Week startng 17th August 2015
The of the New Moon last week is now likely to induce you to think
afresh about your work strategy. Progressive forces are at work this
week, feels Ganesha. The tme is good for businessmen to try to increase
market share. Over the weekend, you may miss some good earning
opportunity, because of your casual approach. Professionals may
contnue to be pressurised by superiors to work faster. With aggressive
Mars and Saturn having a square aspect over each other, your immune
system may get afected. Seasonal changes may afect your health.
Aspect of Mars over Saturn may lead to old health issues cropping up
again. Your digestve system is likely to get disturbed, so take care of your
diet. There is also a possibility of getng injured. On Sunday, Sun comes
out of its own Sign Leo and enters Virgo. Sun then joins Mercury and
Jupiter posited in the 9th House from your Sign.
(Capricorn) Week startng 24th August 2015
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


Ganesha foretells that this week you may be concerned about your
spouse spending too much money. Domestc expenses, too, are likely to
increase, taking a big toll on your savings. In order to meet these
expenses you may strongly feel like looking for other avenues to earn
extra money. Suggestons from close friends are likely to prove
benefcial, but only if you act on them. Traders may include some highpotental products in their portolio. However, you may have to wait
patently before monetary gains start accruing. In job, this week may
prove to be a routne afair. On the health front, there will be no new
problems. Optng for alternatve medicine to cure old niggling problem is
likely to work well. On Friday, Mercury leaves its own Sign Virgo and
enters Libra. This could make you argumentatve. In money maters also,
Mercury in Libra is not considered a good omen. On Sunday night, Full
Moon shines in the sky.
(Capricorn) Week startng 31st August 2015
Ganesha foresees that this week certain domestc maters will call for
your urgent atenton. However, this may irritate you as you have to
atend to some pressing career maters as well. One of the main things
on your agenda will be increasing savings and investng them proftably.
You may feel hurt by the unbecoming conduct of someone close to you
on Wednesday or Thursday. Professionals may experience some
constraints around the weekend which may not allow you to perform
efciently. In marital life, you may be unhappy with a lack of cooperaton from your spouse. Health may cause concern around the
weekend, especially the health of an elderly member of your family, who
may have to be hospitalised for a couple of days. It may take some tme
before he/she starts responding to medicaton. You may incur some
heavy expenses on this account. Overall, the week holds more negatves
than positves for you.
(Capricorn) Week startng 7th September, 2015
Ganesha foretells that this week Moon is posited in its own Sign in the
7th House, which indicates that you shall enjoy a hunky dory relatonship
with your beter-half. You shall also receive enough support and
cooperaton from him/her in the conduct of your professional or
business actvites. Although you shall spend quality tme with your life
partner, you will at the same tme endeavour to sincerely comply with all
your professional or business responsibilites. Performing your routne
actvites shall, of course, be a breeze. Balancing your personal and
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


professional dutes may be a bit difcult, but you will manage quite well.
However, owing to Rahu being posited in the 10th House in conjuncton
with Mercury, at least on one occasion you may have a heated argument
with your boss, which may make you feel like quitng your job and
looking out for another one. However things will normalise by Sunday,
when the New Moon starts rising.
(Capricorn) Week startng 14th September, 2015
With Mars and Venus in conjuncton in the 8th House, related to marital
life, you shall enjoy sensual pleasures with your spouse to your heart's
content. On the professional front, you may have an unpleasant
confrontaton with your boss owing to Moon being posited in the 10th
House where Mercury is in conjuncton with Rahu. Two changes in
planetary confguratons will occur on Friday. First, Saturn will be
entering the 12th House from your Sign, which indicates that your
personal expenses will rise. There may also be some unantcipated
expenses which may cause you some anxiety regarding your fnancial
situaton. Second, Mercury, ruler of the 6th House, turns retrograde in
Libra. This means there may be a slight setback in your profession,
promptng you to review your strategies. If you are a businessman and
are about to Sign an important contract, Ganesha advises you to
postpone it. Also, certain old health issues may relapse, giving rise to
(Capricorn) Week startng 21st September 2015
In the beginning of this week, Moon will be posited in the 12th House in
conjuncton with Saturn which will adversely afect your fnancial
situaton, predicts Ganesha. Your personal expenses may increase, even
more so if you are addicted to tobacco or alcohol. This is bound to
distract you while performing your professional dutes. Try to control
such expenses and divert them to your savings account so that if there is
an emergency, you will not be lef high and dry. However, Ganesha
assures you that on Tuesday, with Moon posited in your Sign Capricorn,
you shall be back in your elements. You shall become busy organising
social events with a conscious intenton of raising your social status. On
Saturday, Mars enters Virgo in the 9th House from your Sign. Mars then
aspects the 12th House along with Saturn positoned therein. Again your
expenses may rise, dentng your savings. On Sunday the Full Moon will
be shining in the sky.
(Capricorn) Week startng 28th September

