up Victoria
three months
ahead of
MacArthur Wind Farm,
Victoria, Australia

which could be installed in one piece with the narrow track crane configuration. Mammoet Wind was able to keep up a high installation pace. The key to saving time is a combination of scale. Extensive experience in building wind farms enabled Mammoet Wind to ensure fast and safe installation of the turbines and relocation of the cranes between the 140 turbines. The 420-megawatt MacArthur Wind Farm in Australia is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. this narrow road requirement resulted in huge time and cost savings on road construction.oct 24 2011 Installing one of 140 wind turbines dec 8 2011 Round the clock operation oct 18 2012 Another timely installation nov 2012 The wind farm from a rotor blade’s perspective A Z Scale plus experience equals unparalleled productivity. A total of more than 1. Resources cranes 2 crawler cranes (narrow track) 1 lattice boom truck crane 4 hydraulic cranes Transport 4 prime movers 8 conventional trailers crew 48 Mammoet professionals . Mammoet Wind completed the enormous job three months ahead of schedule – installing one full turbine every eight hours.5-meters wide. The time saved on turbine installation resulted in an early connection to the grid – three months sooner than originally planned. Before installing the first Installing large-scale wind farms typically involves many repetitions of a single set of activities. Prior to this ambitious wind project. Mammoet Wind compiled a fleet of cranes that could complete the installation well before the deadline. only four turbines of this type had ever been installed anywhere in the world. Discover more on www. Mammoet Wind played a key role in MacArthur’s realization by installing 140 3-megawatt wind turbines.mammoet. The entire project took 15 months from planning to demobilization. Mammoet Wind had already won time by bringing in its narrow track cranes that could maneuver on roads only 5. Mammoet Wind achieved this synergy by pairing its installation expertise with the vast Mammoet equipment base. operational excellence and cranes that require minimal civil works. The heaviest were the lifts of the nacelles. For the McArthur project. But while time was of the essence. Mammoet was able to realize a swift mobilization of resources in the remote Victorian hills. Therefore. efficient project management and operational excellence. Relying on extensive experience. the high profile nature of the project made safety just as important as fast delivery. With 140 turbines to install. Using the CC2800 Narrow Track and TC2800 as the two main cranes. together with the LR1300W Narrow Track as the base and mid-tower crane.120 critical lifts were carried out over a period of 11 months. Mammoet Wind was selected for its track record and safety culture. As a result.

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