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Room 200 MVP Student Leadership Center

Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights




Date: July 3, 2015

Venue: MVP 217-218

Time: 4:30pm to 7:30pm

AGENDA (underlined = to be continued, italics = postponed/deferred):

1) Seniors Alliance & Blue Roast Announcements c/o Richard Tee (5 mins)
2) Resolution to Legitimize the Seniors Alliance Task Force c/o Thea Bonifacio (5 mins)
3) ADAA Courtesy Call Report c/o Thea Bonifacio (10 mins)
4) School Board School Nights, ATF, Constitutional Convention Updates (8 mins each)
5) InTACT & Constituent Concerns (17 mins)
ATTENDANCE (underlined = absent, italics = late/early departure, * = non-voting):
Finance Officer
Iesous Hernandez
Proxy: Lyka Aguilar
COA President
Richard Milante
Proxy: Jude Macatol
ARSA President

SOH Chairperson
4 SOH Central Board Rep
Franco Quilatan
Proxy: Ejay Domingo
3 SOH Central Board Rep
2 SOH Central Board Rep
1 SOH Central Board Rep

JGSOM Chairperson
4 JGSOM Central Board Rep
3 JGSOM Central Board Rep

Luigi del Rosario

SOSE Chairperson

SOSS Chairperson

Therese Francesca Bonifacio

4 SOSE Central Board Rep
3 SOSE Central Board Rep
Jann Railey Montalan
Proxy: Kyle Nathan Fazonela
2 SOSE Central Board Rep
1 SOSE Central Board Rep

4 SOSS Central Board Rep
3 SOSS Central Board Rep
2 SOSS Central Board Rep

2 JGSOM Central Board Rep
1 JGSOM Central Board Rep

1 SOSS Central Board Rep

Ejay Domingo
SOH SB Liaison
Kyle Nathan Fazonela
2 Block S Representative
Cristine Villaruel
Clyde Maramba
Baybayin, President

Deih Bautista
SOSS DIA Chairperson
Proxy for SOSS SB Liaison
Johannes Unana
Committee on Rules Member
Marc Wendolf Duque
ATF Head

Richard Tee
SOM SB Liaison
Jude Macatol
Lyka Aguilar


Room 200 MVP Student Leadership Center

Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights

1) Seniors Alliance and Blue Roast Announcements (c/o Richard Tee)
a. Seniors Alliance
i. Richard and Thea are automatically part of Seniors Alliance
ii. SA was created due to low number of senior representatives
iii. The ideal composition is as follows: 4 SOM reps, 4 SOSE reps, 2 SOH reps, 2 SOSS
reps; SA currently still needs 1 more SOH & 1 more SOSS rep)
iv. SA is open to any senior as long as theyre willing
1. Hopefully they can do creatives/branding work
2. The team is meeting on Monday
b. Blue Roast
i. OIC from OSA has already been contacted
ii. The seniors are starting with the project head hunt; there are already scheduled blast
based around the school night blasts
1. So far, the only people to apply have been SOM students
2. Soft blasting for now, and collection of contacts
3. Blue Roast needs more people, especially for diversity
iii. Discernment talk for Blue Roast is on the 13th already
1. Already approved by sir Ino
2. JB Capinpin and Andrea Diaz will be there
3. Walk-in applicants will be accepted; if they cannot attend, they should have a
c. Discussion
i. SA Tokens & team building
1. Tokens last year were paid for out of a Sanggu members pocket; also, the team
was formed through appointments and referrals
2. This year, SA will have applications open to the public; there were a lot of
people who wanted to join last year but couldnt
ii. Why is the discernment talk so early?
1. Sir Ino does not want last years rushing to happen again
2. Last year, VPs council was surprised by Blue Roast since they werent notified
iii. Tap into last years team for Blue Roast
iv. Blue Roast debt?
1. Erased/covered by Maam Julie; this year Blue Roast is starting from scratch
2) Resolution to Legitimize the Seniors Alliance Task Force (c/o Thea Bonifacio)
a. Rationale: Seniors Alliance has been done since 2010; from previous resolutions, theyve
evolved and made task forces per year
i. If there are no senior CBs/Eos the task force should still be there to keep it going
b. SA is there to maintain communication between all schools and to make sure seniors are okay
c. All senior officers and CB are mandatorily part of SA (this is how it has been for the past years)
d. Taskforce composition (12 people)
i. Chair Supervises core team, talks to OSCI & ADSA
ii. CB Liaison Coordinates with vice preident
iii. Blue Roast iaison
iv. Creatives
v. Blue Book
vi. Office Liaisons (ADAA, Guidance, CMO, Rizal Lib, Placement, Alumni Association,
e. No elected officers or CB representatives Appointments are allowed if there are not enough
reps; the CB liaison and Chairperson will make the appointments if needed
f. Clarification RE: 12 persons: does this include CB already?
i. Yes; also tapped Christine Saavedra & made a group for superseniors
ii. Other slots are to be left open to the discretion of the CB liaison and Chair?