GaneshaSpeaks.com |


You are likely to face serious problems on the domestc front in the inital
stages of the week with Moon posited in the 4th House in conjuncton
with malefc Ketu. You may incur some expenses on the repair and
maintenance of your refrigerator or home PC. You may even think of
replacing your ramshackle TV. On Wednesday and Thursday you shall
have an enjoyable tme with your life partner. This can be atributed to
the ruler of the 7th House, Moon, being exalted in the 5th House,
related to love and intmate relatons. Your spouse will also be a pillar of
support for you while you carry out your professional or business
responsibilites. However, it will be the same old grind at the workplace,
and the monotony may get under your skin. Businessmen may be in for
some disappointment with turnover likely to take a dip. Ganesha advises
you to plan alternatve marketng strategies to increase sales, and
thereby profts.
(Capricorn) Week startng 5th October, 2015
Easier alternatves to achieve success shall lure you this tme around
owing to the Sign exchange of Venus and Sun. You may have a tough
tme obeying your boss' unremitng instructons but sometmes, says
Ganesha, when the planets are not in your favour, it is beter to zip up
your lips and do as you are expected to. Around mid-week be prepared
for some unexpected family expenses, which may slightly upset your
fnancial plans. Saving money may seem like a distant probability. On
Friday, Venus enters Virgo to join Mars and Jupiter in the 9th House.
Venus, which is now under the infuence of Saturn in the 12th House, is
also in exchange with Mercury. Hence, it is best if you avoid startng
anything new around this tme; remain focused on tasks in hand. As the
week ends, Mercury turns direct, heralding good news for you. With no
more road blocks to halt your progress, you can now act upon your
(Capricorn) Week startng 12th October, 2015
The tasks that once seemed like a piece of cake may now eat up too
much of your precious tme. You can blame the solar eclipse for this
change. However, there is also a positve angle to this eclipse. It is likely
to open doors to new work avenues, in coming tmes. As the new Moon
rises on Tuesday, you shall feel more confdent about your skills and may
thus apply innovatve ideas to achieve desired results. Freshers are likely
to be disappointed though, as they may not get a response from
prospectve employer. It is the infuence of Mars and Saturn over the
GaneshaSpeaks.com |


12th House that may keep you stressed throughout the week.
Businessmen involved in foreign trade and professionals handling
ofshore projects may need to work hard to achieve their set goals. Longdistance travel may result in loss, avoid it as far as possible. To add to the
troubles, unexpected expenses may leave you in the lurch; plan your
fnances with a long term in view.
(Capricorn) Week startng 19th October, 2015
Moon in your Sign indicates that you shall be yourself at the beginning of
the week. But stress seems to be following you like a shadow, and this
week it is because of Saturn's posited in the 12th House from your Sign.
With discontent rising among family members around middle of the
week, you might spend most of your tme resolving the issues.
Furthermore, you may not just need to spare tme for your family but
some extra money as well. At the health front, Ganesha sees some
trouble for those sufering from arthrits; be careful. On Friday, Sun
enters Scorpio in the 11th House. This transiton is likely to boost your
self-confdence. But Sun is the ruler of the 8th House and its presence in
the 11th House may abridge your chances of ataining wealth. Moreover,
there is also a possibility of failing to grab a good earning opportunity.
Make sure you are on the guard round the week, and no money making
chance goes by unnotced.
(Capricorn) Week startng 26th October, 2015
Household expenses are set to rise this week owing to some repair
works that need immediate atenton. Moreover, with malefc Ketu in
the 4th House, you may not be able save money as planned, and this
may put you in a rather grumpy mood. But full Moon that rises on
Wednesday in Taurus is likely to lif your spirits. You may now be happy
to help others in whichever way possible. At the health front, Ganesha
advises you to be rather careful this week. Chronic health problems may
aggravate to such an extent that you may have to take a leave or two
from work. Also, patents sufering from hyper or hypo-tension (high or
low blood pressure) need to be very partcular about their regular blood
pressure check-up. Unfortunately, the cosmos does not predict a very
happy weekend for you what with arguments between you and your
souse spoiling the harmony in your relatonship.
(Capricorn) Week startng 2nd November, 2015
Mercury afer a long stay in Libra enters Scorpio this week and positons

