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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

74 / Wednesday, April 16, 2008 / Notices 20731

Dated: April 4, 2008. airport operator for the reduction of program nor a determination that all
Richard C. Beaird, existing non-compatible land uses and measures covered by the program are
International Communications & Information prevention of additional non-compatible eligible for grant-in-aid funding from the
Policy, Department of State. land uses within the area covered by the FAA. Where Federal funding is sought,
[FR Doc. E8–8155 Filed 4–15–08; 8:45 am] Noise Exposure Maps. The Act requires requests for project grants must be
BILLING CODE 4710–07–P such programs to be developed in submitted to the FAA Airports District
consultation with interested and Office in Memphis, Tennessee.
affected parties including local Kenton County Airport Board
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION communities, government agencies, submitted to the FAA on February 21,
airport users, and FAA personnel. 2007, the Noise Exposure Maps,
Federal Aviation Administration Each airport noise compatibility descriptions, and other documentation
program developed in accordance with produced during the noise compatibility
Approval of Noise Compatibility Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part planning study conducted from
Program Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky 150 is a local program, not a Federal December 2003 through December 2006.
International Airport, Covington, KY Program. The FAA does not substitute The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
its judgment for that of the airport International Airport Noise Exposure
AGENCY: Federal Aviation operator with respect to which measure Maps were determined by FAA to be in
Administration, DOT. should be recommended for action. The compliance with applicable
ACTION: Notice. FM’s approval or disapproval of FAR requirements on October 9, 2007. Notice
Part 150 program recommendations is of this determination was published in
SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation measured according to the standards the Federal Register on October 17,
Administration (FAA) announces its expressed in FAR Part 150 and the Act, 2007.
findings on the Noise Compatibility and is limited to the following The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
Program submitted by the Kenton determinations: International Airport study contains a
County Airport Board under the a. The Noise Compatibility Program proposed Noise Compatibility Program
provisions of 49 U.S.C. (the Aviation was developed in accordance with the comprised of actions designed for
Safety and Noise Abatement Act, provisions and procedures of FAR Part phased implementation by airport
hereinafter referred to as ‘‘the Act’’) and 150; management and adjacent jurisdictions
14 CFR part 150. These findings are b. Program measures are reasonably from December 2006 beyond the year
made in recognition of the description consistent with achieving the goals of 2011. It was requested that FAA
of Federal and nonfederal reducing existing non-compatible land evaluate and approve this material as a
responsibilities in Senate Report No. uses around the airport and preventing Noise Compatibility Program as
96–52 (1980). On October 9, 2007, the the introduction of additional non- described in Section 47504 of the Act.
FAA determined that the noise exposure compatible land uses; The FM began its review of the Program
maps submitted by the Kenton County c. Program measures would not create on October 9, 2007, and was required by
Airport Board under Part 150 were in an undue burden on interstate or foreign a provisions of the Act to approve or
compliance with applicable commerce, unjustly discriminate against disapprove the program within 180-days
requirements. On October 9, 2007, the types or classes of aeronautical uses, (other than the use of new or modified
FAA approved the Cincinnati/Northern violate the terms of airport grant flight procedures for noise control).
Kentucky International Airport noise agreements, or intrude into areas Failure to approve or disapprove such
compatibility program. Most of the preempted by the Federal government; program within the 180-day period shall
recommendations of the program were and be deemed to be an approval of such
approved. d. Program measures relating to the program.
use of flight procedures can be The submitted program contained
DATES: Effective Date: The effective date
implemented within the period covered twenty-nine (29) proposed actions for
of the FAA’s approval of the Cincinnati/
by the program without derogating noise mitigation on and off the airport.
Northern Kentucky International
safety, adversely affecting the efficient Sixteen (16) previous measures that
Airport Noise Compatibility Program is
use and management of the navigable were completed or withdrawn were also
April 4, 2008.
airspace and air traffic control systems, included for numbering purposes. The
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: or adversely affecting other powers and FAA completed its review and
Phillip Braden, Federal Aviation responsibilities of the Administrator determined that the procedural and
Administration, Memphis Airports prescribed by law. substantive requirements of the Act and
District Office, 2862 Business Park Specific limitations with respect to FAR Part 150 have been satisfied.
Drive, Bldg G, Memphis, TN 38118– FAA’s approval of an airport Noise The overall program, therefore, was
1555, phone number: 901–322–8180. Compatibility Program are delineated in approved by the FAA effective April 4,
Documents reflecting this FAA action FAR Part 150, Section 150.5. Approval 2008. Outright approval was granted for
may be reviewed at this same location. is not a determination concerning the twenty-two (22) of the specific program
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This acceptability of land uses under Federal, elements. Six measures are approved
notice announces that the FAA has state, or local law. Approval does not by with conditions because the measures
given its overall approval to the Noise itself constitute an FAA implementing relate to changes in the nighttime
Compatibility Program for Cincinnati/ action. A request for Federal action or preferential runway use program or a
Northern Kentucky International approval to implement specific noise departure procedure and require
Airport, effective April 4, 2008. compatibility measures may be environmental analysis, coordination of
Under Section 47504 of the Act, an required, and an FAA decision on the timing of implementation and revisions
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

airport operator who has previously request may require an environmental to the Air Traffic Control Tower Order.
submitted a Noise Exposure Map may assessment of the proposed action. One proposed measure was disapproved
submit to the FAA a Noise Approval does not constitute a for purposes of Part 150 because the
Compatibility Program which sets forth commitment by the FAA to financially measure would not reduce incompatible
the measures taken or proposed by the assist in the implementation of the land development within the DNL 65

