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12458 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

46 / Friday, March 7, 2008 / Notices

received from the public, as well as during the comment period. We may DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND
documents mentioned in this notice as change the documents supporting this SECURITY
being available in the docket, will collection of information or even the
become part of this docket and will be underlying requirements in view of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
available for inspection or copying at them. Services
room W12–140 on the West Building
Viewing comments and documents: Agency Information Collection
Ground Floor, 1200 New Jersey Avenue,
Go to http://www.regulations.gov to Activities: Reinstatement and Revision
SE., Washington, DC, between 9 a.m.
view documents mentioned in this of a Previously Approved Form
and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday,
except Federal holidays. You may also notice as being available in the docket.
Enter the docket number for this notice ACTION: 30-Day Notice of Information
find this docket on the Internet at http://
[USCG–2008–0099] in the Search box, Collection Under Review; Form I–485:
and click ‘‘Go >>.’’ You may also visit Supplement C, HRIFA Supplement to
A copy of the complete ICR is
the DMF in room W12–140 on the West Form I–485; OMB Control No. 1615–
available through this docket on the
Building Ground Floor, 1200 New Jersey New.
Internet at http://www.regulations.gov.
Additionally, copies are available from Avenue, SE., Washington, DC, between
The Department of Homeland
Commandant (CG–611), U.S. Coast 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Security, U.S. Citizenship and
Guard Headquarters, (Attn: Mr. Arthur Friday, except Federal holidays. Immigration Services (USCIS) has
Requina), 2100 2nd Street, SW., Privacy Act: Anyone can search the submitted the following information
Washington, DC 20593–0001. The electronic form of all comments collection request to the Office of
telephone number is 202–475–3523. received in dockets by the name of the Management and Budget (OMB) for
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. individual submitting the comment (or review and clearance in accordance
Arthur Requina, Office of Information signing the comment, if submitted on with the Paperwork Reduction Act of
Management, telephone 202–475–3523, behalf of an association, business, labor 1995. The information collection was
or fax 202–475–3929, for questions on union, etc.). You may review the previously published in the Federal
these documents. Contact Ms. Renee V. Privacy Act Statement of DOT in the Register on September 26, 2007, at 72
Wright, Program Manager, Docket Federal Register published on April 11, FR 54671, allowing for a 60-day public
Operations, 202–366–9826, for 2000 (65 FR 19477), or by visiting comment period. USCIS did not receive
questions on the docket. http://DocketsInfo.dot.gov. any comments on this information
Information Collection Request The purpose of this notice is to allow
Public Participation and Request for an additional 30 days for public
Comments Title: Drawbridge Operation
comments. Comments are encouraged
Regulations. and will be accepted until April 7, 2008.
We encourage you to respond to this
request by submitting comments and OMB Control Number: 1625–0109. This process is conducted in accordance
related materials. We will post all SUMMARY: The Bridge Administration
with 5 CFR 1320.10.
comments received, without change, to receives approximately 150 requests Written comments and/or suggestions
http://www.regulations.gov. They will regarding the item(s) contained in this
from bridge owners or the general
include any personal information you notice, especially regarding the
public per year to change operating
provide. We have an agreement with estimated public burden and associated
schedules of various drawbridges across
DOT to use their DMF. Please see the response time, should be directed to the
the navigable waters of the United Department of Homeland Security
paragraph on DOT’s ‘‘Privacy Act
Policy’’ below. States (U.S.). The information needed (DHS), and to the Office of Management
Submitting comments: If you submit a for the change to an operating schedule and Budget (OMB) USCIS Desk Officer.
comment, please include the docket can only be obtained from the bridge Comments may be submitted to: USCIS,
number [USCG–2008–0099], indicate owner and is generally provided to the Chief, Regulatory Management Division,
the specific section of the document to Coast Guard in writing. Clearance Office, 111 Massachusetts
which each comment applies, providing Need: Section 499 of 33 U.S.C. Avenue, 3rd floor Suite 3008,
a reason for each comment. We authorizes the Coast Guard to change Washington, DC 20529. Comments may
recommend you include your name, operating schedules for drawbridges also be submitted to DHS via facsimile
mailing address, an e-mail address, or that cross over navigable waters of the to 202–272–8352 or via e-mail at
other contact information in the body of U.S. rfs.regs@dhs.gov, and to the OMB USCIS
your document so that we can contact Desk Officer via facsimile at 202–395–
Respondents: The public and private
you if we have questions regarding your 6974 or via e-mail at
owners of bridges over navigable waters
submission. You may submit your kastrich@omb.eop.gov.
of the United States.
comments and material by electronic When submitting comments by e-
means, mail, fax, or delivery to the DMF Frequency: On occasion. mail, please make sure to type OMB
at the address under ADDRESSES; but Burden Estimate: The estimated Control Number 1615–New in the
please submit them by only one means. burden remains 150 hours a year. subject box. Written comments and
If you submit them by mail or delivery, suggestions from the public and affected
Dated: February 27, 2008.
submit them in an unbound format, no agencies should address one or more of
larger than 81⁄2 by 11 inches, suitable for D.T. Glenn, the following four points:
copying and electronic filing. If you Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Assistant (1) Evaluate whether the proposed
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

submit them by mail and would like to Commandant for Command, Control, collection of information is necessary
know that they reached the Facility, Communications, Computers and for the proper performance of the
please enclose a stamped, self-addressed Information Technology. functions of the agency, including
postcard or envelope. We will consider [FR Doc. E8–4472 Filed 3–6–08; 8:45 am] whether the information will have
all comments and material received BILLING CODE 4910–15–P practical utility;

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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 46 / Friday, March 7, 2008 / Notices 12459