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itself in the 11th House, to join Sun statoned therein. Mercury entering
Scorpio enhances your chances to strike it big in monetary terms.
However, positon of the Sun in the 11th House, as ruler of the 8th
House, does not look good for sizable monetary gains. On the contrary,
you may miss some good earning opportunity. With Moon in its own
Sign Cancer, posited in 7th House, there may not be any negatve
infuences. You might spend some quality tme with your soulmate tll
Wednesday. You may get engaged with regular work Wednesday
onwards. Your priority now is to achieve rapid growth in your
professional. With Saturn posited in the 12th House, your personal and
habitual expenses may increase. Besides, you need to be careful in
fnancial transactons. Saturn may cause eavy unexpected expenses. You
may not be able to save much, says Ganeshsa.
(Capricorn) Week startng 9th November, 2015
This week there is good news for you. The most favourable planet for
your Sign, Venus is entering its own Sign Libra in the 10th House and
crosses over Rahu. Businessmen are likely to beneft by this change.
Professionals may face awkward situatons at workplace. Peers shall cooperate with you, which may help your cause. New Moon starts rising
from Thursday. However, with Moon in its debilitated Sign Scorpio, no
immediate positve outcome is expected. On Friday two notceable
changes in planetary alliances takes place. Rahu enters Virgo in the 9th
House, and Ketu in Pisces in the 3rd House. This may give relief in
occupaton and domestc maters. At the same tme, Mars moves ahead
and crosses over Rahu, to enter Libra. Mars shall then be in conjuncton
with Venus. This conjuncton might raise your expectatons, says
Ganesha. Your overall efciency may improve.
(Capricorn) Week startng 16th November, 2015
With Moon in your Sign Capricorn this week, you shall be your usual self.
Capricorn natves are good at planning things, taking into account even
the minutest details. With favourable planets posited in the 10th House,
it is tme to put your plans into acton. Infuence of Mars over your Sign,
may keep you actve and so you shall work untringly; while Venus in the
10th House could provide inputs for organizing things efciently. In
short, planetary alliances seem supportve to help you achieve rapid
growth, foresees Ganesha. Ruler of the 2nd House gives some
indicatons about maters related to fnances. Saturn is posited in the
12th House of expenditure. Saturn is also the ruler of your Sign. This
positon of Saturn may land you in a fnancial mess. Personal and family
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expenses might increase. There are chances that you may spend money
on unnecessary things or causes. Hence, you need to spend wisely on
causes that are of importance. Around the weekend, Mercury enters
Sagitarius. Mercury then connects with Saturn posited in the 12th
House. This may help you in avoiding unnecessary expenses.
(Capricorn) Week startng 23rd November, 2015
This week Sun changes Sign to enter Sagitarius in the 12th House from
your Sign. Sun then comes closer to Saturn and Mercury, statoned in the
12th House. Both then enter in a state of combuston. Professionals shall
be able to handle heavy work load efciently. Boss is likely to be pleased
by your performance. You might have an enjoyable evening at your
workplace. You need to take some calculated risks to boost your
earnings. Your spouse shall draw your atenton towards domestc
maters. You are likely to incur extra personal expenses. Infuence of
Venus over the 4th House, shall make you feel comfortable at home. You
shall enjoy some quiet tme afer a busy day out. Regarding health, some
unexpected issues might resurface. You may be bed-ridden or
hospitalised for a couple of days. With Full Moon approaching on
Thursday, health issues may get complicated. Hence you need to be
careful on this front, says Ganesha.
(Capricorn) Week startng 30th November, 2015
During this last week of the month, there is no important change in
planetary positons. Businessmen involved in foreign trade and
professionals handling ofshore projects are likely to get good news,
foretells Ganesha. The period startng from Wednesday seems conducive
on this count. Those involved in job are likely to get into an argument
with a colleague over some work related issues around Friday. Moreover,
you may not be in a mood to reconcile. Anyway, handle the issue
tactully and avoid biter arguments. On the health front, you should
remain watchful about signals from your body. Those having any old
health issues need to be more careful. Take preventve measures
promptly to avoid complicatons. Married couples are likely to get a
valuable gif from your in-laws as a pleasant surprise. No unexpected
expenses are likely to bother you this week, so you may be able to save
enough money.
(Capricorn) Week startng 7th December, 2015
Confdent of your abilites and motvated to achieve your goals, this

