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Ways to be involved in this process and how we will use your feedback

For us to achieve our vision of delivering the best possible

care to every community in Leeds we want to work with you
- our patients, carers, public members, partners and
stakeholders. Our approach to engagement is a tangible
example of putting our values into practice:
We are open and honest and do what we say we will
We treat everyone as an individual
We are continuously listening, learning and improving

SECTION A: Our overall approach and plans

We are reviewing how we provide the best possible care within the resources available. This has an
impact on how and where we provide services from. The principles we are using, to guide how we
develop services that meet peoples needs and get as much impact for every health pound we
spend, are:

Your views as part of this engagement activity will help

us identify if our plans will achieve what we need them
to do, and how we can best implement any changes to
minimise the impact on anyone affected.
You might want to give feedback on any or all parts of this engagement activity:
a) our overall approach to the location of our services

Cardiac Rehab

We should work to ensure that we have equitable and accessible services across the city where

Childrens Newborn Hearing

Childrens Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

Continence, Urology and Colorectal Services (CUCS)

Staff should work from fewer bases, reducing travel time to create more appointments
We should work from the best buildings to create a smaller fit-for-purpose property base so we
can use our money to provide the most care possible for local people

b) feedback on one or more individual locations or services, including:

Adult Dietetics

Your views on our approach to the locations of services

Garforth Clinic

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

one group of people doesnt wait longer to be seen than another

We should support the Joint Health and Wellbeing vision of Leeds being a healthy and caring
city for all ages, where people who are the poorest will improve their health the fastest


Hard copies of the full survey or separate sections are available from the Membership and
Involvement Team or in the health centres affected. You can also complete the survey online at https://
www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCHServiceLocation or scan the QR code below.

Please return by 12noon on 5 November 2015

If you have questions or comments about the engagement process itself, please contact
the Membership and Involvement Team. You can do this by phoning 0113 220 8551,
texting 07860 021024, e-mailing lchmembership@nhs.net or including a comment below.

1. What is your connection to our services? (please tick)

I currently use the .. service(s)

I am a parent / carer of someone who currently uses the service(s)

I make referrals to the . service / services in

area / Health Centre (profession / service type)


2. What are your views on the themes identified above?

You might want to consider what is important to you about these themes? What is the potential impact of these
approaches on individuals or communities? What would you find helpful in putting these themes into practice?

As part of this approach we are working out how we reduce the overall number of locations where we
provide services. This will enable us to maintain the delivery of high quality services in our local
health centres whilst reducing our overall costs. We are therefore going to look to close or move some
clinics whilst continuing to ensure we provide services as close to people as possible.
To decide where we should focus on delivering services from, we have looked at which of our buildings:

Have the best facilities

Are in most demand

Serve areas of highest levels of need

Have no other sites nearby where there is capacity to deliver the required services

5. We want to make our services accessible to everyone who needs to use them. The
proposals and decisions we make will include what people have told us so far about
whats important to them about making services accessible.
Your comments

3. What are your views on these criteria?

You might want to consider what is important to you about these themes? Are there any other criteria
youre surprised not to see?

4. If you have used one of our services in a health centre/clinic, please tell us what you
thought about where you were seen.

You might want to consider if these reflect the issues you thought people would raise? Are there
any themes / issues you would have expected to see that are not? Do these themes reflect your
own experience? Whats important to you about venues for clinics? Which makes the most
difference to you: public transport; distance from home; parking; other services provided from the
same location; safety / cleanliness of the site; choice in location? Anything else?

Name of Venue
6. Any other general feedback about our buildings or services to help us improve them?