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Job Summary

The Finance department is responsible for many activities related to planning,

organizing, audit, accounting, and managing / controlling Oranges finances. The
business unit is also responsible for producing the companys quarterly and year-end
financial statements for both internal and external review.
Working in the Finance department, this position reports directly to the Finance
manager. As the department is at the core of all of our operations, the role also
requires collaborating with various groupsOperations & Supply Chain, Capital
Projects, ITas well as external auditors as needed.
Duties and Responsibilities

Manage accounts payable and receivables, record transactions, and perform

bank reconciliations using Sage 50 to ensure accuracy in all Finance
Work in cross functional teams to perform operational forecasting and
preparing accurate reports and presentations for executive level decisionmaking
Working with colleagues to prepare quarterly and year-end financial
statements and pro-forma statements for internal and external use
Perform other tasks such as mentoring interns, electronically storing all
documents using Livelink, covering other critical Finance positions during
vacation periods

Internally, report to the Finance manager, assist co-workers / team members as
required, and provide support to functional managers of other groups from a Finance
standpoint. Externally, work with clients and suppliers to ensure timely payments and
receivables, as well as coordinate with external audit team to provide any support as
required. Directly supervise and mentor summer interns.
Work Conditions
Due to the nature of the work, the individual in this role will be working in a fastpaced environment with tight deadlines. As such, attention to detail and the ability to

multi-task is a key requirement for this position. Some overtime may be required as
Accounting Specific Skills
The individual in this role must have a strong knowledge of IFRS and GAAP
standards in order to ensure accuracy and compliance to accounting standards,
procedures and internal control. The role also consists of preparing financial
informationreports, statements, and audit findingsfor other individuals,
departments, and managerial review.
Business Software and Computer Applications
The individual must be comfortable with Windows and Microsoft Office applications
including Word, Excel, and Outlook. Experience in tracking accounts with SAP and
familiarity with Sage 50 is considered an asset.
Performance Indicators
Performance indicators will include both quantitative and qualitative measures as
agreed by the Finance Manager, Human Resources, and the individual in this role.
Indicators may include external factors (the number of files / accounts worked on,
overdue collection), internal factors (budget control by providing insights, identifying
possible risks, identifying errors in financial information, collaboration with team,
working in cross functional teams, and communication with other departments), and
individual based (performance as a team member as assessed by superiors, peers
and subordinates). Other indicators may be based on technical knowledge
(compliance with accounting standards and procedures, financial forecasting and
plans, year-end financial statements.) Performance expectations and indicators will
be defined and agreed on annually by the Finance Manager, Human Resources, and
the individual in this role. A formal performance appraisal to will be conducted at
least once a year.