Room 200 MVP Student Leadership Center

Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights

g. Who is the Chairperson of Seniors Alliance?

i. An elected EO will automatically be the chair; they will vote among themselves to
h. Comment from SJC: From the way its written, it feels like its for short-term plans; please
consider that as well
i. Voting on the resolution will be done online
3) ADAA Courtesy Call Report (c/o Thea Bonifacio)
a. Courtesy Call between CAA & Dr. Hofilena
i. Intro to CAA
ii. Plans for the year
iii. Leveling off between CAA & ADAA
b. As usual: handling of concerns RE: professors, reminding students about the magna carta
c. Special projects
i. Infographics to release to the community
ii. Special project (Magna Carta review) with one of the political parties
d. Dr: Hofilena doesnt want CAA just to focus on the magna carta, but also focus on raising
awareness regarding procedures & policies (everything thats in the handbook that people dont
i. Ex. Probationary status depends on YEARLY QPI, not CUMULATIVE QPI
ii. IPS changes all departments will be undergoing major program study review
e. Questions
i. Information campaign?
1. One of the problems of ADAA is getting info out to students.
2. Because people forget the basic things, they want to have Sanggu help
disseminate info to students who dont look at their handbooks
3. Comment from Mawe Duque: I find it shallow; as a CB representative in
charge of policies, theres more that you can do
ii. What is the level of involvement of the students with modifications to core curriculum
& IPS changes?
1. So far, only through representative of students to ADAA (Ray Gomez)
2. Dr. Hofilena says talk to Ray about what happens in the core curriculum
committee; ask if they need a student pulse or how they feel about their majors
3. Operationalize: Require core curriculum committee to report
4. SOSE 101 as an opportunity; see how it works, propose it to Dr. Hofilena to
see if it can be done next year
5. Involve students from the very start
a. Ex. Activity hour: why only ask for student input after the decision
has been made?
iii. How are students with probation being taken care of?
1. ADAA gives standards; case by case we give suggestions; afterwards, ADAA
contacts offices (guidance, LSHS, etc.)
2. Propose a system geared towards students rather than admin
a. Student doesnt have a student to talk about it
b. Focus on pulse of students when concretizing the program, less on the
suggestion of the Dean
4) School Board School Nights, ATF, Constitutional Convention Updates
a. Operation Genesis: SOSE Camp 2015
i. Finalization of program
ii. Already have a core & subcore; currently having auditions for ETnTs (with possible
iii. Tonight is the launch of the page
iv. SOSE Camp is officially required
v. List of freshmen has been acquired, inclusion of transferees