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week you shall take your career graph upwards at a rather quick pace.
This is because Mars, which is in the 10th House, is aspectng your Sign.
There are two important planetary changes taking place on Friday. While
the new Moon will rise in Sagitarius, fomentng you to spend money
indiscriminately, Mercury will enter your Sign, encouraging you to plan
intelligently and move ahead. However, the infuence of Mars over
Mercury may tempt you to cut corners to achieve desired results.
Beware, says Ganesha, as you may get into a verbal spat with a
colleague; don't stretch the argument too far because if this reaches
your managers, your entry into their bad books is assured. At the health
front, those sufering from chronic illnesses need to be extra careful this
(Capricorn) Week startng 14th December, 2015
The Goats are hard-working individuals and they never mind going the
extra mile to get work done. These discreet souls very rarely trip up, as
they are always prepared for the worst. With all these inherent qualites
coming to the fore, thanks to Moon which is posited in your Sign, you
are likely to make great strides at the career front. Businessmen will run
a tght ship and expect others to be equally well-organised. Avoid
planning a business tour around Thursday or Friday. Be very careful, says
Ganesha, as far as monetary transactons are concerned. Also, think
twice before zeroing down on an opton to invest your heard earned
money. At the domestc front, you are likely to be quite busy pleasing
family members and sortng out Household issues. Cupid is about to
strike, so be ready to wallow in the happiness of love.
(Capricorn) Week startng 21st December, 2015
It is as if the stars are planning a honeymoon for you this week. The
sweet talks, the giggles, the hugs and the kisses, you are about to live
the good old days, once again, says Ganesha. And what else, you may
even plan a mini vacaton with your spouse over the weekend! Coming
to career maters, this is an amazing tme to make plans and prioritse
the tasks you need to complete in the near future. Mercury shall provide
the intelligence and Sun the determinaton needed for this. As Saturn
aspects the 6th House of employment, you may be loaded with
responsibilites but thankfully, your boss will be happy to help you. Sun
and Mercury are in your Sign, and Mars which is posited in the 10th
House, now aspects your Sign. Owing to this planetary positon, the
possibility of an injury or accident cannot be ruled out. Stay safe!
(Capricorn) Week startng 28th December, 2015
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At the beginning of the week, the Moon will be in Leo and posited in the
8th House. You may, thus, be inclined to do some soul searching. Moon
will then connect with Jupiter and Rahu in the 9th House in Virgo causing
a lot of confusion and making you feel lost; it is beter to avoid making
important decisions now. Moreover, Venus shall join Saturn posited in
the 12th House from your Sign and slow down your progress at the
career front. However, the stars will turn in your favour around midweek, and you will, once again, feel motvated to achieve your goals.
Ganesha says, this week is exceptonally good for traders dealing with
companies based abroad; proftable deals are in store for you. All may
not be well at the health front for middle-aged and elderly individuals, as
chronic ailments may pester you this tme around.

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