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The below is in response to the following article: “http://www.slate.com/id/2238464?


The claim that the war against Iraq was not a war purely and solely for oil, is at best
ludicrous. I do remember in 2003, when US forces left the Iraqi national museum,
with all its historical treasures, to be looted. While US forces were busy protecting
nothing other than the ministry of oil, while public institutions were being looted
and any resemblance of order was a thing of the past.

How many thousands of Nato Soldiers and scores of civilians died due to all the

Yes, Saddam Hussein was a bloodthirsty butcher just like a lot of the dictators of the
Arab world, and yes just like all of them he has pictures with senior American
administration officials, including a very famous one shaking hands with the ex vice
president. It seems at the time of him using the chemical weapons; during the 80's
against the Kurds in the north, the Iranians in the southeast of the country and
when he crushed the Shia'a uprising in the south using gunship helicopters (that the
truce of 1991 didn't ban); he enjoyed the blessings of the United States

I vividly remember Collen Powel with his alleged recordings in the United Nations
claiming weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (remember he resigned and did not
take part in the rest of this charade), its been 7 years and not a trace of these
weapons were found. If the claim is to be made that the invasion and subsequent
occupation of Iraq is to improve the circumstances of the civilian population, Abu
Ghareeb is a stark reminder of those now "improved" circumstances and the
seasonal bombings in Baghdad. I will not even go into Halliburton contracts and
black water private guns for hire as the story is still fresh in the media. For the
record the Baath party with all its ugliness is a secular party, it was established in
the early 20th century and was supposedly aimed a the rebirth (hence the name
baath or rebirth) of the Arab nation, of course it strayed far from its ultimate
objective, but it systematically persecuted Sunni Fundamentalist groups in both
Syria and Iraq (Example: 1982 Hama Massacre and the long list of Sunni Clerics
kidnapped tortured and killed by Iraqi intelligence forces under Saddam Hussein).
All of a sudden the most secular party in the Arab world with the bloodiest
reputation of killing its opponents and especially religious figures is supposed to
associate with Al- Quaeda. Those "dark age" minded groups only came to Iraq after
the regime was toppled and that is only to fight the Nato Forces there as a second
front after Afghanistan; Do not be fooled and think that these groups are only anti-
western, they are Anti everyone that does not think exactly like they think and
anyone who does not believe in what they believe in.
I am an Arab and I do not blame a soldier in the American and British armies for
following orders like he was trained, I lay the blame squarely on the political
administration that actually caused all of us to lose loved ones.

The insanity in Iraq will never be, for anyone that has half a brain, but a war for oil.
So for the love of god do not desecrate the memory of our loved ones (American,
Arab and everyone else) with a shameful claim that an auction was made for
service provision instead of production sharing (as if that really makes a difference
to an IED) and therefore this whole bloodbath is not for oil.

Mark i agree with you, this has been nothing but a waste of LIVES, money and time.
Sad thing is time is not an issue and money can be replaced, but a loved one lost is
lost forever.

"The potential for this recovery certainly exists. Iraq has the third-largest proven
reserves in the world at 115 billion barrels, and new explorations undertaken since
the removal of Saddam Hussein and the lifting of sanctions suggest that even that
figure could be on the low side." <==== this is the real reason for the war quoted
from your article. Let’s be precise about this statement what the gentleman is
referring to is basically the western desert of Iraq close to borders of Syria and
Jordan which some say is floating on oil.

I cannot help but quote this also: "What this means is that Iraq could quite soon be
in a position to rival the output of Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is precisely what many
of us in the regime-change camp used to point out: the huge, glittering prize of a
democratic and federal Iraq situated between two parasitic theocracies and capable
of challenging their oil duopoly." <======= There is a book name Saudi Arabia
and the ceaseless quest for security (if my memory serves me correctly), that has a
few interesting things to say about the "theocratic" regime in KSA and its links to
the American administration from WWII. But the interesting part is that the so called
"theocratic " regime was basically armed and funded by the United States, and at
the time they already had the followers of the Wahabi (named after Mohamad Abdul
Wahab) sect as religious zealots fighting for the Sauds versus the British sponsored
Sheriff Hussein of Mecca (the Sauds called him the Grey devil). For those of you who
do not know (please refer to Hussein / Mac Mahon letters of WWI) Sheriff Hussein
and his son King Abdullah (the first king of Jordan assassinated in Jerusalem by a
Palestinian activist) were the founders of the now Kingdom of Jordan. Now we need
to challenge the "theocracy" we created and that has billions of dollars invested in
the US economy with several more billions of dollars spent on purchasing arms
every year. (please do not tell me you have not heard of the Yamama (dove) deals
with the United Kingdom that enabled the Saudis to use the Tornado Fighter
Bombers, with as usual huge commissions to all those involved in the deal).
I think I have said enough, as a conclusion we are all humans and we all have
feelings, and its only politicians and their greed that are the source of our pain.
Mouthpieces will always write articles trying to justify the unjustifiable.