Room 200 MVP Student Leadership Center

Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights

vi. Venue problem: Breakout rooms not yet finalized

vii. Sponsorships: 100k worth of deals
Guardians of the Galaxy: the SOM Universe
i. No database from OrSem
ii. Blasts recently; not getting enough ushers so we might need more blasts
iii. Programs: still need more speakers; no final flow yet, not sure where to put the film
iv. Logistics: Reserved Irwin Theater, food tasting on the 13th with Deans council
v. Sponsorships: Lanyards, looking for tents
vi. Marketing: 70k worth of deals
vii. Letter to students: official letter being finalized
Other SOM updates
i. CIP to be sent in July,
ii. ITE Home Or project already has a constitution
iii. Law School project met up with LEX, partnering up with them
iv. SOMBA integration
Biyahe: SOSS Camp 2015
i. Logistics: screening long forms for submission tomorrow for breakout rooms; having
problems with Rizal Library reservation
ii. HR: Volunteer sign-ups currently happening
iii. Programs: Afternoon session set; currently screening speakers
iv. Received number of students from OrSem
Likha: SOH Fest 2015
i. HS covered courts to be reserved; only half to be used
ii. Promos underway; scheduled already
iii. Programs: opening remarks planning to get an alum or a senior to talk about school
iv. Film: Intro to SOH
ATF: Phase 1 (Voters Registration)
i. Launching on Tuesday
1. Through ATF page
ii. Weekend: release own version of registration procedures (simplified for easy
iii. Satellite registration will happen here in school
1. Able to get in touch with biometrics
2. One whole day, maximum 200 people
iv. ATF Launch: August 18
v. Questions
1. If we were registered in our home province, can we move registration from
there to here?
a. There is a process for that already.
2. Registration for Loyola Heights only?
a. For QC only; for provinces, its not possible
3. Hakot registration?
a. Jeeps will be provided for transport to registration
4. F or ATF: Please be aware of the revision of moratorium for 2nd sem
a. Finals of super/seniors will be moved behind, which gives you 1 week
for campaign related activities, but undergrads will still be having thsir
finals during the week of your campaign-related activities
5. Is the cut off for COMELEC really 200?
a. They want at least 100
Constitutional Convention
i. No representative during CB meeting, no updates
ii. Inside ConCon FGD with major, direct stakeholders on July 10, 4:30-6:00


Room 200 MVP Student Leadership Center

Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights

5) Constituent Concern: LIONS c/o Clyde Maramba

a. What does Sanggu plan to do with LIONS?
b. Resolution was made 5-6 years ago; not sure if it was passed
i. The resolution was all-encompassing; what about orgs that dont want to be part of
c. Last years LIONS liaison to Sanggu was Angel Yap
d. What are the processes now
e. Status on LIONS
i. LIONS head? None
ii. COA (Lyka Aguilar) Sees LIONS as under OSA; you become part of LIONS if you
want to recruit during LIONS RecWeek. COA tries to nurture LIONS orgs, especially
if theyre applying for accreditation
1. Problem: Rep doesnt feel any efforts from COA; LIONS feels like it is left
2. Other presidents want to formalize
3. Last year, OSA proposed to remove LIONS from RecWeek; theyre using
COA funds despite not being part of COA
4. This year, COA is taking care of LIONS, but only those who are applying for
5. Problem for LIONS orgs who never want to apply for accreditation
iii. Sanggu (Luigi del Rosario) We always have a CB rep; Iesous Hernandez is the CEA
head, please level off with him
iv. OSA never recognizes LIONS
1. Last year, OSA proposed to remove LIONS from RecWeek
f. Suggestion: arrange a group, set a meeting so that Sanggu can coordinate with LIONS
6) InTACT Concern c/o Luigi del Rosario
a. ConCon and ATF are both pushing for a Sanggu 101 module
i. In the past, there have always been modules for student leadership, student activities
and stepping up
ii. Preferably the new module will be a 1-on-1, classroom-to-classroom since plenary
sessions dont appear to be effective
b. Sanggu 101 Question: Who am I as an Atenean student leader?
c. Question to Sanggu: Do we participate in this? If yes, how does Sanggu want to involve itself?
What is the overarching discussion?
i. What is the content that will be delivered?
ii. How will it be delivered? (Will Sanggu send a rep? Will there be a video?)
d. Direct contact for this initiative: sir Arjohn (OSA), Sept 28
i. Under negotiation as ConCon and ATF want it sooner
e. CB: Will we support this or not?
i. If no ConCon and ATF will have it
ii. If yes Talk about objectives; Sanggu can be the overarching topic (ex. Sanggu is the
reason why ConCon/ATF exist; we have to arrive at something like that)
f. Ask Mawe and Shiph for developments; ask political parties on involvement in the module
Dasha Marice Sy Uy
Department of Public Relations
Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng mga
Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila

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