(2) Evaluate the accuracy of the Dated: March 4, 2008. of the Boise and Sawtooth National
agencies estimate of the burden of the Arthur Moldenhauer, Forests to the Subcommittee Members
proposed collection of information, Acting Chief, Regulatory Management about proposed implementation,
including the validity of the Division, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration elimination or expansion of identified
methodology and assumptions used; Services, Department of Homeland Security. amenity recreation fees, or fee programs,
(3) Enhance the quality, utility, and [FR Doc. E8–4496 Filed 3–6–08; 8:45 am] and; formulation of recommendations
clarity of the information to be BILLING CODE 4410–10–P for approval or rejection of the fee
collected; and changes that will be brought before the
two full RAC’s meeting jointly on May
(4) Minimize the burden of the DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 8, 2008, at the same location in Twin
collection of information on those who Falls, Idaho. Agenda items and location
are to respond, including through the Bureau of Land Management may change due to changing
use of appropriate automated, circumstances. All meetings are open to
[ID 100 1220MA 241A: DBG081007]
electronic, mechanical, or other the public. The public may present
technological collection techniques or Notice of Public Meeting: Joint written comments to the Subcommittee.
other forms of information technology, Recreation Resource Advisory Council Each formal subcommittee meeting will
e.g., permitting electronic submission of Subcommittee to the Boise and Twin also have time allocated for hearing
responses. Falls Districts, Bureau of Land public comments. Depending on the
Management, U.S. Department of the number of persons wishing to comment
Overview of This Information
Interior. and time available, the time for
individual oral comments may be
AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, limited. Individuals who plan to attend
(1) Type of Information Collection:
U.S. Department of the Interior. and need special assistance, such as
Reinstatement and revision of a
previously approved form. ACTION: Notice of Public Meeting. sign language interpretation, tour
transportation or other reasonable
(2) Title of the Form/Collection: SUMMARY: In accordance with the
accommodations, should contact the
HRIFA Supplement to Form I–485. Federal Land Policy and Management BLM Coordinators as provided above.
(3) Agency form number, if any, and Act (FLPMA) and the Federal Advisory Expedited publication is requested to
the applicable component of the Committee Act of 1972 (FACA), the U.S. give the public adequate notice.
Department of Homeland Security Department of the Interior, Bureau of
Land Management (BLM) Boise and Dated: March 3, 2008.
sponsoring the collection: Form I–485 David Wolf,
Supplement C; U.S. Citizenship and Twin Falls District Recreation Resource
Advisory Council (Rec–RAC) Associate District Manager.
Immigration Services.
Subcommittee, will hold a meeting as [FR Doc. E8–4490 Filed 3–6–08; 8:45 am]
(4) Affected public who will be asked indicated below. BILLING CODE 4310–GG–P
or required to respond, as well as a brief DATES: The meeting will be held on
abstract: Primary: Individuals or April 10, 2008, beginning at 9:30 a.m.
households. The information provided and adjourning at p.m. The meeting DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
on the Form I–485 Supplement C, in location is the U.S. Department of Labor
combination with the information building, 450 Falls Avenue, Twin Falls, Bureau of Land Management
collected on Form I–485 (Application to Idaho. Public comment periods will be [CA–920–1310–FI]; [CAS 019806B]
Register Permanent Resident or Adjust held before the conclusion of the
Status), is necessary in order for the U.S. meeting. Proposed Reinstatement of Terminated
Citizenship and Immigration Services Oil and Gas Lease CAS 019806B
(USCIS) to make a determination that
Byrne, Public Affairs Officer and RAC AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management,
the adjustment of status eligibility
Coordinator, BLM Boise District, 3948 Interior.
requirements and conditions are met by
Development Ave., Boise, ID 83705, ACTION: Notice of Reinstatement of
the applicant of Haitian nationality Telephone (208) 384–3393, or Heather
pursuant to HRIFA. Terminated Oil and Gas Lease.
Tiel-Nelson, Public Affairs Officer,
(5) An estimate of the total number of Twin Falls District, 2536 Kimberly Rd., SUMMARY: Under the provisions of
respondents and the amount of time Twin Falls, ID 83301, (208) 735–2063. Public Law 97–451, Marvin Bultman
estimated for an average respondent to SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In and Kay L. Fike timely filed a petition
respond: 2,000 respondents at 30 accordance with section 4 of the Federal for reinstatement of oil and gas lease
minutes per response. Lands Recreation Enhancement Act of CAS 019806B for lands in Kern County,
(6) An estimate of the total public 2005, a Subcommittee has been California, and it was accompanied by
established to provide advice to the all required rentals and royalties
burden (in hours) associated with the
Secretary of the Interior, through the accruing from November 1, 2006, the
collection: 1,000 annual burden hours.
BLM, in the form of recommendations date of termination.
If you have additional comments, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rita
that relate to public concerns regarding
suggestions, or need a copy of the Altamira, Land Law Examiner, Branch
the implementation, elimination or
information collection instrument, expansion of an amenity recreation fee; of Adjudication, Division of Energy &
please visit the USCIS Web site at: or recreation fee program on public Minerals, BLM California State Office,
http://www.regulations.gov. lands under the jurisdiction of the U.S. 2800 Cottage Way, W–1834,
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

We may also be contacted at: USCIS, Forest Service and/or the BLM in both Sacramento, California 95825, (916)
Regulatory Management Division, 111 the Boise and Twin Falls Districts 978–4378.
Massachusetts Avenue, NW., 3rd floor, located in southern Idaho. Items on the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: No valid
Suite 3008, Washington, DC 20529, agenda include review and discussion lease has been issued affecting the
telephone number 202–272–8377. of information mailed by representatives lands. The lessee has agreed to new

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