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20732 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 74 / Wednesday, April 16, 2008 / Notices

dB contour and the NCP does not SUMMARY: By Federal Register notices Membership
indicate that the airport sponsor has (See 72 FR 61202; October 29, 2007 and The current NPOAG ARC is made up
selected land use guidelines different 73 FR 3510; January 18, 2008) the of one member representing general
from those in Table I of Part 150. National Park Service (NPS) and the aviation, three members representing
Fourteen of the measures pertaining Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the commercial air tour industry, four
to the operation of aircraft at CVG were invited interested persons to apply to members representing environmental
approved, or conditionally approved. fill vacant positions on the National concerns, and two members
Eight of these are continuation of Parks Overflights Advisory Group representing Native American interests.
existing preferential operational (NPOAG) Aviation Rulemaking Current members of the NPOAG ARC
measures. Two existing measures Committee (ARC). These previous are as follows:
relating to nighttime arrival and notices invited interested persons to Heidi Williams representing general
departure runway priorities are apply to fill two vacancies representing aviation; Alan Stephen, Elling
approved to be withdrawn at the time environmental concerns, due to the two Halvorson, and Matthew Zuccaro
three proposed measures modifying the incumbent members completing their representing commercial air tour
nighttime runway use program are respective three-year term appointment operations; Chip Dennerlein, Greg
implemented. Because of changes in on May 30, 2008. This notice informs Miller, Mark Peterson, and Don Barger
FAA requirements, one previously the public of the persons selected to fill representing environmental concerns;
approved operational procedure must be the vacancies on the NPOAG ARC. and Rory Majenty and Richard
modified. The Kenton County Airport FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Deertrack representing Native American
Board is currently working with the Air Barry Brayer, Special Programs Staff, tribes. The terms of Mark Peterson and
Traffic Organization to develop a Federal Aviation Administration, Don Barger expire on May 30, 2008.
refined departure procedure that will Western-Pacific Region Headquarters,
result in the same noise benefit as the P.O. Box 92007, Los Angeles, CA Selection
previously approved flight corridor 90009–2007, telephone (310) 725–3800, Selected to fill these two vacancies,
consistent with FAA Order 8260.3B. e-mail: Barry.Brayer@faa.gov. are Kristen Brengel for a new term, and
The defined procedure, as modified, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: returning member Don Barger. Their
must be coordinated with the terms begin on May 31, 2008. The term
appropriate FAA line of businesses Background of service for NPOAG ARC members is
before being published. The ANAV The National Parks Air Tour 3 years.
procedure has not been implemented. Management Act of 2000 (the Act) was Issued in Hawthorne, CA on March 10,
Eleven (11) land use measures were enacted on April 5, 2000, as Public Law 2008.
approved for continuation or 106–181. The Act required the Barry Brayer,
continuation with modification to establishment of the advisory group Manager, Special Programs Staff, Western-
include additional area. Three within 1 year after its enactment. The Pacific Region.
implementation measures were NPOAG was established in March 2001. [FR Doc. E8–8059 Filed 4–15–08; 8:45 am]
approved. The advisory group is comprised of a
These determinations are set forth in balanced group of representatives of
detail in a Record of Approval signed by general aviation, commercial air tour
the FAA on April 4, 2008. The Record operations, environmental concerns, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
of Approval, as well as other evaluation and Native American tribes. The
materials and the documents Administrator of the FAA and the Federal Aviation Administration
comprising the submiftal, are available Director of NPS (or their designees)
for review at the FAA office listed above serve as ex officio members of the [Docket No. FAA–2006–25755]
and at the administrative office of the group. Representatives of the
Kenton County Airport Board. The Administrator and Director serve Operating Limitations at New York
Record of Approval also will be alternating 1-year terms as chairman of LaGuardia Airport; Notice of Order
available on-line at: http:// the advisory group.
In accordance with the Act, the AGENCY: Federal Aviation
www.faa.gov//airportsairtraffic/airports/ Administration (FAA), DOT.
environmental/airportnoise/part150/ advisory group provides ‘‘advice,
states/. information, and recommendations to ACTION: Notice of proposed amendment
the Administrator and the Director— to order; request for comments.
Issued in Memphis, Tennessee on April 8, (1) On the implementation of this title
2008. [the Act] and the amendments made by SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation
Phillip J. Braden, this title; Administration (FAA) is proposing
Manager, Memphis Airports District Office. (2) On commonly accepted quiet amending the Order Limiting Scheduled
[FR Doc. E8–8056 Filed 4–15–08; 8:45 am] aircraft technology for use in Operations at New York LaGuardia that
BILLING CODE 4910–13–M commercial air tour operations over a published in the Federal Register on
national park or tribal lands, which will December 27, 2006. This amendment, if
receive preferential treatment in a given adopted, would reduce the number of
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION air tour management plan; reservations available for unscheduled
(3) On other measures that might be operations from six per hour to three per
Federal Aviation Administration taken to accommodate the interests of hour.
visitors to national parks; and FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Membership in the National Parks
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

(4) At the request of the Administrator Rebecca MacPherson, Assistant Chief

Overflights Advisory Group Aviation
and the Director, safety, environmental, Counsel for Regulations, Office of the
Rulemaking Committee
and other issues related to commercial Chief Counsel, AGC–200, Federal
air tour operations over a national park Aviation Administration, 800
ACTION: Notice.
or tribal lands.’’ Independence Avenue, SW.,

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